28th degree

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    flip square28°02'=cat vir   mov  blueprintstarInternational Celestial Reference System (ICRS)   thelema  They Move My Eyes To Make It Seem Like Im Lying  Sunspots Called Active Region One One Five Eight  raygun Extreme Significant Energy Triple Date Portal     galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?  t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvort  smwave   smwave  Three Days After A Full Moon Is Called A Shining Moon  The Powerful Mid Year Eclipse Triad June First   The Lion And The Unicorn Open Source Software  The Coming Of The Great Master Of Masters Is Evil   Sacred Geometry Banned From Earth Since Ancient Days   A Fractal Self Similar, Self Repeating Structure    galaxvort galaxvort  Your Gematria Speaks To You In Three Ways    sparkdroid            dimension   The number Four mov(tetraphobia) in Chinese culturechina lucky pouch                                sparkdroid     The Six Days Of Creation And The One Of All The Rest     Gemetria Reveals The True Mechanism Of Existence                       Number Eight Four Zero Seven One Zero Two  International Sin Organization Manual Books   Angelic Beast Versus Satanic Beast, All I Ever Wanted str     Sometimes To Help You Have To Stop Helping     Does An Ex Drill Sergeant Make A Terrible Therapist mov All Are Victims Of Our Upbringing To Some Degree  Can You Lord Of Host Explain About Survive    The European Organization For Nuclear Research   These People Have Billions And Billions Of Dollars  Do We Realy Want The Third World War To Happen   Apocalypse Warriors Chosen Of The Trinity  The Warriors Are The Shields Not The Swords    I Never Once In My Life Desired To Hurt Other Life  He Shows Them That He Cares But He Doesnt Show Me   I Hope Hes Allright And Doesnt Have To Fear Anything  Good Night I Love You And I Wished You Were Here  If He Wants To Be With Me He Knows What He Has To Do  I Totally Forgot What Time It Is Over There    ​There Are So Much More Important Things To Do  Love Of Power Will Be Displaced By Power Of Love   Electromagnetic Mind Control By The Illuminati   I Am Overy Sensitive To External Stimuli   It Is God Who Sends Punishment On My Haters  mov    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  Poor In Spirit Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven  Many Believe We Are Near The End Of Time As We Know It   Took A Mental Disease And Turned It Into A Religion  scream_32The Rabies Chimera Virus Equals Zombie Virus   time capsule time capsule        mov One Foot On The Platform One Foot On The Train   mcl  mov Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng bt maybug  The Astrological Influences Of The Star Aculeus   The Secret Things Belong Unto The Lord Our God  Psalms One One Nine Verse One Hundred Thirty 

    flip square28°08'=cat rainbow dragon  Central Intelligence Agency K H Twelve Code Name Dragon   The Master Taught Everything In A Mystery   Cleaning The Mother Earth Name, Intelligent Nature      Intelligence Quotient Score Under Seventy      Your Name is a frequency pointing to a Number  Thirty Three Thirty Three Thirty Three     reactor   q words      reactor    8 8 system      cipher solver  meter sparkdroid tur tur iphonew    2-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system        raygun I Only Bought The Keyboard Cause It Had Blue Lights  The Influx Of Extraterrestrial Intelligence         Beautiful And Anatomically Perfect Nordic Pleiadians  Their Genes Enable Them To Stay Awake Indefinitely  They Make Him Look Very Pretentious And Vain   Malevolent Antisocial Personality Disorder   That They May Be Placed Alone In The Midst Of The Earth   And I Will Give Power To My Two Witnesses   Who Shall Be In Heaven Destroying Corruption  Mighty Messer, I Smell Virgin Lilith Iesous   mayan nawal  swarsright hand light siber  obiwankenobi Two Partners In Law Two Partners In Crime    I Think I Think Your Gender Is More Intelligence               Deadly Sin Causing The Tears Of The Holy Spirit  Sin Combine King Of Kings, Disgusting Evil Curse   l The Holy Platinum Laws Apply To Every One     faceless      For What Ends Hath All This Suffering Wrought       Lawyers Transporting Shipments Of Cocaine  For The Earth Is Filled With Violence Because Of Them   What Causes Some People To Be So Cruel And Unkind  Involved In Illegal Activities And Will Get Caught   If You Are Threatened By The Cops Say Something  This Is A Very Stressful And Confusing Time    On This Rock Will I Build My Church Times Two   Theres In People Simply An Urge To Destroy Doesnt Want People To Think For Themselves   The Basque People Speak The Oldest Living Language   Play an important role in inspiring others Science Spirituality Mathematics Music Love    Holy Spirit Speaks To God All Through The Day  I Am Grey Alien, Who Hear Formula From Sound Of Angel   God Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Anyone  He Feels Misunderstood And I Feel Misunderstood  Among You Is Yourself Truth Of Delivery   There Must Be An Answer Greeneyes Is Curious   I Didnt Know That You Didnt Know That I Know     It Is Depressing To Know How Evil She Has Become  I Remember Now Someone Loved Me To Get Me This Far  Its Very Language And Narratives Are Nihilistic 

