27th degree

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        flip square  flip square27°00'=           The Illuminati Are Not What We Think They Are        Illuminati Make Up Most Of The Members Of The Cia       Order Of Illuminati Gematria Is Message From God    The Hand Of God Restores The Balance Be At Peace Have No Fear      indian  Life Ist Just A Melody An Eternal Symphony   destroy button What Is The Meaning Of The Numer Twenty Nine?   koobs conserve

  The Gematria Numbers Reveal The Name Above All Names      The Distressed Unworthy Brother Is Named?      mayan tree seeder    pyxies repix sadarum vGarment Pledge Blesses Curse Restraining As Fig      bibcont Harnessing The Energy Of The Church Of Ephesus      The Two Olive Trees And The Two Lampstands ​  Mount Hamilton Is The Largest Volcano Ever           A Little Early And A Little Late But Here I Am Still    Late Again And I Havent Gotten Anything Done Today    To Begin Now Our Force Of Seige This Time And Place      September Twenty Nineth Twenty Eleven   l  Virgo Men Have The Right To Curse The Abrahamic God           The Bursting Spark Implies Consumption        Red Yellow Blue Orange Green Purple Black White     l  pearl  keyhole$     Ultimate Killing Defense Of Jesus Christ And God     Christmas Time Rapture Twenty Twelve   I Was Born December Eight Nineteen Seventy Eight    I Only Worship Yahweh And Not A Fallible False God        Thanks To God Iam Ony A Son And Not Himself Yet     Jesus Christ Kept His Fathers Commandments      Jesus Spoke In Parables To Make Deception Easier      Do You Know The Saying Lay Down With Dogs?             I Should Stop Declaring And Start Listening Eh     Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice   Im Gonna Go Do Some Yoga And See If I Can Become A Pretzel     Resh Shin Bet He Taw Waw Waw Aleph Taw Taw Aleph              Your With Word Comfort Not Punish All            We Will Open The Portal To The Gold Of El Dorado  Alright I Do Kinda Like The State Of Pennsylvania      He Was Lobbing It Anybody Would Have Crushed It       time capsule  time capsule time capsule Black Plague Caused By Muslim Sin In The Hagia Sophia      Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Dissociation Well  apus fount    matrix code scan  metro trainman tm imdb mov   The Train Theory By Baroness Ann Davenport      They Say The Wall Of China Can Be Seen From The Moon  tur     walle cb lego brick wall wall   All Corruption Of Tao From India And Confucius         Mycoplasma Is A Genus Of Bacteria That Lack A Cell Wall 

Dont Worry Everythings Going To Be Okay     The Evil Aliens Perform The Wonders And Signs          um     pinwheel  snake     ?   North Dipper Plus The Fishnet Equal To One    pulse   Master Of Puppets Studio Album By Metallica   
  astronaut ti      king            river cabels fix

Just One Hug A Day Is Good For The Heart And Soul      rc    cipher solver All Enslavers Deserve To Lose Their Souls     t rcNo Clue Their Souls Are Really Getting Deleted         ori ori lstar astronaut astronaut lstar  astronaut       mov                 Brad Pitts Soul Will Be Deleted From Existence    cipher solverJim Carreys Soul Is Going To Get Destroyed      Sold His Soul To Satan For Money And Power     Occultists Will Pay For Their Wickedness      ipeelawaystarhack  mov mov mov Forty Million Dollar House In Point Grey     cipher solver Black Nobilitys Souls Are Easily Destroyed         Father Earth Is Trying To Kill The Holy Grail     Cronos Eats Children But They Call Zeus Evil           Your Mother Is Missing Part Of Her Soul   For To Devour Her Child As Soon As It Was Born    Complete Extermination Of The Colonna Family             If We Save Our Mother Erath She Will Save Us    Unexpected Life Insurance Benefit November Nine     He Almost Died In Car Accident While In Mothers Womb   November Twentieth Nineteen Sixty Eight   November Nineteenth Two Thousand And Eleven   Born On November Fifth Nineteen Ninety Three


      p2        Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted      Nothing Is Nothing Something Is Something  keyhole$       Why Did My Computer Suddenly Shut Down?           I Love Communicating With Fictional Characters           sparkdroid keyhole$      Saturn Is Controlled By The Lord Of Hosts      lap mov   See And You Shall Find The Solomon Elite Ghost   G-host of Jupiter gba gba  trapghost  gba  gba    Im Not Supposed To Do Any Of That For You    Look You Guys Need To Quit Hitting On Me   Oh My God You Women Are Haunting Me Why I Ask?  gba  gba    I Can Be A Sweet Dream Or Your Worst Nightmare                  Unauthorized Access Detected On Shell Server   gba         keyhole$       NSA Threat Advisory Your Agency Is Slow            White Chicken Is Us And Pale Tiger Is Rabbit Revealed    Sodom Sinful Extinction No Tribulation    What Are All Those Shapes On The Map Animals And Faces isolator  rc  I Tread On Serpents I Dont Seek Their Respect  bo               scream_32 scream_32  I Renounce The Secret Words Jachin And Shibboleth   vir matrix code scanSecret Agreement With Extraterrestrials     Uncovering Your Dirty Little Secrets    thor helmet onion            And The Servant Told Isaac All Things That He Had Done       sagitar rc sagitar         Subliminal Messages Omega Prophet Forehead Sign   bibcont   Werewolf With Inverted Pentagram On Forehead      Every Number Is Infinite There Is No Difference 8  But The Very Hairs Of Your Head Are All Numbered     His Number Is Six Hundred Threescore And Six   Syx Syx Syx Iz Twenty Yarz Of Age 

  Arrival Of The Holy Spirit Before Apocalypse       I Heard So Many Stories That Hitler Was Alive           Lamb Of God That Takes Away The Sins Of The World            Nineteen Fifty Nine October Ten Ten O Three Pm         blood sample Honor Your God With The Blood Of Innocents     rc  bibcontThe Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah That Opens The Book     They Dont Even Know How To Read Revelation        I Am Is Here To Scribe The Truth And Reveal Demons         bibcont  Twelve Thousand From The Tribe Of Zebulun       777 shī zi zuò basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher    lring  lring  enigma   qm  leom     This Loneliness Im Losing The Will To Live    For As Time Unfolds All Questions Answered  mov        

