40th degree

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            flip square40°02'=capr vir   The Way We Will Have To Choose Alone But You Will Never Walk Alone   mayan nawal    High I Q People Knowing This Secrets, The Divine Operating System      writecode   The World Is Your Playground And You Can Write The Script Yea   faceless pi     pi  Unless your name is Google stop acting like you know Everything ?   ? Thinking May Be Hard But Accepting Things You Dont Want Is Even Harder        reactor      smwave pandora  pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse A Note Having A Frequency Of Three Two Point Six Three Nine Hertz  faceless mov piThis means pulling back the veil that hides alien interference in human evolution     Without Six Hundred Sixty Six How Polices Can Catch Criminals    se driver_mud      thelema     keyhole$     matrix code scan             hand I Take Pleasure In, The Psychological And Physical Suffering Of Others     Im So Glad That Corrupt Evil Lawyers Will Be Brought To Justice   Electronic Payments System Known As Swiss Interbank Clearing    hand   The Imminent Collapse Of Both The British Royal And The Vatican Power   Mystery Of Mysteries Versus Book Of The Concealed Mystery hellboy pyramid bstar raygun               The Expanded Energy Of The Planetary Crystalline Transformation  I'am One Of The Sons And A Protector Of Harmony And Unconditional Love  Unconditinoal Love Starts By Accepting Your Own Unique Self  Its Not A Threat But It Looks Like Were Moving Away From Each Other      If You Feel You Get Lost Try To Take A Break And Listen To The Music  Mother Earth Will Help Us But She Will Not Do Our Work For Us   The Sycamores Have Been Cut Down, But We Will Put Cedars In Their Place 

          flip square40°08'=  capr rainbow dragon     cipher solver  8   br  ipo mclml Great ideas are never remembered and dumb statements are never forgotten yl     serpent cypher serpent  Some Harmful Influence Was Forcing You To Make The Wrong Decisions  rc  Rectification Is A Term That Describes The Energy That Is Released Today     Microstar Internationals Evil Deeds Exposed For The World To See  p8 Where Is Heart Position On Human Body He Who Makes Evil Technology   My Heart Tells Me The Truth Of God I Will Not Be Tricked From My Faith   Capsule Proteins Transfiguration Crystalline Structure eva awake  Awake You Who Sleep Arise From The Dead And Christ Will Give You Light   Wake Up See Shiny Plastic Faces That Are Slaves To The Grid Feels Good Man    Deep Inside I Know What Will Happen But Im Scared To Death I Might Be Wrong    Religion Is A Good Way To Start But Without Faith It Is Nothing    sparkdroid em scan  The Two Witnesses Refer To The Pituitary Gland And The Pineal Gland mayan nawal  boomerang  I Throw Into The Air A Fish It Circles And Returns To Me Like A Boomerang      The Earth And Human Kind Will Have Need For The Crystalline Transition  spi Spiders Are A Important Part Of Mother Earth And She Loves Them Too   Everyone Knows That The Queen Is The Most Dominant Piece In Chess    I Really Dont Like Her It Was Part Of Some Ultra Test Experiment   bu          Pleiades- Pleione Atlas Alcyone Maia Asterope Taygeta Celaeno Electra Merope    bu       Pleiadies Run Israel  boot rstarArcturians Run  Thailand Andromedans Run Bermuda astronautmcl     The Planet Was Quarantined To Use Humans As Farm Animals For The Gods   The Egyptian Calendar System Was Based On The Heliacal Rising Of Sirius  egypt godess can  pinwheel Forty Days From The Day The Dog Star Sirus Rises With The Sun sis  p12 raygun  ?  If Your Presence Does Not Go With Us, Do Not Send Us Up From Here       gsm  When You Add Real Names, Places, And Things To The Word You Get Truth   Its The Correlation Of The Sentences On The Numbers That Matters  calc calc


 After Zero Point The Sun Will Rise In The West And Set In The East dimension writecode serpent cypher cipher solver  maybug    The Word Crystal Comes From The Greek Word Krystallos, Meaning Ice  netshatter  l  biblos flip square flip square    flip square40°14'=capr pisces  The Two Witnesses Were Sent Here In Order To Break The Matrix Code  Now Is The Time To Claim The Life That Should Be Rightfully Yours   Why Is Every Intelligent Person Labeled Insane By The Government   When I Showed Him The Light He Willingly Turned Away What More Can I Do   Sorry For All The Misunderstandings I Wont Let You Down Again     Thirty Days In Hell For The Precious Apostles For Every Trick  Tartarus Is Known As The Original Being From Whom All Things Arose        egypt pyramid  Great Pyramid Of Giza Was Built In Perfect Alignment With The Stars  ori   Daleth Is The Doorway, Ayin Is The Way To See, And Tav Is The End Of Work  Serafim Plant Quasar, Voice Of God The Operating System Of Gematrix  spheres temple spheres temple  Just Let It Go Its In The Past But It Doesnt Have To Be The Future        t fence grid t Tropic Of Cancer At Twenty Three Twenty Seven North Latitude     Teaching The World To Hear Without Speaking One Computerhead At A Time   Babylon, The Golden Sun Discs Being Activated Into Twelve Helix Spiral    The Awakening Will Sequentially Recode The Twelve Golden Sun Discs   The Ferris Wheel Is A Very Powerful Symbolic Sun God Monument   If You Dont Love What You Do You Should Try Something Else  Forgive Everyone But Yourself And Be Your Own Worst Critic     May Is An Eleven Universal Month – Eleven Brings Double New Beginnings l  Make Sure That What You Do And Say Is Constructive And Positive    Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups          ti         smwave   That Is Because This Type Of Disposition Make For Better Reception  Fear Factor Is Alarm Administration, Yes To Success Dont Give Me Away       I Will Walk In Freedom Because I Sought Out Your Guiding Priciples   l None Is So Fierce That Dare Stir Him Up Who Then Is Able To Stand Before Me  The Moment Of Sophias Correction The Awakening Of The Wisdom Goddess  

           flip square40°20'= capr pup  Thrones   metatron   Housing Registry File Number One Zero Four Six Eight Two One   Metatron Is The Supreme Angel Of Death God Gives Orders To Metatron       Karmasutra- when the fate fucks you in all sorts of creative ways   reactor  l b3 y4  e1These Gods Were Called ’El Elyon’ And ’Baal Which Meant ’Lofty Mountain’ And ’Lord’ ’   I Saw The Mouths Of All The Rivers Of The Earth And The Mouth Of The Deep  All You Zombies Show Your Faces All You People In The Streets      Corrupt Christian Men Should Know God Sees Everything They Do   If Jesus Was Alive Today As A Man He Would Be Hidden And Living In Poverty  Claims To Be The Most Special Person To Have Ever Lived And Impunity  The Edible One Guilty Of Causing Jesus Christ Wonderful Erections meteorshower meteorshower You Can Dance The Rain If You Like In Your Shower But Please Not Here    Sadist Multidimensional Communication In The Crystal Vortex  Thats Crazy How Is It That You Can Communicate To Me In This Way     What Would You Do If Some Psychopath Was Using Black Magic On You   How Would You Feel If Some Psycho Ran A Knife Through Your Heart   Egyptian Word Meaning Bowman Referred To A Heavy Star Metal Sirius B      The Holy Spirit Is Going On Her Own After The Law Written And Judge  Those Who Judge And Condemn Others Will Be Judged And Condemned Themselves   Services Are Strictly Confidential And Protected By The Legislation astronaut Members Of The Andromeda Council Star System Membership Review Board   smwave  Solar Mythology Plus Lunar Mythology Archaeoastronomy   The Night Cycle Represents The Conflict Between The Animus And His Anima  raygun Schumann Resonance Frequency, Is The Same As The Earths Magnetosphere      gsm  gsm  gsm raygun ipo p8 mt  p18   Gaia Was The Goddess Or Personification Of Earth In Ancient Greek Religion  A Woman Ornamented With Gold So Profusely That She Seems To Be Gilded seed  serpent cypher     Buddhism Is Truth Mother Earth Alchemy It Is Not Very Complicated   Speak And Act As Those Who Are Going To Be Judged By The Law That Gives Freedom  The Greatest Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do  

