100 degree

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flip square100°02'=brew clock hand 

flip square100°62'=brew clockhand  

flip square101°04'=hand mouth cet 

flip square101°40'=hand mouth capr 

flip square101°52=hand guitmouth 

flip square102°00'=dipscr  apus rt cipher solver  fi  pisces fi  hand  

flip square102°48'=dipscr tuc 

flip square102°54'=dipscrhand  drknow chiromancy chiromancy 

flip square103°44'=gallus hand moolook  

flip square104°10'=hippocampushand

flip square104°46'=hippocampushand

flip square104°64=hippocampusgalaxvort gear  hand  

flip square106°98'=hippocampus hand gryphites 

flip square107°82'=tail hand  network_connections 

flip square108°48'=jri q wordsThere are millions of planets in the universe who turn around millions of suns who turn around millions of galaxies who turn around one point. And that point isn't you!

flip square108°66'=jri swars darkside emperors route66 sw hand 

flip square108°96'=jri  hand  96  crabminor mov  Battle is the Great Redeemer. It is the fiery crucible in which true heroes are forged. The one place where all men truly share the same rank, regardless of what kind of parasitic scum they were going in

flip square 109°62'=lap ant  thelema  enigma  mov             "The self-fulfilling nature of the 23 enigma, implying that the real value of the Law of Fives and the 23 enigma is in their demonstration of the mind's ability to perceive "truth" in nearly anything        

flip square110°22'= catch22 lilium aqua dove  

flip square113°40'=teslapower  eww capr  

flip square113°52'=teslapowerswars sparkdroid 13 ? eww guit  hand  

flip square114°54'= cor hand    

flip square115°20'= ae pup 

flip square116°58'=marmor sc  sm 

flip square117°72'=bee  dor 

flip square118°44'=  owlyisolator iso rc spheres temple hand  mount pavo 

flip square119°10'=  blueprintstar orion telescope  hubble telescope observatory observatory observatory observatory starmatic observatory observatory observatoryhand bee aqua  

flip square120°78'=off nt

flip square121°38'=limpet canm

flip square121°56'=limpet  gp  

flip square121°84'=limpet ss

flip square124°20'=phhand pup 

flip square129°66'=sadarum vswars darkside emperors route66 sw hand cromi matrix code scan  

flip square131°70'=jellyfish  per  per per blink an  hand corv

flip square134°34'=sis taran hand  

flip square142°50'=mount octans  faceless   q wordsThe power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the  Eagle, not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the seer as an immeasurable   serpent cypher serpent cypher  serpent clr  ea     jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands; its height reaching to infinity8 

flip square143° 04'=  taran cet  palace 1law awlvir brewery   

flip square148° 20'=tur pup          "Keeping in mind that there are neither truths nor lies in the flow of energy, a warrior chooses to believe by predilection, for the excitement of the adventure, and in this way he learns to focus on the world from another point of view – the focus of silence"

flip square150° 60'=hand pa   

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