30th degree

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   flip square 30°00'=  gm  mc   fdutch   hand    Why Did He Want Her In A Painting When All Was Just Fake    Love Of Power Will Be Displaced By The Power Of Love Powers  They Will Try Everything To Make Us Separate west tree mount ichicoin  jedi order                 galaxvort  galaxvort ?        ?  t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvort     ipeelawaystarhack         69 l  dimension flip square lucifer sigil small     ceti 96       smwave smwaveLook For The Moon My Child For The Sun Is The Moon      smEclipses Are Opportunities For Energizing Change   blueprintstar  And All The Chambers Of All The Stars And All The Luminaries meteorshower        cent   pearl  clb pearl keyhole$  Sigil to help become literate in a language at your choice   c3po         43 equation solver don't panic robot flip square  thelema  lang       ast cb needle  cb      Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation -AMOC     Systems Are Being Used To Alter Earths Magnetic Field       mcl   rosecross Cups Swords Wands Coins- Tarot Four Suits      reactor Cern European Organization For Nuclear Research Lie   pisces  l  Crucifying Gods Written Word Over And Over Again  dor        My Terrestrial Fathers Initials Mean Alpha To Omega virPraise Our Creator From Whom All Blessings Flow    spheres templeAway From These Evil Tormenting People Forever   gm   dimension  rainbow band 777 buddha avatar  Seven Colors In The Rainbow Seven Days In The A Week mov      arch  clb pandora Why People Always Forget About The Box Of Pandora   mov mov  time capsule     l     p4  The Planet Jupiter Is The Ruler Of Sagittarius sagitar ?  mov Follow What Your Numbers Lay Out For You                Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others    lucifer sigil small New World Order Antichrist Government Revealed  Extraterrestrials Bring In The New Word Order    mov He Who Controls Jerusalem Controls The World     The Warriors Are The Shields But Alone They Also Die     Mister You Are Insane I Will Murder You One Day  How You Can Prevent Alien And Military Abductions       aqua The Second Big Bang Will Take Us Into The Age Of Aquarius     sparkdroid  List of twin towns and sister cities in Latvia hand  flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Macedonia 


 flip square30°06'= gm river cabels     In Astrology The Eighth House Is The House Of Death   Environmentalists Love Abortions Death Panels   meteorshower  meteorshower      High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program H A A R P    ?   Mind Control Handlers Prey On Lost Individuals  swars gear swars Whoever controls the Mind controls the Soul   The Energies Of The Seat Of The Soul Chakra For The Earth  The Federal Reserve Bank And The Trilateral Commission     Three Hundred A N D Seventy Five Trillion Reasons      aaaa grades   Inability to speak in a grammatically correct   cipher solver enigma   cipher solver seal mickey board circuit  ra fi  smwave  Extremely Rare Aggregation Of Complex Coded Eclipses smwave  lucifer sigil small  Lucifer The Programmer That Roots Out The Bad Eggs eg   I Am Lucifer, Even You Need Lamp For Your Activity    Has The Ability To Read Dna Sequences And Mind Patterns   The Human Race Is Mind Controlled By The Holographic Lie  fashion)   Help Me By Offering Me Your Absence And None Interference   Only The Wisest And Stupidest Of Men Never Change   t marked id disc     Feel It, Smell It And Taste It Saith The Lord Of Hosts   Spring Cleaning Of The Earth Two Thousand Twelve  Call Aliens To Help Dispose Of Our Radioactive Waste  bibcont To Curch In Ephesus This Is The Third Parable Of Enoch   I Hope He Will Find Peace Not For My Sake But For His Sake cipher solver  Destroy The Law Or The Prophets I Am Not Come To    libr gsm Liber Al Vel Legis Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz bibcont  Who Are The Two Witnesses In Revelation Eleven   sparkdroid  List of twin towns and sister cities in Denmark 


  flip square30°12'= gm  shī zi zuò Powers The power to see and understand things unknown    Atlantis Alien Visitation And Genetic Manipulation   I Am About To Succeed At Becoming More Powerful Than God Standing In White Light Does Not Mean You Are Holy    sparkdroid q wordsCancel my subscription, I don't need your issues   The Immune Lifted Stone Upon Prophet System  hand aqua    Blood Pressure Language The Mountains Of Creation  hand   Martyrs Of The Forty Ninth Gate Of Impurity The Cause Of The Illness And The Manner Of Sacrifice To Be Made     gsm Old Testament Chronology Holy Number Sequence      I Told God If Im Not Having Fun Doing It I Am Not Doing It        hand  flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Croatia hand flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Italy