        flip square40°26'= capr ori    The Fact That You Are Reading This Is A Miracle In Itself Dont You Think  sparkdroid   time capsule time capsule The L Q P Seventy Nine Mental Virus Infection Or Zombie Virus sagitar           Evil Coven Of Prestigious Doctors And Distinguished Individuals   vir       VIRGO APRIL 2018 "TRYING AGAIN MAY HAVE HELPED YOU SEE CLEARLY" LOVE TAROT  
    mov    The Number That Has Been Lost Or Hidden Because Of Fear And Non Understanding    Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka 11      keyhole$   Purgatory Is A Sort Of Cosmic Clearing House A Place Of Enforced Learning    blueprintstar   sis  sis    All The Planets Are Moving Direct Meaning      That No Planets Are Retrograde    p   p19  p15 Saturn Eighth House Uranus First House Pluto Tenth House       gba  lap mov  Can You Draw A Ghost Without Seeing It If Not Ask Yourself Why    Please Stop To See The Worlds Colors In Gods Glorious Magnificence   Arcturians Are The Benevolent Beings From The Bootes Constellation  When You Were Talking About The Shift For You In Abundance And New Life    Twelve Golden Sun Discs Being Activated Into Twelve Helix Spirals     Humankind The Agenda For Me, Go By The Book, God With Us, Everybody Knows     A Raving Narcissistic Madman Hell Bent On The Destruction Of The Planet  Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject Reject 11      The Stories Of Christ Has Been Twisted By Modern Day Christianity   I Never Heard Snake Egg Eating His Victims, But I Heard Snake Eating His Victim     The End Time Transfer Of Wealth To Establish Gods Covenant In The Earth      All Conduits Which Support Naked Short Sellers And Their Actions    Its Not About Love Anymore All He Does From Now On Is Damage Control  I Told The Universe That If Im Not Having Fun Doing It I Am Not Doing It   They Have Attacked Me All My Life And For This Reason I Shall Destroy Them  The Exchange Rate Is Increasing The Most Corrupt One The Widow Maker     Breaking Somebodys Heart Only To Fix The Own Is Not The Best To Do   Deaths Occur In Order To Seize The Homes And Land Of The Murdered Person   I Dont Want Him To Spend His Life Punishing Himself For Being A Human Being    

          flip square40°32= capr vela  If Only You Could Be Silent Thats The Wisest Thing You Could Do  World Program Transformation Reverse Destruction Sequence   Gold And Psychoactive D N A Both Require Star Systems That Are Fractal     Gods Tests Are Designed To Prepare Us For The Calling God Has On Our Life  God Can See Forwards, Then Go Backwards And Make Any Necessary Adjustments    Light Adds Up To Eleven In The Pythagorean System Of Numerology       The Masons Are Our Divine Guardians But They Are Not Our Masters  The Interpretation Of The Churches About The Bible Are Not That Accurate  It Would Have Been Terrible To Put Up With Constant Interference  Too Much Prolonged Trauma To A Person Can Cause Physical Illnesses    Ozymandias Police Departments Are A Haven For Pervents And Criminals   W H O Is This That Darkeneth Counsel By Words Without Knowledge   When I Try To Envision What Comes With The Package I Get Scared To Death  Satanic Rituals Performed Against The Orgone Warriors Network   The Children Of Israel Are Witnessing The Last Three Plagues In Egypt    His Failures Made Him Malevolent Toward Those Who Were Successful    If They Dont Want To Dance I Will Try To Save Who Wants To Be Saved  I Asked God To Come Into Me And Make Me The Literary Genius Of My Generation   Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil 14  Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three 12  Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny   14  Wrath, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Pride The Yoke Of Satan  Satan Wants Me To Suffer Unto Him, Because I Refuse To Exalt Him As God   Then Your Eyes Shall Be Opened, And Ye Shall Be As Gods, Knowing Good And Evil      cipher solver cipher solver trapghost  gba   " The universe is not reasonable, but it can be faced with energy and sanity"   All Whites Will Move To Mars All Europeans Will Move To Venus       Do We Realy Understand What The Father And The Mother Were Telling Us    If I Have Sex I Always Want To Feel The Love And Plesure Of The One I Love   Every Breath You Take Will Be Exhaled Every Living Soul Completes  

        flip square40°38'= capr canm hand ra Opposition signs Opposition signs   dimension u Gematria Keeping Secret About Lucifer Even Using The Powerfull Altar  Two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate systemThe Serpent Masters Are The Race Of Jehovah And The Sons With The Elohim cherubimThey Will Look In Amazement One At Another Their Faces Will Be Faces Of Flame Over Each Flame Was The Opening Of A Tube Which Could Hold Water As A Fountain  faceless   How Do I Say This Subtlety Get Professional Help Woman Stalker q words  Having Metaphysical Abilities Means That One Is Likely To Have Been Abducted   Can You See And Feel His Brilliance And His Complete Control Over Little Me  Is Trying To Force People To Live A Lifestyle They Dont Want To       Ego Is The Biggest Problem And That Is Why The Need For Some Of Equality    mount capr Remember Those In Prison As If You Were Their Fellow Prisoners    aqua Omnipresence Fills The Bearer With All Of Lifes Hate, Anguish And Sorrow    piscesDont Believe The Lies They Are Saying About Her They Are Just Jealous  The Lies They Created To Protect Themselves Are Now Protecting Me       gsm    English Gematria Multiples Of Six Invalid, Multiples Of Nine True  Extra Degree Of Privacy Numbered Bank Account In Zurich Switzerland     You Are A Powerful, Incredibly Important Player In This Cosmic Game  Playing Is Safe Will Surely Get You Locked Up With No Way Out watchers    Sometimes You Gotta To Go Through Hell In Order To Get To Heaven    This Awakening Will Sequentially Recode The Twelve Golden Sun Disc  A Great Humble Man Connecting Gematria First Love My Sweetest Fruit  mirrortrees     ?  store store  store store But Of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, Thou Shalt Not Eat Of It     Indigo Activation Codes Within The Dna Structure Of The Human Vehicle    spheres temple spheres temple  Babylon Book Ambush Slandering Revolution, You Be Who You Are To Be  Dont Worry There Was Seven Million Frontal Lobe On This Planet  Piercing And Frontal Lobe Dark Energy, Who Is This, Why Trust You,  faceless Is Life Just A Strip From The Maternity Ward To The Crematorium The Good And Bad Will Start To Show With More Full Names And Birth Dates 