   flip square28°14'=catpalace 1law awl  dpri vir brewery sparkdroid Sacred Pinnacle Mountain Anchor The Golden Sun Disc  Absorbs Sunlight Directly Into His Pupils   Gematria Is Responding In Kind At A Quantum Level   God Of Justice Rubbing Thighs The Tree Of Life And Death, O Happy Day When Jesus Washed All My Sins Away    Stealing The Throne Is Neither Fair Nor Square   End Of The Twenty Third Cycle Five Ninety Eight   See Apocalypse Warriors Chosen Of Almighty God    Paganism Dogma As Long As It Harms None Do As Ye Will   Mimosa Under Your Pillow For Sweet Dreams   I Am Not Sure What All Is Wrong With My Health    mayan nawal  To Protect Does Not Mean To Take Free Will Away  Immoral Acts Under The Threat Of Crippling Fines   I Dont Know Where Iam From But I Know Iam That Iam  Become The Sky Take An Axe To The Prison Wall Escape   Everybody Hates You When You Are A Prophet      Everything Is Gods And So God Is In Everything  mayan nawal      Institute For The Advancement Of Human Behavior    Big Shot Occultist Guiding Minions One At A Time  I Dont Know Her But What A Creepy Bad Thing To Say   Thank You For All The New Wonderful Memories   Gematria What Is A Perfect Future For Humanity   Has Blessed You With An Extraordinary Soul   Diversity Is The One Thing We All Have In Common   There Shall They Be Called The Children Of The Living God  Every Male Shall Eat It It Shall Be Holy Unto Thee     I Will Stay With You Through Thick And Thin  Earth Completely Inhabited With Sin Filled People    According To The Commandment Of The Everlasting God  Key Players In Money Laundering Operations   The Manifestation Of Extraterrestrial Beings   cent bstar  The Astrological Influences Of The Star Toliman  An Exaggerated Feeling Of Being Superior To Others  Arcturus Orion Pleiades Chambers Of The South  One True God Of Light Creator God Is An Evil Pleiadian    Many Ritual Sacrifices At The Three Three Parallel  A Young Orange And White Cat Stooped Me At The Door  tur  cat  One Hundred And Six Lives Ending In A Single Heartbeat  So Then They That Are In The Flesh Cannot Please God     Causing The Lips Of Those That Are Asleep To Speak  And Almighty God Made More Oceans For The Holy Family elysium deportation shuttle   It Will Come As Destruction From The Almighty  Not As Though The Word Of God Hath Taken None Effect     He Continously Tried To Reach Me By Other Means   Enabling Her To Directly Communicate With God Mind  

   flip square28°20'=catsparkdroid arch  you  mock  flam ar      owly   luxo ball ax sparkdroid  bibcont ?Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens  walle wall sparkdroid flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in China

   flip square28°26'=cathand  bibcont ?Six days you shall labor and do all your work hand bibcont ?You shall not covet your neighbor’s house  hand  ?  alphaIt is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End hand           omega        lolorion telescope hubble telescope observatory South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) 