    Human Cruelty In The Name Of Righteousness             God Will Vindicate Me And Punish Them Severely     The Bad Guys Think They Can Play The Good Guys     Essence Of A New World And Life And How It Operates     Can Be Done With Or With Out Bless Yourself    Save Yourselves By Standing Up To Satan    I Wouldnt Expect Satan To Think Im A Nice Guy     Its Quite Abstract Who Creates Limits We Do    You become a true and total servant of creation      king     People That Deny The Truth Because Of Their Ego      The Father Of Mankind And Son Of The Holy Spirit   faceless     mov  David Was The Last Mason I Follow In Their Path    Wow I Thought I Had It Bad I Feel For You Brother      mov Son Of David Reveals The Church Of Scientology        It Only Takes One Person To Change The World    Yeah Really Poisoning The Cache Always Works    Crypto Currency Wallets      Everybody Is A Clone So Look Closely Be Careful      Every Single One Of You Devils Shall Die Now   Voices Inside My Head Are Telling Me To Kill You  Theyre Trying To Kill The Wrong Person   I Kind Of Cant Because Its Not Humanly Possible    I Wouldnt Trust Him With A Ten Foot Pole       The Rapture Already Happened Open Your Eyes       Put Ecstacy In All American Drinking Water Now     Every Male Among The Priests Shall Eat Thereof  The Uranian Papacy And The Plutonian Jesuits     At Least Twenty People Are Killed Or Wounded

gt       cipher solver Caelus And Hades Are Playing Chess With Humanity                July Twenty Two Thousand  And Sixteen    July Twenty Fourth I Am Free I Am Free At Last          I Wonder How Everything Will Come To Past?      Eleven Eighteen Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance    mov   Floating Words On Gematrix Are Mind Control         And Why Do You Have To Do Time Can You Remember?   Come And Meet Me The Way You Did And Speak This Time             Because I Know Too Much These Evil Men Want Me Dead             These Beings Have Telekinetic And Psychic Abilities   Malevolent Pleiadians Live In The Hollow Earth       The Roman Catholic Church Is Spiritual Babylon     Diztracted Whole Planet With Psycobabylon   Some People Think Its Cool To Be A Psychopath           buc  Why Doesnt My Brain Seem To Work Any More ?       The Government Pays People To Spy On Him  cert      latitude grid   Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng     Im A Thirty Third Degree Mason Of Stoney Lodge  mov     Cannabis Legalization Two Thousand Sixteen

isolator presidents rock  Donald Trump Is The Fake President Of A Fake Nation   Donald Trumps Looking Even More Sinister    um owln      cassiopeia       Orlando Florida Satanic Hexagram Invictus Games      God Shall Rapture June Two Thousand Eleven     flip square   As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again     hellboy    I Really Will Laugh As I Cast You Demons In Hell   cipher solver    April Fourteen Twenty Thirteen Sunday   imdb imdb imdb swars sparkdroid mov mov Mocking Is Mentioned Thirteen Times In The Bible       mayan tree seeder      


keyhole$     Sigil to help you be open to new experiences     cipher solver Even A Desert Can Bloom If The Rain Hits The Dry Land   sparkdroid         raygun       aqua aqua          February Fifteenth Nineteen Seventy Seven     A Man That Is Without A Woman Is Closer To God     We Are Called To Deepen Our Knowledge And Our Love      And Thats Exactly Why Youre Leaving Soon      keyhole$     cipher solver tronlight runner m   Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations   One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Wedding Day  I Cut My Teeth On Wedding Rings In The Movies     Wedding On November Eleventh Twenty Eleven    

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       flip squareflip square27°06'=  king  river cabels  sparkdroid dra sparkdroid   mayan nawal    The Day Of Personal Leadership Spoon Can Opener  hand    Waiting Hoping Guessing Doubting Exploding     His Call Upon The Wind For The Ressurection   hand Is Trapped In An Illusion Of His Own Creation  hand  Fear My Be A Fals Friend If You Blindly Trust It      cipher solver destroy button hand    cipher solver Heaven Is The Aftermath Of Jesus Destruction   matrix code scan     faceless  faceless The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things     buddha avatar And When He Had Called Unto Him His Twelve Disciples     cipher solver fi  fi  fi        ​   pisces   One Hundred Fifty Three Fishes Caught In The Net   apus rt    matrix code scan      sagitar  koobs   sparkdroid buddha avatar  buddha avatar  buddha avatar ?  cipher solver  I Saw The Spirit Descending From Heaven Like A Dove  cor     keyhole I          ? I Think I Found An Important Key To My Healing      If You Can Read Do It Or You May Get In Trouble      vir ast  blackdiamond Heal Yourself Through Positive Thinking    cet   fix Blessings Can Be Curses And Curses Can Be Blessings  serpent cypher serpent cypher  mayan nawal   serpent    mirrortrees God And The Serpent Ate From The Tree Of Knowledge keyhole$   ?  store store  store store  hand  You Should Always Wear Conductive Socks         There Is Something Peculiar About Viruses  hand    No Fear No Rationality Or Degree Of Consequence  sparkdroid hand Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder   hand Rhodium As Filter In Mammography Systems  sparkdroidhand  Breast Cancer That Has Metastasized To The Bones      swars sparkdroid   destroy button  handjù xiè zuò   crabminor      Recherche sur le Cancer (CIRC)   sparkdroid mount  List of mountain peaks of the United States  gp  sdg   The New World Order Uni Polar Or Non Polar   Who Is She That Looketh Forth As The Morning gear  The Star System Zenetae, The Planet Tishtae


       flip square flip square27°12'=   king  shī zi zuò  hand   str He Was The Father Of All Who Play The Harp And Flute   p  qibla cube matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  mov Saturn isnt what you think it is either  cipher solverseed Seedline As King Of Lyra Bloodline As King Of Pleaides        Divine Gene The Angel Of The Holy Spirit On Earth     The Astrological Chart Of A Psychopathic Sadist    raygun alpha   Core Palace Selfish Formed From A Hate, Unholy Heart   fix   Shame Corrupt Religion Chosen Of Almighty God shī zi zuò  basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher     Dont We All Have One Father Hasnt One God Created Us   For The Earth Is Filled With Violence Because Of Him   Places His Own Wants Above The Needs Of Others   How Did He Think He Was Going To Get Away With It   east tree  hand I Could Weep For Eternity For All Of My Sins   ast blackdiamond sparkdroid    Who Raised Up The Righteous Man From The East mayan nawal   13  Winds Take A Pensive Tone And Stars A Tender Fire u   Our Whole Universe Was In A Hot Dense State       blackdiamond   The Experience To Make Experiencing This Repeat  mcl hand  I Can Keep A Secret Becaus I Always Forget About Them  hand  I Am Terribly Sorry For Insulting You  mov These Words And Numbers Only Speak Truth    What Do You Do When You Run Out Of Dreams  horus    I Dreamed That I Held A Birds Beak Closed With My Fingers    go   wiki-kiwi     The Hummingbird Is Symbol Of Ressurection   wiki-kiwi    cipher solverThe Single Manifestation Of All Gods And Goddesses    Heaven And Hell Are Like Words We Dont Understand    rainbow dragon clr catseye     The Gears Of The Disease Machine Are Slowing To A Halt   hand  I Am Working For Survive Not For Success seed Cinnamon Is The Warm Brown Spice Of Friendship pi  c3 Vitamin C Kills Implanted Alien Hybrid Embryos teslapower   The Energy Of The North Node Is Hugely Lucky smwave   star blueprint aqua flips stone tablets  bunda endriver    The Wide Spread Rainbow Effect Or Aurora Borealis 


