29th degree

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destroy button      flip square29°04'= koobs cet    8This Book Is The Gate Of The Secret Of The Universe    galaxvort     Every One That Shall Be Found Written In The Book    Gematria Will You Tell Us Who Your Mother        Who Has The Ability To Move Jewelry And Stones   Gematria Has The Answers For Multiples Of Eleven      Repetitions Gymnastic, The Master Frequency  br  Uses The Seven Deadly Sins As His Modus Operandi     flip square Beast Six Six Six Lord Is Mans Greatest Enemy   This Is Six Hundred Sixty Six, Im Black Red Beast   The Hybrid Offspring Of Fallen Angels And Human Women      There Shall No Sign Be Given Unto This Generation     The Best Place To Keep Your Money Is In A Safe At Home       Any Rose By Any Name Is Still A Rose A Rose The Same    Cannabis Is Sacred But Use It As A Medizine Not As A Drug     The Holy Spirit The Final Call Before The Apocalypse     I Wish This Were A Better World With No Strife     And Into Any City Of The Samaritans Enter Ye Not      The Scented Garden Of Abdullah The Satirist Of Shiraz      Please People Refrain From Using The F Word On Here    These Evil Beings Have Telepathic And Psychic Abilities    buddha avatar    People Are Being Soul Scalped On The Back Side Of The Moon     l  lWe Are All One Duality Of Consciousness Incarnate   l  l  Blessed Are The Merciful For They Shall Obtain Mercy    l  l The Best Revenge Is If We Are Very Happy Together  l l    Subject Number Thirty Three Lived Upstairs  l swars sparkdroid  west tree  mayan tree seeder     Peace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity


destroy button     flip square29°10'=  koobs aqua  q words Keep What Works, Fix What's Broke, Dump the Rest    I Wrote Some Stuff Here I Better Had Not Inserted    That Was The Most Stupid I Ever Have Written   Every One That Shall Be Found Written In The Book   swars sparkdroid     Pistis Sophia Is An Important Gnostic Text     Tropical Zodiac Placidus Houses Venus In Gemini   Who Is The Very Bad Man I Keep Seeing In My Driveway    l   Hundred Forty Four Thousand Wedding Rapture     You Are A Mistake That Shall Be Permanently Errased          I Forgive Him Everything He Has Ever Said And Ever Done   If You Want To Find Me Just Look Inside Of You    l t   Righteousness Love Has Will Speak Acts Kingdom    Atomic Desire Roaring Lion Giving Very Arrogant   l    ?        Pentacle, U Are Strong Altar, Gift Of God Nice To Meet U  mov   For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky  The Wide Spread Rainbow Effect Or The Aurora Borealis   The Heart Is Always True Without Exception   List As Follows Is Who Is Concentrate Prayer     International Finance Facility For Immunisation    Blood Type B Positive Ticker Symbol Winners     Dirty Money In Pyramid Shape Found Under Heater     Operation Broken Trust Targets Financial Fraud    They Would Like To Cut Me Off Without A Penny   Anti Monopoly Partys National Convention   You Cant Escape Its All Consuming Corruption   raygun  ? I Know That This Would Make Him Feel Uncomfortable     Things Will Get Better If You Just Hold My Hand    You Asked For It And Got More Than You Bargained For     We Are Not Monkeys They Are Better Behaved Than Us    I Am So Embaressed Lets Talk About Aleisters Demons   For Thereby Some Have Entertained Angels Unawares    No Seriously None Of Them Have Personalities     Core Basement Eight, Stranger Danger Idols Of The Devil   The Moon Shall Turn Red The Sun Shall Not Shine   