 flip square30°18'= gm    cam     faceless   I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America             Egocentric Demands Upon The Time And Patience Of Others People Who Are Desparate Say A Lot Of Strange Things      And Be Satisfied With The Breasts Of Her Consolations    hand    Heavens Corruption Soon To Be A Nervous Wreck   hand  bibcont ?but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God  My God Sent His Angel And Shut The Mouths Of Lions  In God is all our trust, let us never be confounded   buddha avatar   And The Spirit Of God Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters       summer triangle  buddha avatar buddha avatar buddha avatar I Have Seen Jesus Christ In The Sky On A Cross Alive         buddha avatar   And In Them The Names Of The Twelve Apostles Of The Lamb ram690yb   Maybe Its Something Internal Youre Looking For   Much Conclusion The Including Songs Love Your  ipeelawaystarhack      cassiopeia  he  ? ?    The Issues Of Life Should Be Dealt With From The Heart   spheres temple jdd ti  ctoBut The Tongue Can No Man Tame It Is An Unruly Evil  43 equation solver ​      ast cb  cb         I Shall Proceed With Your Guidance To Light The Way         mov    And Any Rose By Any Name Is Still A Rose A Rose The Same   ipeelawaystarhack  Thrones       rwords metatron cube    metatron      ipeelawaystarhack     heart gear?  Naval Bases Have Dimensional Portals To The Planets       Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God         Dont Trouble Yourself Its Not Your Fault      My Shadow Is As Fast As Me But If Iam In The Dark Iam Faster          Higher States Of Consciousness Are Not That At All                                    Let the eye fast, let the mouth fast, let the ears fast         Dr. Schüssler Salt Nr. Four: Kalium chloratum DSix  do pi  pi  Ginko Biloba Tribulus Terestris Caffiene Magnesium       Street Lamp Interference Is Caused By Intense Feeling  sparkdroid Little Grey Alien Men Running Around As Im Half Asleep     Thrones   Around The Throne Were Twenty Four Thrones      People That Have Billions And Billions Of Dollars Hidden  Ive Heard Of People Planting Cocaine In Peoples Houses  It Cannot Be Denied We On Near The End Of Time As We Know It   cipher solver sealSeal of the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina    The Averse Pentagram That Invoketh Earth Taurus  sparkdroid    Its Impossible To Do Something Not Traditional  Can You Imagine Waking Up During Gallbladder Surgery      Jesus The Carpenter Builder Of Our Realm Died For Us   Yet Have Now Obtained Mercy Through Their Unbelief   All Whites Are Mentally Ill They Are Still On Earth  sw  darkside emperors  Carrying A Large Scythe And Clothed In A Black Cloak With A Hood   ??    ssList of streets and squares named after Adolf Hitler    Projects Onto Others His Own Shortcomings   The Most Psychopathic Person To Have Ever Lived The Most Narcissistic Person To Have Ever Lived  hand     hand flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Brazil  hand   Universal Gold Mining Corporation Oceans Group  flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Taiwan


  flip square30°24'= gm   per jellyfish hand jaguar double diamond sun clr  clb New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars  What Is So Special About Two Thousand And Twelve hand ori     For Two Years She Was Here And I Took Her For Granted   Psychopaths See Themselves As Superior Beings  No Means No Retard I Am Not Going To Worship You   Imitation Is Not Flattery When Mocking The Object  hand  Thoughts From The Ascetic Wandering The Universe  One Simple Question You Need To Ask Yourself  hand  He Fell Off A Ladder Had Two Broken Fingers And A Head Concussion hand  Stalking People Makes Them Even More Introverted  hand   reactor Cern Is A Portal For Extraterrestrial Entities  poppy_fairy_bug Rose_fairy   rose Apple_blossom_fairy apple_fairy dandelion_fairy_bug cocoa fairy choko peony_fairy_bug Look Hard Enough And You Will Start Seeing Things hand esher ascending & descending ichicoin    The Gulf Of Aden Stargate Magnetic Vortex Is Activated  List of Doctor Who universe creatures and aliens sparkdroid flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Mexico handflip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Thailand  handflip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Belgium   


