14th degree

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  flip square14°04' =  l  hand  l pisces cet  t grid chip dial lines      reactor        bo Four Pillars of Man Grid   eva awake  swars sparkdroid blueprintstar blueprintstar blueprintstar  blueprintstar  blueprintstar Locational astrology   meteorshower  meteorshower     sagitar  Saggitarius Sun Sign   hand  September Is The Month hand October Twenty Eight   handDecember Twenty First   cipher solver seal  herc   horse   horse mov  horse horse horse   engine start-off sm mayan nawal  Seals of the U.S. states  Widdershins Forward backward motion  teslapower  Super energy source   Ancient Civilizations    Annunaki Civilization   The Aliens Underground       mov Aliens and Forbidden Islands       Return to the essence     hand   Corrupted Family Tree   libr l The Law of Compensation    twi Siamese Twins Galaxies     Many Happy Returns   Deosil  fs  Reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit   mov mov Invasion of the Bee Girls   hand mono xtree       handThe Seven Deadly Sins Are             catseyeTo Become Host For Satan  handTen Horns And Seven Heads        He Whom Begins At Creation   He Who Is The Only Son     Jesus Christ Is Satan  meteorshower  meteorshower     hand He Who Admires His Shadow    Thrones   metatron Ask A Metaphysical Robot libr l Double Consciousness    l  raygun Thanks For The Memory  hand  The Battle Of The China Gates    Chinese remainder theorem    l   ? Wise Man Cultured Logic   Message Of Inspiration  lraygun      q words  Nothing Is I'mpossible     matrix code scan   raygun  hand I Hear Horses Gallop Ping   hand   Dark Side Of The Moon Means       hand     libr  l     Girl With A One Track Mind hand  Chosen One of Ra-Hoor-Khu  Prophet of Ra-Hoor-Khu   Beastprophets Dot Com    I Accept The Mark Of The Beast    He Whom Receives A New Name         predator clean  mov  The Last Witch Hunter    Self Righteous Suicide    Stopping The Violence  People Start To Argue   Lost Alternate Endings hand Dinosaur Extinction    handTurrets Syndrome sparkdroid Alcoholics Anonymous   sparkdroid   Injury and poisoning       hand  mayan nawal      Intergalactic Planetary   hand Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed A   bu    Jehovas Chosen Pleiadians  hand  Univision Deportes            swars sparkdroid galaxvort  vir golden ratio cloud golden ratio cloud golden ratio cloud  clb Virgo Stellar Stream       vir hand matrix code scan galaxvort stwins Siamese Twins Galaxies      egypt pyramid The Great Pyramid Of Giza  sparkdroid Go Up To The Mountain hellboy sparkdroid iphonew   ichicoin  mount  Nine Glories Mountain   lho Lighthouse of Alexandria swars jedi order  isla The island of the Knights lower astral triangle archangels Principaliity of Monaco  call_of_duty_ghost codwatwar zombies codbozombies codbozombies           ss Nazi concentration camp       sparkdroid cipher solver  um gp North to the Future         Harvard University