destroy button     flip square29°16'=  koobs sw      96    Intellect Creates Divergence Love Begets Convergence  hand  Hear My Voice According To Your Lovingkindness t    can pinwheel      mayan nawal  ichicoin     ? Do You Think There May Be Life On Other Planets I Do   Highly Evolved Intelligent Beings From Sirius B   egypt godess   Star That Is So Heavy It Cannot Be Lifted Sirius B   Lawyer Under Federal Drug Task Force Surveillance    Lawyer Has Loss Of Peripheral Vision In One Eye   True Messengers Of The Great White Brotherhood       Who Are The Order Of The Illuminati Of This World      Six Hundred Sixty Six On Sixth Dimension    The Only Thing He Knows How To Do Is Destroy      He Will Tell You Anything To Get What He Wants     Obsessed With Finding Ways To Inflict Pain And Harm      If I Made You Feel Second Best Im So Sorry I Was Blind   capr    faceless What you focus on is what you will attract      The Dimensions Of Paradise In Light Of The “Sacred Cubit”    Powers With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility  I Hope You Understand The Meaning Of This Words  raygun    ?   l  You Reap What You Sow So Welcome To Reaping   q words Talent does what it can; genius does what it must      egypt godess    I Have Set Before Thee An Open Door, And No Man Can Shut It         Pentacle, Show Me One Two Zero Zero Visions    Goddess Who Is The Anger And Wrath Of Jesus Christ       Let Them Deny Themselves And Take Up Their Cross       Prolactin Secreted By The Anterior Pituitary   The Cerebral Narcissistic Personality Disorder     Chaos_star  In Times Of Greate Chaos You Can Find Me Where You Are   And Enoch Walked With God And He Was Not For God Took Him   toto Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore      buddha avatar    buc    Consciousness Is Evolutionary By Nature     If Only I Had Listened To That Little Voice In My Head    

destroy button     flip square29°22'= koobs    dove         imdbRomance Is The Fear Of The Unknown Replaced By Courage   imdb  movDont Contact Me Cause I Dont Want To Marry You   imdb faceless   Life Is A Wonderful School For Learning And Amazement ?  I Feel So Guilty For Not Having Written Back Then    Evil Leading To The Deadly Tears Of The Holy Spirit    We Are Just Light Manifested In An Alterted Reality    Your Soul Will Be Cleansed And You Will Be Reborn   mov faceless    imdb imdbEverything Becomes More Confusing Than More Clear faceless imdb I Am With You I Am Here But It Is Not Yet My Time  raygun     bstar  Easy Finally Well Heeled Crystal Rulers Of Heaven      Feeding Of Light Might Be Not The Best But I Dont Know   sparkdroid   Robots Can Be Programmed To Do Various Reactions     The Grey Alien Infiltration Of The United States   se  The Biblical Gods Goal Is To Make Mankind As Miserable As He Is     I Am The Rock Of Offence And The Lord Of Hosts In The Flesh   Finds Amusement In The Suffering And Death Of Others   With Great Wrath To Destroy And Annihilate Many  The One To Sit Upon The Throne Of United Israel  faceless imdb buddha avatarbuddha avatar  buddha avatar  buddha avatar  Ruining A Spiritual Database Is An Awful Injustice   And The Wealth Of The Sinner Is Laid Up For The Just   mov     Psychopathy And The Characteristics Of A Cult Leader   Egypt Pyramid Human Sacrifice, Master Mason Word  keyhole$        Jesus Christ Tricked Many People Into Sinning  keyhole$    The Language Of The Psychopath Is Two Dimensional   dimensionu        The Soul Cannot Be Trapped Or Captured In Any Way   buddha avatar dimension dimension  boo  dimension dimension dimension   pearl keyhole$    Sigil to to help communication with Spirits   ps Sleeping Giants Rise From Though Resting Places   isla     ice world List of Antarctic islands south of 60° S   Maybe They Should Name Black Ops Into Black Diper Pup         If You Believe In Jesus Then Why Do You Need A Gun   raygun ?  raygun   ? I Was You But Now I Am And We Will See What I Will Be     And The Wealth Of The Sinner Is Laid Up For The Just      All The Experiences You Learned Had To Be Learned First   Life Is A Wonderful School For Learning And Amazement    The One To Sit Upon The Throne Of United Israel        And The Fallen Angels Of Satan Returned For Atonement   I Am With You I Am Here But It Is Not Yet My Time     I Am The Rock Of Offence And The Lord Of Hosts In The Flesh 


