15th degree

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 flip square    flip square15°00'sagitar mc   fdutch   ipo   raygun  pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse  umbrella pulse mind the gap 
 ipeelawaystarhack     ?  Rremove Manipura chakra seal Widdershins  hand  elemental manipura  elemental manipura        reactor   q words      reactor    8 8 system                 ? Big Bang nucleosynthesis   flip square sparkdroid   Homer vs. the 18th Amendment ​  sparkdroid    Mutable Quadruplicity   fi fi  fi  t tron rider   rwords red tron-rider ori ori horse  go              cto Day Of Pentecost Tongue  c3po         keyhole$            raygun  The Regulations Of Heaven      neogigaserv  archangels     dra    silver47-grey shiningangels archangels Principalities sparkdroid  bibcont ?  The Silver Trumpets   hand  Jesus Is The Only Way   sadarum v        sparkdroidUnintended consequences     iphonew    Planetary Conjunction   sparkdroid ichicoin  Difficulty at the Beginning  smwave   On A Full Moon In August   astronaut The Day Of Alien Disclosure     sparkdroid  The Robotic Physics Field       armour armour armour armour armour armour   lap aqua   lap    diamond cut  Divine Genetics And Abilities   sparkdroid mlMurphy's Mechanics Laws    Make Him An Offer He Cant Refuse  p9 Son Of The Morning Star   lucifer sigil small superior spirits  Lucifer -Salvator MundiProud And Independent Beast thelema  buddha avatar    sparkdroid  Special Correspondents     sparkdroid  Ryan Rodney Reynolds   hand  If Its Meant To Be It Will Be   Patience Is A Big Part Of Love    Last Piece Of The Puzzle   Binah-Understanding ?  Excellent Understanding  gsm  Gematria Is The Akashic Record store  ?    store store  store store Learn Knowledge Of Wisdom  ?  sparkdroid buddha avatar flip square  Rat trap 666  hand Catastrophic Fall From Grace     sparkdroid fs  Saturnalian Illuminati    mayan nawal      mov Prophets and Prophecies     Infamous Largest Manhood   cipher solver  The Son Of Destruction  The Un-forgiven Lyrics       Construction Time Again    Quality Time Together   l thelema reactor iph  raygun  iph   iph   iph  iph      ? Is Time Travel Possible t tronship luxo ball ax  You're gonna need a bigger boat   sparkdroid ml Murphy's commerce laws   hand Life Sucks And Then You Die    sparkdroid  djd  Murder on New Year's Eve  Man Missing The Rapture       l u eg egypt godess Nuit! Hadit! Ra-Hoor-Khuit!    hand      whitehouse    Buxus Sempervirens sparkdroid  Amorphophallus putii    cipher solver  serpent cypher  serpent clr ea  el  q words An elephant never forgets  swars sparkdroid  em scan Orbitofrontal cortex  hand    mt  Five-Platform Mountain   sparkdroid mount   Box Springs Mountain   sparkdroid   ? 7 World Trade Center  clean 3 matildaOld Greenwich  sparkdroid  Our land Our Strenght    

 flip square     flip square15°06'=  sagitar river cabels darkside emperors  route66   sparkdroid    Sympathy For The Devil lucifer sigil small superior spirits  Lucifer -Salvator Mundi   mov  Satanic Concentration Camp  sparkdroid  Protect A Million People          corcoroli Martyr Of The Lie Of Satan   pearl       catseye  corcoroli hand  clb ammo gb ?Saint Peregrine Laziosi      Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham   herc    egypt pyramid egypt Fifth Dynasty of Egypt    Futuristic Awareness   raygun   ?  See People In There Elementé    sadarum v   Jesus Christ Is Revealed    m   gsm diamond cut Genetically Modified Children   List of fictional diseases  sparkdroid Treehouse of Horror V    List of deities in fiction         The High Priestess Of Maat egypt godess  emily  jack_32      handRapture Of The Holy Bride    mov Der Geist des Bienenstocks sparkdroid  Kirsten Caroline Dunst    handReptilian Infiltration        The X Factor Contestant   Forty Eight Thoughts   Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng  ast ast rstar  alien king  To create yourself anew                                                 dra  Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng  Arteries of nasal cavities seedbox handGenetically Engineered Seeds   hand Streptococcus oralis  sparkdroid   