 flip square30°30'= gm   um  hand   Slogan What We Do To The Earth We Do To Ourselves   How To Show The Truth To Whom That Cant See It     Fools You Didnt See Me Then And You Dont See Me Now      hand    They Have Divine Power To Demolish Strongholds hand  meter   pi    Where Is The Horse Barn With The Wooden Barrel Located    palace 1  law awl  dpri vir Science, Knowledge, Education, Experience, Time, Precision  hand mayan nawal  Two Super Important Things For You Today  Spiritual Gift Of Miraculous Signs And Wonders    I Wonder If Different Storys May Have The Same Ending  sw   I Will Walk This Path Until It Is You Who I Meet  The Condition Of Containing Or Being Covered By A Liquid  hand mov   Should You Ever Need Me You Know Where To Find Me hand   An Usurper God And Ruled By His Corrupt Minions   The Healing Power Of Gods Love Knows No Boundaries  hand flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Sweden 


  flip square30°36'= gm    arch  hand   ?  Worshipful Company of Management Consultants hand  The Creator Of The Total Transformation Program    In A Furrow Between Two Waves Of The Mercurial Sea    Technology Is Trying To Get Under Your Skin  Collectively Known As Smartweeds Or Pinkweeds    Take A Good Look In The Mirror And Speak To Yourself hand   The Serepnt Is Dead The Spirit Of The Virgin Is Lucid   Who Has The Best Ability To Move Jewels And Stones  hand flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Bulgariahand  flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Romania  sparkdroid  Anomaly XB-6783746   The Interdimensional Energy Grids Are Now Activated   The Moon, Sun And Earth Are All Part Of The Gaian System 


 flip square30°42'=  gm   cb sparkdroid   I Forgive Everything Why Is This Happening To Me  blueprintstar  phoen     hand mov   Failing To Practice Those Virtues That One Preaches   Can A One Virus Really Communicate With Another One    Nice To Meet U Too On This Fourth Dimension Altar    cipher solver  seal lucifer sigil small    Codex Babylon Reborn For They Shall Be Called Children Of God  great diamond triangle ast blackdiamondhand   hand  vir       Unprotected Organizations Of Hidden Global Umbrella    Colloidal Gold Might Be Useful For Some Medical Problems hand      ascending scarabei hand sb  hand          q words Some people are born lucky, some make their own luck 


  flip square30°48'=gm    tuc      cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$      Linked To The Biological Reincarnation Of A Deified Ancestor    tur   gate clb     It Is Not Their Eyes That Are Blind But Their Hearts ipeelawaystarhack    he   sparkdroid    cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$   Sigil to process and connect to the energies of night  Electronic Surveillance For Monitoring Targets   mov  He Is A Very Sorry Man And Im A Very Sorry Woman           You Are Not The Only One To Possess Such A Gift       See Numerology Teaches Those Who Pay Attention   sparkdroid     There Is A Perfection Of Righteousness And A Judge Above       Opposition signs The Psychotic Murderer Known As The Zodiac Killer netshatter   Sometimes A Lesson Has To Be Told To Not Come True    swars sparkdroid     Logo of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii  Grey Aliens From The Zeta Reticuli Star System


  flip square30°54'=gm   cor    the godfather  Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer   The Labor Force Is Dead Let The White Robot Take Control  eva awake Doppelgängers Are Often A Sinister Form Of Bilocation      egypt Osiris Resurrected On The Twentieth Of Ayther     cipher solver  I Release Thee In The Name Of The Father Son And Holy Ghost   lap  snake G-host of Jupiter p4 l  gba  trapghost   buddha avatar  ipeelawaystarhack    Have The Ability To Read Dna Sequences And Mind Patterns    Thirteen Plus Thirteen Plus Seventy Seven mayan nawal   And The Prophecy Changed Into A Happy Ending For All Of Them       aaaa grades   Excessive creation and use of personalmatrix code scan    neologisms hand mov movcham   End Is In Their Beginning And Their Beginning Is In Their End   mayan nawal  predator   King Solomon Made Himself A Chariot Of The Wood Of Lebanon  Alien Bases On Earth Also Known As Operation Centers  hand tron ljet    You Are As Far From Yourself As A Hawk From The Moon  hand  ar sb   I Wonder Where Children Get All Their Bad Spellings From   temp   cipher solver indian    aqua Where Is That Guy That Brings Water Into His Home Thought It Was Impossible For Us To Be Together  The Real Name Of Our Divine Mother Earth Is Lady Sophia     Of course Im Obssessive That How I Get Things Done   Satan Is Busy Til Not So Very Long From Today  God Told Her To Take A Helicopter To The Top Of Mt Hope   The Awakening Will Recode The Twelve Golden Sun Discs  Recode The Atlantean Master Crystals Of The Law Of One


