40th degree

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   libr  l  flip square40°02'=capr vir   mayan nawal    High I Q People Knowing This Secrets, The Divine Operating System      reactor    raygun fatima-adjna A Note Having A Frequency Of Three Two Point Six Three Nine Hertz   se driver_mud      thelema     keyhole$     matrix code scan             mov piThis means pulling back the veil that hides alien interference in human evolution  hand I Take Pleasure In, The Psychological And Physical Suffering Of Others    Electronic Payments System Known As Swiss Interbank Clearing    Without Six Hundred Sixty Six How Polices Can Catch Criminals   Im So Glad That Corrupt Evil Lawyers Will Be Brought To Justice   hand Thinking May Be Hard But Accepting Things You Dont Want Is Even Harder hand   The Imminent Collapse Of Both The British Royal And The Vatican Power   Mystery Of Mysteries Versus Book Of The Concealed Mystery hellboy pyramid bstar raygun               The Expanded Energy Of The Planetary Crystalline Transformation  I'am One Of The Sons And A Protector Of Harmony And Unconditional Love  Unconditinoal Love Starts By Accepting Your Own Unique Self  Its Not A Threat But It Looks Like Were Moving Away From Each Other      If You Feel You Get Lost Try To Take A Break And Listen To The Music  Mother Earth Will Help Us But She Will Not Do Our Work For Us  hand  The Way We Will Have To Choose Alone But You Will Never Walk Alone  The World Is Your Playground And You Can Write The Script Yea   The Sycamores Have Been Cut Down, But We Will Put Cedars In Their Place 

   libr  l  flip square40°08'= capr rainbow dragon   hand cipher solver  8   br  ipo mclml Great ideas are never remembered and dumb statements are never forgotten yl     serpent cypher serpent  Some Harmful Influence Was Forcing You To Make The Wrong Decisions  rc  Rectification Is A Term That Describes The Energy That Is Released Today     Microstar Internationals Evil Deeds Exposed For The World To See  p8 Where Is Heart Position On Human Body He Who Makes Evil Technology   My Heart Tells Me The Truth Of God I Will Not Be Tricked From My Faith   Capsule Proteins Transfiguration Crystalline Structure eva awake  Awake You Who Sleep Arise From The Dead And Christ Will Give You Light   Wake Up See Shiny Plastic Faces That Are Slaves To The Grid Feels Good Man    Deep Inside I Know What Will Happen But Im Scared To Death I Might Be Wrong    Religion Is A Good Way To Start But Without Faith It Is Nothing    sparkdroid em scan  The Two Witnesses Refer To The Pituitary Gland And The Pineal Gland mayan nawal  boomerang  I Throw Into The Air A Fish It Circles And Returns To Me Like A Boomerang      The Earth And Human Kind Will Have Need For The Crystalline Transition  Spiders Are A Important Part Of Mother Earth And She Loves Them Too   Everyone Knows That The Queen Is The Most Dominant Piece In Chess    I Really Dont Like Her It Was Part Of Some Ultra Test Experiment   bu          Pleiades- Pleione Atlas Alcyone Maia Asterope Taygeta Celaeno Electra Merope    bu       Pleiadies Run Israel  boot rstarArcturians Run  Thailand Andromedans Run Bermuda astronautmcl     The Planet Was Quarantined To Use Humans As Farm Animals For The Gods   The Egyptian Calendar System Was Based On The Heliacal Rising Of Sirius  egypt godess can  pinwheel Forty Days From The Day The Dog Star Sirus Rises With The Sun sis  p12 raygun  ?  If Your Presence Does Not Go With Us, Do Not Send Us Up From Here       gsm  When You Add Real Names, Places, And Things To The Word You Get Truth   Its The Correlation Of The Sentences On The Numbers That Matters  calc calc

   libr  l  flip square40°14'=capr pisceshandswars  sparkdroid seal cipher solver  seal     hand   hand astronaut ti  