   flip square28°32'=cathand   How To Access Your Internal Google Search Engine     gsm Look At The Latest Words Calculated For Messages    I'm Uncovering Your Dirty Little Secrets  tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher  Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards    hand   Altar Statues Of The Horned God And Mother Goddess      Pathologic Egocentricity And Incapacity For Love hand       Are You Like A Granny Dominatrix Or Something      handIn Preparation For The True Husband Of My Heart     blueprintstar  Before It Has Started The Sky Will Show Signs  fs Central Intelligence Agency Satelite Codename Ten Ten    p  pandoras box There Was Not Only Evil Inside Of Pandoras Box arch clb pandora hand     matrix code scan tm hell worldwide express  Goddamn an Angel when I die ☥Heaven must be hell in the sky buddha avatar buddha avatar  buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar  I Am Maitreya The Artificial Intelligence Of My Host   lap      G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost                  International Sin Organization Main Director   The Great Spiritual Mysteries Of The Master     jù xiè zuò beehivecluster  bee bee mus         Industry fills the hive and enjoys the honey​    You Can Run But You Cant Hide From The Truth     hand     flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Chile hand flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in India   hand    Possessed With The Thought Of Having Power  hand I surrender heart and soul  Sacrificed to a higher goal   handWith The Breastplate Of Righteousness In Place  hand Mecca Clock An Invitation For Terrorist Bombers

   flip square28°38'=cat canm  wp    Qilin    rainbow dragon  dra    Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin     q words raygun Shift from Human to Nonhuman Quantum Jump    Tell Me All The Things That Make You Who You Are    Our Dna Is Backsitching Itself Even If We Do Nothing             Magnet compass.png       faceless   May Your Deeds Be Shown To Your Servants   sparkdroid Optimistic Type With Young For Age Appearance      bu The Bull Of Heaven Is The Celestial Sign Of Taurus     Seven Times The Book Of Life Is Mentioned In The Bible   ori ori horse  t  ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack fence grid t Orion Motherships Buried Underneath San Jose    Similar To Deep Impact In Two Thousand And Eleven  mov  sparkdroid      Shame Destruction Of Earth Chosen Of Almighty God   mov alien time capsule  time capsule time capsule     faceless  pi        Most Beloved Of Jesus Christ And The Hand Of The Law        Sorry For Destroying Your Project Againe  cassiopeia The Queen Of Heaven Shall Decree Tough Punishment    cassiopeia   Witchcraft Is No Longer In Vogue Behind The Times    vir      boo  th      Gematria Of The Sephiroth Who Blind On The Left Eye  left eye of Horus  War Is Hateful And Ungodly In The Eyes Of The Lord     right eye of horus faceless   The Treasurehouse Of Images Aleister Crowley rosecross    Lexicon alchemiae sive dictionarium alchemistarum       Temporarily Closed For Spiritual Maintenance buddha avatar buddha avatar   buddha avatar   mov  Spirituality Only Works With All Kinds        buddha avatar  mcl  spheres temple spheres temple   Implantable Devices One Four Three Five Zero K H Z       hand flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Africa  gm  Let Brotherly Love Continue Forever And Ever   smwave l cassiopeia l  Youre Still My Every Thought Every Day   ? He Should Know That Im Trying My Very Best   ?       How Do I Know That What I Think I Know Is True           faceless                      St George Knows How To Use Ray Kurzweil  faceless  Each Soul He Devours Adds Its Hunger To His Own      I Made Many Mistakes But Iam Just Human Like You      The Beast Shall Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit           faceless  The Definition Of Periti Is An Expert Theologian faceless  Edgar Cayce The Father Of The Holistic Health Movement    My Dad Is Regarded As One Of The Smartest Men On Earth    Making Money From Other Peoples Misfortune   Life Goes On Long After The Thrill Of Livin Is Gone                      An Abysmal Failure By The Standards Of His Society   Robin Hood Takes From The Rich Gives To The Poor       To Poor To Paint And To Proud To Whitewash canm wp   cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$    sadarum v         Christ Ends Himself From Sinful Corruption        July Twenty Third Two Thousand And Four        beehivecluster  jù xiè zuò 69 galaxy arm beehivecluster crabminor     Died Of Live Cancer March First Two Thousand Eleven     Six Hundred Sixty Six Is Tools Not Mind    faceless  sparkdroid  time capsule  Can A Virus Really Communicate With Another One time capsule sagitar omega make a wish time capsule       Six Hundred Sixty Six On Tenth Dimension   dimension  The Infinite Structure Of Reality Has No Key     keyhole$    keyhole$ Smooth Runs The Water Where The Brook Is Deep      69 ceti Pink Amazonian River Dolphin Known As The “Bufeo” 96  flip square        Deformation In Autumn, Reformation In Spring    And The Gathering Together Of The Waters Called He Seas  43 equation solver        ast cb  cb     mcl       spheres temple spheres temple  mice  mcl   needle   se driver_mud    Mary Magdalene Marijuana Mushroom Amanita Muscaria            Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng      I Can Only Imagine Surrounded By Your Glory             Yahwehs Intense Constant Love Making From Her    Then Shall He Sit Upon The Throne Of His Glory     hand  As God was with our fathers, so may He be with us     Thank You To Everyone Has Input Helpful Data      Heaven On Earth Is The Arrival Of The Aliens On Earth   O Parable Of Hidden Star Thy Shall Be As It Shall Be O Above     