Amorphophallus prainii sparkdroid  Amorphophallus bulbifera   rose Hibiscus rosa-sinensis    Many Precious Stones   Largest Diamond Below Earth   sparkdroid sm lilium   Bouquet of Lilies Clock Egg serpents egg    sparkdroid mock turtle shell monsters   Mimus polyglottos        babilonian constellations  Babylonian Map of the  World  sis p9 Planet Venus Is Lucifer lucifer sigil small  lap sis p7   Quiet Silent Lightning  u  call_of_duty_ghostSiemens mercury unit    Street Lamp Interference  Increase In Ufo Sightings   gsm Connected To A Higher Power   gsm   Gematria Database Is Book Of Life   pitagoras+platonicPythagoras Equations   be  nt  tm st Triangulation sensor    Hermes Trismigistus Golden-Snitch-icon Ancient Egyptian Bloodline  th  sparkdroid  gsm  The Key Of Robotic Gematria   c3po    Eternal Truths Robot    Just Give Me The Truth   hand Copyright Block Truth  hand Plays Counterstrike hand Loves Counterstrike         hand Holy Angry Hand And Deaths End hand  The Great Extermination hand He Plagues His Own People hand And The Darkness He Called Night    handBeing Trapped In Insanity      cipher solver  raygun  ?Destroys The Fifth Ray hand Sick House Syndrome Is        Little Things Do Matter     mc   fdutch  bstar          Happenstance Experiment  ori clr horse tron rider motogrid tron switch    All Roads Lead To Inner Earth     Where the devil urinates     The Angel Road of Shodo Island

 flip square    flip square15°12' =sagitar shī zi zuò sparkdroid  dra  Fulcanelli Cross Of Hendaye superna higher triangle Archangel Gabriel  angels archangels Principalities Torricelli's trumpet     Retail Specialty Store     Thermal-Detonator light_grenade  SWAT 4 – A-BOMB Night Club     Vandalism is pointless​     Votes Ratify Unisex     sis  sis    sis   p12House Of The Rising Sun      koobs  House of Partnerships    An Intimate Circle Of Friends       The Second Coming Of Christ       buc    buc          m     sadarum v Christ Consciousness  bstar Crystal Light Of Christ    Jesus Christ Sun Of God  mov mov  bc yc See Robot Logic Experts  mov My Son Is Begining A Robot  matrix code scan Heaven And Hell Is Black And White      gsm   Christs Son Is Born Gene   Reflected binary code, Gray code                   And There Shall Be No More Death  raygun mayan nawal   imdb   mov The Satanic Rites of Dracula  hand   mov  Pursuit Of Happiness   No One Wants To Wake Up  mov  mov  Tommorow Comes Today       neogigaserv  Uriel Ariel Righteous Child Born       mov All Can Be Found Inside Of You hand jù xiè zuò  Thirty One Thoughts     Children Of The Most High God     Sleeping In A Haunted House      You become unpossesable     vex I Vexes A Unfit Story   Science Fiction Is Reality   hand  mlMurphy's sewing laws  yl       Fresh Fever From The Sky  raygun  mov pi The Nuclear Age Of Humanity   pentarotate zoom    Elysium – Things to Come      777  mov The World Is Not Enough   I Cant Stand Womenizers     mov    Letters Back To Ancient China    swars sparkdroid   Asymmetrical patterns    Short End Of The Stick The     Doctrina vim Promovet    He Will Be Free And Respected Man     The High Priest Is A Pleiadian   cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$   bu     Bureau of Consular Affairs       faceless    fiscanYou Are The Appointed One  flip square      Your Luckiest Number     l fiscan Social Security Number     l flip square   biblos flip square  One Hundred Forty Four    Ignition Interlock Device           sulphur16 Sulfur   sis p7Mercury  handChronic Fatigue Syndrome   sparkdroid   Amorphophallus harmandii       aqua  Man Bearing A Pitcher Of Water    My Lips Shall Praise Thee u       Perceive Your Reality      driver_mud The Mud turn to Stone      Salt        Light higher than eyesight   This Little Light Of Mine    Hes The Light Of My World    mov  Spirit Of The Night And Day  mov  buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar Spirit of the Primal Fire         sparkdroid gstar ori  List of stars in Orion          vir brewerycup             sparkdroid  star blueprint gstar pisces List of stars in Pisces   gstar vir List of stars in Virgo   galaxvort Galaxy protocluster  sparkdroid     In The Coldest Place On Earth    clb    ?   The gateway to the Americas      University Of Texas  neogigaserv  The Hostpitality State     New England's Rising Star ​  bu    flam yc hand isla   Seven Sisters Islands    Great Mosque of Kairouan iphonew     Northeast corner of Africa    islaSandy Island Beach State Park      Easter Island Monoliths c