        flip square40°44'= capr pavo The Expansion Of Human Comprehension And Understanding Of All That Is   People Are Awful Programmed Biological Robots That Expire After A While     boo  gsmUsing This Sructure Of Language Communication The World Is Saved     Pathways Of Cortical Transmissions From The Core Projections  tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher     The Origin And True Meaning Of The Jolly Roger Skull And Crossed Bones   Following Rule Forty Six In Your Skull And Bones Rules Book   I Am Now Exterminating Every Persecutor In The Flesh And The Soul  mov  A Golden Child Holding The Most Glorious Rose Of The Entire Universe     The System Won And All Of You Lost God And I Won Too Obviously sw        Powerball Numbers For April Nineteenth Two Thousand Seventeen   The Recursive Braiding Of D N A Which Creating A Donut Creating An Implosion    After That You Will Got Fifty Plus Law Of One Equal To Fifty One       International Conference In Copenhagen To Discuss Ways To Ban Orgone      asteroid  Mount Hermon Is Where Yeshua Underwent His Transfiguration   Jesus Christ Invaded Saturn And Took Over The Northern Pyramid   The Gateway To The Crystalline Quickening Of The Eleven Eleven Eleven   Jesus Asked Me To Do This For Him And For Me Because He Knows How Hurt I Am     God I Do Not Like The Idea Of Metaphorically Branding And Ostracizing Anyone      For The Lord A Day Is Like A Thousand Years And A Thousand Years Is Like A Day    Do You Guys Honestly Think Karma Isnt Going To Comeback To You   Of Course There Is No Such Thing As Luck Only Karma Or Consequences   indian   Krishna Is Equal To Christ The Deciever Saturn And Matrix Control       If You Call God The Lord Of Hosts Then You Are Worshiping A Parasite    God Is Teaching Me To Be Silent It Requires Tremendous Self Control       Tartarus Is The Spirit Of Hell And Controls The Saturn Matrix    Every Single Soul That Serves Satan Will Be Deleted From Existence     The Day Cycle Develops Hierarchies The Night Cycle Develops Networks  sparkdroid      matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan    Full Moon Of The Purple Ray June Twenty Two Thousand Eleven    A Half Moon Glowed On Smooth Granite Boulders Turning Them Silver     But Youre Not Important Enough For Me To Mention You In Here      Confucius Number Of A Man Six Hundred And Sixty Six You Will See    See Trying To Force People To Live A Lifestyle They Dont Want To    Words From The Heart Always Supersede The Most Perfect Numbers    The Belying Of Ones True Intentions By Deceptive Words Or Action 

  Mankind Has Reached The Apogee Of Human Achievement And The Nadir Of Human Kindness   Change Of The Calendar Proved That Roman Catholic Church Is The False Prophet          Dr Evil Is Really Dr Live Once Your Reality Has Been Found To Be Unreal   Hollywood Movies Secretly Reveal Hidden Aspects Of Our Reality    Whatsoever Is Contrary To These They Have Altered Do Not Accept It         Art Maybe Rising In This Cycle But In The Folowing One It Will Be Over    You Shouldnt Let Your Left Hand Know What The Right Hand Is Doing     Thumbs Are Not Fingers Just As The Sun And Pluto Are Not Planets   

You Live In A Neverending Story I Live In The Neverending Story        The Devil Took Control Over Every Woman That I Have Ever Been With    I Tell Them If You Can Stop Thinking About Them Before You Lose Them     Illuminati Magicians Use The Eris Point Of The Feminine Energy For Magic      Third Eyers Think That They Have The Right To Intrude Into Minds    My Boyfriend Literally Looks Better Than All Of The Guys In The Media   Why Am I Afraid To Love Because Everyone Only Wants To Destroy Me     Before She Calls I Will Answer Her While She Is Still Speaking I Will Hear    Why Try To Make Someone Fight For Someone Who Doesnt Desire Them   That Its Only The Thrill Of Boy Meeting Girl Opposites Attract    I Am Your Medicine And You Are My Poison The Two Sides Of The Same Coin     dice    Congratulations You Have Now Crossed The Point Of No Return      

 New York Has One Of The Largest Draconian Populations In The World   They Are Rational And Intelligent And Are Connected To Important PeopleUntitled-1   ipeelawaystarhack horse    Prince Christian Of Hanovers Souls Getting Deleted Out Of Creation    mayan nawal     I Am The Only One With A Iq To Change The Tetris Matrix Running Earth       If I Could Choose Between Freedom And Slavery I Would Choose Planet Earth   It Aint My Fault Theyre Going To Hell They Chose That On Their Own    In Astronomy I Have The Suns Influence Bahamas Has The MoonS Influence       Sun Disc Of The Crystal Vortex Will Be Activated Pinnacle Mountain    Sees Himself As A Special Person With Special Rights And Entitlements    He Exposed The Illusions And Unlawfulness So There Is No Excuse   I Can Destroy The Universe I Have That Gift I Inherited From My Father Aha    You Live In A Aleister Crowley Besta Pizza Pure Pizza Excellence     th Weep Not For The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah Has Prevailed To Open The Book     Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Love Is The Law Love Under Will l Oh Ye Wicked Generation I Will Make You Bow And Shut Your Mouths   Seven Fourty One A Man Without Friends Is A Man Without Power       The Scented Garden Of Abdullah The Satirist Of Shiraz Aleister Crowley    Another Angel Having Great Power That Lightens The Earth With Glory    And He Said Whoever Finds The Meaning Of These Words Will Not Taste Death   th    Ancient Greek Mysticism Is Based On Science Unlike Other Mythologies           The Program Is Officially Named Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering       Intentionally Withholding Information About Radiation Threats    aqua   The Water And Wine Parable Was About The Entry Into The Age Of Aquarius     The Truth Of God Is Written In Your Hearts And You All Know It   ?    gladii electorales saxonici       February Twenty Fifth Pluto And Saturn Are In Virgo Full Moon       ?  I Know It And It Is Very Twisted I Like It Lol But It Is Good As Well       keyhole$       But After So Much Waiting My Nerves Arent The Very Best Anymore   First If You Destroy Chinese Medicine I Will Thank You Very Much         Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders     

          flip square40°50'capr octans Who Is The What Is The When Is The Where Is The Why Is The How Is The    Making A Sentence That May Be An Answer To Question Of Another Person  Twin Flames Will Always Reunite, Even In The Darkest Of Experiences   Satisfaction For Soul, Soul For Satisfaction, Survivor Finale    Trust Mother Earth And Your Heart May Help You To Understand        ?  Jupiter Is Known As The Opener Of The Way, And Is Cresting In Power    Because These Two Prophets Tormented Them That Dwelt On The Earth   sparkdroid   You Are My Soul And My Heart But You Are That You Are And Iam That Iam  Christ Created This Universe In Six Days On The Seventh He Lived It   Tav Is The Seal Or Completion Of The Twenty Two Hebrew Letters    mov Well I Guess Thats It Im Ready To Die Now There Is Nothing Else To Do     That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Unalienable Rights  Thou Shalt Not Commit Unforgivable Sin Against The Holy Spirit  You Are Abusing Me And I Have No Earthly Protection From My Captors  When You Hurt Another It Is Because You Yourself Has Been Hurt    The Requirement Is Holy Armor Of God, Lots Of Jesus All In One Plate   Why You Do Not Visit Coral Castle If You Want To Have Free Energie   Constantly Performing Sadistic Acts Just For The Sake Of Being Evil  There Is No Good Or Evil It Is Just Your Interpretation Of It  Sins Are Transgression Against The Moral Laws By Ignorant People  United States Postal Service Is Part Of Satans Commerce System    