   flip square28°44'=cat pavo hand  tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider  q wordsYou can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead  flip square ?? TWENTY-ONE SOMERSETS, ON THE SOLID GROUND  hand ?  21 hand mov ichicoin  mount mount mount       swars sparkdroid     cipher solver seal cipher solver  seal  Seal of the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut 

     flip square28°50'=cat octans      mov   mov Dreiundzwanzig  – nichts ist so wie es scheint        69    ceti 96       imdb faceless     iphonew shī zi zuò              ast matrix code scan blackdiamond  blackdiamond  leom  13   boot mov imdb faceless stonehendge It Is He That Sitteth Upon The Circle Of The Earth    mov imdb faceless  Beloved Nameless One In The Center Of The Universe    Central Intelligence Agency Satelite Codename Keyhole  Something Utterly Foolish Or Unreasonable  I Can Activate Monuments Throughout Europe   fdutch    keyholeshield   ori   Divine Protection And Help Is Thine For The Asking   imdb faceless Continually Are They Gathered Together For War    An Entire Legion Of My Best Troops Awaits Them   ram690yb       You Have Not Come To A Mountain That Can Be Touched   sparkdroid pyramid egypt pyramid An Inter Planetary And Inter Dimensional Portal   galaxvort  galaxvort ?         ?  t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvort Freedom Lovers Unite And Stand For Whats Right  tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher    keyhole I  Block transmission of number seventytwo  God Understands That Which Is In A Persons Heart   ipeelawaystarhack   he blackdiamond ? ?   Jesus Christ Is Universal Consciousness  Jesus Christ The Resurrection And Eternal Life    imdb Born On August Twenty Eight Nineteen Fifty  Lebensborn Program Number Six Two One Zero 8imdb Deplorable History Of Violence And Oppression   Is There Anything He Wants Me To Say Before I Leave  tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher   king br  Stigmata Movie Patricia Arquette And Gabriel Byrne  Rent A Priest For Priests Who Leave The Church imdb If He Says Soon Once More Ill Jump At His Throat        bu    Hi I Am Jahbulons Master I Do Not Have A Kabballahistic Name   smwave Mind Control And Behavior Modification Techniques   mov     Pistis Sophia Will Drive Out The Gods Of Chaos    writecode   mov imdb faceless My Thoughts Are Higher Than Your Thoughts  End Of The Illusion The Nature Of God, Love Energy   iphonew arrow   Sonic Geometry The Language Of Frequency And Form  southarrow    It Is God Who Gives Guidance Towards The Truth           mov pi   sparkdroid  Insert Your Brain Into A Robotic Nanotech Body  sparkdroid    sparkdroid Using Both Sides Of The Brain Simultaneously   umbrella          battery     egypt   hand flip square?List of twin towns and sister cities in Albania    faceless 69  faceless  fix river cabels            mount Even People In Jail Can Send Letters To Loved Ones  mov imdb faceless  Goes Ballistic If He Is Not The Center Of Attention ​   ThronesHeaven Is My Throne And Earth Is My Footstool river cabels  fix  ori ori lstar  astronaut  astronaut astronaut lstar             pisces   That There Shall Not Be Room Enough To Receive It   Three Days After A Full Moon Is Challed A Shining Moon   The Importance Of Festivals In The Ancient World  Immorality, Accidents, Violence And Danger Of Poison   Third Phase Of The Cosmic Trigger March Twentieth       The Last Day Approacheth Time Is Up Get Ready Now ​    Opposition signs Opposition signs keyhole$     boo  dimension dimension dimension     