   libr  l  flip square40°20'=capr pup  Thrones   metatron   Housing Registry File Number One Zero Four Six Eight Two One   Metatron Is The Supreme Angel Of Death God Gives Orders To Metatron       Karmasutra- when the fate fucks you in all sorts of creative ways   reactor  l b3 y4  e1These Gods Were Called ’El Elyon’ And ’Baal Which Meant ’Lofty Mountain’ And ’Lord’ ’   I Saw The Mouths Of All The Rivers Of The Earth And The Mouth Of The Deep  All You Zombies Show Your Faces All You People In The Streets      Corrupt Christian Men Should Know God Sees Everything They Do   If Jesus Was Alive Today As A Man He Would Be Hidden And Living In Poverty  Claims To Be The Most Special Person To Have Ever Lived And Impunity  The Edible One Guilty Of Causing Jesus Christ Wonderful Erections meteorshower meteorshower You Can Dance The Rain If You Like In Your Shower But Please Not Here    Sadist Multidimensional Communication In The Crystal Vortex  Thats Crazy How Is It That You Can Communicate To Me In This Way     What Would You Do If Some Psychopath Was Using Black Magic On You   How Would You Feel If Some Psycho Ran A Knife Through Your Heart   Egyptian Word Meaning Bowman Referred To A Heavy Star Metal Sirius B      The Holy Spirit Is Going On Her Own After The Law Written And Judge  Those Who Judge And Condemn Others Will Be Judged And Condemned Themselves   Services Are Strictly Confidential And Protected By The Legislation astronaut Members Of The Andromeda Council Star System Membership Review Board   smwave  Solar Mythology Plus Lunar Mythology Archaeoastronomy   The Night Cycle Represents The Conflict Between The Animus And His Anima  raygun Schumann Resonance Frequency, Is The Same As The Earths Magnetosphere      gsm  gsm  gsm raygun ipo p8 mt  p18   Gaia Was The Goddess Or Personification Of Earth In Ancient Greek Religion  A Woman Ornamented With Gold So Profusely That She Seems To Be Gilded seed  serpent cypher     Buddhism Is Truth Mother Earth Alchemy It Is Not Very Complicated   Speak And Act As Those Who Are Going To Be Judged By The Law That Gives Freedom  The Greatest Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do  

   libr  l flip square40°26'=capr ori hand dra  alien king       

   libr  l flip square40°32=capr vela      " The universe is not reasonable, but it can be faced with energy and sanity"mcl     cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver engine start-off writecode        dimension dimension

   libr  l flip square40°38'=capr canm hand ra Opposition signs Opposition signs   dimension u Gematria Keeping Secret About Lucifer Even Using The Powerfull Altar  Two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate systemThe Serpent Masters Are The Race Of Jehovah And The Sons With The Elohim cherubimThey Will Look In Amazement One At Another Their Faces Will Be Faces Of Flame Over Each Flame Was The Opening Of A Tube Which Could Hold Water As A Fountain  faceless   How Do I Say This Subtlety Get Professional Help Woman Stalker q words  Having Metaphysical Abilities Means That One Is Likely To Have Been Abducted   Can You See And Feel His Brilliance And His Complete Control Over Little Me  Is Trying To Force People To Live A Lifestyle They Dont Want To       Ego Is The Biggest Problem And That Is Why The Need For Some Of Equality    mount capr Remember Those In Prison As If You Were Their Fellow Prisoners    aqua Omnipresence Fills The Bearer With All Of Lifes Hate, Anguish And Sorrow    piscesDont Believe The Lies They Are Saying About Her They Are Just Jealous  The Lies They Created To Protect Themselves Are Now Protecting Me       gsm  English Gematria Multiples Of Six Invalid, Multiples Of Nine True  Extra Degree Of Privacy Numbered Bank Account In Zurich Switzerland     You Are A Powerful, Incredibly Important Player In This Cosmic Game  Playing Is Safe Will Surely Get You Locked Up With No Way Out watchers    Sometimes You Gotta To Go Through Hell In Order To Get To Heaven    This Awakening Will Sequentially Recode The Twelve Golden Sun Disc  A Great Humble Man Connecting Gematria First Love My Sweetest Fruit  mirrortrees     ?  store store  store store But Of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, Thou Shalt Not Eat Of It     Indigo Activation Codes Within The Dna Structure Of The Human Vehicle    spheres temple spheres temple  Babylon Book Ambush Slandering Revolution, You Be Who You Are To Be  Dont Worry There Was Seven Million Frontal Lobe On This Planet  Piercing And Frontal Lobe Dark Energy, Who Is This, Why Trust You,  faceless Is Life Just A Strip From The Maternity Ward To The Crematorium The Good And Bad Will Start To Show With More Full Names And Birth Dates 