          flip square40°56'= capr gp hand  bibcont And God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness swars sparkdroid     Deosil ⏰ It is a fact that every thing in universe moves counterclockwise sparkdroid iphonew iphonew     bibcont  If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go

          flip square40°62'=  capr ant  I Invented Time Travel Before Albert Einstein Invented The Illuminati   swars sparkdroid drknow emc  qwave emc emc       ? The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources                 ?Sometimes It Is Useful To Struggle Because It Helps To Think Again       Spiritual Warfare Prayers Will End Satanic Rituals Against You   In Hebrew Elohim Is Usually Considered A Feminine Plural Version Of El   l        This Is My Comfort In My Affliction For Your Word Has Revived Me         CANCER SOULMATE “ SURPRISE IN THE END ” APRIL 1 7 WEEKLY LOVE TAROT READING           They cut out that which caused disease, exactly as a surgeon would do           A Micro Chip At The Top Of My Spine, Conducting Vibrational Frequencies  I Dont Wish Her Any Harm I Just Want Her To Disappear From My Sight   cipher solver  bear & lion       Dr Pillai Midbrain Miracle Method Awaken Your Brains Unlimited Powers dra mc  I Suspect You Have More Than A Stuffed Camel Already So Its No Problem      And That Is Something He Will Have To Live With For The Rest Of His Life          How Are Humans To Explode A Planet When They Can Barley Inflate Balloons      

     l flip square40°68'=capr geko The Knowledge Of Truth From The Beginning Of Beginnings To The End Of Ends        ?  The Divine Thunderbolt Of The Knowledge Of The Transcendent Principle   How To Use Parallel Realities Or Shift Into An Alternate Universe    The Phrase That Will Break Gematrix This Is The Most Important Page     His story And My story And Our story Is The Whole Story  mov  If You Have Snow Why Not Building A Snowman With Your Children    Nothing Will Work Out Until He Is Willing To Do Little Things  Core Basement Ten, Merciless Sadism Evil Curse, Avoid This Demon Words   Mono Atomic Elements Found In Platinum Group Elixir And Mineral Magic   Holy Guardian Angel Cant Be Trapped Or Killed, This Is As Stupid As It Gets   maybug maybug Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng bt  mov sis clr bp mov but herc ast but          ? He Knows Im Unhappy And Depressed But He Is Not Willing To Even Call Me   It Took Me A Lot Of Courage And A Bottle Of Whisky To Write Him A Letter  See You Are Sorry And Im Sorry You Feel Guilty And I Feel Guilty          ?  I Know Now That It Is Not True But I Didnt Know When I Wrote It  Religionists Who Use Scriptures As A Tool To Bludgeon Others   How Dare You Blocking The Man To Appoarching Seventy Two Virgins       I Am One I Am With You I Am In You I Have Always Been I Am Your Inner Light      And This Is The Name By Which She Shall Be Called Yahweh Our Righteousness  Yahuwah Will Be A Wall Of Fire Around His Remnant People In The Last Days    

        flip square40°74'= capr meter           Sagittarius The Archer With His Bow Pointed In The Wrong Direction   ?  It See It Matters Not What I Type Because It Applies To All Of Us Here     When I Execute The Three Step Attack The Object Referral Group Rejoices     Accuser In Perplexity, Narcissistic And Clone Not Found In The Word   sagitar    bu    mayan nawal Saints Prophets Begin Scribe Perfect Words Before The Lord Of Hosts  vela   Is The Secret Of The Pen First Murderer, Not A Humanitarian By Naturefaceless  faceless    mov   Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb  At This Very Moment All War Is Over And The New Understanding Is All       Binah-Understanding ? c3po r2d2                  ? I Dont Have A Girlfriend But I Do Know A Woman Whod Be Mad At Me For Saying That  faceless   This Calls For Wisdom If Anyone Has Insight Let Him Calculate The Number    gsm gsm gsm   mayan tree seeder west tree   A Wheel Of Mnemonic Correspondences For The Hebrew Alphabet And The Major Arcana    cent    clb pearl         pearl  keyhole$      The Insignia Of A Triangle And Three Laterial Lines The Tri Laterial Symbol ? I Feel Jesus Christ Is Going To The Blue Portals Of Mother Earth Too    Many Smuggling Schemes Operate Under Import And Export Companies  lucifer sigil small  Jesus Balances Lucifer Chalice Of Enlightenment Brotherhood Ouroboros  serpent cypher The Twenty Four Elders,Who Were Seated On Their Thrones Before God   Illuminati, Aka Clueless Sitting Ducks With Inflated Egos Under Satan    serpent cypherophiuchi    bop8 Earth Is Going To Balance Itself Maybe It Also Is Caled Ascention Who Knows         ?    ?  store store  store store The Word For Knowledge, Or Gnosis, Is Daath It Is Spelled In English As Daat     I Know Everything I Saved Earth Trillions And Trillions Of Times   In Atlantis, An Etheric Energy Matrix Existed Beneath The Earths Surface cassiopeia he blackdiamond    boo    ? ? Zeta Reticuli 3 Is Invisible It Is Destroying Orion And Its Grays   Mount Computer Upon Zion Tree Of Life Disconnected From Red Zone       May See Your Good Works And Glorify Your Father Which Is In Heaven             With Glory Comes Rulership With Happiness Comes Servership     l        Believing That One Deserves Love And Respect Or Is Better Than Another   He Will Expose Himself As An Honest Man And In Truth He Is The King Of Lies   faceless faceless  The Magical Revival Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God Cults Of The Shadow    I Dont Want To Rule Over You I Want To Be With You In Harmony      Archons Subliminally Programmed Humans To Be Blind To Their Presence 2c  And The Angels Which Kept Not Their First Estate, Aka Bringers Of Misery    Received Unexpected Life Insurance Benefits Eleven Nine Twenty Eleven   The Energy Of Mars At Twenty Two Leo In Trine To The Eris Point   Her Nails Are Long , Her Grip So Strong Shell Take You Apart Piece By Piece     Those Who Are At Peace In Their Hearts Already Are In The Great Shelter Of Life      gear scan   Iam Sad To See The Animals In The Zoo Living In A Prison Because Of Our Creed      Its Sad When People Mock Love Or Mock Others Is That What God Wants 

        flip square40°80'= capr silvercrown sparkdroid      reactor     vir brewery   Block  information  transmission flow  of  anybody designated as enemy  =fi  fi pisces

        flip square40°86'= capr arrow   I See The Truth In The Pool Of Your Own Mind Of Lies Jesus Christ  Listen Sheep Stop Asking For God And Start Doing What Jesus Never Did    Believe In Your Heart And Seek The Truth Herein Lies The Pressence Of God    Stop Talking Of What You Will Do In The Future Do Something Now   The Constelation Of Ophiuchus Is Home Of The Most Benevolent Beings  Claiming To Be The Most Special Person To Have Ever Lived And Impunity    I Will Create A New Earth But The Old Will Never Be Forgotten Or Vanished   Some Things Look Impossible If You Try To Do It By Your Own    All Things Are True It Just Depends On Which Universe You Live In   When Truth Becomes A Act Of Terrorism What Kind Of World Do We Live In    Planet Earth Is The Only Planet With Gold Ist The Best Joke I Ever Heared        ?   It Is Illegal To Put People In A Game They Do Not Know They Are Playing  You Are Only Here Because You Have A Computer With Internet And A Brain   Microscopic Tag Implant In Person’s Body To Track Every Movement   I Love Mother Earth And Father Sun As Much As I Love My Reptilian Family  Lawyers Not Wanting Their Evil Ways Exposed Delete Entries Here  We Will Give Heaven Only After Death To Who Write Such Kind Of Words   Then I Looked, And Behold, A White Cloud, And On The Cloud Sat One Like The Son Of Man  I Take Pleasure In, The Psychological Or Physical Suffering Of Others  My Advice To The To The Kings, Repent Now While You Still Have Time    wr ? river cabels   q words It's only funny until someone gets hurt… Then it's hilarious  Velostat Electrically Conductive Plastic For Static Protection  