   flip square28°56'= cat gp sparkdroid    q words Reality is a poor substitute for my dreams       swars  sparkdroid bibcont ? I will question you,and you shall answer me     mcl sparkdroid em scan  Clear And Heal All Negativity From The Emotional Body      ipeelawaystarhack      tron rider motogrid tron switch horse  t fence grid t    fdutch tron ljet    t yc ?  sparkdroid   sparkdroid   

   flip square28°62'=cat ant  sparkdroid? Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique Nord (OTAN) sparkdroid     International Air Transport Association -IATA   cipher solver seal  seal  Seal of the Lieutenant Governor of Washingtonsparkdroid flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Japan  

   flip square flip square   flip square28°68'=cat geko      pearl  keyhole$      mayan nawal   sparkdroid                 faceless   Also sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen         l   cipher solver cipher solver    I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!       per java  coff   per per  ast coff  The Astrological Influences Of The Star Capulus     matrix code scan   pentarotate ? And at that point… you could encode a new president   cipher solver             ?  l  You're not to think you are anything special   clr  catseye  Phases of the cat written in the stars make a wish catseye catseye   numerology master       The Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico       flam Phoenicopterus  sparkdroid flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Iran sparkdroid flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece

   flip square28°74'=cat  meter   Block transmission of number twentyseven  hand  In The Final Persecution Of The Holy Roman Church   The Most Demented Person In Mankinds History    raygun    Shapeshifters Have Greenish Tinge Around Mouth    A Person Who Puts On A False Appearance Of Virtue  bibcont ??Thou shalt not make for thyself any graven image     Wants To Obliterate Everything In Existence  Numerology Teaches Those Who Pay Attention   Add All The Numbers From Thirteen To Thirty One  Thirty Seven Multiplied By Seventy Three    Oh Come One Is That Realy What You Like To Know      It Is Better To Be Alone Than In The Wrong Company   Anybody Who Thinks That They Are God Is A Lunatic      Solar Mythology Plus Lunar Mythology    smwave   The Seventh Mansion Is Called Aldimiach The Arm Of Gemini          Brings Every Conversation Around To Himself  Supose To Marry A French Guy With A Moustache  Why Was It So Important To Her To Mention    This Is Torture And Its Burning My Life Down  hand   Door Is Locked For Sinful Mouths About Jesus  hand Praise The Creator From Whom All Blessings Flow  Central Intelligence Agency Live Viewing Of Imagery   bp mov bt maybug  butclr  sw    Radio Frequency Waves Sent To Em Waves In Brain  hand    I Am Overly Sensitive To External Stimuli           The Force That Possessed Parsons In The Deser Put A Men, The Elite Are Here Like A Lamb To The Slaughter     The Beast Of Earth Archangel Of Desire, One Holy Tounge    Fuck it has helped me through a lot of situations      She Has The Body And Soul Of A Woman But The Mind Of A Man  hand bibcont ? Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?   Sixty Six Years After Aleister Crowley Died   libr  l    lotr One Ring To Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them  Highly Funded And Linked To Criminal Organizations  Godess Family And Serpent Delusional Fairy Tales  lower astral triangle lower astral triangle resort 3  ? ?So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole serpent cypher    ?     Release The Trapped Energy Of Anguish And Turmoil 