destroy button    flip square29°28'= koobs cat         Strangers In The Night Two Lonely People Meet   q words To ignore the past is to jeopardize the future  mov Evil Extraterrestrials Live In Hollow Earth      The Hosts Of Heaven Malevolent Pleiadian Fallen Angels  The Aliens Have Been Manipulating Humans Covertly         The Solar Deity Is Shining Upon The Illuminated   Narcissist Projecting His Actions On Innocent   The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune   Which Hand Does The Statue Of Liberty Hold The Torch     watchers fs flip square The Final Destination For The Watchers Of Saturn matrix code scan     Hope, Life, Happiness, I Will Destroy These Things    Twisting Your Mind And Smashing Your Dreams  Warning Skyfall Is Code For An Nwo Final Operation  isolator  End Of The Twenty Ninth Cycle Seven Fifty Four   Ascension Is Another Name For Rapture Of The Wicked   Become The Sky Take An Axe To The Prison Wall And Escape          Crimes That Are Considered Exceptionally Heinous   Is Trying To Scapegoat Others For His Evil Deeds   Hes Really A Christian But Hes Doing Really Bad  Things   I Wonder If The Name Of Satan Might Also Be Satan Christ     Thrones    metatron The Most Deadliest Angel Protector Of Jesus And God  metatron cube  I Indeed Baptize You With Water Unto Repentance   The Host Of Heaven Forgives All Those Who Repent     cherubim And The Four Beasts Had Each Of Them Six Wings About Him  Six Things That Might Prove Living Simulated     Three Days Of Informal And Off The Record Discussion    God Knew What He Was Doing When He Created Different Races  lap  diamond cut   With Divine Gene You Are Saved From The Apocalypse    The Moon Shall Turn To The Blood In The Last Days   handAnd Those That Keep The Fruit There of Two Hundred       Six Of Wands The Hierophant The Chariot The Hanged Man    The Canaries Today Consist Of Seven Islands Divided 


destroy button    flip square29°34'= koobs        apus rt ti    l The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field)    This Place Is Not Sacred Enough For Talking With God    Gematrix Simply Shows Both Sides Of Duality   m mayan nawal   The Messiah Is Specifically Described As The ‘Hand’ Of Y H W H  And Forbid Them Not For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven   And God Will Wipe Away Every Tear From Their Eyes      umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella          In The Bible It Says That Brokenness Is Strength    zombie bgate  Sceptrum Brandenburgium      java     Just Be Yourself And Everyone Will Be Smitten                                                               Alien Civilisations Underneath The Earth’s Surface  hand  Humans Imprisoned Underground By Reptilians    Forever Trapped Within The Depths Of Insanity  And When They Shall Have Finished Their Testimony     rainbow dragon      mayan nawal  Try Your Luck And Im Not Interested Anymore     scream_32   codbozombiesappleformula  Troubleshooting Trouble Shooting Zombies        Hackers Are Sometimes Like Invisible Super Heros  Psychopath Here To Aim It At Your Third Eye Blind  sagitar    ? See What Will Happen Is Not Real But Just A Show           blueprintstar  blueprintstar    Its A Type Seven Center Of The Known Universe ? tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher u     q words    List of United States immigration legislation    mcl raygun    Do Unto Others What They Have Done Unto You    watchersYou Would Not Believe How Many Already Are Awaken     Martians And People Of Mars Mars Cannot See The Sun    sparkdroidList of twin towns and sister cities in Serbia

destroy button    flip square29°40'= koobs capr   bibcont ?Surely you know, for you were already born !   The Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania      Every rule has an exception, including this rule swars sparkdroid Sometimes to create, one must first destroy                    The OS works best with 'plug-ins' and new 'skins'     

destroy button    flip square29°46'=  koobs wolf       Knowing the name of something gave power over it     Powers     Mutual Irregular Clocking KEYstream generator      Social sustainment of individual accomplishment      time capsule ?  List of cities by time of continuous habitation     

destroy button     flip square29°52'=  koobs guit djd      gstar                    isla    Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand   

destroy button    flip square29°58'= koobs      river cabels fix                       faceless mov  bellbell bell  be           mov       

destroy button    flip square29°64'=   koobs leom         flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Spain

destroy button    flip square29°70'= koobs  corv  faceless     faceless     bibcont  l ? ?   Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy    bibcont  Do you know when the mountain goats give birth?                There is no god but God; Muhammad is the Messenger of God     ?List of largest cities throughout history   List of twin towns and sister cities in Finland

  Can You Six Six Six Explain About Yourself     indian indian   I Will Love You No Matter What You Say Or Do destroy button   flip square29°76'= koobs ff    To Be Perfect Means To Make Mistakes And Learn From Them    Why Do You Search For Me In A Book Iam All Around You      ? You Think Im Not Nice I Will Show You Not Nice    Doing Nothing At All Will Make It Worse Not Better 