   libr  l flip square40°44'=capr pavo hand                 Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders

   libr  l flip square40°50'=capr octanssparkdroid iceboot boot mov  sparkdroid        swars sparkdroid  

   libr  l flip square40°56'=capr gp hand  bibcont And God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness swars sparkdroid     Deosil ⏰ It is a fact that every thing in universe moves counterclockwise sparkdroid iphonew iphonew     bibcont  If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go

   libr  l flip square40°62'= capr ant  I Invented Time Travel Before Albert Einstein Invented The Illuminati   swars sparkdroid drknow emc  qwave emc emcThe secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources   ?Sometimes It Is Useful To Struggle Because It Helps To Think Again   And That Is Something He Will Have To Live With For The Rest Of His Life  This Is My Comfort In My Affliction For Your Word Has Revived Me  mayan nawal   They cut out that which caused disease, exactly as a surgeon would do    A Micro Chip At The Top Of My Spine, Conducting Vibrational Frequencies hand  cipher solver  bear & lion       Dr Pillai Midbrain Miracle Method Awaken Your Brains Unlimited Powers   In Hebrew Elohim Is Usually Considered A Feminine Plural Version Of El  dra mc  I Suspect You Have More Than A Stuffed Camel Already So Its No Problem    Spiritual Warfare Prayers Will End Satanic Rituals Against You     I Dont Wish Her Any Harm I Just Want Her To Disappear From My Sight fuji How Are Humans To Explode A Planet When They Can Barley Inflate Balloons 

   libr  l flip square40°68'=capr gekohand  mov sis clr bp mov but herc ast but 

   libr  l flip square40°74'=capr meter hand   mayan tree seeder west tree delta cipher solver  bear & lion  iphonew  sparkdroid ichicoin  mayan nawal     drrotella  ?   Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb  Thermal-Detonator light_grenade

   libr  l flip square40°80'=capr silvercrown sparkdroid     vir brewery Block  information  transmission flow  of  anybody designated as enemy  =fi  fi pisces

   libr  l flip square40°86'=capr arrow sparkdroid wr ? river cabels   q words It's only funny until someone gets hurt… Then it's hilarious

   libr  l flip square40°92'=capr mock          Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do From Chaos Order   Denying The Interference Of The Creator With The Laws Of The Universe  Just As Oil Of Water Do Not Mix Neither Does Addition N Subtraction  All Is Natural Stuff Even Nano Ages Stuff See One Two Nine Eight Zero  We Will Give Heaven Only Before Death To Who Write Such Kind Of Words         iphonew iphonew    shī zi zuò      The Central Component Of A Rectilinear System Of Boulevards And Parks  The Mind Of Person Is The Mind Of His God Favors Him, Revealed With Gematria     R E M E M B E R How Short My Time Is Wherefore Hast Thou Made All Men In Vain    I Will Have To Die Again For You To See That I Am Telling You The Truth                   character in question  character in question rosecross     Try Asking Why More Often Gods Truth Cannot Stand Up To Doubt   bu  thelema   Taurine Is One Of The Few Known Naturally Occurring Sulfonic Acids    When Being Mean Is Tolerated, Bullying Is A Natural Outcome Bullies Kill     bo   The World Is An Illusion It Is Simply Electromagnetic Frequencies meteorshower  meteorshower       pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse  umbrella  Our Unalienable Rights Are Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness   Elected “Persona Grata Welcome Into A Group With Happiness And Kindness   Well Established Records Of Engaging In Terrorism And Political Violence          nz  scream_32 scream_32 scream_32  The Order Of Skull And Bones Meet Every Thursday And Sunday Of Each Week       The State Of Israel Will Suffer This Time For Not Recognizing Me Again  HE Is The Last Light You Will See Before You Are Cast Out Reprobates      reactor   q words      reactor    8  8 8 system            raygun           The Province News Paper Article Titled In Strength There Is Beauty     Mars Makes A Conjunction To Uranus In Aries On March Twenty Second    herc     cererus  The Twelfth Labor Of Hercules Was To Capture Cerberus The Three Headed Dog     cererus  can   svv canm      And The Angels Which Kept Not Their First Estate  Aka Bringers Of Misery    Money, So They Say Is The Root Of All Evil Today It Came As A Heavy Blow   How Do You Lose Natural Blessing Not Giving Crops Every 7 Years   No I Want You To Pay Me For Allowing You To Live Amongst Me As A God        pisces   He Eats Three Pieces Of Chocolate With One Cup Of Tea gtea javaFor Breakfast Every Day        scream_32 buddha avatar scream_32 Hismael          p4  matrix code scan matrix code scan     matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  java scream_32Astrologically it is associated with Pisces and Jupiter retrograde    My Journey In The Wilderness Finishes July Twenty Fourth    Fear Of Doing Something Wrong Means Doing Nothing Means Doing It Wrong       Something Much Better Happened We Got To Get To Know Each Other Better    I Am Sorry But I Do Not Care About Which Godhead Kills Who But Humanity   And Thou Shalt Go To Thy Fathers In Peace Thou Shalt Be Buried In A Good Old Age       The Elders And Dignitaries Are The Head, The Prophets Who Teach Lies Are The Tail    How To Communicate With The Great Red Dragon, The King Whom Is Awake Now    We Worshiped The Masculine For So Long Now The Feminine Must Be Balenced  mayan nawal            Its Not A Matter Of If, Its A Matter Of How, In Regards To Satans Killing      Chained Dracos The Cosmic Satanic Messenger, Allah Is The Savior Show Me Way     Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin dra  rainbow dragon The Dragon Gives His Power To The First “Beast”, Who Is The Anti Christ     Confidence Is Preparation Everything Else Is Beyond Your Control      Everything You Undertake Will Be Crowned With Absolute Success    43 equation solver   And Power Was Given Unto Him To Continue Forty And Two Months   aaaa grades an superna higher triangle Binah-Understanding  ?   Its All About The Word, Understanding What It Means And How To Use It 

