26th degree

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      flip square26°04'= ori cet store           faceless Akashic FieldAn Integral Theory of Everything         keyhole$  umbrella    The Colors Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum    The Point Where The Two Opposites Meet   ? I seek out and understand meaningful messages         character in question  character in question  q words l  Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies  Musik Is The Answer Of Your Question     The Charismatic Leader Follower Relationship    Both The Christ And The Antichrist Have Been Hidden  And They Will Show Great Signs And Wonders   Representatives Of Pure Creative Energy  Season Of The Flowers Second Season Of Heaven  One Who Has Spent Years In The Wilderness    Buddhists Travel Through The Omniverse   Follow The Good Red Road And Walk In Beauty And Peace   How We Feel Inside And How We Act On The Outside    Always Set A Good Example For Your Children    The Sorcerer Of The Cave Of The Three Brothers   European Organization For Nuclear Research  Most Radio Station Broadcaste From My Brain   Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely  Power Corrupts Absolute Absolutely  Why Is The Worthy Brother Distressed   Hurting People Does Not Earn You Glory  What Made Him Think He Will Get Away With This   It May Not Be Good But It Certainly Is Right   Cant Cope With That And The Other Thing As Well  Knowing Its Not Fair But Doing It Anyway   History Past Present And Future Book N   It Is A Period When Human Judgement Is Impaired   hand  swars darkside emperors  Executive Order One One Zero Zero Zero   The Skull And Bones Rule Number Eighty Eight     NERO CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVGVSTVS GERMANICVS  This Is The Distressed Worthy Brother  imdb Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes  He Shall Stand Up Against The Prince Of Princes   Millions Missing Day Of Divine Gene Return   iphonew      The Night Is Coldest Short Before Sunraise    hand boot king    The Evil That Will Befall You In The End Of Days   mayan nawal New Zodiac Calender Ninety One Days Solstice   Opposition signs The Zodiac Killer Is The Superhacker Steroid   I Wanna Love You Every Day And Every Night   divisionmoonThe Nightside Realm Belongs To The Goddess Hecate  That That Day Should Overtake You As A Thief  Demands Respect Instead Of Trying To Earn It        l l l l l   q words Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence    The First Civilization On Earth Was In The  Macaronesia Consists Of Several Archipelagos     spg swars sparkdroid r2d2 p List of Saturn-crossing minor planets

         flip square26°10'=ori aqua sparkdroid  Everyone On Earth Was Born For A Good Reason    ram690yb     Physical appearance, traits and characteristics   If Jesus Was Human What Do You Think We Are  I Am Not Here To I'mpress You And Don’t Call Me A He        Veils Desatroyed June Two Thousand Nine catseye    Therefore Love Is The Fulfillment Of The Law     The Legend Of The Rainbow Moon The Eternal Love   All Consentual Sex Shall Be Legal Regardless Of Age       He Pushed His Pregnant Wife Down The Stairs  He Will Wait Until It Will Be Too Late For Me  mov   Death Is A Turning Inside Out And Upside Down     isla  ankh    Divine Mother Is The Blue Virgin At Chartres     The Insignia Of A Triangle And Three Laterial Lines      God You Are The Best Thanks For Everything     Moses Feels A Sense Of Power And Entitlement  The King Who Is To Be The Bright Morning Star   I Did Not Come To Bring Peace But To Make Division   The Only Begotten One Hidden In The Indivisible     One That Engages In Acts Or An Act Of Terrorism  This Shattered Dream You Cannot Justify   meteorshower  str       oxo      I Wished I Would Have Never Written To Him  He Was Truly A Visionary Man For His Time    Someone Is In A Very Religious Mood Today  biblos capr  lstarOmnia Subiecisti Sub Pedibus, Oves Et Boves     Doctors And Nurses To Take Care Of The Children   Hospital Bracelet Five Two Three Zero Eight    Ich Frage Mich Ob Irren Arzt Irrer Arzt Bedeuted  Im So Sick And Tired Of His Wishy Washy Blablabla     The Androgynous And Elaborate Holy Spirit     I Am Uncontrollable Please Find Another Victim    O My O My The Name Was Written In The Sky   So Many Variables So Many People Involved       Lazy Elders Of Heaven Will Be Hells Residents   Jesus And Beast Are The Two Witnesses Of God    buddha avatar  Holy Twelve Warriors Of The Apocalypse     Jesus Christ Inventor Of New Jerusalem   bibcont The Authorized Version Of The King James Bible     The Behavioral Characteristics Of A Psychopath  One In Every Hundred People Is A Psychopath  buddha avatar He Was Betrayed By His Business Law Partner  Is Not Exactly Not Playing With A Full Deck      Ihvh Is The Saint Of Saints Of All The Saints     Six Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Inches   Creeping Like A Snail Unwillingly To School    Its Like Something Has Taken Off Quickly Here  And Their Multitude Dried Up With Thirst  ?  Because He Knoweth That He Hath But A Short Time    The Higher Inner State Of Conciessness Achieved            What A Lovely Name For A Little Innocent Girl   koobs    Orphants Lights Origin The Solomon Key    mov pi  I Am The Sun I Am The Earth I Am The Moon I Am Venus    aqua sis p19  List of Uranus-crossing minor planets 