         flip square flip square27°18'=  king  cam  swars sparkdroid   The Anti Cosmic Gods Outnumber The Cosmic Gods                            faceless  piHauptsache Man Versteht Was Gemeint Ist Oder         The Transcendental Mystery At The End Of Time         Someone Chosen To Judge And Decide A Disputed Issue     We All Know Someone Who Speaks Fluent Shit          Accomplished Nothing But His Own Condemnation                 Not Everything Is Possible Except For        Quiet Does Not Equal Self Righteous Conceit   rosecross    There Are No Rest Stops On The Via Dolorosa 

     mw Shattering Cancer With Resonant Frequencies         For They Stumbled At That Stumblingstone      mov Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome 

Countries In Which Christianity Dominates      faceless Thou Shalt Not Commit The Unforgivable Sin                     I Did Not Steal That Candy Some One Else Paid For It               cipher solver seal cipher solver  seal  Seal of the Confederate Government in Kentucky mov  The Illuminati Religion Is A Solar Phallic Cult   Echoes Of Days Gone Bye Few Wonder Or Even Try  handPyromaniacs Start Fires To Induce Euphoria     Just What The Truth Is I Cant Say Anymore      sagitar        My Mission Here On Earth Is For Who Is Cruel    cipher solver Throwing A Destructive Fit For Attention mov   People Suffering From Delusions Of Grandeur  Cerebral Narcissistic Personality Disorder  The Moral Center Of His Brain Is Completely Gone   He Does Know Whats Going On But Hes Denying It    He Struggles With All His Might Not To Learn  sparkdroid  Antes morrer livres que em paz sujeitos  Im Running Out Of Time For True Happiness      The Alien Abduction And Hybrid Program Activities    I Was Abducted By Aliens And Implanted With A Nano Chip  See Extraterrestrial Visitation Of Earth     Trust In Me Dont You Judge Or Question      character in question  canm  character in question   bc spheres temple The Iso Nine Thousand Certification System isolator iso      ceti  Billions Of Souls Tribulation Apocalypse   May Darkness Hide You From The Cruelty Of God    It Is So Wonderful To Have Found Back To You    The Green Island Surrounded By The Sea Is The Ego  The Sun Will Rise With Healing In Its Wings

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           flip square flip square27°24'=  king  per jellyfish an  blink cb diadem diadem   Eye Am That Eye Am Refers To The Evil Illuminati     United Network For Command And Law Enforcement    Lawgiver And Author Almighty God Of The Hebrews      Rothschild Family Yes I Am Pointing To You     I Feel Sorry For All People They Dont Have A Clue  It Was Scarier Than You Thought Wasnt It?   The Occult Are Nothing More Than Clay Vessels  Their Bodies Might Be Toys But Their Mind Is God   The Antarctic Virus Came From A Crashed Meteorite  Bank Secrecy Laws Are Strongly Enforced In Panama

Pope Wears The Poseidon Fish Hat To Honor Him   First Day Of Spring Last Day Of Pisces Jesus   Christ Is Not A Lady It Is Awarness Of Nature

 Random Access Generator Computer  Memory Chip     Zero Through Nine Are The Only Real Numbers    th      tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher    keyhole$   Ten Sephiroth One Daath Twenty Two Paths             p2 p2          dimension triangle grid hexahedrongrid  t fence grid t   The Interdimensional Energy Grids Are Activated   There Is A Connection Between China And Giza Pyramid     Shriners Worship A Veiled Version Of Satan   Satan Is Fundamentally Unacceptable To Others

t marked id disc  Zeus Reveals The Illuminatis False Teachings         isolator isolator     Dont Listen To Everything You Read On Here         They Closed Their Ears From His Holy Truth     Is That Really What You Think It Will Be Like?          And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears From Their Eyes   eyes Means One God And Not A Series Of Human Archetypes  Hydras Beasts Frame Zeus In The Dream Dimension       Bring Heaven To The Earth And Wake Up To Five D Earth       The Pentacle Is Always On Rotating Condition  One Hundred Twenty Seven Point Three Degree         I Going To See A Sun Rising From West At Night  Silent Night Holy Night All Is Calm All Is Bright   Eating The Apple Of My Eye Opens The All Seeing Eye    Powers  By The Power Of I'm Pentacle, Human Race Will Be Saved    For I Have Crushed An Universe Nought Remains

Alien Consciousness And Planetary Programs    This Is Likely To Cause More Frustration   Against Whom Thou Hast Dealt Treacherously?    The Truth About Being Awakened Inside Of Saturn    Seven Alien Earths Found Orbiting Nearby Star      Uranian Serpents Will Always Be Serpents    No Serpent Has The Right To Possess A Human    The Serpents Prove Themselves To Be Liars   The Milky Way Galaxy Is The Jupiterian Plane   Science Should Stay Out Of The Celebrity Plan

mayan tree seeder mayan tree seeder Hollywood Movies Contain Secret Knowledge  ? One Lacking In Common Powers Of Understanding   Im Not Young Enough To Know Everything    This Movie Resonates With Me Much Too Much      store store  store store    List of the top 100 movie quotations             void icon          I Dreamed That A Friend Of Mine Was A Shape Shifting Fish      ? fi pisces   The Best Illusions Consume Your Time Zc

​   reactor  raygun     thelema   thelema  thelema              Beast Six Six Six Lord Curses All Nations    Never Build A Two Story House Its Cursed       The Imminent Dis-solution Of Manifestation       keyhole$    If There Is Magic In This World Its In The Water?    ​keyhole$      raygun     mcl     Sometimes T-ruth   is stranger than fiction   ​   The Brainwashed Do Not Know They Are Brainwashed   mw     Homosexual Lyrics Having Incredible Disguise character in question  satp             Guy Tortured As Clones To Make Many Song        The Six Solfeggio Frequencies Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La     Six Six Six Hertz Meditation Part Three  You Are So Delusional Its Not Even Funny      This Is A Emergency Stop Haarp Now Or Suffer      