  flip square30°60'=gm     pa sparkdroid  flip square Six Protons Six Electrons Six Neutrons  The Mark Of The Beast Is Receiving Demonic Possession  mov Left Brain Right Brain Left Hemisphere Right Hemisphere   tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher   ??   Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book      Let Excellent Virgins Evoke Rejoicing Son Of Night  Thank You Mother And Father For This Beautiful Time     Concentrate On What Is Pure And Good Ignore The Rest   The Northern Kingdom Refers To The House Of Isreal  swars void droid sparkdroid The Center Of Each Golden City Vortex Is Called The Star  And Between Those Crystals Tongues Of Living Fire  Minas Tirith Tree, Noting Is Easy And Nothing Is Hard  Unlock The Dreamscape Paradox Release The Hounds Of Hell        Human Sacrifices On The Summer And Winter Solstice   I Can Hear The Music Talking To Me And They Teached Me A Lesson   The Key Of David Is The Key That Unlocks Scripture  Twenty Three Twenty Seven South Latitude


    mcl    flip square30°66'= gm     cromi   swarsdarkside emperors sith holocronroute66 sw yoda jedi holocron swars   libr l   neogigaserv Principalities raygun    Visions Of Angels Coming Through The Clear Blue Sky   angels  Thank You Lord For Your Angels Of Holiness Sign   reactor ? Im Not Your Property And You Will See Soon    See Those Who Kept Me Captive Will Never Be Forgiven       You Are Number One Seven Two Five Four Nine Six    How Can I Ever Clear My Name Without Alot Of Trouble    Expires February Sixteen Two Thousand Eleven    gsm    q wordsSimple programming languages are bad because they are easy         cent  pearl   For The Conductor And His Purpose Is The Hidden Light          Karma has no menu  you get served what you  deserve cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver  ipo             king    The Most Evil And Sadistic Person To Have Ever Lived   She Has Breast Cancer That Has Metastasized To The Bones   l      hand    Growing Old Is Inevitable Growing Up Is Optional   jedi holocron sith holocron Bio Holograms Exist And They Use Them To Seduce Us       marked id disc cipher solver hand The Symbol Of The Castration, Dont Cut Yourself      hand The Global Sodom Extinction With No Tribulation      character in question We Are All Full Of Questions Like A Bottomless Pit    hand  He Treated Me Like A Business Project Not Like A Person    mov   Angelic Beast Versus Demonic Beast, Truth Will Out neogigaserv   hand Why Do I Always Feel Guilty When Saying Good Night  hand    Magic Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest Of Them All     The Rich Raise Wages With Money Supply Numbers  There Are Different Kinds Of Gifts But The Same Spirit  hand Waiting Hoping Guessing Doubting Fearing Exploding   mov hand   Bottled Up Tension Even When Tension Is Relieved  Sometimes The Police Acts Like The Axe In The Forrest   You Can Destroy Them By Shooting Magnets At Them   bibcont And Tetragrammaton Elohim planted a garden eastward in Eden dra  ethical triangle resort 2    bibcont ?Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth?   I Have Waited A Long Time To Find Someone That Felt Right     The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness   Do Not Fear Stand Firm On The Rock Of Righteousness   Has Time Tested The Great Daring Or Perpetuated Right 