         flip square26°16'=ori sw    cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$   Take A Computer Course In An Area Of Your Choice     reactor   q words      reactor    8 8  ?On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences -OEIS  system  In The Eleventh Hour At The Eleventh Minute     l b3 y4  e1    Underground Reptilian Nephilim Tunnels       raygun Electromagnetic Portals Are The Vortexes   galaxvort  ? galaxvort     swars sparkdroid q words Stupidity is permanent; ignorance can be fixed    69 galaxy arm     bo I Renounce The Secret Word Boaz And All It Means              scream_32 scream_32  Very Often I Find Confusion In Conclusion   Can't Concentrate I Worked All Night Chaos And Delay  p      fs an                 Evil Is What Evil Does And Not What Some Say    sparkdroid    In Astrology Saturn Is The Planet Of Death   Proclaims His Desire To Eradicate Everything      Is Leading To Uncontrolled Slaughter And Death raygun mayan nawal              l  1-dollarwiki-kiwiDivine Gene Collects Antique Silver Dollars  End Of Days Sexually Transmitted Diseases   I Hope Your Interview Went Well Today    The Portrait Of Lam Is A Picture Of A Grey Alien  The Confirmation Of Extraterrestrial Life  Is Narcissistic In A Way That Cannot Be Described    Truth That Lies Behind The Veil Of Illusion  Close Access To Organized Criminal Syndicates   Corruption Of Heaven Soon On A Tightrope    And The Moon Shall Not Cause Her Light To Shine   Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy Creates  swars sparkdroid r2d2 sis  8   List of Neptune-crossing minor planets 

        flip square26°22'=ori dove   catch22  p2 catch22    The Beast Of Revelation Is Not Really An Animal   The Bible Says That Brokenness Is Strength  What The Holy Bible Says About Freemasonry   Eight Zero Five Five Five Five Twenty Eight   Insurance Institute For Highway Safety  Due Date Was Zero Seven Two Eight Nine Three   I Never Told You Iam God I Only Said Iam That Iam  He Feels Guilty And Im The One Who Pays For It    I Cant Explain But I Think My Modem Is Singing   imdb  What we've got here is failure to communicate   Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment  The Love Of Power Displaced By Power Of Love    l b3 y4  e1 If The Spirit Of A Ruler Rises Against You   By Your Patience Possess Your Soul   Puts His Head In The Sand And Denies Its Happening    Poor People Paying For Rich Peoples Crimes   This Is Way The Great Ones Hide Much Knowledge   Always Thinking Of New Ways To Break You  swars r2d2 sparkdroid     Physical relocation to another country​   At The Same Time That I Posted This Message Here   Words Create Vibrations That Change Reality       ? The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking   Your Daughter Is Unaware That She Is An Angel   Aliens Created Doppelgänger Doubles Of All The Elect   blueprintstar ichicoin    An Abysmal Failure By The Standards Of Society      Shame The Devil Twelve Chosen Of The Last Days   Thank You Jesus Christ For The Rapture   Jesus Should Be Thrown Into The Lake Of Fire    rc scan scan    Jesus Christs Holy Nervous Breakdown      Where Is The Distressed Worthy Brother   Enochian Aethyr Visions With Psilocybin       Parroting Stupidisms That Make No Sense    If You Want To Get Your Soul To Heaven   bibcont ? I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told mayan nawal   aqua   ?  Interconnectedness Of Numbers And Letters     appleformula lower astral triangle thronesarch    id disc marked id disc  archangels ?Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica   The Sum Of Thirteen Through Thirty One   Thirteen Has Always Been A Lucky Number For Me   Code Of The Apocalypse Translated Exquisite    They Stumbled Over The Stumbling Stone     death star Starting Construction On The Death Star    A Stupid, Incompetent, Or Detestable Person   The Hospital Did Experiments On Newborns    Currywurst Mit Pommes Rot Weiss  swarssparkdroid  em scan ?Posterior superior alveolar artery   End Time Holy Warrior Of The Holy Spirit 