   libr  l flip square40°98'=capr  cererus  writecode engine start-off It Doesnt Matter Which Path You Choose To The Creator If It Works    I Went Down Into The Garden Of Nuts To See The Fruits Of The Valley    cam    Eighteen Symbolizes The Universal Divine Covenant Of All Religions         character in question canm  character in question  Paper In Fireplace Trickery Or Trance Question Mark Question Mark   God Judges Us With Righteousness And Forgiveness And God Never Lies  ?  Because I Know All Their Dirty Little Secrets These Evil Men Want Me Dead   Nature Is Cruel Man Is Evil The Creator Must Also Then Be Evil And Cruel   Insvestigation Jump The Gun The Holy Hands Of World Extinction  raygun aqua system smwave   smwave           Fehu governs the capacity to hold this luck and use it like a magical ability   engine start-off On Three Twenty Push The Double New Beginnings Restart Button     Purify Sixty One Thousand Three Hundred Forty Four Hours   Tesseract, Gematria Is Changing My Outlook On Life And Increasing My Faith    My Portals Are Mad Of All Coulours But I Still Perfere Gree The Most      lap      He Who Brings Out The Starry Hosts One By One And Calls Them Each By Name blueprintstar  This Is Right Eye, Did You Know Where Is Ark Of Convenant Box, Gematria        ? The Kingdom Of The World Has Become The Kingdom Of Our Lord And Of His Messiah   m   In Spite Of Your Fears, The Worst In A Troubling Scenario Is Over   Why Stalk Innocent People Who Just Want To Live Their Own Life    Cheating A Game May Be Funny But Not For Those Who Do Not Know About It     Auto Id Infrastructure Provides Total Business Visibility     Long Legged Italy Kicked Poor Sicily Into The Middle Of The Mediterranean Sea       I Dont Have A Clue What Will Happen But I Cant Wait For It To Be With Him Again     The Mars Pathfinder Landed At Nineteen Point Five Degrees Latitude On Mars  swars  vela  mc   fdutch    pup  sm  sparkdroid vela     Group Of Satellites Developed As The Vela Hotel Element Of Project Vela  Velostat Electrically Conductive Plastic Stops Blocks Control    Excuse Me While I Have Telepathic Communication With Your Child And Wife  


   libr  l flip square41°04'=fornax   hand cetswars sparkdroid fs  galaxvort so        zombie liberty statue Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island and Liberty Island