   Book Of The Intellectual Beings Life Living Experience    store    Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers   The Stone The Builders Rejected Has Become The Capstone  One Given To Or Expert In Dispute Or Argument   Key Is The Serial Switch, The Muslim Brotherhood   Order Four Four Six Four Zero Three Nine Nine 44640399   Wake Up And See The Horrible Truth About Your God     Yes Lord Host, God Is My Witnes And My Judge Too                 How Does Anyone Know Who To Trust Anymore  scream_32 Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County  codwatwar zombies codbozombies codbozombies     time capsule time capsule   They Put The Zombie Virus In H One N One Vaccines     Not All Chemical Drugs Work On Each Person But Why  mayan nawal  character in question canm character in question Every Pleasant Wisdom Words Who Paths You​       Science And Conditional Love Are Two Ways Of The Path  Thinks That If You Dont Love Him Then It Is A Crime   Uncover the truth -Internal organs damage by Coca Cola  Took Millions In Bribes And Criminal Laundered Money      I Know He Wont Tell Me Anything Its A Surprise  galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?  t  The New Moon Is Where The Sun And Moon Join Forces galaxvort   Ashes Were Kept In The Gatehouse Of The Beautiful Gate    galaxvort  galaxvort The Countdown Is Ending And We Have No Place Left To Hide    Twelve Twelve Twelve What Has Happened To Michael   Archangel Michael The Gates Of Hell Are Open They Like It, He Whom Is Satan     The Pit Is Located At The Galactic Center In Astrology      Its Lucifer Did I Mention The Army Of Werewolves   Ariel Liberty Gods Newborn Son Of The Millennium      movBees are genetically designed to recognize royalties        Is Stigmata From God, Or Is It A Demonic Manifestation     Fire Is Hot Ice Is Cold A Tree Is Often Green And Iam Not Old        69    ceti 96    Manche Sätze Ergeben Keinen Sinn Bis Man Mal Darüber Nach Denkt    bee mus        crabminor clb beehivecluster     Los Angeles Is My Home Town In This Present Life  ​     blueprintstar Birthday December Thirty One Nineteen Thirty One netshatter    Born December Thirty First Nineteen Thirty One        And His Spirit Within Him Is Pitiless As Bronze   Find Out How To Build An Auto Id Infrastructure      Phaeleh  – Whistling in the Dark    God Never Ever Killed A Single Human Only Animals Kill  Eating Spiritually Belongs To Every Human Being   Obama Using Hi Tech Attacks Against Orgone Warriors       Light In The Eyes That Can See And A Hand To Hold For The Blind ​           The Key Is To Prevent The Bad Things From Happening    God Told Me To Take A Helicopter To The Top Of Mt Hope  Im So Nervous And Excited I Hope I Will Be Able To Sleep  

destroy button flip square29°82'=koobs  network_connections   Let Him Who Has Understanding Calculate The Number Of    ? Three Parts of the Wisdom of the Whole Universe   writecode  Pleasant Wisdom Words Who Paths You    The Key Is To Prevent The Bad Things From Happening    Doing Nothing At All Will Make It Worse Not Better    Eating Spiritually Belongs To Every Human Being   Flying_Spaghetti_Monster Eat the Spaghetty to Forgetti your Regretti     God Told Me To Take A Helicopter To The Top Of Mt Hope  q words Your head is not aerodynamically proportioned  To Be Perfect Means To Make Mistakes And Learn From Them  The Country Depresses Me And I Dont Like The Language  arrow southarrow  How Does Anyone Know Who To Trust Anymore  I Know He Wont Tell Me Anything Its A Surprise  I Thought I Was Jesus But Now I Know Iam That Iam   The Gates Of Hell Are Open They Like It, He Whom Is Satan   Is Stigmata From God, Or Is It A Demonic Manifestation hellboy  Wake Up And See The Horrible Truth About Your God  Satan Thinks Being The Son Of Destruction Is Cool iphonew        Im So Nervous And Excited I Hope I Will Be Able To Sleep     flam          Find Out How To Build An Auto Id Infrastructure  You Think Im Not Nice I Will Show You Not Nice   I Will Love You No Matter What You Say Or Do    Light In The Eyes That Can See And A Hand To Hold For The Blind   One Given To Or Expert In Dispute Or Argument   The Stone The Builders Rejected Has Become The Capstone       Book Of The Intellectual Beings Life Living Experience  The Felidae Are A Feline Species Who Originate On Sirius A  The New Moon Is Where The Sun And Moon Join Forces  The Pit Is Located At The Galactic Center In Astrology  sparkdroid cipher solver  bear & lion   um   gp bee   Not All Chemical Drugs Work On Each Person But Why    They Put The Zombie Virus In H One N One Vaccines   Why Do You Search For Me In A Book Iam All Around You     herc     Obtain the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons   Special Economic Zones All Over The United States  Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County    flip squareList of twin towns and sister cities in Jordan   flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Georgia hand  flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Poland