          flip square26°28'=ori cat  Follow The Truth Wherever It Leads You      Jesus Christ Hates Crosses and Crucifixes     When Knowledge Becomes A Act Of Terrorism W T F  Complete The Energy Of The Arkansas Vortex  bu  The Bull In The Astrological Sign Of Taurus     Is Trying To Hide The Truth Of His Nature            spheres temple spheres temple    Insuppressible Narcissistic Insanity   Codes Of The Apocalypse Translated Perfection    13 The Most Important Thirteen Letter Name    By The Mouth Of Two Or Three Witnesses   ? I Have Many Things To Say And To Judge Of You       Who Is The Great Granddaughter Of The Prophet  How Could I Defend Myself From False Allegations   Gematria Is Babylonian Witchcraft Condemned In Bible       Then You Really Might Know What Its Like  I Surrender All To Thee My Blessed Saviour    He Is Demon Possessed And Demonically Influenced   per ipeelawaystarhack  ipeelawaystarhack sw Tinfoil Hats Protect Against Mind Control  smwave   He Uses Black Magic To Try And Control Others   There Is A Cosmic Hierarchy Of Consciousness Archangel Gabriel   How Many Extraterrestrial Races Are There   Gabriels Collection Of Angels Fallen Into Demons    serpent cypher 8 serpent   The Table Of The Lord Is Busy With Happiness   Mecca Black Stone Happiness The House On The Hill   Tree Garden Wind Spread Fruits Gathered Honey  Became Infatuated With His Own Reflection In A Lake    Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark   The Door Of The North Gate Of The Inner Court  The Three Falls Stations Three Seven And Nine   And Comprehended The Dust Of The Earth In A Measure   Did You Think That You Are Without Evil  

             flip square26°34'=ori  sparkdroid Enneagram Is Hieroglyph Of Universal Language     God Is In The Mind Connected With The Universe   Planet Earth Has Been Invaded By Aliens Many Times   calc calc ?Non-standard positional numeral system  Apocalypse Warriors Of The Holy Spirit   Hiccups Of Thought Time Travel In Reverse   You Have All The Weapons You Need Now Fight   One Thousand Year Incarceration Coming Soon  In The Secret Word Which I Have Given Unto Him   More The Self Styled Pretender To Dignity  Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng ast alien king  rstar The challenge of Antares is to AVOID                   SELF UNDOING     If Its Worth Doing Its Worth Doing Right                            l b3 y4   e1       ​   pisces         scream_32 buddha avatar scream_32  scream_32 p4      Will I Ever Meet My True Love And Soul Mate   sparkdroid geko       Centers For Disease Control And Prevention    How Many Other Items Are Still Out There  sparkdroid  Christ And Gene Revelation Ten Satan Is Released  Nanotech Particles Pose Serious Dna Risks     International Transportation Artery  The Saving Of Seven Slaughterhouse Animals  q words     mayan nawal   The best prophet of the future is the past  See Apocalypse Rapture Of The Holy Daughter  Counting The Days Till I Return To You  Just Needed A Sit Down Break From Hectic Morning       corcoroli End Times Martyrs Of The Forty Ninth Gate flip square  umbrella  But That The World Through Him Might Be Saved  sparkdroid    Rectilinear System Of Boulevards And Parks   Some Very Bad Partners Do Not Want To Change  Doppelgängers Doubles The Reign Of Evil Clones  He Is Scared To Get Hurt But Hurts Others  I Know He Doesnt Want To Hurt Me But He Does   I Am An Author Of Four Books On The Apocalypse  Belongs In A Straight Jacket In A Mental Hospital   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Resembles Lupus   He Taketh Up The Isles As A Very Little Thing isla South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