   libr  l flip square41°16'=fornax  sw    q words  For every action there is an equal and opposite government program   777  The Phrase “Solve Et Coagula” Literally Means “ Solution And Coagulation  We Live I A Selffulfilling Prophecy But Do You Know What Prophecy  hand  Why There Are So Many Ritual Sacrifices At The Thirty Third Parallel     cent    clb pearl    Human Design Order Number Nine Four One C Zero Two Three Three Seven       pearl  keyhole$ Sigil for overcoming obstacles and symptoms of neurological disease   Masochist Is The Strong Of Silver, New Beginning Of Consciousness   Im Sure I Will Be Ok And I Hope That What Will Be Said Wont Hurt Him Either     Magic Square Of Saturn Four Nine Two Three Five Seven Eight One Six   mov imdb faceless   Her Harvest Project Appointment Is The Same Day As The Harvest Moon     reactor  The Truth About The Cern European Organization For Nuclear Research  mov  unobt Remote Subsurface Exploration For Minerals And Energy Resources  Military Rounding Up People For Concentration Camps And Martial Law  


   libr  l flip square41°22'=fornax hand catch22 dove river cabels 

   libr  l flip square41°28'=fornaxhand cat

   libr  l flip square41°30'=fornaxhand gm  swars sparkdroid egypt godess shb u ? mkgsAKmolcdradsrHzNPaJWCVFΩSWbTH°ClmIxBqGySvkat

   libr  l flip square41°34'=fornaxhand     mov       q words  The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world that God exists

   libr  l flip square41°40'=fornax  caprhand capr cipher solver  bear & lion   ws     iphonew       east tree west tree  north three  south tree  spg    ho   

   libr  l flip square41°46'=fornax hand wolf

   libr  l flip square41°52'=fornaxhand  guit    diid cipher solver  bear & lion sb        

   libr  l flip square41°64'=fornax hand leom    t marked id disc cipher solver  bear & lion  clb jewel diid       aaaa grades Inability to pronounce, not due to muscle paralysis or weakness 

cipher solver seal cipher solver  seal  islaThe Seal of the Territory of the Virgin Islands of the United States

   libr  l flip square41°70'=fornaxhand corv smwave    ml Whatever you want, you can't have, what you can have, you don't want

   libr  l flip square41°76'=fornax hand  ff rc spheres temple t iso List of International Organization for Standardization standardshand 

   libr  l flip square41°82'=fornax hand network_connectionsswars sparkdroid  q words True Powers power comes from knowledge? Knowledge comes from understandingBinah-Understanding ? hand   

   libr  l flip square41°88'=fornaxhand  diid flip square arch paintboard  gt  sparkdroid   sparkdroid  swars sandppl  

   libr  l flip square41°94'=fornax hand battery 

   libr  l flip square42°00'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  hand   fdutch

   libr  l flip square42°06'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish     hand mov  galaxvort stwins clr  bp  maybug  but ast but   hand   

   libr  l flip square42°12'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  swars sparkdroid arrow    


   libr  l flip square42°18'=cb 43 equation solver    per per jellyfish   It Has Been Given To You To Know The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of Heaven watchers PrincipalitiesCan You Are Archangel Of Desire And The Beast Of Earth Explain How To Survive   hand aqua    bibcont Revelation Eleven Two Witnesses Prophesy Seventh Trumpet    Socialist,,,,, Socialist,,,,,, Socialist,,,,,, God, Eternal Value When Do Witnesses Die  Skull And Bones Rule Number Eighty Eight Requires A Unanimous Vote  faceless The Kings Magicians Are Performing A Ritual To Venus And Her Sister Eris   egypt      International Conference Held In Copenhagen To Discuss Ways To Ban Orgone   l keyhole$ Orgone Pipes In The Ground Will Kill Aliens In Underground Tunnels          What Part Of Yourself Would You Discard So That You May Become Free    You Must Let Go Of Your Ego And Recognize The Whole Of You And Beyond  libr l   Unrealistic Fantasies Of Success, Beauty, Power, Intelligence, Or Romance   The Housing Registry File Number One Zero Four Six Eight Two One  Only Current Words Found That Have Real Meaning Can Be Used In The New Book     reactor   Why Dont You Help Me Optimize The Beast Computer You Know Who q words      reactor    8 8 system      Experience Unparalleled Levels Of Awareness, Insight And Self Fulfillment       raygun          Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng    Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds​  If Only She Knew The Truth She Would Love Me Too Unconditionally  And I Will Redeem You With An Outstretched Arm And With Great Judgments   Dont Be A Fool And Think You Are The One He Has Many But He Loves Only Himself   Dont Always Trust First Impressions But Give Them Some Credit  She Requested Land And Millions Of Dollars By The “Bilderbergers From Holland,”   Claims To Be The Most Special Person To Have Ever Lived And Is Unaccountable  No Sin Is Condemned For Those Who Repent Let Not These Lies Fool You     Who Am I And Who Are You And What Is All This About And Im Done Playing This Game    smwave      smwave   The Lunar Eclipse Usually Brings Endings Andor A Culmination Of A Matter     The Number Of Hours Of A Solar Eclipse Is The Number Of Years Of Affliction   Noon Six Five Three One Grays Four Zero Three Ten Twenty Seven flip square    I Will Make You Fishers Of Men, And You Will Bring Them Unto The Fish Gate     Alpha Neoendorphin Language Of Light, Heavens Gate, Jesus Returns To Earth   The Ones That Can See Me In Gematria Will Begin To Understand The Mystery  libr l  If You Dont Believe, Come And See Me, And I Will Teach Thee, The Greatest Mystery  I Am So Grateful For Gematria It Is The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me  hand?List of border towns in the United States with portmanteau names