  flip square14°10' =  l per jellyfish an  blink 43 equation solver cb  pisces  aqua  matrix code scan MARS+JUPITER MATRIX   thelema 8 8  8  Infinite divisibility cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver   engine start-off   Assured destruction  diid destroy button     Crucifixion Implants    Holes in the atmosphere   ?   raygun  Transmission medium  cipher solver ra ra     sparkdroid blueprintstar  Sun sign astrology     project  l  p matrix code scan movSATURN-MOON MATRIX        ? ? The Auxiliary Saints   raygun ipo  smwave   fs  sparkdroid     Redeunt Saturnia regna    mount       river cabels  sw clean  clean  Liber Umbrarum et Lux       mount Hex River Mountains fix river cabels   faceless faceless Vincent Willem van Gogh      p16  mib  mov   swars  c3po  English interjections    buddha avatar  buswars c3po Trans-Fly-Bulaka River fix river cabels     luxo ball   a113 Operation Recolonize   rc libr l  ti Bound by a shared destiny cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver  cipher solver   engine start-off writecode   sparkdroid  Winners of the Ordeal   mov mov The Golden Voyage of Sinbad   gigas serv ? hom   hom   clean  mc fdutch   pup vela            Randomly chosen people    l   swars sparkdroid mov mov mov movJennifer Shrader Lawrence      arrow southarrow    ophiuchi clr  horse The Prancing Horse Nebula horse     engine start-off  destroy button   bibcont  ?  The Budding of Aaron’s Staff   handTrample down the heathen  gb Cantankerous weapons raygun    nu   hand cipher solver sparkdroid mirovingian miro constellations cypher  Merovingian dynasty     tronship cet  corcoroli hand  clb ammo gb ?Saint Brendan of Clonfert  corcoroli herc cererus hand  gb ? Saint Bernard of Menthon  hand   Tree hazard surveys    hand  mov    Stonehearst Asylum  Overintellectualism hand  Gratiae veritas naturae    spheres temple     Babylonian mythology  pyramid egypt pyramid Masters of the Pyramid   hand  You Only Live Twice       raygun nu theta  sparkdroid  lap  br Left Brain  Interpreter sparkdroid buc buc sparkdroid em scan Intermuscular septa Pericardial veins   Protein synthesis   Chrysotile asbestos sparkdroid Utricularia jamesoniana sparkdroid Theobroma grandiflorum    fuji   Stymphalídes órnithes     List of periodic comets gstar pavo List of stars in Pavo you Antonius     corcorolihand    l ceti mov hydr mov mount   Saint Elias Mountains   diid     The Crossroads of America          mayan tree seeder       List of Tree Cities USA       Let us be grateful to God      West Memphis   hand       DAR Constitution Hall  hand  Fort Pitt Blockhouse    swars  jedi order    Order of Hospitallers         Região Autónoma dos Açores  herc ipo  app app  Flag_of_Scotland.svgApplecross peninsula  diid  ankh   app


  flip square14°16' = pisces sw sparkdroid    matrix code scanMOON +URANUS MATRIX matrix code scan EARTH+JUPITER MATRIX    tur  ? ti Western astrology     calc calc  Messages In The Numbers      hand cipher solver l  cipher solvercipher solverAmerica Babylon Destroyed   hand I Am Unique Conqueror    hand Remove Muladhara chakra seal   muladhara seal.png  muladhara elemental   sparkdroid Jetblue Flight Attendant      Eight queens puzzle        An Inventory of Beliefs     fornax  Forty One Thoughts                                                 Be Availible To Your Self       l b3 y4   e1       ​   pisces         scream_32 buddha avatar scream_32  scream_32 p4      Dodecahedron Gravity Grid  g slingshot gsm cam 360 ball unit    Secret can't be told  corv  mov Secrets of the Mummies     hand djd The Haunted Monastery   handHomeless Out Of Sight  sparkdroid hellboy    To God Only Be All Glory       gsmHebrew Gematria System    Chance shape of the letters   sparkdroiddra  Examine Frame Root Stack  gsm  Designatory letters     galaxvort catseye mice clr catseye        str   The Carnival of the Animals  hand Animal Snuff Film Creator   And The Third Beast Had A Face As A Man   The Devil And Miss Prym    Unfinished Sympathy       Love Never Felt So Good   As Alike As Two Peas In A Pod  handAnd Kingdom Against Kingdom   On Earth As It Is In Heaven   Satans Angels Or Devils  gigas serv    Angel Of The Ark Angelic Host  c3po The Interpretations   In The Tongues Of Angels Dōng Fāng Qīng LóngThe Thirty Third Degree   Return With A S-word 8 dlaw Ordo Infinitus Orbis  I Love The Hardworking Bee   Hes Working Day And Night  raygun  ? I'am Glad That You Are Awaken  isolator iso rc spheres temple   jedi holocronsith holocron  Isometric projection    lap lap diamond cut Whole genome sequencing    libr l The law of manifestation  libr l  Four Four Threescore    hand   The One Who Restrains   True Religion Is Mixed    q words raygun In one ear, out the other raygun  ? hand I Couldnt Think Clearly hand   Corrupt Broadcasters so  Layers Of Protection vir galaxvort sombrero  Keep It Under Your Hat  Under Your Hat Keep It   The Thirteen Fold Soul     ? hand Blood Coming Out Of Naval    Reticulospinal tract  handVirus Bacteria Fungus    Almond sparkdroid Amorphophallus ankarana mayan nawal    Deer Heart Intuition Of     Dissolving platinum hand   List of comic book drugs     gstar gt List of stars in Caelum    Large scale structural    Supermassive black hole    mount High and Lofty Mountain  raygun  ?  Corrupted Country fix    Confederaziun svizra    Holy Trinity Church ?  Espirito Santo Plaza   

