16th degree

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the eifel tower alignement 


mcl  flip square16°02'= sw vir swarssparkdroid     reactor   matrix code scan  Rule of three (C++ programming)    q words      reactor    8 8 system           raygun    system q words q words q words q words  q words 8 Quantum chromodynamics   gsm 8 8  8  movLoop quantum gravity  List of games by LucasArts       lap  snake G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost   buddha avatar  ? Ghost in the Noonday Sun    mayan nawal         Criminal justice system    sparkdroid       All Worship Be To God Only       c3po Seventy Two Names of God       aaaa grades    Inability to form words   Franklin Delano Roosevelt       spg ? Traité sur l'Antarctique        do pi pi The “first assistance” salt        The “mucous membranes” salt  dopi  pi fornax Cosmic microwave background     swars sparkdroid em scan? Inferior alveolar artery  sparkdroid Utricularia guyanensissparkdroid  Amorphophallus gracilior   tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher       Fortune favours the bold t yc hand light_grenade cipher solver marked id disc marked id disc  gmCastor and Pollux boot          Stato della Città del Vaticano   carousel ? Incidents at Herschend parks

         mcl  flip square16°08' sw    Qilin   You i to you before added the  Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin  rainbow dragon dra         rc        Sixteen Egomantic Figures          Im Good And Im Bad Its A Options    keyhole$   Qilin  rainbow dragon   Means Dragon head in a chinese triad      Remote quorum sensing   mayan nawal     ?        And Im Not Supposed To Feel                  Divine Gene Unforgivable Sin     Christ Sin Corruption          Gods Very Exciting Plan   Murderer From The Beginning   mayan nawal     Self Fullfilling Prophecy      imdb Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date mov   imdb faceless    I do this to avoid doing that  keyhole$   cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$   Sigil for remebering things   keyhole$ pumpkin_32  mov The Legend of Sleepy Hollow        reactor     mov  The Beasts Of Destruction   cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver   destroy button   mickey board circuit  mov   Disneys Beauty And The Beast    diid jewel jewel   Divine Gene Very Tender Bride     Margarita is lookin4 master  pi  pi     Antichrist women beatings    keyhole$  Will is who you the healed i   He Will Protect His Woman    The Holy Spirit Daughter    bastet Bastet Is The Bride Of Horus   th horus egypt godess   Does Ishtar have another name     alien  alien alien alien  eg   The Egg Of The High Priestess    serpents egg  Relationships Counceling  keyhole$         Sixteen Eight Eighty Eight flip square       cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$    hand   Robert Anthony De Niro Jr.   Mel Gibson racist comments    The holy spirit of the Bible          thy hair is as a flock of goats       The Purpose Of Existence      hand  ?Animus in consulendo liber     libr l hand  Lies the greatest danger of all      Trumps geriatric sperm   hand       50 United States Flags  cipher solver seal  seal  Seal of the Governor of Maine   How Can Depression Be Treated     Thirty skull bottles            bibcont   Bible Code Create Monster Satan                  Highest Angel Of Creativity  ho tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher    Transformative justice  mayan nawal    l b3 y4  e1  Almighty Left Hand Of The Lord       Angels Of Integration And Balance   keyhole$       Pick And Choose As You See Fit    raygun ?   