destroy button      flip square29°88'= koobs   diid   flip square    The World Is Not Thy Friend Nor The Worlds Law    I Need Resolution Or Despair Will End Up Killing Me   It Cannot Be Denied We Are Near The End Of Time As We Know It       Resound Mighty Has What Has Righteousness Gate   cassiopeia  Walpurgisnacht April Thirty Twenty Eleven          Extraterrestrial Infiltration Of The Human Race lap Purchased From Brian A H P Compaq Six Seven One Zero B  For The Gifts And Calling Of God Are Without Repentance       Now The Birth Of Jesus Christ Was On This Wise   boo  gsm     pyxies repix        Transfiguration Of Christ Was Alien Technology      lucifer sigil small m     faceless    His Birthday December First Nineteen Seventy Six   And I Saw In The Right Hand Of Him That Sat On The Throne   t  faceless    mov Records Of The Grand Historian Jesus Bring Us Home     Jesus Proved His Disregard For The Holy Spirit    Now He Should Get Some Rest Even If It Is Difficult       Jesus And His Bride Saw The Valley Of Death Many Times    I Hope You All Find The Piece That Youre Looking For    digamma-stigma It Is Believed That Stigmata Is A Demonic Manifestation      Purim Is A Satanic Feast And A Holiday Celebration Of Satan    Mealtimes Are Not The Time For Argument Or Strife  lucifer sigil small  Lucifer Didnt Use His Heart And Thats Why He Became Satan    Two Thousand Ten Revelation Ten Satans Release   I Dont Have To Seed Deception I Have My Guards To Do So   bibcont Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm. He said:  drTerror    Iam That I Ams Truth Shall Send All Muslims To Hell       Historically Expressed Through Terrorism        faceless phoen Transvestite Boy Prostitute Of Afghanistan   She Needs To Stop Lying About The Dark Haired Moshiach   flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Lebanon      Moses’ Brother Aaron Placed An Omer Of Manna Into The Ark  bibcont The Book Of Proverbs Chapter Fourteen Verse Nine    vir matrix code scan    bibcont Harvesting the Earth and Trampling the Winepress  mov   We Come From Land Of Milk And Honey Looking For A Rose And  faceless    faceless He Will Be Given The Seventh Angel Trumpet To Blow    corv  The Energetic Library Of Your Soul’s Journey       faceless  Every Girl Every Music Everything Under Anime     She Is Unholy For Supporting Corruption     Anime Was Created For Me And I Was Created To Annoy PeopleThe Love Of Power Is Displaced By The Power Of Love    Few Men Of God Have Become Extraordinary People Of Faith     I Have Been Humbled Beyond The Understanding Of The Word        Please Remember No One Dies In This Love Drowned Lies  Im Not Criticizing Him If He Thought I Did Im Sorry    Narcissism In Its Most Extreme Manifestation   But For The Elects Sake Those Days Shall Be Shortened   The Lord Does Want Us To Know The Day And The Hour          Most Shocking Creature On God Creation History    Babylon, He Poor His Righteousness Wolf Goat Child     Moonlight Is The Pale Reflection Of The Suns Light    Gone Insane From The Pain That They Surely Know    And The Rust Of Them Shall Be A Witness Against You   The Exeption To The Rule That Proves The Rule   mov The Most Holy Birthday In Two Thousand Years  faceless  faceless  aqua      Everlasting But Understanding O Save Cry Stay      Mausoleum Forty Million Dollars Point Grey    ipeelawaystarhack  These Evil Beings Have Telekinetic And Psychic Abilities   November Twenty Two Nineteen Sixty Three Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng    But In His Place Shall He Honor The God Of Fortresses   National Security Agency Of The Soviet Union K G B  Given Names And Place Names Are Not Significant In Gematria   

destroy button     flip square29°94'= koobs   battery   Happiness Is By Choice It Is A Matter Of Perspective  t         koobs        rosecross       flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Israel

destroy button     flip square29°96'= koobs crabminor   time capsule mov     2,996 people died in the attacks

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