   flip square28°80'=cat  silvercrown  flip square  Free Thought Use Your Brain And Dreams Come True   Me The One I Can Trust To Protect Me Understand   Nature Never Deserts The Wise And Pure In The End    In The Beginning When God Created The Heavens And The Earth    After These Dirty Days It Will Be Back To Being Clean Again     Cracking Myself Up At Your Cell Phones Expense    The Night Cycle Is Descent Into The Sub Atomic Realm    Now Their True Colors Are Starting To Shine      They Only Provoke Me To Spread More Truth    Big One Principle And Secret Of Seven Finally Revealed   Fragmentary Meanings Leave A Lot Of Holes To Fill In     The Clarity That Comes To All In Twenty Fifteen      No World Order Not New World Order Freemason  The Order Of The Garter Controls The Freemasons   Occultists All Willingly Serve The Holy See   Who Controls You Supercomputer The Nsa  All The Gematria Calculations Of All Natures Gematria   I Will Show You How To Combine Tao And Calculus   Alpha Base Level Programming Reinforced By Scripts    Thank You Creator For The Good You Have Given Me  What Is The Point To All This Gematria Calculating     Gematria What Is Your Favourite Correlation   Greek Mythology Has Many Genuine Foundations    Three Inverted Triangle And One Straight Triangle     The Pleiadiands And Arcturians I Will Talk To Only    You Can Mix Words With Numbers But Only If    Switchability Switchability Switchability    The Change In The Hearts Of Us Will Bring About Healing    It Feels The Same But I Know Everything Has Changes   New York City Full Of Tor Internet Users   Sorry But Thats How It Looks From My Side    Wake Up Neo Eighth February Twenty Seventeen   The Thresher Seperates The Wheat From The Tares    Third Eyers Are The Ones That Are Blind To Reality     Third Eyers Claim That Dreams Supersede Reality   It Is A Future Of Ascension That You Are Creating       One Thirty Seven Time Is On My Side Seven Kay  The More I Hate You The Less I Want To Help You  World War Two Pearl Harbor Exposed Your Code    Now Everybodys A Winner I Didnt Win Anything      The Enslavers Claiming That They Are Prisoners   See I Think I Found An Important Key To My Healing  It Is The Mudras That Heal And Steal Away Every Death  You Dont Have To Be Mad To Work Here But It Helps    The Beams Of Our House Are Cedar Our Rafters Are Pine   You found your problem and  it's hot lupus  Volatility Is Another Word For Bipolarity    Oh Yeah Well My Stomach Hurts Every God Damn Day     I Like Having A Hand In My Glove I Always Have A Glove Fit   The Archangel Who Presides Over The Sephira Yesod    However Beast Still Needed By Many Purposses   No Right To Enslave The Aware In A Collective Idiocy   Why Are There No Female Prophets In All Religions   If It Is Not Hard Why Is It A Suprise When I Do It     So Many Questions But So Little Answers  From Here On I Will Now Only Kill My Attackers  They Are Ensuring That I Show No Mercy On Them    The Only One Prosecutor Dealing With Others  I Love My People Protection Prayers And Love  I Am The Bread Of Life He Who Comes To Me Shall Not Hunger     Iam Going To Deal Out A Serious Blow To Them Now    The Gospel Of John Dee Ball And Ashtoreth Worshiper  The Good Creator Will Crush The Oto And Banish Them     Scarabaeid Beetle Considered Divine By Ancient Egyptians     Joker Jester Boaz Joachin Edward Alexander Crowley      Becoming God By Using His Creation Against Him May Fail   Beware False Paths Always Verify Pgp Signature   Those Who Serve Saturn Deserve An Eternal Hell     Saturns The God Of Time And Controls Prophecy  The Black Nobility Reside On The Moons Of Saturn  Who Is The Destroyer Of The Synagogue Of Satan   Pluto Is The Planet Of Darkness In Astrology    A Jewish God And Satan Are All Figments Of A Disordered Mind  Our Creator Which Art Above Thy Will Be Done Below      All The So Called Gods Need To Get Deleted From Existence  Zeus Burned Down The Anzi Conservative Scheme   Earthlings Evolve Into Greys When They Ascend    When They Die And Attack Jupiter Zeus Kills Them    The Trojan Asteroids Are The Offspring Of Zeus  They Have No Clue About The Real Powers Of Zeus  Ancient Greek Mysticism Revealed The Mysteries    Balem Abrasax First Primary Of The House Of Abrasax    Only Disobediant Fools Would Blaspheme Against Me  Thats Why I Want To Be Your Prime Minister   I Have Made Mistakes In My Life But I See The Light Now    Pledge Yourself To Follow The Dreccian Way Of Life    Prophetess D N A Taken To Make Doppelgänger Twins     I Have The Right To Kill All You Devils Attacking Me    Shut Up About Yourselves I Will Do The Same    I Will Make It So That The Wicked Can Never Rebuild Again    Only A Fool Says There Is No Hell And Have No