Holy Law That Is I Am That I Am     Im good and im bad its a options      His holy i am that i am in love   bu  buddha avatar   Iam that i am is sitting bull           Ideas Of Heavenly Progress      dischanger   Terence David John Pratchett     gsm    Divinely Inspired Gematria     Build Upgraded Gematria Robot   t     bc   rc       Integral cryptanalysis      faceless   Org.one protects the elect   Jesus Christ The Savior   keyhole$   Precious ether network    matrix code scan matrix code scan se    Corrupt Media Broadcasters  Divine Gene Unforgivable Sin  lucifer sigil small  Elder Abuse Is Caused Of Lucifer  flip square keyhole$ lucifer sigil small  Antichrist Women Beatings    Sixteen Eight Eighty Eight writecode  Jesus Christ The Savior Fifty Million Thoughts         Intellect Within Creation  mcl     Vernetzte intelligenz        mcl    Arch of Tri umph of the Star   blueprintstar  Heavens Aquarius Planets     Not Playing With A Full Deck tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher 
 gstar      The Star The Moon The Sun      armour gb  bu  buddha avatar     Tatanka yotanka indianemoon   aqua Bringer Of The Age Of Aquarius            And all the people came unto him      mov  Aliens Stealing Our Water       The Air And The Earth Combine A Key   mcl    Child Of The Most Mourning       The Return Of The Anunnaki   The coming race from Sirius    netshatter    And It Ascended Into The Heavens      egypt pyramid egypt Aby.dos Dynasty of Egypt   Underground Alien Base Belize         sis ti oxo        The Dispersion Of Malkuth  ?   triniti shield   keyhole$  ?  Gene Sophia Of The Trinity       mov       The Atlantis Mission Omega     dt  yc marked id disc     archangels Precautionary principle           ?    sparkdroid sparkdroid  ipeelawaystarhack     Clean Up Your Own Backyard  keyhole$    Rebuke Generational Curses   Misdiagnosis of eye melanoma     p  qibla cube matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan    Bindweed    cent    clb pearl           pearl   keyhole$     And to the hill of frankincense     rho  capr gstar   Boston pops 4th of july       dragon gate eunuh  sparkdroid Utricularia amethystinasparkdroid Utricularia neottioides  go mayan nawal  Saucerottia saucerottei blueprintstar g  gsm cam 360 ball slingshot hellboy ? Gravitational redshifting  sparkdroid marked id disc marked id disc sparkdroid  dischanger spheres temple    Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower   apus     Empire State of the South


mcl  flip square16°14'= sw  pisces   matrix code scan MERCURY +VENUS MATRIX faceless lWe are what we see in others?         mayan nawal    bibcont ? Who gives the Ibis wisdom   List of angels in theology   buddha avatarcorcoroli    cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$    gb ?Christina the Astonishing     fornax Great terrestrial crucible    reactor  Fundamenta inconcussa ITER   q words  umbrella     t dimension lower astral triangle resort 3   ?      reactor    8 8 system           raygun    Fully probabilistic design  sparkdroid  Treehouse of Horror VII      mov  mov The Number 23 libr l     vir     Routine tasks and duties   lap q words  How long is a piece of string?    shī zi zuò            east tree       Creative self-expression    keyhole$   shī zi zuò  galaxvort s4      cipher solver     Symmetric key algorithm     United states of America key        cipher solver seal   Great Seal of North Dakota       777 777  archangels Powers 777 THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT hand         aaaa grades     Inability to repeat a phrase    sparkdroid  List of national mottos    egypt pyramid egypt Tenth Dynasty of Egypt        fs    Ask the Sabian Symbols' Oracle    q words Isn't there a medicine for that?    arch Grant of Copyright License           pentarotate  ? Are you suggesting a coup?     ori ori weather switch      Success which is not blocked    ?    Soul and Heaven of the Element      buc  Expanding Consciousness   raygun ipo herc Utricularia ramosissima  ?  List of hyperbolic comets gstar   tron rider  motogrid tron switchList of stars in Pegasus       List of North Sea ports     ?United States of America -USA    vir vir brewery Geomantic_caudadraconis.svg Geomantic_caputdraconis.svg    arrow southarrow     Colorado's Wine Country