   libr  l flip square42°24'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish hand

   libr  l flip square42°30'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  hand gm ichicoin       

   libr  l flip square42°36'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  swars sparkdroid   bibcont ?And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darknessswars

   libr  l flip square42°42'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish   hand        bibcont ? serpent Make a snake and put it up on a pole; ?    anyone who is bitten can look at it and live rc  ? ? Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning or the Primeval Lord of Heaven

   libr  l flip square42°48'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  tuc t marked id disc hand ichicoin  sw         hand   blueprintstar   q words  The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn't exist

   libr  l flip square42°54'= cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  libr  l The Number Eleven Is Made Up Of Two Ones Signifying Double New Beginnings  sparkdroid     Cameras And Spying Devices Were Planted In Her Apartment While She Was Out   I Have Just Finished Connectiong With The Illuminated Ones Rothschilds    If You Think Spiders Are Ugly How Do You Think Do They Feel About Us   Satanic Rituals Being Performed Against The Orgone Warriors Network  Warrior Purchased Three M Velostat Conductive Plastic Drum Liners    Make A Gear Without Using Calculator Who Controls The Subconscious         Get Your House In Order Means Get Your Head Cleaned Out From All The Mess       I Can Only Imagine When All I Can Do Is Forever Worship You I Can Only Imagine  Clones R Cursed They Will Never Reproduce Or Live Another Generation    Can You Imagine Discovering How To Push The Restart Button On Time   The Freemasons Oath To Cross Every T Refers To An Isosceles Triangle   A Real Paradigm Shift Is Coming The Gears Of The Disease Machine Are Slowing To A Halt     faceless q wordsTo be angry at people means that one considers their acts to be important  Some Sentense Do Not Sound Right Until You Understand The Meaning   Lies And You Fill Their Souls With All Oppressions Of This World    galaxvort sf rose   The Denver International Airport Scandal And Its Secret Underground Base    hand  mov  clr bp  maybug  but  herc    And The Lord God Almighty Gave Him This Name For All To See That Truly Believe    ast but   Lyrids Meteor Shower April Twenty First Two Thousand Eleven

   libr  l flip square42°60'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish sparkdroid   ml Whether things can go wrong or not, it depends on your frame of reference  yl   hand lilium        Block transmission of  the wheel of wisdom and seventytwo names of god  swars sparkdroid fix blueprintstar  q words If at first you don't succeed, look in the trash for the instructions

      route66   libr  l mcl flip square42°66'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  swars darkside emperors sith holocron route66 sw yoda swars jedi holocron sparkdroid cipher solver  bear & lion    sparkdroid    

   libr  l flip square42°72'=  cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  dorsparkdroid    bibcont?while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?            river cabels  fix  ori ori lstar astronaut astronaut lstar