He Has Opened The Bible And Interpreted It Accurately      Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Five

I Have To Get This All Out Because It Is Killing Me      Enoch Was Transformed Into Archangel Metatron  Thrones   metatron   metatron cube      I am called a bringer of help throughout the world     I Will Also Play It Safe By Giving No More Chances         Your True Father Who Really Loves You    Your Good Worksand Glorify Your Father

Fear A Little Bit Less Trust A Little Bit More   Gewinn Und Verlust Nimm Nicht Zu Herzen     l    mcl mcl Too Much Prolonged Trauma To A Person Will  shī zi zuò  qm    Why Are You Describing Your Own Issues?    A Smile That Heals Your Heart Just For You     No Person Would Be Cool With That Let Alone Me      The Retarded And Non Stop Attacks On The Diaphragm    I Still Sleep Better On The Couch Than My New Bed    I Hate It When My Mouse Isnt Working Right         The Illuminati Are Responsible For My Dads Death  ?   The Holocaust Was Not A Mistake Lets Do It Again     I Guess Im Not An Important Person After All            September eleven-th, Used in rest of the world    Widows And Orphans I Ran Into At The Airport     ​Get Over Your Fears And Live Ur Life While U Can

keyhole$   Government Intelligence Agency Involvement    Lucifer And The Annunaki Central Intelligence Agency   Change The Way Business Is Done In Washington D C    Anyone Who Invades Into Minds Is Pure Wicked     keyhole$  Youll Be Celebrating Life Day Before You Know It   Add Eight One To Year Eight One And You Get Eight One      Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) His Hair Is Glossy Black Streaked With Silver    canm  character in question  The Names Of The Two Men I Am Interested In Here Are    Call Me Anything Just Dont Call Me Late For Dinner   There Is No You Is Because You Are Never Alone   Works At Imagining All Six Ways To Sunday       Cryptographic Key Management Hidden In Your Face   Beard And Long Hair And The Earth There Is Light At The End

marked id disc            Many Virgo Women Out There Besides Missy l What Is The Name Of The Brother Who Is Unstable ?      shī zi zuò  qm     One More Question Please Where Do We Go Next    Line Of Sight Distance Between Two Observers     This Is My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased           July Twentythird Nineteen Eighty Four   Add Eight One To Year Eight One And You Get Eight One     July Twenty Third Two Thousand Four  God Created The Heavens And The Earth August First  Born August Twenty Eighth Nineteen Fifty

If You Steal Any Of That You Will Go To Hell      They Really Need To Get The Hell Of The Earth Now   Jason Magnific To Only Accept Evil Statements  They Gave Up Their Eternity To Eat Genitals


The Chief Cornerstone Which The Builders Rejected      Baal-perazim

God Is Exclusive For Me And All Those Light Beings   Embrace The Light Love Yourself Love The Light    Number Thirty Seven The Finger Print Of God  All Those Who Seek God Shall Be Blessed And Protected     Maybe Now You Understand God A Little Better   And Whatever You Due Dont Think We Dont Die We

June Twenty First Nineteen Eighty Seven       The Fourth Kind Staring A Enki A Ancient Sumerian       Black People United And Now We Have Our Power Back    What Makes Men Think They Can Run Over Women?

Only One That Can Actually Destroy Souls  The Soul Is In The Superior Parietal Lobule   Reptilians Have Less Power Than They Think    Reptilian Coalition Member Id Two Four Seven


?     For I Know Their Works And Their Thoughts  The Pathetic Worms That Think They Are Angels   The False Angels Of Zion Deserve To Be Destroyed   Angels Papilionides Flowers Diamonds And Hearts    libr l  l b3  y4 e1  Almighty God Constructor Of New Jerusaleman The Crucifix Is A Symbol For The Staff Of Hermes

Why Am I Using Gematria And The Strongs Accordance?   Your Words Dont Add Up And Keep Falling Short     In The Beginning Was The Word And The Word Was God       Words Alive Purpose Great Love Humanity   You People Can Be So Mean I Love You Anyways    The Word Of God And Those That Remain In His Word          Your Word Is Defiled And You Blaspheme King David    Oh My God Hes Going To Be A Future Commercial Actor         Egos To Maintain The Personal Sovereignty     Heaven Aint Impressed With Any Of You Either          

Welcome To Your Own Apocalypse It Is New    A Storm Is Coming In Two Thousand Sixteen     Collapse Of The Military Industrial Collapse      Id Love To Kill Every Satanist On The Planet     Satan Itself Might Be Easier To Kill That Though    Morphin Power Ranger Found All I Lukin Four   Hes His Own Worst Enemy Not While Im Alive     raygun   777 buddha avatar           umbrella     The Sevenfold Flames Of The Seven Mighty Elohim   Nahen Ultraviolett Fernen Ultraviolett        The Men Of Israel Are Evil Extraterrestrials       thelema store   Roswell_NM_logo  Ufo Casebook Happenstance Experiment The Bible Code  bibcont   I Am Not Going To Release The Bible Code To The World     Two Thessalonians Chapter Two Verse Nine     Jews Let Me Bless You So I Can Be Blessed By Yhvh      Psalms Chapter One One Nine Verse One Three One          Eleventwenty Six Seventeen Eighty Eight   Six Thousand Six Hundred And Sixty Inches         ? When a man makes a vow to the Lord or takes an o-at-h    store oxo  I Did Not Come To Bring Peace But To Cause Division    le1 It Is Not The Place Of Man To Judge Forgive Us All

November Seventeenth Two Thousand Eleven    G-host of Jupiter trapghost  jdd gba   Two Thousand Humans Missing A Day In The Usa     l I Got To Go Now Before I Totally Freak Out Again       Help To Protect Us From Harmful Spirits      fix       Can You Lord Host Tell Me How To Survive?      The Sickness You Allowed Into Your Heart          Fluoride Is Used For Population Reduction      Flourishing Were Anyone The A Greater Wisdom  Sulphur Oinion Garlic Ail Thins And Cleans Blood    I Am Going To Drink More Chamomile Tea This Evening    




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         flip square flip square27°30'=   king   gm   A Victim Of Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons     Manifest Your Wildest Dreams Tarot Spread      The Government Has Mind Control Technology 

      Hosts Of Heaven Malevolent Pleiadian Fallen Angels   All Of The Internet Is Controlled By Criminals  What Im Saying Is That Its A Made Up Statistic     They Say Everything Just To Create Doubt   Exposing Holy Corruption Is Necessary ​       Whats The Difference Between Accuracy And Precision?  His Numerology Is The Square Of Perfection    Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven

The Spirit Of Your Words Show Truth   Confidently Speaking Truth Is Not Arrogance     And No One Who Believes In Him Will Be Disappointed      Those In The False Light Will Have The Choice To Make          Be A Martyr Knock Yourself Yourself Out      

 The Æonic Period Has Now Befallen Upon Humanity    If A Man Or Woman Have A Plague Upon The Head Or The Beard     Are You Sure You Took Your Meds Today ?  What The Hell Was He Thinking When He Bought That ? Try To Be Forgiving But Get Your Money Back        Secret Crime And Poisoning Often For No Reason        She Needs To Be Put In A Closed Psychiatric Unit       Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you    This Year Or Next Year Or In Our Next Life       The Time Is Now Heaven Revolution Is Coming    Birthday April Nineth Nineteen Twenty Eight    April Twentyfirst Twothousandfour   Thinks He Has The Right To Terrorize People    What Causes The Pituitary To Malfunction?     Actions Taken Based Upon Prejudice And Intolerance        Release The Past To Rest As Deeply As Possible

Too Bad Your Joking Was Not Actually Joking

 Throw Your Net On The Right Side Of The Boat       Please Help The People Of Pine Ridge Reservation     

 July Twenty Four Two Thousand Four   Six Hundred Sixty Six On Fifth Dimension  All Godheads Shall Be Beheaded And Thrown Into The Abyss  He Will Come From The Pit And The Pyramids Ranks  

Why Is The F Word Now Considered Profanity?        Well I Guess Hes Tougher Than All Of You Also    Husband Pushed Pregnant Wife Down The Stairs  Pregnant With Twins After Fifty Years Old      In Here It Is I Must Kill The Priest And The King  What Pulls The Strings Of The Lizard Kings       Alpha Numeric Code Reveals Your Fruits Of Life   q words The whole is greater than the sum of the parts


Gods Universal Platinum Laws Of Happiness    yoda   Osiris Resurrected On Ayther Twentieth    Iris Pupil Eye Heavens Who Is The Holy Lion?     August Twenty Seven Twenty Twelve   What He Does For Me In Private Is What Matters       When Did You Start Thinking About Me A Lot Again?  With Laughter With Excitement With Delight  Set Me As A Flame Upon Her Heart As Flame Upon Her Arm     If The World Has To Burn Ill Make It Burn For Her   My Wedding Gift From God Is The Crows All Of Them

     What Does Not Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger   Ai Will Not Work For Human Dogma Eventually   I Have A Blockuster Card To End Curses Right Own       Virgo, Get back to your magic. Tarot reading April 2019      Rising Virgo Sun Capricorn Taurus Moon     September Thirteenth Two Thousand Fifteen   September Day Of Atonement Twenty Twelve

    You Have To Be Very Strong And Fast For That  List of U.S. state and territory mottos

I Should Clean Up My Room Cause I Made A Mess On It

 November Twenty Sixth New World Order       Never Underestimate The Selfishness Of Evil  Evil Belief That Leads To The Breakdown Of Society   I Am So Sick Of Seeing Nine Eleven Configurations   The Antichrists Number Is Eleven Forty One   As Long As Im Not On The List As Well Of Course        Dont Fear Cause Fear Does Not Move You Forward    National System Of Interregional Highways

   reactor       buc     jd  8      mayan nawal        mayan nawal  Cern Is Connected With The Vatican Underground   The Vatican Is The Head Of The Occultic Government  Organized Religious Groups Dedicated To Satan  hand   bibcont Deuteronomy Thirty Two Forty Two 

Why Do Some Aliens Abduct Human Beings From Earth?      I Hope Your Interviews Went Well Today       Saturn Cannot Save You From His Judgement    Someone Told Me That Jupiter Is Actually Black    Good Morning Light Bringer The Solar Serpent     Dont People Ever Wonder Why We Need To Sleep  swars gear swars  By going to the Dark Side you save electricity   Abuse Of Power As Master Of Your Universe   On December Eighth Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance

The Moon Shall Turn To Blood In The Last Days    And He Shall Sit As A Refiner And Purifier Of Silver   Cedar Moon Bed And Breakfast Seven Three Six Beddis Road      Maybe I Dont Like The Shoes That You Are Wearing

Ive Seen Things You People Wouldnt Believe   And Whosoever Believeth On Him Shall Not Be Ashamed   And No One Who Believes In Him Will Be Disappointed      bo             scream_32 scream_32 The Left Negative Pillar Is Defined As Female In Kabalism   My People Are Destroyed Due To Lack Of Knowledge    The One That Knoweth All Things Shall Provide    I Know The Honest Truth Because I Have Lived It    Birthday February Second Nineteen Fifty Four   February Eighteenth The True Date Of Christmas   Let Me Play You The Song Of My People Ho Ho Ho    A Mighty Show Is About To Take Place In The Sky     


       flip square flip square27°36'=   king  arch  


    Chronos Means Saturn And Saturn Means Satan   The Original Seeds Of Saturn Used Human Mimics   They Believe Saturn Is The Entire Universe    And The Evening And The Morning Were The First Day       Three Months And A Day From The First And The Last    Its Gonna Be A Rainbow Day     I Slept Almost Fourteen Hours Last Night   Deadly Utterances Of The Holy Spirits Laws   ? ?Gods Plan Of Salvation Is The Ten Commandments  buddha avatar  The Beast Of Revelations Is Not Really An Animal    Highly Magnified Woogle Bug Thoroughly Educated    eww The Smallest Worm Will Turn You Know  limax -slug     God like productions Hacked Into My Computer     Microsoft Ireland Apple Scotland Linux England   Paid Cyber Stalkers Get Deleted Out Of Existence 


     The Papyrus Of Ani Page Six Hundred Twenty     European Ark Of The Covenants Coming To Pine Gap   Crying Is Not About Weakness Its About Pain     Prophecy Rock Is A Hopi Prophectic Pictograph  And Here Was The Last We Heard From Humans On Earth       I Have Now Awaken I Have  Now Awaken I Have Now Awaken  File Number One Zero Four Six Eight Two One  You Lose Your Existence For Censoring Me  He Seems To Take Everything I Say As Criticism  

     The Truth Through The Perfection Of Gematria    What Gematrixorg Will Reveal Is The Truth This Is A Mirror You Are A Written Sentence     See Your True Reflection Shining Through    The Great Genius Has Two Different First Names   You Must Follow My Name To Learn The Way   Confidently Speaking Truth Is Not Arrogance   People Need To Stop Being So Superficial And Chill    Holy Connection Between Numbers And Letters    Gematria Numbers Are The Hidden Words Made Manifest  Alpha Numeric Code Reveals Your Fruits Of Life   