  flip square14°22' =  pisces dove sparkdroid   catch22 matrix code scan MOON+NEPTUNE MATRIX    Hyperperfect numbers Stops as thou wilt    swars sparkdroid buddha avatar  buddha avatar  buddha avatar  Spiritual Connection      scream_32  scream_32  codbozombies Zombie gene mathematicians appleformula    Life's A Glitch, Then You Die      Field-flow fractionation         psi  Reverse psychology       iphonew t marked id disc   l Intuitionistic logic   goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap    yz forms clock     metatronDitrigonal dodecadodecahedron sparkdroid     Avoid clichés like the plague    Fatti maschii, Parole femine    hand  The Children's Encyclopedia  hand   Mypods and Boomsticks?           Signify territory  The Superstitions   t id disc Identity verification    shī zi zuò   Leo VI the Philosopher   ankh   sparkdroid mov engine start-off mov destroy buttonomega light_grenade  mov  eiftower     Fluctuat nec mergitur  sparkdroid     Corporal punishment hand destroy button The Ministry of Healing hand destroy button The Acts of the Apostles swars sparkdroid em scan  Extracellular matrix  sparkdroid Streptococcus agalactiae  whitehouse    Acer palmatum dissectum  Utricularia naviculata  Utricularia perversa   Tangerine swars sparkdroid  buddha avatar   Aura   Quartz   Quartz  Combinations  gstar  snake   List of stars in Hydra  gstar guit List of stars in Lyra    clbSecond order clusters  dh  Helsingin yliopisto    Emirates Park Towers

  flip square14°28'= piscescat swars sparkdroid  matrix code scan SUN+JUPITER MATRIX   raygun thelema store   Astronomical Ephemeris oxo  Ortodox church calendar blueprintstar gsm cam 360 ball  Gravitational redshift     ? Remove Svadhistana chakra    Conquer With Inaction     hand   Protection seal-Svadhistana  elemental svadhistana  hand    hand    swars sparkdroid    Pilot Everybody Lies   sabianThe sabian symbols oracle        egypt pyramid  egyptArgead Dynasty of Egypt  mov destroy button omega  Tomorrow Never Dies The Bourne Ultimatum ml Murphy's Law backwards Deosil yl Modus ponendo ponens   fix           swars c3po  ti  cto guit  c3po don't panic robot cb langConfusion of tongues    sparkdroid em scan  Masticatory muscule sparkdroid  Utricularia pubescenssparkdroid   Amorphophallus elegans bee mus The secret of the Pink bees   List of numbered comets    For Your Eyes Only  How the Test Was Won ?   New World Tapestry     List of U.S. state birds gstar ap List of stars in Apus gstar tronlight runnerList of stars in Auriga gstar  dor List of stars in Dorado gstar mus List of stars in Musca   gstarant List of stars in Antlia  ​ yc hand marked id disc marked id disc cipher solver gstar gmList of stars in Gemini  ? World's largest cities      Republic of Mauritius  sparkdroid Fall River  river cabels   cor dh Columbia University libr  Constitution Island