Soul   I Would Prefer To Kill Their Souls This Time  Did You Found Secret Rapture Is Counterfeited   Telepathy Is Mind Reading And Brain Invaders Read Minds  I Let Decisions Like That Work Themselves Out   I Have Been Sent Me To Save The World Not Condemn It    Virgo, Slaying the Saboteur. April 2018 Tarot Reading   Those Who Are Trying To Reintepret Creation      Modern Day Christians Are Fooled By Their Preachers    Realize That Humans Died And Your Life Is Inevitable   I Dont Want Lots Of Positive Punishments    Homicide Is Not Down They Are Not Finding The Bodies     Unfortunately His Bad Deeds Cancel Out His Good Deeds  The Everlasting Hell Of Torment For All The Wicked       The Brotherhood To Love The Unjust Is Israel    On His Robe And On His Thigh He Has This Name Written  Everybodys Interested In The Hot Range Group   They Managed To Become Wicked In Every Way Possible    Racketeer.inflencedand.corrupt.organizations.act  They Rapture Victims Before They Sacrifice Them  The Serpent More Subtle Than Any Beast Of The Field   I Seek No Prize Just The Demise Of The Serpents  The Humans Choose To Be Possessed By Serpents   A Hived Mind Of Serpent Possessed Devils On Earth    Human Souls That Are Possessed By Serpents  They Have Sharpened Their Tongues Like A Serpent   All Serpent Foreheads Are Adversaries Of Humanity  They Dont Even Realize Theyre Serpents Too     Gossips Should Have Their Tongues Cut Out   The Greater Evil Created And Uses Lucifer And His Army   Satan Rejoices In His Malignant Narcissistic Evil    Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil    The Evil Pleiadians Perform The Wonders And Signs   The Word Live Is Evil Spelled Backwards Life Is Evil  The Knowledge Harvested To Burn The Fires Of Evil     Four Four Four Four Four Four Four Four   Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny   They Have No Idea What They Got Themselves Into    And I Never Wished Harm On Anyone Yet You Do On Me     Doesnt Know The Difference Between Right And Wrong  Parents Dont Provoke Your Children To Anger    A Fixation With Oneself And Ones Physical Appearance   All Flesh Will See Of False Knowledge On Your Six    Who You Were Will Help You Find Who You Are   Claiming To Be Someone You Are Not Is Dishonorable   Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder   The Sound Of Weeping And Crying Will Be Heard No More   They Really Deserve To Be Tormented Endlessly    It Is Logically Impossible For Identity To Fail       In The Beginning Was The Silence Of The Silent Silence  Synchronous Neuronal Activity In The Brain       God Won Western Europe From Tetragrammaton   The God Of The Bible Blatantly Promotes Child Sacrifice   The One Hundred Forty Four Thousand On Zion   The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World    Having His Fathers Name Written In Their Foreheads   Reveals Wisdom To Count The Number Of The Beast   The Twenty Seven Books Of The New Testament  Jesus Is Not The Author Of The New Testament   You Dont Need To Be Religous To Have Good Morals   I Would Never Let A Satanist Have Power Over Me  I Saw Mel Gibson At Arizona State University    Its Like The Older They Get The More Asian They Get   Beautiful Homo Erectus Monkeys Of South China Exorcism Of Satan Baphemet The Goat Headed Demon Gematria    Vultures Fly Higher Than Any Other Winged Bird    Go Up To The Mountain Spiritual Wonder Boy   Guy Who Writes Coat Tail Rider Is The Real Satan  Satan Marks The Flesh Of Souls It Does Not Own   Satan Hates Men And Uses Women To Destroy Them    Satan Accuses The Natural Or Rational Response   The Lord Shall Cause The Clock Of Sin Upon Mecca To Fall   Your Chief Permits Or Inflict Your Presence  This Calls For Subtlety Extreme Subtlety     Who Is Born February Fifth Nineteen Eighty Six    Everyone Makes Fun Of Me And No One Cares About Heaven   Anything You Want Lyrics By Roy Orbison   Blessings Love Light And Abundance For All In All Ways  I Love To See You Come But I Hate To See You Leave       Im So Sorry I Promise Ill Make It Up To You    Ye Rejoice With Joy Unspeakable And Full Of Glory  Gematria Is Full Of Lies And More Lies On Top Of Lies    I Will Never Date A Girl Who Has Rejected Me In The Past      I Will Never Tell Him Again How I Feel And Let Him Guess​   He Who Whispers Into The Hearts Of Men And Women   Cosmopolitan Magazine Destroys Family Value    Albert Einstein Deserve To Discover The Formula  Cannabis Ylang Ylang Dragonsblood And Cinnamon Cologne  Theoretical Physicist American Expat In Germany    Wenn Man Nicht Weiß Kann Man Denken Aber Nicht Immer Sagen  What Is It With Three Large Strawberry Shakes   Double Cluster In Perseus Super Bowl Fifty  Hallow Comet Cycle Square Five Seven Seven Six 