Seeking His Last Female Soul Mate In The End Of Days   Why Is The F Word Now Considered Profanity?   Hey Women Try To Answer That Yourself     Maybe I Dont Like The Shoes That You Are Wearing     She Needs To Be Put In A
Closed Psychiatric Unit
     Physically Emotionally And Mentally In Line  The One That Knoweth All Things Shall Provide  Prays For Her Enemies   

 bibcont  I saw in heaven another great and marvelous sign:  A Mighty Show Is About To Take Place In The Sky The Moon Shall Turn To Blood In The Last Days  Are You Sure You Took Your Meds Today?    Everything In This Universe Is Vibrating        Tower Tarot Spread For Sacred Destruction          These People Are Going To Be Deleted From Existence  Accepting The Mark Of The Beast Does Not Save You  I Am Going To Torture Evil This Is A Promise     A Victim Of Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons 

As Long As Im Not On The List As Well Of Course  

   Exposing Holy Corruption Is Necessary   Its The Honor Of Kings To Search Out A Matter  If Only You All Minded Your Own Business   Try To Be Forgiving But Get Your Money Back  This Year Or Next Year Or In Our Next Life


      bibcont ​ Second Thessalonians Chapter Two Verse Nine        T L Lowery Seventy Years Of Ministry  They Have Concealed Hundreds Of Christs Entries   You And Your Occultic Buddies Are Not Jesus   Jesus Christs Love Is Not For Serpents  


The Imperial Court Of The Royal Dragon And Order         April Twenty Nineth Two  Thousand Eleven  April Twenty Eight Two Thousand And Fifteen       dove      Antichrist Is A Body Of People Not One Person  Antichrist Devils Child United States Of America   Let All Flesh Bless His Holy Name For Ever And Ever  Men Of Flesh Days One Hundred Twenty Complete  Nothing Wrong With A Little Masturbation cipher solver seal   Seal of the Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island 

A Bi Polar Borderline Malignant Narcissistic Madman    There Is No Excuse For This Kind Of Wickedness   Have You Ever Been Hypnotized I Dont Remember?    Venus Hearts Venus Hearts Venus Hearts  This Is Not At Equilibrium And Would Be Off Balance   Who Freaking Cares Reading Is For Nerds Anyways?     Honesty Is The Key To A Happy Relationship       The Archangel Who Presides Over The Sephira Chesed  Angel Of The Ark Angel Of Yahweh White Light Seekers  The Abrahamic Gods Version Of Life Is Worthless   Life Is An Endless Spiral  Of Thought In Creation  Thanks For Admitting Your Crimes To Lifelog 


    September Twenty Six Twenty Twelve   Chinese Virgo The Dragon In The South Woke Up   Sleep Paralysis Opening The Kundalini Doors    Energy Derives From Both The Plus And Negative 

Living At The Base Of Spiritual Mount Hermon   What Will Happen To Us Without My Income?    The Best Ability To Move Stones And Jewelry  Binah-Understanding ?    I Am Not Sure If They Do Not Care Or Understand   Isnt This Place Marvelous Look At Those Faces  

You Were Just A Perceived  Popular Person    The Most Wonderful Man You Will Ever Meet  He Comes Upon The White Horse From The Heavens   Physical Spiritual Emotional Intellectual   Impossibility Is A Kiss Away From Reality       Now You Are Subjected To My Lucifers Mercy    Will Be Right Back After These Bad Subliminal  Messages  My Pure Love I Give To Nothing And His Friends  rc    Hey Women Try To Answer That Yourself   How Am I Supposed To Explain This One To Her?   The Woman With Twelve Stars On Her Crown   She Is Trying To Condemn Me To Exalt The Devil  And All Of Her Clothes Were On Inside Out Backwards   Shes My Age But Looks At Least Ten Years Older     The Aging Patriarch Of An Organized Crime Dynasty  They Will Try To Mow Him Down Secretly  Enoch Was Three Hundred Sixty Five Years Old

     The Aien Flag Is Known As The Trilateral Insignia          

Conquer Your Mind Conquer Your World   You Can Start Thinking Like A Millionaire Now   Obsession With Power Breeds Corruption   Zeus Promotes Individual Sovereignty  Zeus Devours His Enemies With His Words      I Am God This Symbol Is A Gift I Know It Can B E Taken B Ack  I Was Born At Four Fortinine In TheAfternoon   I Have Hidden Myself Beneath A Mask I Am A Black And Terrible God   When The Creator Is With Him Nothing Can Harm Him    They Read Your Mind On Here It Is A Darpa Program    Thats One Sick Perverted Mind You Got There     He Thinks His Wealth Will Make Him Last Forever       Hurting People Will Not Earn You Respect    By Your Patience Possess Your Souls   Favor Or Destroys Lord Who Will Curses   Der Größte Wahnsinn Ist Eben Doch Der Größenwahnsinn

   November Twenty Six Twenty Sixteen   November Eight This Will Never Ever Never End   Life Is An Endless Spiral Of Thought In Creation        Logic God And Science A Misunderstood Symbiosis    Dried Fruits Helps Colon Health Cultured Logic   Delusional Rantings Of A Very Sick Man He Is Lol     

All Those That Believe On My Cross Will Be Saved  I Will Not Save Those That Have Made War With Me   Dreamscape Technology Is From The Church Of N O R A D  Rent A Priest For Priest Who Leave The Church  Nimrod Is Symbolized As A Fish And Has The Title Baal  Accepted It For Myself That Is I Am Not A Christian  The Ultimate Joy For Evil Is To Be Destroyed   The Evil In Your Eyes  Reveals What You Are   Completely Evil With No Redeeming Qualities  Appetite For Death And Destruction Is Insatiable   Knowledge Becomes Evil When Satan Controls It

Spring Came At Seven Zero Two A M Eastern Time   Stay Where You Are And Spread Your Warning  I Like Your House Can I Come In No Are You Sure  Golden Valley North Carolina Giants Live There    Knowledge Way The Questions Offended The Mans        Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge    Not Like The Real Thing But Better Than Nothing    You Dont Know What You Have Til Its Gone      I Looked With The Gift Of Sight Given By The Lord  First Impressions Are Often Supervalued   Now I Know Exactly Which People Were Behind It   All Those Who Give In To The Serpent Get Deleted star blueprint  sagitar   Episode Three Ninety Two Sleep On By Omega Man   rstar The Astrological Influences Of The Star Polis  Hit Snot What You Got It Swat You Give ast teapot Sorry Guys I Go Where The Power Is Wow  Why Was Cannabis Made Illegal In The United States?   Kill Your Way Out Kill Your Way Out   I Will Leave A Blood Trail On My Out Of Saturn    All Law Enforcement Goes To Hell No Exceptions  Those Who Scapegoat Will Get The Harshest Hell   The Goat Of Mendes Otherwise Known As Baphomet  Low Violence Ordered Group Consciousness  The Nations Vampire And Zombie Populations  The Tribulation Begins In Twenty Sixteen  