               flip square26°40'=ori capr    vir   This Is Both Eyes, Yes Gematrix I Like To Eat Beans Too    gsm gsm   gsm    Drawing gravity into the personal sphere   mayan nawal  I Am A Mixed Breed Adult And Most Others Out There Are Mixed Too  mayan nawal All We Are Is Dust In The Wind    Being Possessed By Parasitic Aliens Doesnt Make You Special  l   cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver  destroy button     “One mad man makes many madmen: many madmen make madness”     gsm  Alphabet Is Twenty Six Letters    Tabs On Adverts In Gematria Power   Powers    cet centindi indian   The numbers Four and Nine in Japanese culture hand diid  mono rosecross      June Ninth A New Job  java  bibcont?Do you know the paths to their dwellings?     Flying Gypsies    java   ?  store store  store store  jù xiè zuò  crabminor bibcont Revelation Chapter Nine Verse Six   Meeting Of New World Order Families   mayan nawal character in question  character in question Satan Thinks Hiding And Using Black Magic Makes Him A Brave Mighty Man   Happiness Is By Choice It Is A Matter Of Perspective    lucifer sigil small       Dreams Are Not Made True Through Lucifer Or Any Of His Demons   Has Always Been Wrong                pearl  This Will Be The Day The Devil Dies      river cabels fix A Song Curse O Satan Claus Is Coming To Town  Your Soul Is Cursed If You Blaspheme His Name  Sickness Or Death Comes To Those Who Blaspheme Against Him  He Is Known For His Evil Disposition   cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver  I Really Do Destroy Yahweh         ? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil   sw clr    sw sw  sw tm 8    End Of Twenty Seventeen   cipher solver serpent cypher  serpent      Mighty Messer Will Not Stop His Slander  When Will You Come      hand     There Are Good Fbi Agents On Lower Levels   You Are Now Listed As A Terrorist    Cannabis A God That You Can Prove Exists watchers raygun p   fs       qibla cube  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan               cipher solver an    mov  The Final Destination For The Watchers Of Saturn   Saturn Can Never Replace Genuine Love   777 buddha avatar The Seven Spirits Of God Sent Out Into All The Earth    Most People Will Not Need To Be Judged    Taking The Law Into His Own Hands  cat canm catseye    Its Not Like Were Rabbits Being Chased By A Fox  fox script imdb Twenty Won Magnific fox script fo  buddha avatar   Clear And Heal All Negativity From The Emotional Body      Venus Serves No Purpose  Winning Her Heart Really Is Mission Impossible  p4  List of Jupiter-crossing minor planets  List of city nicknames in the United States   The Illuminatis New World     Babylon New Jersey Complete The Energy Of The Arkansas Vortex     ?  galaxvort  The Second Mansion Is Called Albochan In The First Quarter Of Heaven  smwave   smwave 

             flip square26°46'=ori wolf     Thanks For Your Information Lamb, Good Luck     imdb   fox script fox script fo    F O X Arent You Tired Of Trying To Play M E    No One Ever Listens I Just Play And Then I Go       mcl      cipher solver     Converts Possibility Into Actuality    lap      The Mansions In The First Quarter Of Heaven      G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost   He Is An Equal Opportunity Persecutor buddha avatar  keyhole$  hand The Hosts Of Heaven Are Evil Pleiadian Fallen Angels umbrella   Inhabitants Of The Ultraviolet Spectrum             If You Go To Church Go For The Right Reasons  mcl        cipher solver   cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver    mayan nawal  Hidden Prophecy The Eagle Conquers The South       faceless        mecca qibla cube  faceless  marked id disc scream_32   Pressure Induced Magnetic Phase Transition  The Earth And All Its Works Will Be Destroyed       Bloodthirsty Madman With No Self Control   Psychological Manipulation Was Used On Him      Sin Is Out Of Control Child Marriage Religion    mayan nawal   The Time Machine The Book Of Bad Fanfic Turned To Crime    Because They Are Digusting Gutter Monkeys      It Is Not The Numbers That Yeild The Crown    goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown    cto      per  ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown   Everything I Visualize Will Materialize   Perfection With The Holy Spirits Work   What Looks Bad Might Actually Be Something Good    43 equation solver lang    fi fi  fi     Growing Through The Faith Above The Knowledge          gear scan          Not Possible To Break The Feelin Of True Love  Everything Is Contagious Specially Love  Love Of Power Being Displaced By Power Of Love   Now Ive Learned That Love Needs Expression       spheres temple spheres temple      q words Language is the source of misunderstandings   Dont Let Arrogance Come Out Of Your Mouth   Out Of The Mouth Of Babes And Nursing Infants   mib He Is Divinely Protected And Nothing Can Harm Him        We Will Get Ourselves Out Of This Mess        I Illuminate My Enemies And Make Them My Friends  flip square The Number Eighty One On Everyones Left Hand mayan nawal     Or Receiveth It With Good Will At Your Hand   And He Put Them Back Together Again I Cant Even See A Crack       