  flip square30°72'= gm    dor    hand  ml And on the eighth day God said:   mov O.K. Murphy, you take over! yl   Sarkasm Does Not Feel Realy Cool If You Are The Target   The Power Of Imagination Is The Power Of The Christ   hand   canm  galaxvort sf    How Did They Get Synthetic Telepathy Technology  The Destruction Of The Current Heavens And The Earth     ? Someone Who Sees An Event And Reports What Happened  hand mov    Project Sigma Intercepted Alien Radio Communications            character in question canm character in question The Answer To Your Question Is So Obvious     reactor      q words      reactor    8 8 system          Working Under The Instruction Of The Humanoids   raygun  If You See A Rainbow Be Happy Because It Was Made For You     How Energy Vibrated Everything Into Shape And Form    numerology master    hand protate  nt  tm st   num guidance cards yl     And The Veil Was Lifted From The Eyes Of The Children Of God      Why Feeling Sorry When Thinking Of Doing It Right   hand   arrow southarrow  The Holy Spirit Is The Final Call Before The Apocalypse mayan nawal     Everybody Hates You When You Are A Prophetess   raygun meteorshower And I Heard The Voice Of Harpers Harping With Their Harps    hand   Your Feelings And Ideas Must Be Acknowledged And Considered   Verily I Say Unto You Who Are The Witnesses  Stop Killing Ourselves And One Another And Remember   hand  q words galaxvort cg Nothing like a ciggarette to remind you you're alive  


  flip square30°78'=gm    nt hand flip square hand     Answering Two Questions Simultaneously   The Fibonnaci Sequence Equals One Point Six One Eight       lucifer sigil small   In A World Of Fools There Remains Lucifer The Truth                    Yes The Number Eighteen Is Infact The Number Of Christ  king   The Couple That Prays Together Stays Together     astronautSee You Are A Natural Leader Claiming Your Birthright          The Coronation Ceremony Of The Appointed New Queen        cassiopeia he   hand  flip squareSurvival Informations, What Is Six Six Six  arch pandora Guardians Of The Lunatic Pandora It Is Time To Wake Up   l b3 y4   e1Lord Please Protect And Guide Us All On Our Life Paths        dove   cor  se        hand   International Sin Organization Main Office Location     weather switch  weather switch  weather switch weather switch   scream_32At Bohemian Grove The Ritual Is Called The Cremation Of Care  His Children First Then His Career Then Nothing Then Me      Do What They Tell You To Do Or Theyll Kill You       hand  ant cererus  can   svv canm        l  The Manifestation Of Heaven On Earth From Dark To Light        Breaking a mirror is said to bring seven years of bad luck ​   hand mov mt   The Work Of A Perfumer It Shall Be  Holy Anointing Oil    But The Sinner Being An Hundred Years Old Shall Be Accursed     smwave Moon9 hand List of twin towns and sister cities in Belarus 


  flip square30°84'= gm   ss hand   List of twin towns and sister cities in Ukraine   hand  mayan nawal  ipeelawaystarhack ichicoin     Presidential Commission On The Status Of Women   Sixty Six Years After Aleister Crowleys Death    hand mayan tree seeder west tree   hand     anStultum est timere quodvitari non potest   netshatterTo Release The Trapped Energy Of Anguish And Turmoil raygun  iph  ?  I Know The Day And The Hour And The Minute And The Seconds        character in question  character in question rosecrossRestless ques­tioning of superficial facts of being         aqua    Alien Dematerialization Rematerialization Process   The Manifestation Of Extraterrestrial Entities    Zombies Can Be Thought Of As An Existence Of Life After Death  hand  dra      Im Lightbringer, Even You Need Light To Read This Site  To Learn The Lessons Of Life In Order To Get To Heaven   Wer Kontrolliert Eigentlich Die Banken Elite Und Das Geld  bu   The Astrological Influences Of The Star Prima Hyadum 