       flip square40°92'= capr mock            ?     Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do From Chaos Order   Denying The Interference Of The Creator With The Laws Of The Universe  Just As Oil Of Water Do Not Mix Neither Does Addition N Subtraction  All Is Natural Stuff Even Nano Ages Stuff See One Two Nine Eight Zero  We Will Give Heaven Only Before Death To Who Write Such Kind Of Words         iphonew iphonew    shī zi zuò      The Central Component Of A Rectilinear System Of Boulevards And Parks  The Mind Of Person Is The Mind Of His God Favors Him, Revealed With Gematria     R E M E M B E R How Short My Time Is Wherefore Hast Thou Made All Men In Vain    I Will Have To Die Again For You To See That I Am Telling You The Truth                   character in question  character in question rosecross     Try Asking Why More Often Gods Truth Cannot Stand Up To Doubt   bu  thelema           ?Taurine Is One Of The Few Known Naturally Occurring Sulfonic Acids    When Being Mean Is Tolerated, Bullying Is A Natural Outcome Bullies Kill     bo   The World Is An Illusion It Is Simply Electromagnetic Frequencies meteorshower  meteorshower       pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse  umbrella  Our Unalienable Rights Are Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness   Elected “Persona Grata Welcome Into A Group With Happiness And Kindness   Well Established Records Of Engaging In Terrorism And Political Violence          nz  scream_32 scream_32 scream_32  The Order Of Skull And Bones Meet Every Thursday And Sunday Of Each Week       The State Of Israel Will Suffer This Time For Not Recognizing Me Again  HE Is The Last Light You Will See Before You Are Cast Out Reprobates      reactor   q words      reactor    8  8 8 system            raygun           The Province News Paper Article Titled In Strength There Is Beauty     Mars Makes A Conjunction To Uranus In Aries On March Twenty Second    herc     cererus  The Twelfth Labor Of Hercules Was To Capture Cerberus The Three Headed Dog     cererus  can   svv canm      And The Angels Which Kept Not Their First Estate  Aka Bringers Of Misery    Money, So They Say Is The Root Of All Evil Today It Came As A Heavy Blow   How Do You Lose Natural Blessing Not Giving Crops Every 7 Years   No I Want You To Pay Me For Allowing You To Live Amongst Me As A God        pisces   He Eats Three Pieces Of Chocolate With One Cup Of Tea gtea javaFor Breakfast Every Day        scream_32 buddha avatar scream_32 Hismael          p4  matrix code scan matrix code scan     matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  java scream_32Astrologically it is associated with Pisces and Jupiter retrograde    My Journey In The Wilderness Finishes July Twenty Fourth    Fear Of Doing Something Wrong Means Doing Nothing Means Doing It Wrong              ? Something Much Better Happened We Got To Get To Know Each Other Better    I Am Sorry But I Do Not Care About Which Godhead Kills Who But Humanity   And Thou Shalt Go To Thy Fathers In Peace Thou Shalt Be Buried In A Good Old Age       The Elders And Dignitaries Are The Head, The Prophets Who Teach Lies Are The Tail    How To Communicate With The Great Red Dragon, The King Whom Is Awake Now    We Worshiped The Masculine For So Long Now The Feminine Must Be Balenced  mayan nawal            Its Not A Matter Of If, Its A Matter Of How, In Regards To Satans Killing      Chained Dracos The Cosmic Satanic Messenger, Allah Is The Savior Show Me Way     Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin dra  rainbow dragon The Dragon Gives His Power To The First “Beast”, Who Is The Anti Christ     Confidence Is Preparation Everything Else Is Beyond Your Control      Everything You Undertake Will Be Crowned With Absolute Success    43 equation solver   And Power Was Given Unto Him To Continue Forty And Two Months   aaaa grades an superna higher triangle Binah-Understanding  ?   Its All About The Word, Understanding What It Means And How To Use It 


       flip square40°98'= capr  cererus   writecode engine start-off It Doesnt Matter Which Path You Choose To The Creator If It Works    I Went Down Into The Garden Of Nuts To See The Fruits Of The Valley    cam    Eighteen Symbolizes The Universal Divine Covenant Of All Religions         character in question canm  character in question  Paper In Fireplace Trickery Or Trance Question Mark Question Mark   God Judges Us With Righteousness And Forgiveness And God Never Lies         ?  Because I Know All Their Dirty Little Secrets These Evil Men Want Me Dead   Nature Is Cruel Man Is Evil The Creator Must Also Then Be Evil And Cruel   Insvestigation Jump The Gun The Holy Hands Of World Extinction  raygun aqua system smwave   smwave           Fehu governs the capacity to hold this luck and use it like a magical ability   engine start-off On Three Twenty Push The Double New Beginnings Restart Button     Purify Sixty One Thousand Three Hundred Forty Four Hours   Tesseract, Gematria Is Changing My Outlook On Life And Increasing My Faith    My Portals Are Mad Of All Coulours But I Still Perfere Gree The Most      lap      He Who Brings Out The Starry Hosts One By One And Calls Them Each By Name blueprintstar         ?This Is Right Eye, Did You Know Where Is Ark Of Convenant Box, Gematria        ? The Kingdom Of The World Has Become The Kingdom Of Our Lord And Of His Messiah   m   In Spite Of Your Fears, The Worst In A Troubling Scenario Is Over   Why Stalk Innocent People Who Just Want To Live Their Own Life         ?  Cheating A Game May Be Funny But Not For Those Who Do Not Know About It     Auto Id Infrastructure Provides Total Business Visibility     Long Legged Italy Kicked Poor Sicily Into The Middle Of The Mediterranean Sea       I Dont Have A Clue What Will Happen But I Cant Wait For It To Be With Him Again     The Mars Pathfinder Landed At Nineteen Point Five Degrees Latitude On Mars  swars  vela  mc   fdutch    pup  sm  sparkdroid vela     Group Of Satellites Developed As The Vela Hotel Element Of Project Vela  Velostat Electrically Conductive Plastic Stops Blocks Control    Excuse Me While I Have Telepathic Communication With Your Child And Wife  


         flip square41°04'= fornax   hand cetswars sparkdroid fs  galaxvort so        zombie liberty statue Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island and Liberty Island