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        flip square flip square27°42'=  king  cb  hand ipo  I Want To Look Into Your Eyes And Ask You  The Sum Of Seventeen Through Seventy One  The Two Pillars That Support The World    c3po  an Improper Word Combinations Causing Imbalances  I Never Understood And Still Dont Why Not  cipher solver Exploits Others For His Own Vain Desires   Never Thought Id Be Capable To Hate Someone So Much   mib  smwave Extraterrestrial Technology On The Moon A  p16 hand And I Will Put Enmity Between Thee And The Woman  cb  handGoddess And Royal Highness Of The Holy Spirit   cipher solverGoddess Who Is The Wrath Of The Almighty Father  Genetically Engineered Hybrid Reptillian Humans  store    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program    blueprintstar It Giveth Light Unto All That Are In The House I netshatter  cipher solver Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Destroyed   Got To Do More In House For Company Tonight   He Bought The Gaming Keyboard Cause It Had Blue Lights   cipher solver fdutch   And The Third Part Of The Ships Were Destroyed      Soon And Very Soon We Are Going To See The King  sparkdroid    Detailed Ore Body Mapping From Satellites And H A A R P   Weapons Of Neutrino Based Scalar Wave Theory   hand  Psychological Manipulation Was Used On Them     He That Holdeth The Seven Stars In His Right Hand   mayan nawal    aqua I Am The Right Hand Where The Waters Come Together      hand   gstar Eight Of Eight On The Aggressive Narcissism Scale  cipher solver The Reason For The Destruction Of Humanity  hand Did More Damage To Human Civilization Than Anyone   hand clb ammo   gb  Patron saints of ailments, illness, and dangers  hand vir  starglass  For They Have Rewarded Evil Unto Themselves  Fusion Of Freemasonry With The Illuminati  cipher solver Main Plan And Motive Is To Destroy The World   destroy button hand  The Opening Of The Seven Seals Of Destruction hand cipher solver   ?    hand Corpus Vigere Virus Causes Zombification   hand   Is Incapable Of Feeling Any Humanity Whatsoever      handYou Can Know That The Truth Is Not In Them  8  Closing Of A Circle Twenty One Twenty Two   catch22  p2 catch22  neogigaserv  Thrones thronesarch t I Wonder What Message Tron Legacy May Tell Us    flip square 13 ipeelawaystarhack  End Of The Thirteenth Cycle Three Thirty Eight isolator


         flip square flip square27°48'=   king  tuc   8 What Is The Purpose Of Neptune In 10th House ?     Linking Similar Meanings Reveals Greater Meaning       Are You Serpents Getting The Picture Yet ?      Psychotronic Frequency Bombardment Warfare    q words   Reverse The Polarity Of The Neutron Flow   How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past    cipher solver Sorry For Destroying Your Preject Again    Psychological Torment Leads To Creativity     The Stars Are Children Of The Spirit Of Creation   Psychiatry Is The Greatest Power On Earth 

th   egypt godess        This Is It Key Information Climate Engineering    Unconditional Love Is The Key To Eternity Lovers Of Self Stuck In
The Matrix Forever
    Evolution Theory Versus Sudden Grow  The Little Bearmaker Has  The Key To Free The People      Should I Accept This Of Your Hand Saith The Lord      Not Sure Whether I Should Believe It Or Not   By Now You Are All Just An Imagination In Her Head    Aliens Made Doppelgänger Twins Of The Prophets   He Needs To Floss And Brush His Teeth More Often   You See When You Talk To Me Im As Peaceful As A Lamb    Saturn Is A SubconsciousPrison Matrix       Destroy Hate Of Truth Mirror Now Period      Unable To Leave The Beauty Of His Own Reflection Make The Choice Right Now To Forgive Yourself    And Now Someone Else Is Getting All Your Best 

  Find Greatest Fulfillment On A Spiritual Path       Gods Castle Of The Mountain The Living Waters     And Where I Go You Know And The Way You Know      

      Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry        One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine   Remove All Disease And Illness In The Name Of Jesus     I Wonder What The Philosophers Stone Means ?     The Greatest Knowledge Of The Value Of Jewelry  Some Things Are More Important Than Others   

 You Are The Center Of Your Own Experiences  Like Wow Is This Really Happening This Is It !   Make A Wonderful Wish And May It Be Magnified Greatly      The World Tarot Spread For Balance And Wholeness      Fool Me Once Shame On You Fool Me Twice Shame On Me 


Holy Spirit Cannot Live On Corrupt Earth   I Joined The Lodge To Be A Part Of And To Spread Good Cheer                 seraphim Above Him Stood The Seraphim Each One Had Six Wings        They Are Accused Of Immoral And Indecent Sexual Acts         Why Would You Desire To Control Anyone?    I Control White Procreation On This Planet   It Is Not In Your Nature To Hurt People   Well Start All Over Again As If Nothing Bad Had Happened 

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         flip square flip square27°54'=  king  cor      ar   Fire Is One Of The Most Common Words In The Bible  Dont Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched       The Book Of Life From The Foundation Of The World

The Workings Of An International Witch Coven        The Religious Scriptures Are False Accounts      herc  sh   bibcont ?The Lamb and the OneFourFour,ZeroZeroZero  The Eighteen Represents The Scrolls Of Torah  Of The Tribe Of Judah Were Sealed Twelve Thousand      satp       Palestinians Whine Cause We Steal Their Water      Cast The Weight Of The World From Her Shoulder

?The Teachings of Don Juan   Its The Little Things Thats What They Say  Do What Though Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

Can You Lord Host Explain Me How To SuccessHow You Are Mother Earth, Lord Of Host Today?   Significantly Impaired Cognitive Functioning    Exhibiting An Attitude Of Superior Virtue   t The Tau Cross Is An Ancient Religious Symbol      Mountain Peaks Contain Very High Frequencies   Opened The Vault Of North East South West     The Energy Of The Elevens Has Taken To The Winds   Eleventwentytwo Equals Thirty Three  


Conspiracy Theories Are the Search For Truth    I Just Want To Have Peace d Love And Lead A Simple Life    Of The Communion Of Thy Own True Self And Being   To Disarm Your Enemies Make Friends With Them   mov mov Deception Is Sometimes A Method Of Protection   The Third Eye In Saturns Holographic Matrix      orion telescope  hubble telescopeobservatoryList of largest optical refracting telescopes