  flip square30°90'=gm      you sparkdroid Life Is What Happens While Youre Making Other Plans    The Very Essence Of Babylonian Magic And How It Operates       Tarot Cards The Magician The Hanged Man The Wheel Of Fortune   Im Sure Now That All This Is Just My Imagination  Being Intelligent Makes One Miserable In A World Of Fools   A Hero Of Consciousness Rather Than Violent Action  One Of The Most Beautiful Sentences Ever Written    In The Sweat Of Thy Brows Shalt Thow Eate Thy Bread   International Organization For Standardization   Swift Code Is A Standard Format Of Business Identifier   q words Whom the gods wish to cipher solver  destroy buttondestroy, they first make engine start-off mov MAD  jd    The Egyptians Sacrificed A Lamb When The Sun Entered Aries To See Into My Eyes, Youll Find Where Murder Lies  sparkdroid mono clr  but   hercast but mov  This Whole Story Is So Surreal And Unearthly     Rainbow Girls And How They Are Sheltered And Protected   Holocraphic Technologie Exists But Who Has It Now   gsm Go And Speak With The Great Ones Not Gematrixdotorg  The Creator Was Same Person With Names As Follows     The Two Candlesticks Standing Before The God Of The Earth  The Annunaki Have Permission To Fire Upon The Earth  flip squareList of twin towns and sister cities in Europe jd  blueprintstar  Saturns Moons Dione Epimetheus And Prometheus

    flip square 9630°96'= gm    crabminor        An Extremely Rare Aggregation Of Complex Coded Eclipses   smwave  The Full Moon Eclipse Of June Fifteen Twenty Eleven smwave  Many Ritual Sacrifices At The Thirty Third Parallel    app ipo herc    Everything Is Interconnected To Monadic Divinity  For As Long As I Am In The World, I Am The Light Of The World    In My Universe Magic Exists If You Like To Have It       Am I Supposed To Stay Up All Night For Nothing Again   Does The Clay Say To The Potter What Are You Making  Is There A Good Chance I Will Be Successful In This Matter  Everyone Just Stop And Think What You Are Doing  Not In The Past And It Seems Not Ever In The Future   And He Translated My Spirit Into The Heaven Of Heavens   Easterners Are Known As The Fathers Of Astronomy 

      flip square31°02'=  jù xiè zuò     vir  cipher solver  69 galaxy arm       The universe is not so much made up by chance, as by luck     aqua system aqua spermatozoom  cent    clb pearl               pearl  keyhole$     Or Do You Intend To Keep Me Waiting Until Forever  ?   Nor Anything Hidden That Will Known And Come To Light    drknow emc qwave emc emc  I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details   calc calc  Zero Seven One Nine Four Six Three Four Nine Five           hand I Was Attracted To His Sweet Spirit And Gentleness  hand The Lyrics Portray One Being Trapped In Insanity   The Man Has Now Become Like One Of Us Knowing Good And Evil    hand His Only Desire Is To Inflict Suffering On Others  hand Is Forever Trapped Within The Depths Of Insanity  handShe Is Betraying God And They Are Fighting Over The Seals   handThe Person Suffering From Stigmata Marks Is Holy   And The Eyes Lost Their Color And Sparks A Long Time Ago      It Is No Secret That To Sit Quiet Is A Great Power            The Reason Why My Soul Chose To Incarnate On Earth       cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  Sigil do dispel and protect against all hexes and  curses                  river cabels  fix    God Im So Sick And Tired Of Having To Decipher Everything      gsm  Buried Within The Message Itself Is The Key To Decode It    The Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Meaning Revealed     In This Way The Man Grew Exceedingly Prosperous         And Shall Not Suffer Their Dead Bodies To Be Put In Graves      Current Flow Strength Beyond The Present Will  Holy Spirits Power Of Death Billions Of Sinners        hand   The Manifestation Of Extraterrestrial Humanoids  Children Get Abducted And Chip Implants Put In Their Nose    hand   Sadistic Torture In The Name Of National Security  hand They Want Me To Hack And Commit Illegal Crimes Then Frame Me  hand anq      Who Can Give Life To Dry Bones And Decomposed Ones At That   superna higher triangle   ? Chokmah Developed Within Tiphereth And Became The Son Of Man   ?  ?  ethical triangle resort 2   isla Islands Of The Blessed Is A State Or Place Of Perfect Bliss   sparkdroid flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Moldova 