mcl  flip square16°20' =sw  pup     sw sw  sw tm 8 rc  fiscan  fiscan  hand  wiki-kiwi  fiscan  fiscan fiscan fiscan  sauron eye   mc fdutch   pup vela          shb The Problem of Natural Evil   Mankind Can Never Redeem Himself   sparkdroid mov     Thursday of Mysteries     Unlocking your Script   Microcosm Meets Macrocosm   The Handwriting On The Wall  writecode  Flying_Spaghetti_Monster        The Sacred Language Of Holy Fire          Thirty Six Thoughts    And Break Down The Wall Thereof   vir   He Who Is Afraid Of Exposure  maze  cipher solver  bear & lion   um AlienMorph 037  Designer Of Heavens Carousel  canm wp  tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher Sinning Tarot Used You  p2    Aristotle's wheel paradox    theta lambda longitude golden ratioMagnificent Parents Of Heaven    Economical With The Truth       matrix code scanFalse Memories In Visions  I Got To Run Some Err ?ands     enigma character in question  canm catseye       character in question  character in question  Ridiculous Questions    shī zi zuò ast   qm  sparkdroid sparkdroid sparkdroid sparkdroid  raygun     buc        Brain Enhancement Technology   galaxvort  ? ?  t galaxvort  galaxvort  Gaining A Better Perspective  galaxvort Abolition Of The Gold Standard   sparkdroid Robot Trace Music Program   ram690yb flip square   What Does Thirty Nine Mean  swars sparkdroid     nt  tm st Spherical trigonometry    matrix code scan   Asymmetric key algorithm   faceless faceless  Aleister Crowley The Beast   He Goes Crazy On A Full Moon  The Son Of The Creator Comes  armour armour armour armour armour armour    Prevent World War Three   Outstayed Our Sinning   Hate The Sin Not The Sinner     None shall stand before you    isolator     Gematria Of The English Language     ss grades  Bundesrepublik Deutschland       The Four Horseman Are Aliens      Toy Story 3 Hidden Message    ? The Good, the Sad and the Drugly     libr l  Self Destructive Energies  locker void icon  void icon  buc     Heaven Locked For Tobacco Makers     G-host of Jupiter   catseye ? ?   pinwheel  Activate Pineal Gland Third Eye     The Atomic Age Survivors  United Federation Of Teachers   Then Said Jesus Unto Them   Heavens Holy Goddess Of War   Martyr Of The Antichrist  hand hell worldwide express   Another season in this hell    ss Glossary of Nazi Germany    sparkdroid Amorphophallus richardsiae hand   Amorphophallus hirtus gstar sw List of stars in Cygnus 8  gstar wolf List of stars in Lupus dhUniversity of Helsinki Biodiversity hotspot  Where Did The Mayans Come From  North South East West 

mcl  flip square16°26' = sw  ori hand   swars darkside emperors sith holocron route66  sw yoda swars  calc calc  Symbolic Literal Numerical   sparkdroid    Tetrad  Seventeen Seventy Six  ?    Spiritual Enlightenment    p2  Irresistible force paradox  Gematria Is A Loophole In Time      gsmThe Effect Of Gematria Deciphering   Gematria Shows Patterns   Nearly Inspired Version   God Is Nature Not Religion    ethical triangle Powers  Gods Fearless Warrior Angel  ?  I Am That I Am Declares Islam Satan     The Truth Of Iblis Nature     buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar Buddha Is Not The Antichrist    How Could Such A Thing Happen    sparkdroid ml     Murphy's nurses laws  sparkdroid        diamond cut Divien Gene Of The Holy Elders  handThank You Father And Mother     First Priority Bride Gene          flip square  umbrella The Forty Nine Deadly Sins   That Man Of Sin Shall Be Revealed faceless faceless Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche    Sins Of Greedy Billionaires     The Greate Inception Has Begun   Million Dollar Money Drop   sparkdroid Treehouse of Horror XII     The Astrotheology Calendar  corcoroli  gb  Martyr Of Mental Illness       hand  Just Labeled