       flip square26°52=ori guit sparkdroid   Holy Spirit Floating Over A Pool Of Water   Third Phase Of Cosmic Trigger March Twentieth   Open The Seals And Let The Earth Be As It Is In Heaven    Earth Is Run By A Handful Of Human Scientists   Will We Ever See The Aliens That Control Us       rc Doppelgänger Twins Created From Alien Abduction    Nagas Are Also Referred To As The Targzissians   All Blacks Of The Western Hemisphere Be Sirius C  They Shall Enter In At The Windows Like A Thief            International Sin Organization Maneuver         th horus The Newly Anointed Manifestation Of Horus       Magick In Theory And Practice Aleister Crowley   Aleister Crowleys Word Has Now Become Flesh          The Way The Lord Feels Is That I Should Proceed      Statistically Probable Or True Is The Choice   Releasing a Soulmate in order to receive a wish   keyhole$    

  vir  twi Psychic Predicted When I Met The Love Of My Life  cup ws      Psychological Manipulation Was Used On Her    
 What Is Good For Me Maybe Is Not Good For You   God Sees All Illegal Activities And Corruption   Shame Self Destruction Chosen Of Almighty God      And Sacrificeth Unto The Lord A Corrupt Thing    thelema  mov mov       Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust We All Fall Down        Dont Confuse Introversion With Egoism           ?De Profundis -Out of the Depths of Sorrow  Is Pushing A Highly Personal And Ego Driven Agenda     


I Am Over Sensitive To External Stimuli   I Have Called Upon You To Blow The Trumpet  Coincidences Happen When God Travels Incognito  Every Time We Choose Safety We Reinforce Fear     Apocalypse Martyrs The Forty Ninth Gate     And Breathed Into His Nostrils The Breath Of Life    Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints  Jesus Christ Resurrection And Eternal Life  And Shall Wear Out The Saints Of The Most High   The Catholic Church Is Full Of Deceived Christians    Their Stock Shall Not Take Root In The Earth   F O R The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil      D Rockefeller Committing Treason A December Xxi     tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher Being A Fool Is Much More Easy Than Being Diplomatic     Reading Too Much May Make You Blind Sometimes  If I Think Too Much On The Past I Will Cry Again  I Never Though Crying Could Be So Wonderful   Search The Numbers In The Strongs Concordance   Twelve Times Twelve Times One Thousand    Twelve Times Twelve The Final Rainbow Bridge ​    Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lies A Pot Of Gold   Unconditional Love Is Cool But Satan Rocks  Out Of Love For Humanity Death To The Wicked    May The Beast Save Us From The Cruelty Of God    


       flip square26°58'=ori sm  hand   l We Transition Into The Divine Law Of Abundance    ​  In Solitude, Let There Be Squandering Of Abundance  rosecross  Living In A Car Because You Have No Where To Live    What Would We Use If We Had Not The Internet    str  meteorshower  meteorshower Greatest American Hero Grim Sleeper Haarp Killer     lap   G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost   buddha avatar     Where Great Conclaves Of The Angelic Hosts Are Held     Great Is The Army That Carries Out His Word     Try To Guide And Protect But Not To Rule        Connected With Fires Of A Catastrophic Extent    gm    angels archangels Principalities   As The Rare Ability To Communicate With Angels   Your Sis.ter Is Unaware That She Is An Angel  ​   mov shield astronaut  Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?   l   How Often Do I Have To Say That So He Believes Me      Your First Guess Is Usually Correct    The Number Eleven Is Considered A Master Number   To Every Man According To His Several Ability     Apocalypse Days Of The Crying Holy Spirit             The Greatest Terrorist To Have Ever Lived   He Is Stubborn And Shy And God Knows What Else  Too Narcissistic To Ever Admit He Is Wrong   Hurting People Does Not Earn You Respect   One Hundred Percent Pure Unadulterated Evil   I Created Evil But I Never Used It Why Do You           hand   Mentally Retarded Narcissist With A Weapon   He Only Reads Playboy For The Articles Right   Let Your Laughter Be Turned To Mourning   imdb       mov Grey Magic,The Unsealing Of The Tetragrammaton   Six Five Seven Eight Seven Zero Zero Five     imdb God Puts His Beloved In The Furnace Of Affliction        Female Witness Has Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Vegetable And Spice Pizza With Garlic And Butter   l b3 y4  e1  Lord Give Me Hope Help Me Cope With My Heavy Load             galaxvort  ? ?  t galaxvort  galaxvort     faceless     gigas serv    mayan nawal        bibcont Isaiah Chapter Forty Verse Twenty Seven  Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy From God   mayan nawal     swars gear swars  shī zi zuò ?  I Will Always Try To Keep You Very S A F E  sagitar  ?  You Will Be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment  arrow  southarrow     Pantograph Protected, The Soul Of The Silence   But It Shall Be In Thy Mouth Sweet As Honey  And I Dwell In The Midst Of A People Of Unclean Lips  bibcont  Genesis Chapter Thirty Seven Verse Four             Dreamed That I Held A Birds Beak Closed With My Fingers   pavo dove  corv  owly gallus  ar    ap   mock    tuc phoen   cor flam cra  sw  Let Not An Evil Speaker Be Established In The Earth      And There Were Giants In The Earth In Those Days    I Am Their God, They Will Worship Me And Suffer    matrix code scan matrix code scan  God Is The Matrix In Which Lifes Conditions Are     Season Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness  Sparks And Smoke Rise Turning To The Sky  river cabels fix  And A River Went Out Of Eden To Water The Garden  map  isla Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands    l Gold Attracts Gold And Money Attracts Money   observatory starmaticTelescopium Herschelii    