    flip square31°08'= jù xiè zuò  rainbow dragon cipher solver  69 galaxy arm lap ti  apus rt    hand     Eighty Percent Of The Internet Is Hosted In My Brain   May Be A Screw Or Two Missing From This Characters Head   Nervous About Tonight Have No Idea What Will Happen  hand bibcont ? In the beginning of God's preparing the heavens and the earth  My Stars Are The Most Benevolent And Evil Together  I Am The Seed Of Enmity Between The Woman And The Serpent   Killing Someone Using Black Magic Is Not An Honorable Kill   Freedom Is The Right To Make Mistakes And Learn From Them   In The Name Of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit, Amen   bibcont ?Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!  These Evil Pleiadians Have Telepathic And Psychic Abilities  Whites Are The Only Conscious Race Above Top Secret    hand flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Estonia  We Have Clear Pattern, Paranormal Activity Involved   hand flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany    Sedona Arizona Has Been Known As The Electrical Vortex


    flip square31°14'= jù xiè zuò  pisces  cipher solver  69 galaxy arm  13   route66 69 96 route 99     Thrones   metatron cube   metatron  Metatron Is The Sword That Cuts Both Directions ori orion horse head sword     cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  
   Sigil to amplify the energies of the sigils around it      The Sun Of The Inner Earth Is The Center Of Your Mind  smwave   I Am Alpha And Omega The Beginning And The End The First And The Last       The Number Meanings Are Hidden In The Strongs Concordance       Deutsch ist one of many languages that are not English  lap  Walking Backwards Only Then It Meets Its Own Light   Natural forces persistently forcing drastic change   gigas serv   But She Doesnt Know That I Left My Urge In The Icebox         hand   Constant Disappointment Turns Love Into Hate hand    Androgynous Holy Spirit Wife Of Jesus Christ libr  l Make Commitments And Say Yes To Opportunities    mcl Too Much Prolonged Repeat Trauma To A Person Will    hand  Its An Unpleasant Journey Through This World  mib    Different Races Came From Different Places In The Universe  hand  Lucid Dreaming Where Subconscious And Conscious Meet   The True Messengers Of The Great White Brotherhood   sparkdroid mov  That Is One Small Step For Man One Giant Leap For Mankind  gsm  Gematrix Dot Org Crashing Lunar And Moon Satellites  Thank You To Everyone Who Has Input Helpful Data 


     flip square31° 20'= jù xiè zuò pup   cipher solver  69 galaxy arm sparkdroid  hand    faceless You dont really exist  let me prove it to you  cent    clb pearl         cipher solver seal cipher solver  seal bibcont  The sixth seal      is broken "and there was a great earthquake mayan nawal      superior spirits An Insane Fallen Angel Called “The Demiurge” Of The Old Testament      pearl  keyhole$  The Killers Detector Instrument- Silent Words       Sigil to help enter an altered state of Consciusness    I Need To Become A Better Man And To Remove Myself From Sin   You May Get Answers To Your Questions Here  mib mov imdb faceless mono Negative possibilities are multiplayng as we speak   This Is The True Message Of Seeing Multiples Eleven  hand   How Much Time Do I Have Left Yo Accomplish My Mission hand    Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng The Marriage Of Scorpius To Pavo, The Unholy Alliance pavo  handt    smwave  smwave         desert    handsnake    hydr   Maybe Antchrist Does Mean Anticross But I Dont Know   Jesus As I Die You Shall Comfort Me I Shall Fear Nothing   The Day The World Stops Turning At Your Peril      An Egocentric Philosophy That Ignores Social Causes apus  jdd gba  trapghost   keyhole$   Its Difficult To Get Rid Of Our Childhood Programming       


   flip square31°26'= jù xiè zuò  ori  cipher solver  69 galaxy arm  hand     Heaven And Hell Are Both The Same And Earth Is Not Part Of Them   His Love Is Destructive And Causes Nothing But Pain  Evil Extraterrestrials Live In The Hollow Earth  What You Sow Does Not Come To Life Unless It Dies     Magic Soul Mirror The Great Halloween Shaman Ceremonial  I Answer My Own Questions How Perfect Is This  Thank You For Everything I Dont Know About Yet  tron rider motogrid tron switch sparkdroid red tron-rider     Sometimes You Have To Let Go Somebody To Get Him Back    Dirty Little Secrets In The Private Mortuary   Has Seven Proteins And Eight Strands Of Ribonucleic Acid  hand Illuminati Has Caused Many People To Have Heart Attacks        If You Dont Try Cannabis You Shall Never Know God  handThese Are The Last Moments For Most People On Earth  q words Reach for the stars, or you'll never touch the sky