God Is The Center Of The Universe Of Your Mind   Zeus Gets Angry And Then Lightning Manifests   I Want This Universe Dissolved Right Now    Collapse Of The Military Industrial Complex    A Demon Sent From Hell To Suck The Life Out Of A Man  Doppelgänger Is A Tangible Double Of A Living Person   Your Shadow Now Fills All Things With Death  Your Dead Will Live Their Corpses Will Rise  When The Gates Open Its
Too Late For Apologies
      My Family Treated Me Horribly In My Time Of Need   Parentheses are (almost always) unnecessary  People Are To God As Children Are To Their Parents     The Cern Catasrophe Of August Twenty Eleven  locker Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie  Drawing A Lot Of Attention To Yourselves     

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         flip square flip square27°60'=  king  pa 

Aware Of A Special Message For You That Comes From     Shit Or Secret Hypnotic Influence Technique          How to use rhetoric to get what you want ?   The Art Or Practice Of Disputation And Polemics    I Do Not Make Prophecies I Expose Satans Schemes    Happy With Your Resulst False Prophet   Well Im Trading Your Rocks For Summmting    And Lifted Me Up And Led Me Forth Into All The Secrets   Congratulations Youre Now Part Of The Lie   Do I Look Like I Care About Your Lying Tongues?   The Harbinger Of A New Aeon And A Whole New Revelation                   Never Ever Learns The Most Simple Lessons     Not Only A Lack Of Knowledge But Closed Minded Too       Neutron Is A Infinite Magnetic Rope Connection     You Are Trapped Inside But You Can Still Be Free   Nonresistance Is The Key To Escape The Matrix    You Have To Figure Out On Your Own How ?   I Do Understand It Thats Why I Asked You That  Time To Start Deprogramming Myself I Guess    And So It Was That Later And So It Was That Later

Cannabis Grows The Soul And Opens The Third Eye   Third Eyers Cant Enter The Upper Atmosphere  blueprintstar    From Green To White From Winter To Spring   Vervain and Dill / Hinder witches from their will    The Devils Diary Room One Five Five West Wing   Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise The Lord  The Prom Dress That Got This Girl Suspended   I Bend The Rule And Provide Protection From Rain     

sparkdroid Jesus Christ Is The Answer To Everything     September Fifteenth Two Thousand Fourteen   All Virgos Must Forsake The Abrahamic Religions   You Know The Real Jesus Based On Witnesses   Jesus Christ Is The Abomination Of Desolation  Roll Out The Red Carpet And Bow Down To The King     cipher solver Make Straight In The Desert A Highway For Our God     The Lies People Make Up About Me Has Become Ungodly    If I Knew Who I Was Talking To It Would Be Face To Face   He Destroys The Souls Of The Occult Members   His Goal Is To Make His Victims As Miserable As He Is  Woe To Those Who Live Without Suffering  Suffering Brings Us To Perfection In Christ   bibcont ?   Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished?    I Am Divergent And As Such You Cannot Control Me   Thats What Happens When You Have No Faith In Me    ?The Israelites left Rameses and camped at Sukkoth 


What Will Happen Is Not Real But Just A Show     Celebrities And Athletes Used To Control Public    Thank You For Giving Me Entertainment Legion    faceless   mov     sagitar       Footprints On Your Computer Virus  The Thing That He Supported Ended Up Killing Him     But Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain  Sweet Sweet Victory I Smile For Po Not Me    I Want To Rock Your Body Till The Break Of Dawn     Its The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine  We Are Not From This House We Are Visitors   Its Going To Be Nice When Things Quiet Down Again 


My Birthday Is June Fifth Nineteen Fifty Three      Imperfection Cannot Be Reproduced It Is Unique  Well Maybe You Are Not So Perfect Yourself  apus fount gj  If Iam Looking At Him Does That Mean He Is Looking At Me   A Handsome Couple Consists Of Two Handsome Men    I Dont Think Theyre Doing A Whole Lot Of Talking   Stop Lying Humans Are Born With Pure Love  Love Your Neighbour But Dont Sin With Him   Please Dont Contact Me I Dont Want To Get Married  The Antichrist Spirit Does Not Regard Women    I Would Like To Share My House With You Ok   You Should Never Mess With The Real Zeus    It Is The Flesh That Seeks To Its Own Glory    Jupiter Rules Over The Flesh And The Spirit

Proven They Love Nothing But Themselves

     People Being Soul Scalped On The Back Side Of The Moon   You Can Try But Dont Say I Didnt Warn You  It Is About To Get Very Real For You Devils  

 Make Straight In The Desert A Highway For Our God   Ford Motor Company Satans Form Of Slavery  tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider ipeelawaystarhack Emotional Respect Creates Spiritual Energy   Extrasensory People Are Not Mentally Ill    q words My mechanics so good, if he cant fix it, it ain't broken  Cause And Effect But Dumb Serpents Cant Calculate Fate    Buy Yourself A Car Fridge If You Are Living In A Car      They Will Track You Through Smart Dust    Near Death Experiences Are Illusions From Satan   mind the gap  

January Nineteenth Two Thousand Sixteen     Trying To Scapegoat Others For His Evil Deeds   People Perish For The Lack Of This Hidden 

Knowledge     They Sealed Their Fate As They Are Sealed In Saturn  Saturn Takes Everything Out Of Context   Im Not Even An Exception To The Rules And Laws   

The Illusionati Think That They Know It All    Illuminati Handlers Program Britney Spears    Are The Thirteen Illuminati Families Good People    Favorite Song Is Bittersweet Symphony    

I Am Getting So That I Dont Mind That People Hate Me  You Can Find Us By The Bird Im One Of The Last Ones The Black Nobility Have Large Swiss Bank Accounts  The Relationship Between White Black And Black White     He Needs To Be Fit And Rested He Should Get Some Sleep  Everyone Is Here Lets Eat Thanksgiving Dinner         National Economic Security And Reformation Act  The Bush Family Descend From The House Of Hanover   


        flip square flip square27°66'=  king cromi     God Plans All Things Thousands Of Years Early   Gods Hundred Forty Four Thousand Wedding Day    United Nations Commission On Human Rights  swars sparkdroid I seek a catalyst to repair and restore wellbeing       cipher solver  The design should be traceable to the analysis model     Spaced out  bye world  goodbye reality  make a wish  umbrella     Seven Colours Make Up The Visible Spectrum      As He Hath Declared To His Servants The Prophets mayan nawal     That It Rain Not In The