          flip square26°64' =orileom  swarsdarkside emperors route66 sw    Programmer- A Machine That Turns Coffee Into Code java coff    8 flip square flip square fiscan    Triple Eights Triple Eights Triple Eights      Sixty Six Years After The Babalon Working       spheres temple spheres temple      I Dont Even Have A Single Letter Nada Nothing At All      flip square  umbrella  The Holy Spirit Is The Number Forty Nine      The First Day Of The Seven Year Tribulation   bibcont?Have you seen the gates of the deepest darkness?     The Black Widow Protocol Twenty Twelve   The September Eleventh Terrorist Attacks  bibcont Corinthians Chapter Twelve Verse Twelve      This Whole Thing Is Mental Torture For Me    Bible Code Hitler Faces The Maker Lord Jesus Christ          Choose Fife Of My And I Will Choose Fife Of Yours     Tarot Card Eighteen Corresponds To The Moon   divisionmoon In The Left Side Of Hecate Is A Fountain Of Virtue Principalities  smwave   Business Lawyers Abductions To The Moon   How Can An Alien Abduct Someone Against Their Will l      Wonders Happen Even If We Do Not Believe In Them  l  I Wonder What Will Be The Outcome Of All Of That   hand boot blueprintstar    The Day Is Yours And Yours Also The Night  And The Evening And The Morning Were The Second Day    Self Reliant Realistic Technically Proficient    The Symbol Of This Universe Is The Cross      rainbow dragon ast cam   And The Poor Of His People Shall Trust In It   If A Woman Was President There Would Be No War  luxo ball burn-e   ast cam      se driver_mud      vir  Purest Virginity With Sex Experience              Truth Is Her Words Of The Rapture And Doom     angels archangels Principalities The Trumpet Of The Lord Is About To Sound    ? ? ? The Voice Vibrates The Void Into Shape And Form    q words  matrix code scan Change The Quantum Matrix Inside Yourself     Aha Build The Palace Of Spiritual Arts And Education                God Is Not The Author Of Spiritual Murder  He Seems To Be Totally Indifferent To My Pain  Sure He Only Reads Playboy For The Articles  libr  librDo what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law         Iam That I Am Will Send Islam Followers To Hell   hell worldwide express  Toothless Holy Spirit Caused From Satan    The Consumption Of Infectious Creatures    ?They left Rephidim and camped in the Desert of Sinai     The Goddess Ending Of Global Sodom After Rapture   p7 List of Mercury-crossing minor planets java hand   Involution Evolution Convolution  May The Divine Mother And Father Guide All Of You  Prayer To The Holy Spirit The Father Hears     Mandatory Birth Control Prevent At Two  You Are Only As Happy As Your Saddest Child     Amen In The Beginning God Created The Heaven And The Earth       ?    l  ?         Somewhere In Central Iraq Is An Actual Stargate    galaxvort  ? ?  t galaxvort  galaxvort Chaldeans Described Venus As A Bright Torch In Heaven   