   libr  l flip square42°84'=cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish He Isnt Really Muslim And They Arent Really Christian They Are All Demonic blink an Viruses Seem Like Little Tiny Computer Programs Which Were Created    Twin Serpents Wind Upwards Out Of The Four Into The Three Divine     Stand Firm And You Will See The Deliverance The Lord Will Bring You Today   Millions Of People Begin To Understand The Number Of The Written W O R D   All Peoples Will Live By The Word, When They Learn How To Use The Word   The Two Witnesses Are Sent To Hell And Back In Order To Break The Matrix Code     He That Taketh Not His Cross, And Followeth After Me, Is Not Worthy Of Me    ss sparkdroid moolook   Genetically Modified Foods Have The Potential To Genetically Modify Humans   Basically It Is Saying Man Is A Beast And Everybeast Of The Feild Is Chaffe In The Wind   The White Man Need To Stop Whoring Himself Out For Power All Over Again  The Illuminati The Masons All Were Deveived But Them Also Will Be Forgiven  Stop Trying To Turn People Into Cookie Cutter Copies Of Each Other   He Said He Was Sorry For Having Done Nothing But He Is Still Doing Nothing       Why Are You Calling Me Names Without My Permission In My Own Dream   See Success Is Thy Proof Argue Not Convert Not Talk Not Overmuch   Someone Who Rose From Lowly Beginnings To Achieve Worldly Success   ori   great diamond triangle shī zi zuò You see the world through a different lens; on the edge of the establishment    The Book Of Rememberance Has Been Opened, Now We Shall Know Them By Their Fruit    The Pyramids Were Build In Harmony With Nature And Not By Slavework     You Have Let Us Suffer For Too Long In This Pseudo Government Scam  The Most Powerful Bank In The Entire World, Has Just Announced ‘The Crash’   Swiss Financial Transactions Using An Electronic Payments System    

    libr  l flip square42°90'= cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish  you  go           Slander Time Machine Restless The Point Of Gematrix, Gray Cat In A Graveyard    catmov  Disobediant Children Can Be Seen By Their Words Because Their Numbers Dont Match     numerology master catseye catseye   numerology master       Unblock  information  transmission flow  of  anybody designated as enemy  go  Messenger Of The Gods Guide To The Underworld God Of Thieves And Trickery   All Of You Keep Terrorizing Me But When I Try To Leave You Sabatoge Me  Projects Onto Others His Own Shortcomings And Negative Emotions       Would Love To Chop You Into Piece And Fry You With Hot Oil And I Will   ? And This Is Why God Must Speak Through Me, A Child There Is No One Else Available    A Parrot Listening And Then Talking, Repeats A Conversation He Has Overheard     matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan se driver_mud    l I Believe In Heaven Through The Worst Of Hardship Sickness And Poverty    If The Mind Is Happy The Body Is Healty Is The Maind Sad The Body Starts To Die   How Would You Feel If Someone Was Using Black Magic Maliciously On You      I Have To Choose Among Several Possibilities And I Might Misunderstand It      It Feeds It Feeds It Grows It Grows It Clouds All That You Will Know   If You Want To Stay Safe Fear Tells You To Stop What You Are Doing   The Ruling Royal House Of The United Kingdom And The Commonwealth Realms      Ferris Wheels Are Placed On Energy Lines For Use In Sun Rebirth Rituals    And Whoever Does Not Carry Their Cross And Follow Me Cannot Be My Disciple    I Am Telling You That I Am Important To Show You Your Importance ? Even Tho I Know Then Ending I Still Cry All The Time Waiting For It To Come  The Truth Is In Him So Everyone Stop And Listen There Is Still Time   cent    clb pearl            pearl  keyhole$    Sigil for causing someone extreme distress whenever they upset me   The Biggest Discovery That Will Shake The Earth, It Will Never Be The Same Again  bo  fiscan  Use Nature To Guide And Protect You And Use Science To Protect Nature    You Are Receiving A High Amount Of Respect From Certain Influential People    Do Not Through Action Or Inaction, Cause Another Human Being To Come To Harm  mov  You Guys Think Too Much Just Relax And Have A Drink Of Pure Clean Water  pi Project L U C I D Beast Six Six Six Universal Human Control System   Unrolls The Great Vision Of The Creation And Destruction Of The World  There Is Nothing Scarier Than Satanists Being In Control Of This World   We Shall Bring You To Absolute Truth Absolute Light Absolute Bliss     Apple Is The Most Annoying Computer Company In The Entire Universe   Works For A Computer Programming Company Tied To The Canadian Military  The Usa Is Collapsing And There Is Nothing I Mean Nothing You Can Do About It   


   libr  l mcl  flip square42°96'= cb 43 equation solver  per per jellyfish   handcrabminor  96 sparkdroid      mclHow to Reset Your Internal Programs to Attract What You Want raygun  ?