 flip square    flip square15°18'=sagitar cam swars sparkdroid     reactor    Internet Beast System    superior spirits  c3po    Demonic Super Computer    swars sparkdroid Without permission Dicor mov  triniti shield    Trinity nuclear test  q words      reactor    8    Force you generate   8 system                   raygun mayan nawal thelema mayan nawal    thelema  Infinite monkey theorem    dimension Seven Colors In A Rainbow        cipher solver  temp blueprintstar blueprintstar blueprintstar egypt horus Horoscopic astrology            Encounter in the Crypt​   mov What Happened to Monday​  Names of the days of the week               Points of Transition            gm raygun  ? Taking Time Alone To Think      Time And Tide Wait For No Man    Opiferque Per Orbem     Universal Time Matrix    u Third Harmonic Universe     buddha avatar  dimension  dimension dimension  vir Constructible numbers             canm clr character in question  Question Everything enigma character in question  sagitar       bp    maybug  but   mov Follow The Butterflies        ml   And Nothing Shall Escape Them    pisces   mov  I surrender all control     cb  43 equation solver don't panic robot  Marvin, the Paranoid Android        Panic About Not Being In Charge  p2  pi Interval International   hand    mov  From Russia with Love         Hitler Did Nothing Wrong    shb  Great Soviet Encyclopedia           lap   G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost     Powers Moses Exile In The Desert   cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver  Daughter Of Destruction  cipher solver writecode    smwave l   cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver  destroy button   spheres temple        eg The Immaculate Black Flame Of Maat  buddha avatar buddha avatar    thelema  Black Liberation Thelology      time capsule  time capsule    Awesome Is As Awesome Does        Teaching the art of Stalking q words time capsule      My Mission Here On Earth    sparkdroid mov  sparkdroid mov   l l l l l             Guide Me In Your Truth 43 equation solver thelema raygun  mov   The Man with the Golden Gun    hand cipher solver  69 galaxy arm imdbEdward Harrison Norton      Unemployment benefits   Elixir Of I'mmortality      Sixth Reason To Get Free  hand Abomination Of Hate And Envy  hand Falling Slowly Lyrics      hand shb Literary Encyclopedia      hand     List of U.S. state trees  hand   Treehouse of Horror X           Religious Hypocrisy  buddha avatar corcoroli hand  cipher solver    ? Saint Catherine of the Wheel   Foretelling To Mend Minds    ori orion horse head sword   The Sword And The Back Of The Head     swars sparkdroid em scan  Os multangulum majus  Sphenomandibular ligament hand  ml Murphy's Travel Laws  yl   raygun   Same Place Same Time Tonight  egypt godess          Prisoners Of The Abyss   hand Utricularia australis hand  Amorphophallus gracilis  can pinwheel  fish owly celmoney     p16 p16 a2        gstar  octans List of stars in Octans   aqua      You Are My Lucky Star go   dove you  guit  Stele of the Vultures   hand  Devbhoomi Dwarka district  

 flip square    flip square15°24' =sagitar per jellyfish an  blink  sparkdroid  l l Law of total probability  u      dimension  dimension  dimension Second Harmonic Universe   phoen phoen The Rising Of The Phoenix  q words    Illuminated manuscript   catseye Schrödingers Cat Trilogy  catseye    catseye  mov mov catseye  faceless       Three-Six-Nine Rod Repair           hand Wonders of delight      Miracles Through Christ       Conjuration of the Four   Bull shit-o meter cypher      bu         reactor   q words      reactor    8 8 system            canm catseye     Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin dra  rainbow dragon  clr  mov      numerology master   raygun          