   flip square flip square28°86'=cat arrow sparkdroid   Aliens Can Put A Chip Implant Anywhere In A Childs Body   Technology Is Trying To Get Under Our Skin   Wants To Destroy Everything On The Planet   The Freemasons Hand Sign For Double Crossing Satan      Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Pocket Edition        hand spheres temple       Open The Solomons Vault, What Is The Truth     rc        Alternative Cancer Treatment Hydrazine Sulfate             Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum Adonai Quies Et Felicitas  Sounds Like A Day To Finally Become Rich, Big Business   Heavens Door Shut On South America Billionaires  Come Sue Me I Am Worth Trillions And Trillions   Has Accomplished Nothing But His Own Condemnation   Insuppressible, Unquenchable Narcissistic Rage  Too Much Prolonged Repeat Trauma To A Person Can  I Hope My Grandpa Is All Right And Protecting Me Too    God Will Send Deadly Disease Right After The Rapture  Life Doesnt Suck And If You Love God You Never Die     I Sure Hope He Gets Cured From Parkinsons Disease   As One That Is In Bitterness For His Firstborn     Sin Leading To The Deadly Tears Of The Holy Spirit  Sin Is Out Of Control Millions Of Abortions    He Sold Himself Out To Evil All In The Name Of Money  The Most Deadliest Protector Of Jesus Christ   Elite Of This World Are Reptilian Shapeshifters       German The Most Non European Nation Out There  Hate Is The Precondition For Unconditional Love  Make Sure That What You Do And Say Is Positive    I Am Ready To Meet Other Beings Of Peaceful Intelligence       bstar  Crystal Energy Magnetic Energy And Hydro Energy   mov pi  The Missing Link Between An Orangutan And White Man  ​       pi  pi    Drug Name N Z T Forty Eight In Movie Limitless  Sometimes Laughing Is More Helping Than Having Fear  sparkdroid Will We Ever Be Able To Have A Decent Level Of Security  mov  And The Manifest With The Number Of Souls Onboard     But And If That Evil Servant Shall Say In His Heart   Nothing To Worry About Except Choronzon  I Dont Need Magic I Can Move Mountains With My Heart   meteorshower  meteorshower  Remote Subsurface Exploration Through H A A R P   Transmit   smwave pandora  pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse  umbrella pulse mind the gap Thank You For Not Holding The Truth Against Me mickey board circuit    big ear   ipo   orion telescope  starmatic   hubble telescope observatory observatory observatory observatory  observatory observatory observatory        arch pandora Why People Alway Forget About The Box Of Pandora  p   fs pandoras box  Thrones    keyhole$  And Round About Were Seraphin Cherubin And Ophannin seraphim  cherubim           Landmarks Across The Globe Going Dark For Earth Hour           Ohio State University Radio Observatory The Earth Institute At Columbia University 

   flip square28°92'=cat mock q words It's not cheating, it's creative sportsmanship sparkdroid           ? List of cities spanning more than one continent sparkdroid flip square List of twin towns and  sister cities in France sparkdroid flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Malta

   flip square28°98'=cat cererus  route 99  sparkdroid   sparkdroid          Daughters of the American Revolution museumssparkdroid flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Iceland sparkdroid flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Oceania



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