   libr  l flip square43°02'=can virhand   cipher solver  bear & lion   go    

   libr  l flip square43°08'=can rainbow dragon hand       

   libr  l flip square43°14'=can pisces mayan nawal sparkdroid guit  sparkdroid shī zi zuò ascending scarabei  

   libr  l flip square43°20'=canpup  hand cb ? 43 equation solver flip square     "Answer to The Ultimate Question of Lifefs dipscr  dipscr , the Universe, and Everything     You Can Mix Up Languages And Words But Universal Truth May Prevail               mov The Zero Theorem: The universe ends as nothing, rendering life dipscr  dipscr meaningless–> fs  dipscr dipscr void icon   A Dumb And Foul Spirit Causing Confusion Not Knowing The Law Of The Word      Melatonin And Serotonin Facilitated Extraordinary Life Spans Of Anunnaki   keyhole$ If The Microcosmos Shapes The Macrocosmos What Shapes The Microcosmos   God Is A Construct Created By Greedy Men To Oppress The Fearful And Weak Minded    They Fear The Stars They Told Us They Are Satanic But Thats Not True    You Are Pleasing Some Of The People And They Are The Most Influential Ones     The Triumphant Messiah Mounting Up To The Summit Of The Arch Of Heaven    thelema  I Am The Consequence You All Will Have To Face For What You Did To Humanity    mov mov           cipher solver  bear & lion   All Cannabis Use Is Medical Whether You Understand The Science Behind It Or Not      If Only I Had Known About His Problem Earlier Everything Makes Sense Now      We Are Called By Spirit To Provide A Completion And Release Of Painful Energies   Satan And His Legion Shall Drop Into The Bottomless Pit Of The Universe    I Hardly Know How To Keep Going Anymore But This Seems To Be Never Ending    A Whole Year To Use This Power To Get What We Both Know You Deserve   Antichrist Is Anyone That Does Not Believe That Christ Has Come In The Flesh    Giving A Real Apple To Starving People Is Better Than Selling Them Iphones 

   libr  l flip square43°26'=canori hand   swars  sparkdroid snake hydr  per zoom zoom jellyfish hand blueprintstar  

   libr  l flip square43°32'=can vela hand        hand netshatter lotr flag gem   

   libr  l flip square43°38'=can canmsparkdroid lap    hand owly canm       

   libr  l flip square43°44'=can pavo project sparkdroid cipher solver  bear & lion   sparkdroid wolf wolf  

   libr  l flip square43°50'=can octans sparkdroid           When we surrender to definitions, our energy becomes stagnated, or blocked  seed  

   libr  l flip square43°56'= can gp  The Dark Control Grid Gives Us Access To Every Piece Of Your Technology  mayan nawal          If One Side Of The Mirror Is Considered An Illusion Then So Is The Other Side   The Creator Of Life And Everything That Exists Past Present And Future    Every One For The Fruit Thereof Was To Bring A Thousand Pieces Of Silver swars sparkdroid  blackdiamond sparkdroid blackdiamond  Staying On Mother Earth Or Going Through Her Portals May Set Us Free    But When The Spirit Of Truth Comes He Will Guide You Into All Truth   The Alien Trilateral Insignia Is Displayed On Their Craft And Their Uniforms  And In The End The Cycle Shall Be Still And All The Voices Raised Unto A Single Sound   If You Get The Chance To Be Born As A Human Mammal Dont Do It Because It Just Sucks   Those Within The Saturn Matrix Are Completely Insane From Both Sides    If You Use Bad Interpretation A Good Word May Changes Into Something Evil     All Things Were Made By Him And Without Him Was Not Any Thing Made That Was Made     Beginner’s mind and presence as a tool for consciously creating a fresh start   Jupiter Is A Red Dwarf Planet The Sun Is A Red Dwarf Star Orbitting Pluto  Then Was The Part Of The Hand Sent From Him And This Writing Was Written   Do Not Involve Anyone In Something They Do Not Want To Be Involved In 

   libr  l flip square43°62'=can ant hand sb   iceboot boot       hand   protate nt  tm st palace 1 diadem dia     mov egypt pyramid pyramid java  gtea matrix code scan cipher solver  temp temp temp

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