Mentally Deranged  Moderate Mental Retardation    hand      Martian Refugees Came To Earth   rc spheres temple     E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial             ? The Whispering of The Nagual     You Spin Me Right Round    ?Everything Will Be Alright   This Is Your Final Notice   ? The Strategy of a Sorcerer   Conscious Unconscious   hand Chemtrails Are Sprayed Daily         Fire Is Unconditional Love  Quote     Double Happiness Symbols carbon6 Diamonds Are Made Of Carbon I Think pisces The Manifestation Of Pisces            Propositional calculus     Change Is The Only Constant     mouth By The Skin Of Your Teeth    swars sparkdroid em scan  ? Alveus of the hippocampus   br hippocampus bstar Obsolete constellations  hippocampus  hippocampus  ? Anatomical terms of motion  sparkdroid   Amorphophilus echinatus        cat  Lynx cipher solver   um Qilin Ursa Major Filament  hand  pThe Eye Of Saturn Is Falling      And As A Garden That Hath No Water  Your Dreams Of Tornadoes     tronship  chi SpaceX private launch site   palace 1 law awl dpri vir vir Minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat   dhUniversity of Edinburgh    dh University of California   yc marked id disc matrix code scan gm  Castor River   hand   Connecticut Home Invasion   And Almighty God Made More Oceans  swarssparkdroid river cabels wr      Fall River   

mcl  flip square16°32'= sw vela   matrix code scan  sparkdroid MERCURY +PLUTO MATRIX   luxo ball walle  tur  walle wall     Waste Allocation Load Lifter   arch wall    serpent cypher serpent cypher snake    hydr   ophiuchi  serpent   The Bloodline Of The Serpent   Heavenly Fathers Great Pride      Artifacts Of Native Americans mayan nawal   ∞     blood sample  The Origin Of O Negative Blood  mayan nawal      Preparation Of The Storm  Mysterious Journey    egypt   Is Best Friend Of Almighty God  sparkdroid  Is Unbearably Narcissistic   mov  sparkdroid serpents egg  eg Hen with Sapphire Pendant Egg  eg  Revolving Miniatures Egg     mov time capsule  time capsule time capsule mov gsm       diamond cut  ?      diid jewel jewelGenetic Tampering Of Creation     Birth Certificate Rewriter    Thousand Points Of Light  writecode  Dont Go Into The Light Yet   Flying_Spaghetti_Monster      Hes Obsessed With Numbers             I Have Come To Reveal The Aliens    astronaut  The Alien Trilateral Insignia   Excellent Qualities And Mind buddha avatar   cheat egypt godess   Goddess And Serious Ruler       Hand Of Fate Of All The Universe ham-soul star    Keep Thy Tongue From Evil    sw sw The Starship Enterprise  mouth      Do Not Message The Domain Hacker  777 777  archangels Powers 777 THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY libr l          ml Murphy's toddlers laws        handKeep The Homes Fires Burning  gsm      I Am Decided Gematria Is Abomination  Moses Banished To The Desert     hand mlMurphy's political laws       ?Arcus venae azygos ?Accessory cuneate nucleus  The Nightingale And The Rose Are  Quantum Quattro Silica           Lier Must Tells Truth    libr l  Missing That One Special One  Soul Mates Of The End Of Days      jd             Howard Phillips Lovecraft           For Love Is Strong As Death      bibcont ?And where does darkness reside?   handHuman Cloning Underground  hand fox script  fox script     Three Hundred Foxes In Corn        sparkdroid  jù xiè zuò  Ark ushanang arusha shutu  pi  hand             observatory Extraordinary telescope   cipher solver   um ✨  Talitha BorealisAustralis   gstar river cabels wr List of stars in Eridanus  gstar  herc List of stars in Hercules gstar phoen List of stars in Phoenix  clr ophiuchi  bp   Minkowski's Butterfly   mov      carousel  Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel  dh  University of Virginia 