Glory And Beauty Of The Day mayan nawal     writecode  Forty Six Thoughts        gsm English Gematria Calculator  hand One Thousand Forty One   The First Civilization  mayan nawal  mayan nawal       l The Holy Platinum Laws    egypt egypt eg  egypt    egypt godess Holy Goddess Of A Judgement        snake G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost   buddha avatar   apus   jdd lap Temple of the Holy Ghost dischanger owly the librarian librar  Nunc id Vides. Nunc ne Vides   q words Another day another dollar  hand     cheat keyhole$  keyhole$ keyhole$ keyhole$ keyhole$ keyhole$          The Secret Of It All Is In Pi drknow libr l  Its Worth Waiting For  pi call_of_duty_ghost  cod5_icon_german Call of Duty: World at War      hand Desolations Are Determined  bu   eva awake hand The Seven Daughters Of Eve  void icon  void icon an an imdb Laura Dianne Vandervoort   driver_mystery  Mystery Traditions      Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī   mov Six Degrees of Separation    writecode  Flying_Spaghetti_Monster    
 Computer Programmers    buc  The Formula of  the Vacuum   buc hand         scan  br  br  raygun nu ham-soul starsparkdroid     buc  buc   fix          hand   Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes  hand blueprint machine    Hot metal typesetting  hand  Utricularia volubilis hand Solanum lycopersicum hand  Amorphophallus henryi  hand sg Micropterus Salmoides hand  gstar   ra List of stars in Lepus gstar List of Chinese star names libr  l   Love Center Ministries hand     Secret Child Slave Location  tg    hand        temp    Order of the Eastern Star      eeshield   Six Pointed Star Of David      City of Sunny Isles Beach    dhUniversitas Harvardianaan Butte County The Green Mountain State  Firme y feliz por la unión

    flip square    flip square15°30'=sagitar gm l b3 y4  e1  The Lord of the forces of Life   t  marked id disc          libr Heavens Beautiful Law Maker    netshatter blueprintstar    gm twi twi           z  Zeus and Planetary Albion         isolator    t marked id disc egypt z indian    cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  Sigil to always be on time     Change Happens Because Of You  mov pi       Revealing Number Sequence  per jellyfish Arab and Persian astrology        The House of the hidden places      umbrella    neogigaserv Thrones   The Host Of The Metatron metatron    Has Many Huge Guardian Angels     hand     Delete Saint Menas influence   hand buddha avatar flip square buddha avatarThe Seven Spirits Of God   ?  store store  store store Gods Mysteries Known  faceless marked id disc      The Seers of Ancient Mexico mayan nawal   sh djdPrivate Investigation l mov  Extinction Level Event     Gods Wife Lustful Attack    egypt godess Isis Queen Of The South  Gender Ultimate Holiness    cipher solver  mickey board circuit He Of Mickey Mouse Colors 2 buddha avatar  buddha avatar Married To A Holy Spirit  buddha avatar  The Buddha Is The Antichrist    fs  Showing Me His Middle Finger      Holy Daughter Perfection  shb egypt godess She Of Ultimate Holiness    dra .    Evangelista Torricelli (S 512)  flip square 13  mayan nawal   The Day Of Investigator Ka      mayan nawal     And They Will Prophesy  iphonew  Girl with a Sword right hand light siber   before Me       swars sparkdroid  Directional solidification   sparkdroid    Daemon's configuration file    hand swars  sparkdroid The Demon in the Mattress    hand clb  beehivecluster  I Love The Hardworking Bees     The prize that you claim gear  sis a2 The Nearest Inhabited Planet    cipher solver   Design The Planet And Stars a2 bstar gstar lstar   rstar   bstar lstar   gstar  gstar  lstar  rstar  lstar  lstar   There Are No Coincidences Mark  superna higher triangle    ?The Fifty Gates Of Wisdom       libr   Ingress,Egress,Regress     handThe Holy Judgement Of Sin   hand  PrincipalitiesLive in virtue, no desire cipher solver    hand Deer Heart Intuitions Of    hand Their Abominable Principles    hand     Loss Of Human Imagination  hand Seven Year Tribulation  hand  Assassination attempt  hand  Ernest Miller Hemingway hand Copyright infringement  hand flip square ? Towns for the Levites       egypt   handiphonew  shī zi zuò dpl      Animal Snuff Film Creators  sparkdroid iphonew      De omnibus dubitandum est   swars  sparkdroid luxo ball burn-e cipher solver fi  fi   Laurence John Fishburne III     dischanger the librarian librar netshatter Abū al-Rayhān Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Bīrūnī    hand   Cloudy Eye Lense Implant    Utricularia pentadactyla   Stalagmites Stalactites   indian  Indian Monsoon Current  City Of The Yellow Devil  sparkdroid  fs  City of Brotherly Love   flam        Keystone Heights​ swars  sparkdroid   Animis opibusque parati    sparkdroidsb  cipher solver seal    The Seal of the State of Alaska 

 flip square    flip square15°36' =sagitar  arch      cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$   Sigil for absorbing energy​  dysprosium66  psi darkside emperorsroute66  flip square  The Atomic Age Sixty Six        reactor   keyhole I   reactor thelema   reactor   reactor raygun           Baryon Number Generation matrix code scan   Descendant Of Merovingians  libr l      Is Full Of Self Importance  l l  mov The Lamb Of God Scriptures   hand  Bloodline Children Of Jesus     buddha avatar l    Kiss and betrayal of Jesus    buddha avatar  sparkdroid    Unexpected hanging paradox        Pyramids On The Moonram     bastet  egypt  The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah  buddha avatar hand Mess Around And Fall In Love         hand Undying Death Defying Love     handTo Cast The First Stone  hand The Holy Prostitute    Insuppressible Lust       Not Worth Five Dollars sh  movWhile You Were Sleeping     cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$   ram690yb    Beginnings and initiatives  flip square mov The Transcendental Number flip square  biblos flip square  l One Four Four Thousand  calc calc  Fifty-four Eighty-three   43 equation solverFourty Two Hundreds    handTwo Thousand Sixteen      handsagitar Saggitarius Rising Sign    faceless INTELLIGENCE vs INTELLECT      Negative Personification         Bundesagentur Fuer Arbeit   ​sparkdroid   Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)      A black cat crossing one's path     armour  egypt     reactor   Wild Siblings Tamed By Beast        raygun  That He Might Seek A Godly Seed       gigas serv         writecode    do                   swars sw    Clone-Killing Nanovirus         raygun  Thats The Way Its Gonna Be      hand  Treehouse of Horror III   drTerror  Keep The Terrorist Faith   sparkdroid galaxvort catseye  clrcatseye  A black cat crossing one's path   handAround The World In A Bad Mood   cheat Stop smoking scrolls  Its All Coming Back To Me Now    mov  The Shawshank Redemption       hand  And Flourishing In My Palace sparkdroidUtricularia appendiculata sparkdroid Amorphophallus carneus sparkdroid  Western coastal wattle      Master Self-Healer quartz  libr l mayan nawal   Self-fulfilling prophecy     hand     Acroamatic Cryptography             Oxford Latin Dictionary     gsm th dh    College of Letters and Science    gstar astronautList of stars in Andromeda  gstar cat List of stars in Lynx      sparkdroid  boot   iceboot  swarsbibcont ?Mount Horeb        Williamsburg   egypt godess shb u  Unity, Discipline, Work       Reptilians Meet Pleiadians    hand In The Ideal Earth Bring Forth  mono   clbxtree Christmas tree cluster    sis 8    isla  isla South Neptune Islands  

 flip square      flip square15°42'=sagitar  cb 43 equation solver per jellyfish an  blink  sm  observatory observatory  Observatory   gstar The Magnificent Eighty Eight           reactor  lap     snake G-host of Jupiter p4 l    jdd apus  gba  trapghost  mov Casper The Friendly Ghost   tur  And The Roof Of Thy Mouth    And His Feet As Pillars Of Fire     gba  trapghost   Global Domain International   lap   Open Source Softwares      The Child of the Forces of Time     q words  Quantum-mechanical vacuum   be Seveteen Seventy Six           Fearful Air Of Satans Release        An Egocentric Philosophy ​  q words flip square  Magical Squares Average    bo        sis p8   Earth's axis of rotation   sparkdroid sparkdroid Aghartha In The Hollow Earth