  flip square14°34'=  pisces  matrix code scan MERCURY +MARS MATRIX    faceless marked id disc   The second ring of power 8  Personality Matrix    lower astral triangle resort 3 ? Fundamental interaction ? Proleptic Julian calendar  +swars sparkdroid  blueprintstar blueprintstar  blueprintstar Astrology software + hand  piTrigonometric numberangels archangels Principalitiesbibcont ?The Seventh Trumpet hand   matrix code scan  bul Keeper of the Seven Keys   Egyptian hieroglyphs   egypt    Bank Identification Number       Links 234       Dont repeat yourself    Who or what is Baphomet?        time capsule  hellboy flip square  Hellboy: The Science of Evil   apus fount gj ? All's Well That Ends Well     reactor    q words      reactor      libr l  swars 13  2 swars Principle of Polarity  8 system   mov ? Cutting-edge technology       eww ? Through the Wormhole        raygun  raygun             Powers cent   bstar  Proximity sensor   I'mmature curiosity  mov   Find Me When You Wake Up hand   hand Somebody else's problem     str    eastern zodiac wheel  hand yang eastern ying easterndjd maze The Chinese Maze Murders  Parable of the Prodigal Son  mov  mov  The Tomorrow People  sparkdroid 13     hand  Sister organization    mov The Mysterious Nine western zodiac  ?The Second Ring of Power hand Utricularia oliveriana handUtricularia uxoris hand Strychnos toxifera    tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher     The Fortune of This Day       The cosmic Hamlet by the sea    whitehouse rose rosecross roseWhite House Rose Garden  dra east tree Eastern United States      Untitled-1    Gateway to the Black Hills mayan tree seeder      Oxford  flam pi  pi Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami  hand    ?Parque Central Complex  hand   ? Anthill Residence Tower sparkdroid   Stratford-upon-Avon   hand mov engine start-off mov destroy button omega light_grenade  mov  eiftower     Tossed but not sunk mov destroy button alpha  Alpha plusplus cities  hand  Apollo Sauroktonos   City of  Hundred Spired king  el Elephant's Trunk nebula

  flip square14°40' =  hand libr l pisces capr  swars sparkdroid matrix code scan EARTH+MERCURY MATRIX    Operating system (OS)     Model-View-Controller   vir   MODULATED PRIVATE GOALS​      Drop as Rain, Distil as Dew     Removing a Hex or Curse       river cabels fix hand  cipher solver  libr lThe Law of  Dominant Desire        hand   corv egypt thlibr faceless faceless Edward Alexander  Crowley    koobs  enigma  q words thelema   enigmacipher solver enigma   enigmamov    canm       character in question  character in question wp rosecross rose     shī zi zuò ast   qm    libr lThe Law of Restriction  yc hand marked id disc isolator river cabels  gm Castor River sparkdroid bu  gb p8    bibcont ?  Who untied its ropes   bibcont biblos  John  bibcont biblos ? Joshua to Succeed Moses  jri bibcont ? The Transjordan Tribes      delta zoom iphonew     egypt pyramid Powers of the Sphinx  mayan nawal  go  call_of_duty_ghost codwatwar zombies  ssNight of the Long Knives   Success is thy Proof Scientia vincere tenebras   swars sparkdroid tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider ml Murphy's horse laws yl    tron rider motogrid tron switch cassiopeia cererus   The Queen of the Black Puddle  swarssparkdroid em scan  Round ligament of liver sparkdroidLophophora williamsii sparkdroid Utricularia antennifera   ho tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher      Fortune helps the brave  swars  sparkdroid   ? Cities sign Rulership   ?List of cities in Bulgaria     sis  p4Atmosphere of Jupiter  astronaut  astr Andromeda twenty two galaxvort wolf wolfWolf-Lundmark-Melotte   ? ? List of nearest stars ? ? List of largest stars bu  Shumarkabtishashutu boot    Augusta Taurinorum     river cabels fix The Giant’s Footstool’  boot cassiopeia    whitehouse   Queens' Sitting Room    dh School of Optometry    Untitled-1    Rapid City  flam theta    Restinga de las Tetas Key