mcl  flip square16°38'= sw canm  swars sparkdroid  The Number Of Manifestation libr l    calc One Hundred Thirty Seven   calcTwo Hundred And Fifty Three    Brilliance Of The Father Of Heaven  gsm  In The Beginning Was The Word mayan nawal          Twelve minor prophets   boo  flip square  13  The Thirteen Pointed Nest  buddha avatar  mov    alphaAlmighty God Of The Alpha And Omegaomega              Put Everything In Order      raygun  Nikola Teslas Death Ray Machine teslapower  raygun mayan nawal     alphaDEC Alpha quadruple precision serpent cypher serpent mayan nawal   u u Twenty Third Angstrom   raygun  Pentagram ENOCH Union Tablet       l        But He That Sent Me Is True     armour     sparkdroid    Artificial Robotic Inteligence    libr l l  Message From God In September     reactor   q words      reactor    8  8 8 8 system      The Gates Of Spiritual Sin   l b3 y4   e1   Light At The End Of The Tunnel        raygun       sparkdroid  Create Your Own Reality          Then This Line Drawn Is A Key     The Book Of Enoch The Prophetmayan nawal      Combination Of Modifications   Deosil  Inverse any point in space        sm   8 movone minute changer  8 24-hour clock    8  l thelema  mayan nawal  character in question  character in question And We Will Walk In His Paths     time capsule  ​ iph iph reactor iph  raygun  iph   iph   iph  iph   one minute changer  And Followeth After Rewards  fs oto  aa grades   pearl     Secret Satanic Fraternity       Never Trust A Chronic Liar  mickey board circuit The Creator Of Mickey Mouse    calc calc   The One Percent Solution  fix  The System Is Corrupt   Its Like A Jungle Sometimes  fix Corrupt University      cipher solver seal  Seal of the Governor of Ohio    sparkdroid ml  Murphy's Elevator laws  battery  Medium in power generation   hand bu Lord Of Lords Elect Pleiadians  hand Deadly Misery Day Of The Lord     James Anthony Sturgess  The Year Of Jesus Return   The Transporter Refueled  raygun  ?   I Know What You Did-Iddly-Did     The Code Of Federal Regulations  sparkdroid galaxvort  umbrellaOpening an umbrella indoors    l  There Is Truth To Be Found              ml Murphy's mothers laws         The Name Of The Lady Of The Lake Is  mov   Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. handOther Adrenal Stressors    l     Cannot Feel Love For Others   ?      hand  Dental Professional Groom  Its Never Too Late To Change   swars sparkdroid em scan  scan  ?  Integumentary system     sm  Sun And Moon Change The World    smwave egThe Moon The Egg And The Sword     The Legend Of The Rainbow Moon   blueprintstar Interplanetary Alignment    bear & lion   um  Ursa Major Moving Group mayan tree seeder  mayan tree seeder mayan tree seeder  mayan tree seeder   left eye of Horus Robur Carolium    east tree west tree  north three  south tree protate  egypt pyramid  Egyptian Pyramid Builders    mo ra Area Fifty One Contamination    ra cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver  destroy button Area Fifty One Destruction   City of Magnificient Distances sparkdroid  Commonwealth of Kentucky          Queen Wheat City of Oklahoma     Republic of the Philippines

mcl  flip square16°44'= sw libr   l pavo  ?  swars sparkdroid mov  ?Northern Galactic Hemisphere   lap    Unix Operating System     ?Holy Wisdom Of All Creation       writecode  Twenty Eight Thoughts   Thirty Three Thoughts hand I Wont Promise Anything    p2 Pythagoras Hypothesis       Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky  hand The Magnificent Triple Four  swars sparkdroid   The Land of Opportunity    spectrum pickWonderful World Of Color    m  q words Messiah King Of The Qliphoth    That Must Have Been Difficult    c3po raygun  Vorsprung Durch Technik    thelema store   List of games by Activision      Interdimensional Entity   se     serpent cypher   cipher solver  serpent cypher serpent Liber Cordis cincti serpente  ophiuchibp    Three Levels of Sacred Marriage      The Reason For Alien Abduction libr  l    raygun     ? Knowing You Cant Have Them       mov dimension bu  Rainbows Created By Pleiadians  And The Lamb Shall Overcome Them      ?  