       flip square41°16'= fornax  sw    q words  For every action there is an equal and opposite government program   777  The Phrase “Solve Et Coagula” Literally Means “ Solution And Coagulation         ? We Live I A Selffulfilling Prophecy But Do You Know What Prophecy  hand  Why There Are So Many Ritual Sacrifices At The Thirty Third Parallel     cent    clb pearl    Human Design Order Number Nine Four One C Zero Two Three Three Seven       pearl  keyhole$ Sigil for overcoming obstacles and symptoms of neurological disease   Masochist Is The Strong Of Silver, New Beginning Of Consciousness   Im Sure I Will Be Ok And I Hope That What Will Be Said Wont Hurt Him Either     Magic Square Of Saturn Four Nine Two Three Five Seven Eight One Six   mov imdb faceless   Her Harvest Project Appointment Is The Same Day As The Harvest Moon     reactor  The Truth About The Cern European Organization For Nuclear Research  mov  unobt Remote Subsurface Exploration For Minerals And Energy Resources  Military Rounding Up People For Concentration Camps And Martial Law  


       flip square41°22'= fornax   catch22 dove     river cabels fix         Ich Bin Nicht Gott Aber Die Gematria Denkt Manchmal Anders Aber Ich Bin Ja Nicht Die Gematria   Gematria Is Being Destroyed By Reprobates That Write Worthless Babble   Bodies Disposed Of At Special Body Dumping Sites Monitored By The Police  Psychopaths Have No Conscience And Their Only Goal Is Self Gratification       If They Hide Underground Then Zeus Will Open Up The Earth Beneath Them    The False Light Occultists Claim They Know Zeus But They Are Liars   False Human Females Or Witches Exchange Unseen Energies In Restaurants     Whats Happening Under The Water In Blackburn Lake On Salt Spring Island B C   Religion In Itself Is Mind Control Because It Dictates What You Believe   They Love Money We Love Money Too I Love Money And I Hate Nostalgie    The Presence Of God On Earth Or A Symbol Or Manifestation Of His Presence   Satan Is A Mentally Retarted Malignant Narcissistic Maniac With A Weapon   The More One Drinks Alcohol The More One Drives Down Magnesium Levels    l b3 y4   e1 If You Rearange The Letters Hell In The Right Way You Get The Answer   Not Telling The Full Truth May Be God For You But Not For Others    I Will Never Tell You My Name Cause It Does Not Matter If It Works   Regardless Of What Is Said It Always Comes Down To Your Emotions       Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Secreted By The Anterior Pituitary     One Oclock Harvest Project Appointment Same Day As The Harvest Moon    If You Dont Understand The Rules To A Contract Then Dont Agree To It    What Good Is It If A Man Gains The Whole World Yet Loses His Own Soul    It Is All Love But I Am Still Going To Destroy Your Wicked Souls   Now You Will Know The True Power Of The Illuminati Bloodlines    Ein Wanderer Darf Sich Nicht Entwürdigen Und Sich Mit Gemeinen Dingen Am Weg Abgeben   Dao Is A Universal Rule Applied To All Being Including Human Plants Animals       Three Fourty Seven Feb Ten I Have Ordered This Crow To Stare At You  Witches Often Pretend To Be Vegetarians But They Actually Eat Children  My Reparations Is The Amount That Was Invested In Persecuting Me     vir sombrero Sombrero Galaxy Or M One Zero Four Mantis Extraterrestrials   Our Universe Is A Masterpiece Of Art And Its Numbers Are Everywhere   Just Do What Is Right And Good And Everything Will Happen As It Should     Go Forward In The Light Of Divine Wisdom And Fulfill Thine Own Destiny    When Im Done Punishing The Wicked The Rest Of Them Will Flee This Galaxy    Saturns The Planet Of Death And Is Therefore Not The Creator As It Claims  Hexagram Satanic Symbol Of House Of Rothschild Equals Six Six Six  I Have Just Finished Connecting With The Illumunated Ones Rothchilds     Collapse Confucius Then Those Religion Of Illuminati Will Just End   They Have Proved That The Only Option Is Killing The Wicked Souls  The Saturn Matrix Is Designed For Enabling Parasites To Feed On Souls   

         flip square41°28'= fornax cat If Life Is Stressing You Out Then Return To Your Quiet Place   Each And Every Person Will Perceive Auto Detectors Age Appropriately   It Has Been Hell On Earth In This Soul Evolution Reincarnation Period    Placing Oneself At The Center Of Ones World With No Concern For Others   Initiation Ritual Your Soul Will Be Cleansed And You Will Be Reborn    Satan Does Not Make The Distinction Between Consciousness And Energy   Testing Gravity With Laser Measurement Of Pendulums At A Distance     What Happens When Mankind Emulates Someone Crazier Than Them All Combined   Well I Already Collapsed Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory Called Wuxing    The Serpents Unlawfully Reconstructed Saturn To Be A Prison    No Mathematical Calculation Can Affect Reality In Even The Slightest Fashion    Open Sesame Open The Portal In The Stone The Wealth Therein Is Ours   The Six Illuminati Pyramids In Saturns Soul Prison Matrix     Opening The All Seeing Eye Merges A Reptilian Soul With The Human Soul  The Fastest Way To A Mans Heart Is Through The Chest With A Sharp Knife    Based On Mask Color And Design You Should Knowing Who Is Anonymous  I Think Every Person Needs To Be Seen And Acknowledged To Feel Real And Of Value    All Of Their Souls Are Getting Deleted And They Are In Complete Denial Of This   The Sad Thing Is That They Dont Even Know They Are Defiling Themselves   I Have To Kill All Their Souls Because They Will Not Stop Attacking Me      Eternal Punishment Is Deserving For Those Who Are Eternally Wicked       Its Not Their Fault That Hollywood Has Failed To Develop New Talent   Full Names And Dates As It Is Written Are Key Details In The Use Of Gematria   The Illuminati Are Lucid In Saturn From The Phosphorous Spirit   

        flip square41°30'= fornax  gm  swars sparkdroid egypt godess shb u ? mkgsAKmolcdradsrHzNPaJWCVFΩSWbTH°ClmIxBqGySvkat