         flip square26°70'=ori corv  dor flip square  God Is The Matrix In Which This Is All Happening   All Things Will Be Undone By Their Own Doings    q words Action is the foundational key to all success   Acts Of Stunning Cruelty And Callousness   We May Eat Of The Fruit Of The Trees Of The Garden   The Center Is The Creative Point Of Generation  snake  hydr    Mixing Numbers And Words Creates Paradoxon  l        I Resist Much Of These Lies They Are Not Of God    faceless Ontological argument for the existence of God   France Is The Most Cursed Race And Nation On Earth   I Saw The Lord For A Reason Not My Imagination    Meditation Connects You To The Universe  blueprintstar The Celestine Prophecy Is A Beautiful Vision      This Precious Stone Set In The Silver Sea    sm smwave  sm  Lunar Eclipse Happens At The Time Of A Full Moon   aqua ast wj  bibcont ?Who can tip over the water jars of the heavens                In Sorrow Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children     Ye Shall Be With Me In The Abodes That Are Beyond Decay    United States Microsoft Antitrust Case      Computer Games Are One Reality Life Is Another     Even If I Do Not Win It Was Fun To Play The Game   Voluntary Human Extinction Movement      I Never Created A Dead End I Just Made A Reversing Trackerwords        mov666 Is The Number Of The Antisocial Personality      She Who Is The Anger And Wrath Of Jesus Christ        gear scan        Fear Is Stopping Him Or Is It Something Else     777  What Is Seven Seven Seven Without L O V E    hand    Dont Let Anyone Or Anything Come Between Us     rc    Doppelgänger Twins Are From Alien Technology  Strangers In The Night Two Lonely People   Check yourself before you shrek yourself   I Do Know That These People Teach And Practice Evil   You Have Eaten A Clown At Breakfast Havent You       Satan Is Using Black Magic On Me, My Family And Pets     Sold Her Soul To Satan For Money And Power  Making Mistakes Is Good If You Learn From Them  The Truth About Two Thousand And Twelve   Old Dreamy Addresses Take In A Lost Sleepwalker  Dreamed That A Friend Of Mine Was A Shape Shifting Fish       Seasons In The Holy City Of Living Waters   After The Solstitial Pause For Refleshment  All The Peoples Of The Earth Are Regarded As Nothing   q words The sun shines brighter in the wake of tragedy   

           flip square26°76'=ori ff darkside emperors route66      t grid chip  cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  Sigil to help with restless leg syndrome    Sigil for softening any rigidity within me     An Amusing Diversion During Times Of Boredom faceless      q words  The Organized Stalking Electronic Torture     blueprintstar Constellation Of Traits In Psychopathy        ? keyhole$ ? The Lamb Slain From The Foundation Of The World      Im Just Trying To Understand How He Feels  ? You Shall Not Misdirect A Blind Man On His Way   I Declare Myself As The Only Being On This Planet      river cabels  fix  ori ori lstar astronaut astronaut lstar keyhole$   ipeelawaystarhack           And He Prayed Earnestly That It Might Not Rain     cassiopeia  he blackdiamond The Pretty Woman Necklace And Canary Diamond Ring ? ? ​  Broken Heart  Masochist    The Secret Of The Alphabet         Hiding True Gestures Behind Futile Pretense           If You Dont Have Tatoos You Dont Exist    Thank You For Spending So Much Time With Me     reactor   q words      reactor    8 system           And Dust Shalt Thou Eat All The Days Of Thy Life  sparkdroid  Let Us Make Jesus Christ The Burnt Offering     The Holy Spirit Is The Author Of Pleasure  bibcont ?You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife   Everything Is Contagious Especially Love     ? Will I Never Find Love Why Is This Happening     cipher solver  All Life Is One Source In Constant Expansion    l Creation Of The Enviromental Protection Act  dt  yc marked id disc     ?  triniti shield  ? ?  Crumbles Into Pillar Of Severity And Mercy ? ?   Only Moral Course Is Pure Self Interest    And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It        reactor   q words      reactor    8 system          raygun       Axis Of Rotation The Pleiades Star Cluster   The Calculator Appears To Be On The Left Side Of God              Buzzer Number One Hundred Twenty Four        gsm     th  th   This Little Light Of Mine Im Gonna Let It Shine      galaxvort     Prisms To Galaxies Are Stationed In Her Eyes  galaxvort   cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$    I won diversity visa lottery program    We Wish You Much Success In Your Choices    Billions In Donations Sent To The Divine Gene diid jewel jewel  Somehow We All Have Relatives In Wisconsin 