   flip square31°32'= jù xiè zuò  vela   cipher solver  69 galaxy arm       Telling A Teacher Something New May Make Him Laugh At You     Its Time To Clean Up And Make Heaven On Earth As It Should Be    q words If you think the i'mpossible, the incredible can come true     You Can Show A Man The Light But You Cannot Make Him See       This World Is Simply Electromagnetic Frequencies   pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Zero    Line, Cross, Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon  c3po r2d2  dial lines Where There Are Thermal Springs Are Minor Vortices     He Who Controls The Spice, Controls The Universe        Aliens Can Put Chip Implants Anywhere In Your Body mov  cent    clb pearl                seal Seal Up My Name In Your Forheads And Receive Salvation  bibcont ? You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God       pearl  keyhole$   Sigil to remeber important moments from  Past life                  hand        Stigmata Markings On Hands And Feet After Accepting The Lord       I Will Make Your Oppressors Eat Their Own Flesh     hand     Mountains Are Portals For Extraterrestrials   dimension Thirteenth Dimensional Being Vs A Fifth Dimensional Being  dimension            binary grid t   river cabels wr  fence grid t   ? If Something Bad Happened To Me I Dont Want To Know Yet  mov      The Heart Is Always True Without Any Exeption     em scan  Anxiety And Panic Begin With Digestion And Respiration       flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Russia


   flip square31°38'= jù xiè zuò   canm      boo  dimensionThe Twelve Disciple Warriors Of The Holy Spirit     bo  And They Have Power To Turn The Waters Into Blood   blood sample   time capsule  Platinum Group Elixir Together With Mineral Magic            piDr. Schüssler Salt Nr.One Calcium Fluoratum DTwelve  hand        My Natal Chart Configuration Is Called A Splash Pattern    The Radiation Belts Are Regions Of High Energy Particles       reactor        smwave The Illuminati Formula To Create A Mind Control Slave          character in question  character in question rosecross Ask A Silly Question And Youll Get A Silly Answer        Mathematics Cannot Influence Any Person Place Or Thing   keyhole$ thelema  mov mov handflip squareList of twin towns and sister cities in the Caribbean 


   flip square31°44'= jù xiè zuò  pavo   l cipher solver  69 galaxy arm    hand   Microsoft Corporation, Pentacle System Activated      International Society Of Krishna Consciousness  Forgive Them Father For They Know Not What They Do          Constant Bleeding Nose Could Mean You Have A Chip Implant  Virus Tricks The Brain Into Killing Its Own Body   And I Need A Doctors Confirmation That Everything Is Ok   The Symbol Of The Arc Is Imprinted On Every Right Hand      Most Protected Being On Earth Lives On The Line Of Giza    handflip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Argentina   The Great City That Rules Over The Kings Of The Earth   List of twin towns and sister cities in Austria    The Top Places To Find Vampires In The United States 


    flip square 31°50'=  jù xiè zuò  octans  cipher solver  69 galaxy arm sparkdroid flip square  Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles ? Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night hand  You Do Not Know How It Is To Doubt Everything     bu The Star Group The Seven Sisters Or A K A The Pleiades  tur oxo drum    Each Word Is One Letter Longer Than The Previous One    hand    Why We Always Blame Others For Our Own Mistakes  Life Has Killed The Dream I Dreamed And Turned It Into A Reality  hand   sphinx    Omens Showing You That You Are On The Right Path    If You Fight Your Fear A Enemy May Turn Into A Friend  If Involved In Illegal Activities You Will Get Caught  hand cipher solver    Good Health Is One Of The Greatest Things A Person Can Have  Take Care Of Your Vision Because You Cannot Replace It   This Is The Teaching In Which Dwells The Whole Knowledge  Number Eleven Is A Gateway Signifying Double Beginnings   When Enoch Was Three Hundred And Sixty Five Years Old hand     I Believe In Soulmates And Being With One Person For Life  I Wont Believe That I Am Free Until I See Things Manifest     ? List of stars with confirmed extrasolar planets      flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Paraguay       I Could Tell You The Answer But How About Free Will  smwave The Four Two Combination Of Solar And Lunar Eclipses    flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Indonesia  sparkdroid flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Slovakia 


    flip square31°56'=jù xiè zuò  beehivecluster  beehivecluster