The Existence Of I'm permanence        Adam Is Of Many Biblical Scenarios  hand   Dear Lord Where Do I Go From Here    Going Out Of Business Sale     Business Administration  ?    Human Resource Specialist     Kaplan University Login call_of_duty_ghost codwatwar zombies codbozombies codbozombies call_of_duty__advanced_warfare call_of_duty___modern_warfare_2 MW3Icon call_of_duty_4 cod5_icon_german  call_of_duty_ghost codblackopsicon call_of_duty_black_ops_ii_game_icon call_of_duty__black_ops_iii  sparkdroidRobotic Movement Trainer       mov Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves   He Is My Soul Mate Forever        darkside emperors king       egypt  mov Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs   egypt godess     As A Queen Sent You To Hell   hell worldwide express egypt pyramid  egypt  First Dynasty of Egypt      swars c3po Oxford English Dictionary   hand  Are You Haunted By A Past Life    mov Hotel Transylvania thelema store   raygun Something Out Of Nothing   handGenetically Modified Organism      69 galaxy arm ceti Dolphins Are Shapeshifters    hand The Purest Blood Type Is  swars sparkdroid em scan ?Pulmonary veinshand  Amorphophallus gallaensis      gstar comList of stars in Pyxis     East Great Mountain -Dōngyuè   t rc hand matrix code scan gm   Petronas Twin Towers  boot    Quocunque Jeceris Stabit hand  Southwest corner of Asia ? List of city nicknames in Canada 

mcl  flip square16°50' = sw octans  swars sparkdroid     can pinwheelThe Connection To Sirius  mc fdutch   pup vela  dividing cell Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy​      movThe Opposite Of Infinity      Override Damaged Blueprint Code   Benevolent dictator for life​      Clearing Personal Timelines   blueprintstar Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map    matrix code scan   Continuity of Existence  blueprintstar   Let Me State My Position      ml No matter where I go, there I am yl  hand I Cant Make Any Plans Im In Limbo     hand flip square  thelema  buddha avatar  l   Six Hundred Sixty Six     hand  I Accept The Mark Of Antichrist    On The Right Hand And On The Left   ?  raygun  ?  And Then I Will Follow You         store My Indian Artifact Collection       ?  Remove Svadhistana chakra seal    hand   Protection seal-Svadhistana  elemental svadhistana  libr l One Learns From Ones Soul gsm    enigma An Alphanumeric Encryption   numerology master Pythagorean Numerology     Thirtyeight Fortyfive       Descendants Of Merovingians      And Thats The Progression   ipeelawaystarhacksparkdroid         pi  pi     Extreme Telepathic Abilities         She Is A Vision Of Sainthood  The Thing That Should Not Be   Holy Parents Of All Humans       Lost Final Episode Spoiler  hand Rapture Of The Righteous   hand Child Snuff Film Community   Sinful Mexico Billionaires  hand Psychotic Child Murderers  hand Reptilian Human Holocaust   hand Because They Have No Knowledge   ?  store store  store store  hand Dont Know Yet If Ill Get It     serpents egg    eg   Eight lost Imperial Fabergé eggs      l     Unsolvable Logic puzzle     reactor   q words      reactor    8 8 system            raygun      ? Axiomata Sive Leges Motus         Principalities   Virtus Unita Fortior ?   List of U.S. state nicknames     spg     The Banking Law Of Connecticut   swars sparkdroid em scan ?Intercostal veins  ant   clb ant Communication Of Ants And Bees gsm  69 galaxy arm jù xiè zuò beehivecluster mus  bee bee mus  List of U.S. state insects    hand mayan nawal       fi  fi  fi        Treehouse of Horror XV         hand Food And Drug Administration  sparkdroid   sparkdroidAmorphophallus laoticus  cipher solver Amorphophallus annulifer    The Exlixir Of Life Is Found  pearl  hand    The Final He Of Tetragrammaton     mayan tree seeder ast blackdiamond   canm<