       flip square26°82'=ori network_connections sparkdroid   Keep Silent And Let God Do The Work Of Exposing   The Truth Cannot Hide From Those Who Seek It  Pentacle, Show Me Who Is On Triple Eight Sides   See Can I Trust You To Keep A Secret Forever I Could Be Crazy But I Know What I Know Is Real    Pi Mystery Number Three Point One Four  The Sum Of Fourteen Through Fourty One      reactor   q words      reactor    8  8 8 system            raygun                 th  th   Large Hadron Collider Two Thousand And Twelve   cipher solver l   cipher solver cipher solver   cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver  destroy buttonDestroying Entities Ascending Through Hell hell worldwide express      flip square  Quarantine 666 digressed into mutation curse       river cabels  fix    route66 Deadly Communion Of The Holy Spirit Accursed  system aqua spermatozoom   Should Burn In Hell For All The Wrong He Has Done   Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors       The Logos Within Every Man And Every Woman    Freedom and Unity and Stella quarta decima fulgeat          aqua   Aquarius Planets Symbol Of The Apocalypse   I Am Haunted By A Past Life Which I Miss Very Much   hand     Skrying The Seals Of The Gates Of Choronzon  mayan nawal   Dragon Speaking Through Your Computers  Please Use These Gematria Systems Wisely  Gematria Is Mind Database Folder For Both Good And Evil   Corruption Misuses Power And Control  Arrogant Spirituality Is A Contradiction   They Were Great Centers Of Wisdom And Learning     cam rainbow dragon cam gm cam  I Love My Children More Than Anything On Earth  smwave tur  palace 1 law awl vir   swars sparkdroid  flip square blueprintstar   Heavenly Lions Moving On With Progress   More Worried About His Ego Than Anything Else  And He Who Loses His Life For My Sake Will Find It   sparkdroid capr mono.dra      Does Not Understand That He Himself Is Crazy  People Are Being Soul Scalped All Over The World  Mind Control Slaves Are Unleashed In The Public   May You Find The Love That Wont Leave You  I Always Have To Come To Him He Never Comes To Me  The Only Thing He Cares About Is Being Number One  And She Being Desolate Shall Sit Upon The Ground 


       flip square26°88'=ori diid   flip square flip square fiscan  8     Deja Poo Is The Feeling Of Having Heard This Crap Before     The Essential Tool For Mathematics And Modeling        Before The Omniverses Creation There Was A Line        Even As Only If Unto Your Spirit I Speak        writecode   Do You Want To Talk On Instant Messenger           goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown  ?  I'ams Written Contract Of Gods Perfected Laws  ? ? ? ?      smwave          l ?  You're not to think you are as good as we are    imdb faceless Jesus Loves The Little Chldren Of The World   Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome    Im Sure Hes Nervous Im Suffering With Him   The Worst Existence Shall Be For The Deceitful  I Dont Want To Get On His Nerves Im Sure I Do   Jesus As The Sun Throughout History    If No Need Is Left Behind No Child Will Ever Be Left Behind     cto      per ipeelawaystarhack       ipeelawaystarhack Holier Than Thou Self Magnification Insanity   Judge And Goddess Gene Mans Holy Spirit Creator   Such Born Yet Children Says Delivery You 699           A Pattern Recognition Of The Highest Magnitude   Half Moon Drive In Number Zero Six Four One lap ipeelawaystarhack sw     silvercrown   How Has Become A Very Interesting Question       imdb faceless boot How Can Aliens Abduct Someone Against Their Will ? mov     imdb  faceless  bibcont?Can you set up God’se Dominions  dominion over the earth?   The Longer You Wait The Worse It Will Get          It Giveth Light Unto All That Are In The House   imdb faceless  Claims To Have The Monopoly On Everything   imdb faceless   cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  Tribal sigil to remeber ones forgotten past   The Man Who Walked With Kings Now Walks Alone     It Snot What You Got It Swat You Give       Colleges Are A Breeding Ground For Sexual Diseases  Sinners Answer To The Deadly Holy Spirit      se driver_mud     Is Sex Dirty It Is If Youre Doing It Right       lucifer sigil small Birth Of The Antichrist Birth Of The Internet     rc  Almighty God Revelation Ten Satan Was Released             Most Deadliest Protector Of Jesus Christ      Announcement Of The Seven Year Tribulation   Even If You Try You Can Not Stop Music     Have You Ever Thought Of Careing For Others   Paganism Asks You To Think For Yourself   World Bank International Finance Corporation  Hes A False Prophet Who Delivers You To Death   ant Taurus Poniatovii   Wrong Translation Of Nuburu Called Nibiru  Neither Was Their Place Found Any More In Heaven  swars c3po  Äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsijänkä

           flip square26°94'=ori battery       The Soul Of Man Holy Goddess Of The Universe      I Told You I Am The Beast Having Incredible Ambition       666 Is A Number Many Do Not Like For A Wrong Reason  flip square   And Ye Shall Be Hated Of All Nations For My Names Sake    In The Name Of Messiah Jesus Christ Of Nazareth  The M A D Inventor Whose Namesake Is P L A T I P U S    Tell Me If I Am Wrong But What Makes You Right     Almighty Father Of Eternal Heaven Or Eternal Hell       Böse Und Gemein Ist Gut So Last Uns Gut Sein    I Will Give Power To My Two Witnesses  rc Doppelgängers Are A Sinister Form Of Bilocation   Takes Advantage Of Others To Reach His Own Goals   The Life Of Muhammad The Throne Of God Eternal Love  Thrones