       flip square41°34'= fornax         Today I Am Open To Receiving The Bounty Of This Generous Universe    I Could Tell You Stories That Would Curl Your Greasy Hair Boy    I Hope The Second Part Of Harry Potter Has A Happy Ending Like The Original      The Fifth Mansion Is Called Alchatay It Helps Us Return From A Journey    Email I Sent On August Thirty Has God Not Told You About Us Yet    This Spiritual Birth Is A Quantum Leap Into The Fourth Dimension     The Saturn Matrix Takes Over A Persons Mind When They Awaken In It     The Black White Duality Of Saturn Is Controlled By The Grey Masters   Our Rules Have Always Superseded The Rules Of The Outside World    This Solar Eclipse Will Impact On Everyone For Three And One Half Years   vir        Sleep Paralysis Shadow Man Is Pythagoras Gematria Is Already Exposed     Numbers And Letters Do Not Register Together On The Gematrix Site   You Get Further From The Truth When You Over Word In Gematria    Practice Of Theological Controversy To Refute Errors Of Doctrine  Perverse Definition Marked By A Disposition To Oppose And Contradict   Intelligence Cannot Be Determined Through Pattern Recognition Tests   All Geometric Mathematical Calculations Are Contained Within This Sentence     I Will Never Be Able To Trust Another Human Being For The Rest Of My Life    Never Contract Friendship With A Man That Is Not Better Than Thyself                Embrace The Part Of Yourself Who Is Afraid Confused Uncertain Unskilled    Showing That You Feel The Need To Incite Doubt Because Of Your Own Fear  Reliability And Trustworthiness The Characteristics Of A Rescuer    ​   I Wish I Could Clear Our History It Wasnt Meant To Be We Can All See That       November Twenty Six Rx Eight Four Zero Seven One Zero Two   Swiss Financial Transactions Use An Electronic Payments System  You Still Owe Me My Money I Made From My Inheritance You All Stole    mov  Genetically Modified Foods Have The Potential To Geneticall Modify Humans     The Ancient Pyramids Had Absorbed Static Electricity From The Atmosphere   The Life On Earth Is Formed From The Electromagnetic Frequencies From Above   Maybe Earth Was The First Planet That Was Created With Perfect Harmony   Subterranean Cities Offer Close Access To Organized Criminal Syndicates   Holy Spirit Last Days Death Of Billions Over Jesus On That Cross       Underneath Ego Consciousness There Is A Major Energy Shift Taking Place    T    The Actual Experience Of The Transformation Can Be Uncomfortable At Times     I Am Worth More Dead Than Alive Dont Cry For Me After I Am Gone Cry For Me Now    What Did You Think That You Were Going To Get Rich At The End Of All This  Use Morphic Resonance On Art Music An Successful Peple Living Today      How To I Say This Subtlety Get Professional Help Woman Stalker  What Part Of I Hate Every Girl And Woman Ive Met Do You Not Seem To Get     I Just Want To Know Why This Is Happening And When It Will Stop  I Give Tribute Perpetually Unto The Gaurdian Whom Also On Mine Seal    Treat Wisdom As Your Sister And Insight As Your Closest Friend    I See What You Are Doing You Are Playing The Sisters Against Each Other     Your Impression Of Me Will Never Be That Good Cuz I Have Sincerity   I Did Not Even Yesterday Yet Understand That The Entire Planet Is A Lie  Liars Are Trying To Dictate Facts That Exist Above Their Fallen Souls    q words  The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world that God exists     The Lord Of This World Is Not The All You Dont Have To Worship Him   My Handler Is Not Keeping The Terms Of My Contract Sincerely Lucifer    I Do Not Desire To Bring Any Pain Or Sorrow Much The Opposite In Fact  P  lease Accept The Heart Has Truth Neither Logic Nor Emotion Understand  Satan Uses Women More Often Because They Appear To Be Less Threatening    Satan Gets Caught Involved In His Own Mysteries And Exposes It All    It Is Easy To Say The Right Things It Is Another To Actually Mean It     The Right Hand Oppresses Those That Dont Submit Into The Darkness  Those Working Towards Destroying Humanity Are The Antichrist   It Means That You Dont Think Im Good Enough To Be Who I Really Am But I Am   



       tron switch          cipher solver flip square41°40'= fornax     capr  All Members Of The Occult Are Equally Accountable For Actions Of The Occult    ?You Are Outstanding At Hurting Each Other But Do Know How To Love  ?    I Will Spread The Word Of Jesus Christ The Best Way Possible I Know ?     Saying That Christ Died For My Sins Is Scapegoating And Cursing Jesus    If There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead Then Not Even Christ Has Been Raised     

 The Fallen Angels Have Ruined Creation Because Of Their Selfish Demonic Desires    Many Do Not Believe He Is The Word Made Flesh Because They Do Not Understand    I Am And You Will See The Son Of Man Sitting At The Right Hand Of The Power   The Entire Universe Is Inextricably Knit And Woven Together By God    Saturn Took Control Of The Heavens So The Angels Are All Just Like Him  p sparkdroid  Saturn Cannot Even Hide His True Nature In His Own System Of Codes       Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement And Logistics Division   spheres temple spheres temple   The Catholic Churchs Hierarchy Is The Government Of Mystery Babylon      keyhole$  Overcoming The Curse Of Words I Am Being Scolded Again I Only Quote The Bible   keyhole$  God Please Heal The Rift That Has Been Created We Should Build Bridges Not Walls      You Can Find A Connection In Everything Gematria Uses Only Gods Word   Maybe You Should Look At Your Own Full Name Instead Of Being An Accuser     God Does The Bridal Chamber Permit Me To Have Multiple Husbands Is That Yes   vir    Eyes And I.sis There Is A Deliberate Play On Words Which Is An Oxymoron        oxo             Those Who Treat My People Like Cattle Shall Get Incinerated Into Dust      And I Love The Skulls On My Bracelet To Me They Are Like Little Flowers     And Youre Full Of Fear Otherwise You Would Mind Your Business   Search The Commerce System Of The Antichrist Created By Zionist Jews    Keep Out Of Other Peoples Private Life And Keep Your Mouths Shut   I Agree That Tortures Wrong So I Shall Delete Your Souls Instead                       Every Actor In Hollywood Sucks And None Of Them Are Charismatic I Mean It       matrix code scan The Solstice Energies Of June Twenty First Two Thousand Eleven      That Is Why Our Planet System And Northern Dipper Are In A String   str      The One Who Is A True Prophet Of The Lord August Twentytwelve cipher solver  bear & lion  ws It Is Money And Unclean Women That Lure Man Into The Transgression    The Ones That Took Part In All This Shall Be Tortured For Eternity    They Are Drunk Off Of Blood And Think They Can Get Away With Being Pure Evil     One Sinful Humans Worth More Than A Billion So Called Pure Serpents    Everything Is Communicating Information All The Time Every Sound        The Illuminati Use Music To Manipulate The Mind Through Emotions   As Long As The Music Is Loud Enough We Wont Hear The World Falling Apart   They Claim That Self Defense Against Perpetual Enslavers Is An Overcharge ?  I Will Never Forgive Or Trust Those That Have Sold Out To Satan    Satan Is Trying To Promise Me Eternal Happiness Through Nothing           Old Testament Is Moon Worship New Testament Is Sun Worship    The Sun And The Moon And The Eleven Stars Were Bowing Themselves To Me   His Seven Sisters Will Stand In Shame For Their Lack Of Understanding     keyhole$      Eleven Twenty Two Thirty Three Create A Triangle Of Enlightenment      Thank You Very Much Thank You Very Much Thank You Very Much    I Have Taken A Vow Of Celibacy In Order To Escape Being Used By You Any Longer 

  Operation Family Identification Zero Three Zero Nine Ninety Four    The Most Sinister Hell Is Occurring In The Dreams Of Innocent Children   When I Was Seven Years Old I Remember When I First Wrote The Letter k     Actual Clones Synthetic People Organic Robotoids Doubles Look Alikes     Microscopic Tag Implanted In Person’s Body To Track Every Movement      I Just Turned Thirty And Im Already Going Through My Mid Life Crisis    You Have To Keep That Whole Thing For It And Everyone Has To Know It       I Know The Masons Want Me To Go With Them But I Go With Mother Earth    Imagine A World Without War Because The Children Evolved Beyond The Past    Child Molesting Cannibalistic Tyrants Are Demanding Love And Forgiveness   They Hate Themselves So They Want To Steal The Essences Of Others    east tree west tree  north three  south tree  spg   Warlocks On Mount Hermon March Seventeenth Two Thousand Eleven ho    I Love Him And I Do Understand But Having To Wait For Him Drives Me Nuts He Cant Be So Stubborn And Blind That He Doesnt Realize What Hes Been Doing To Me   By Ignoring Me And Isolating Me And Misunderstanding Me You Have Lost Me fox script Contrary To What Fox News Says Not All Immigrants Belong To Ms 13   There’s A Special Grave Site There With Sealed Containers In A Metal Cistern  


        flip square41°46'= fornax wolf   herc cererus cererus    The Twelifth Labor Of Hercules Was To Capture Cerberus The Three Headed Dog    