  flip square14°46' = hand l      handPretty Little Liars  My True And Only Love  Love You More Than Life     pisces    wolf    matrix code scan MOON+JUPITER MATRIX   hand  galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?  t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvort lotr  mov  Portaelvcis Tree Of Life   archangelsORDER OF PRINCIPALITIES        thronesarch    id disc marked id disc  Female Favorite Of The Lord imdb  imdb imdb  imdb  Test Her My Great Mind Back      Revoked Soul Contract        imdb         project  8The Unmanifest Infinite  8  mov   New Balance Shoe A Hidden Message   8Endless Possibilities     
    Discover The Universe    llibr  The Angel Of Lawlessness       bo    City of Possibilities             Four Hundred Twenty     Maintain Love And Justice           raygun       system q words q words q words q words  q words Quantum information    The Numerical Alphabet Of God   libr  l  Self Existing Numbers   one minute changer   one minute changer diadem diadem caesium55 one minute changer sm     time capsule  Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone        The Shapelessness Of God      Ancient Gematria System      gsm Hebrew Gematria Calculator    The Holy Alphanumeric Code   Honey Dew Honey Made From  fs  You can't Sin with us     The Son Of The Metatron   And They Shall Be His People  yc hand   Post-nominal initials​   King Khufu The Annunakian  blueprintstar blueprintstar  Nikolaus Kopernikus       marked id disc Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng Master Mason Third Degree  handDelete Blood Over Intent  hand  bibcont  You shall not murder  buddha avatar ss grades ss grades ss nz Holocaust Remembrance Day  sparkdroid  bibcont ? Vengeance on the Midianites   God Disguised As A Rain Cloud  cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver   Destroyer Of Worlds   The Infernal Destroyer   t yc hand marked id disc  isolator iso pentarotate  zoom elysium deportation shuttle  Elysium – Deportation   matrix code scan mirovingian miro constellations cypherMerovingian Ancestors code book     Purple beyond Purple   buddha avatar libr l    Six Buddhist ordinances    Solutions and remedies   Deer Heart Psychic Energy   Ed Tuning A Worm Hellhole   My Great Lake Of Fire Test  Fight Fire With Fire Song  swars yoda java  coff    iso    Toyoda Gosei Meteor GmbH        Installation process   Saith The Lord Of Hosts        snake G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost  keyhole$Human body as an alien host gigas serv    gigas serv ? hom   hom    buddha avatar  smwave Omnipresence of my Body        sparkdroid Double coincidence of wants   And Wrote On The Ground              The Truth Is To Be Told   mc mov  Forty Nine Gates Of Sin       Crystalline Quartz    sparkdroid Utricularia inaequalis   swars c3po   Mimus Poliglottus The King Whom Is A Virgin    hand Miner With Mistress  handAsexual Reproduction  imdb Michael Christopher Sheen        Angel Of Music Is Gods Wife   One World Symphony  blueprintstar    Priestess of the Moon     Gimel The High Priestess      galaxvort  ? ?  t galaxvort  galaxvort      faceless    Gateway To The Aeon Of Maat egypt godess  Gods Wife The Second Step        The Name Of The Antichrist       thelema   My Real Name Is A Pleiadian One   Im Not Mortal Anymore      yc hand horse   horse horse horse horse    engine start-off mayan nawal  sm herc Steal the Mares of Diomedes    Unicorn Of Heavens Gates  per zoom zoom basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher jellyfish  Muliammir al Thurayya gstar geko List of stars in Lacerta  gstar tucList of stars in Tucana    mono Unicorn Of Heavens Gateshand     ?Sufficiency level cities   River Deep Mountain High   Mount Etna Eruption     ham-soul star ipo  alpha beta gamma  nu Planetary Vibrations  zeta×eta×theta×iota×kappa×lambda longitude golden ratio×mu×nu ×xi×omicron×pi  pi ×rho×sigma ×tau×upsilon×phi latitude pan ×chi ×psi×omega  Electromagnetic Radiation  t  grid chip binary gridFaraday's law of induction   teslapower  Powers  Territorial Powers   project    ?   ? Strikeforce Houston   t mov  marked id disc marked id disc   sh The Problem of Thor Bridge    Bridgeport    ?     NASA's Kennedy Space Center   Bridgeport  ?  tm protate   Commonwealth of the Bahamas

  flip square14°52' = pisces guit  sparkdroid   dimensionSpecific   rainbow gen  superna higher triangle ?  plane of existence    dimension   sadarum v lower astral triangle resort 3   ?Sandals of Jesus Christ    Look at all those idiots     cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver  destroy button    This is a freaking MAD House  dimension    Cryptoterrestrial      scan Biological age FortyFour  astronaut  matrix code scan  astronautGuilt  Trip Punisher   matrix code scan SUN +MERCURY MATRIX       Ubuntu   sparkdroid bibcont ?   The Beast out of the Earth           reactor    writecode Computer  Programming reactor raygun  Rare Isotope Accelerator mayan nawal       faceless    hand swars  sparkdroid   US Citizenship Test     sparkdroid  gsm What Is Gematria Used For    vela    Writer Of Heavenly Law               Egocentric Philosophy    diamond cut ≈jaguar double diamond sun  vir  ast blackdiamondThe Great  Virgins Diamond  hand   They Will Multiply  hand