The Fifty Gates Of Wisdom Also Defined As The Fifty Gates Of Understanding   The Spirit Is Eternal It Was First And It Is Last And It Will Always Be     The Very Essence Of Opposite Magic To Get Success And How It Operates     When You Make A Mistake Admit It If You Dont You Only Make It Worse      Whatever I Say Now Will Determine The Next Sequence Of Events Sigh    Sound Is The Friction And Vibration Through The Air That Creates Light     However Once That Doesnt Work Anymore Youre Left With Nothing        The Coincidences Of Words And Learning Repeated Verbally By Those Around Me    Every Keystroke Logged Even When Not Entered Into Datatbase By User        I Should Be Allowed To Choose Who I Want And Dont Want To Hang Out With   


 The Destruction Of Alien Civilisations Underneath The Earth’s Surface       If Im An Idiot Than That Makes All Of You Completely Worthless People     In The Absence Of Human Contact And Support I Have Become Independent Of People     Many Prophets Saints And Elect Are Sleeping And Cant Remember Who They Are  Roman Catholic Church Discriminate Chinese By Their Fake Book Called Revelation    Chinese Circle Have Five Point Two Five Degree More Compared With Greek Circle   Chinese Medicine Theory Is Pesudo Science And Zhou Dynasty Not Chinese  

   The Fall Of The Demiurge And The Beginning Of The End Of Humanitys Enslavement     There Is Nothing Sweet About Him Except Maybe His Lies So Why His Name    The Name Of Zeus Two Thousand Years Ago Was Immanual And Means Im Manual   Time Traveling Constantly Self Referencing Real Time Circular Reference  

 Those Treating Humans Like They Are Cattle Will Be Deleted From Existence  Those Who Spiritually Oppress People Shall Be Cast From The Earth   Those That Talk As If They Are Extraterrestrials Are Just Worms     The Future Is No Hatred No Violence No More Hunger No Misery No Harm  Just Imagine What It Must Be Like To Be Tormented By Demons At All Times      The Wicked Are Not Getting Left Behind Instead They Are Going To Be Destroyed    Thats Why I Absolutely Must Destroy All Of Their Wicked Souls  Many Multi Generational And Wealthy Freemasons In High Level Politics  Advanced Intelligence Would Not Go Around Wasting So Many Resources 

 The United States President Donald Trump Made Me Happy This Morning    Native Americans Believed That All Tribes In North America Came From The Pleiades   ?   I Really Want To Know What The Funniest Face A Person Can Make Looks Like        Omni Knows All Your Actions Until You Enter The Age Of Aquarius   Around And Around And Around She Goes And Where She Stops Nobody Knows   aqua ? I Know That There Are Other Women Out There Who Are Much Better For Me   I Know Youre Scared Please Be Patient And Wait For My Works To Finish  

  Get Your Vacation Kicks On The Highways Marked Route Sixty Six       umbrella   lol  The Holy Hand Of Justice Upon The Treacherous Female Imposter Ruler   There Is No Such Thing As An Attractive Jewish Woman Give It Up Already     She Is Under The Protection Of The Informal Worldwide Circle Of Shamans      Morgellons Disease Was Developed In A Level Five Bio Weapons Laboratory     


        flip square41°52'= fornax   guit      Before I Consider Getting Mad At Statements U Hav To Consider The Source      Its All A False Paradigm Of Possessed Angels And Demons This Reality Is False   What You Should Really Wonder Is What I Dont Enter Into The Database      character in questionThe Only True Answer Of This Question Is The Question Itself  canm character in question     th   faceless What Would You Do If Someone Told You That You Couldnt Be Happy      No Evil In The World Or Under It Over The World Or Inside The World       ? I Know That Not All Yur Kind Is Evil And I Reach Out Only To Big Ben Aliens      Stop Guessing When Certain Events Are Going To Happen No One Knows   ?  Not Knowing What Will Happen Exactly And When And Where Is Torture   If I Forgive You I Know That I Will Regret It Very Shortly After     You Dont Need To Say Anything I Just Need To Know That You Read It    flip square   aqua  Manny Call It Bad Luck But The Maybe It Was A Way To Learn But For What Price      The Written Number Is Actually A Scribed Symbol To Represent The Idea  The Idea Of Destroying All Of Your Wicked Souls Makes My Heart Feel Joy  keyhole$               ? fi pisces       Number Thirteen Has The Power To Change Your Life At Any Given Moment       t      bc     The Sea Of Clueless Inflated Ego Sitting Ducks Under A Very Bad Leader In Satan   By Making The Ego The Evil One We Have Split The World Into Two Parts    In The Material World Ego Is A Defense Against Those Who Deny The True Self     aqua        Death Means Loss Of Consciousness Life Means Gaining Of Consciousness        ophiuchi mov   Things Got Really Weird After That Sheep Shocker Hit Me In The Head And Cut Me   Eleven Synchronicity Seen Constantly In My Angles Of Perception    You Are Not Your Skull Or Your Bones You Are The Child Within    Lucifer Claims To Be The Angel Of Revelation But He Is The Devil Of Occultism  Occult Means Hidden Which Refers To Hiding Their Secret Satanic Activities    All Of The Occultists Are Illuminated And All Of The Illuminati Are Occultic    The Occultists Do Not Properly Comprehend How Emanations Work      Seven Colors Of The Rainbow Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet 

         Youre Either With Me Or Against Me Or Above My Level Of Understanding      He Is Teaching The Saints How To Destroy The Dragon By Using The Word         More Important Than The Ending And The Beginning Is The Way And The Future     The Serpent Possessed Devils Feel They Have The Same Rights As Humans  Freemasons Vow To Cross Every T Refers To A Planetary T Cross    When Will The Spiritually Dead Begin To Understand I Am The Root Of David   mov  Mystery Revealed Gods Righteous Son Was Raised By The Antichrist  cipher solver  bear & lion            And The City Of Brahma In The Sun Behind Pluto Belongs To My Furious Race      I Am In A Hell With No Help And Everyone Works For The Prison System   mount         I Have The Wicked Begging For Eternal Hell But Instead I Am Erasing Their Souls       Karma Is Consequence It Is Not An Entity It Is A Spiritual Principle    
   ipeelawaystarhack silvercrown   Corona Australis Is One Of The Smallest Constellations In The Sky   Though Countless Stars Were Glowing Absent Was The Star Of Love  th    I Have Not Seen Hardship Sickness And Poverty And I Do Not Believe In Love     I Am Not Playing A Game And Never Was And Dont Plan On Playing Your Game Ever         I Will Never Be Ready And I Am Right And All Of You Are Wrong And I Am Blind To It All    Files Of The Lord The Remorse Turn A Blind Eye Without Let Or Hindrance      eyes  vir       Opinions Expressed In The End Will Be Treated Like Any Of The Illuminati     I Hear Someone Speaking For Them So Why Wouldnt I Write It Like That         Because In The End We Are All Just Dreamers In An Endless Universe God Included   


       flip square41°64'= fornax hand leom    t marked id disc cipher solver  bear & lion  clb jewel diid       aaaa grades Inability to pronounce, not due to muscle paralysis or weakness cipher solver seal cipher solver  seal  islaThe Seal of the Territory of the Virgin Islands of the United States