60th degree

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 flip square60°00'=pa  mc fdutch   cipher solver  bu bu The Whole Of Humanity Is All One As A Very Mixed Up Seperated Family All From The Same Source Of Parents  What Is More Beautiful Than The Quincunx Which However You View It, Presents Straight Lines       Termination Termination Termination Expiration Expiration Expiration Cancellation Human Race    The Illuminati Scientists Are Genetically Engineering Alien Humanoids For Interdimensional Entities  And He Was Saying To Them, You Are From Below, I Am From Above You Are Of This World, I Am Not Of This World       Our Father, Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven     Just Love One Another And Everything Because Its Miraculous You Are Not In Control Of Anything  sparkdroid Dont Know How Many Days I Will Have Left To Pack Up Everything And Getting Nervous I Wont Be Ready Now When They Have Finished Their Testimony, The Beast That Comes Up From The Abyss Will Attack Them    ichicoin    Blessed Are The Japanese Children That Do Not Have To Be Raised Around Transgressor Jew Required Nig Ger Apes   Everyone Is Born With Cannabis Receptors Therefore Its A God Given Right Legalize Cannabis Globally Nowbibcont    777the mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks    In The Ancient World, Gold Represented The Gods, Silver Represented Men And Copper Represented Judgment     Faith Without Works Is Dead Every Philosophy Understands That Belief Translates Into Behavior   My Will Is Unproclaimable And Anyone Claiming To Be Me Is An Antichrist And Will Be Destroyed In The Second Death 

flip square60°06'=pa   river cabels cipher solver  bu bu swars  darkside emperors route66 sw yoda hand I Love Hearing The Birds Outside My Window Talking And Twittering There Is No Sound More Beautiful   Astronomical Alignment Over Twenty Thousand Years The Real Chinese Culture Using Symbolism   The Diamond Is Complete And Satans Intent Is To Divide You Into His False Duality Through His Hexagram    It Seems That Your Behavior Is The Proper Behavior For Me To Follow So I Am Going To Give That A Shot     drknow emc qwave emc emc Two things are8 infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe    I Havent Taken A Math Course In About Ten Years Of Course Im Not Going To Remember Exactly How To Do It     And He Turned Him Unto His Disciples, And Said Privately, Blessed Are The Eyes Which See The Things That Ye See   Wherefore Ye Shall Do My Statutes, And Keep My Judgments, And Do Them And Ye Shall Dwell In The Land In Safety  Changing Your Mood Is Like Changing The Channel On The Television If You Do Not Enjoy The Presentation  hand   The Last Type Of Guy A Woman Wants Is One Who Is Wealthy Smart Handsome Muscular Funny And Cool     And He Had In His Right Hand Seven Stars And Out Of His Mouth Went A Sharp Twoedged Sword And His Countenance  Fools, Ye Are Treading In The Footsteps Of The Fox, Can Ye Not Read The Hidden Meaning Of These Winning Words      And The Persons Were Sixteen Thousand Of Which The Lords Tribute Was Thirty And Two Persons    Why Couldnt You Just Let Me Be Free Like Everyone Else Why Must I Be A Prisoner From Birth To Death   If The Devil Asks You To Dance, You Better Say Never, Because A Dance With The Devil Might Last You Forever   Four Horse Are Spring White Horse ,Summer Red Horse, Autumn Black Horse,Winter Pale Horse Game Over  

Humans Are Trying To Evolve Into Civilized Beings But Must Master The Ego And Come To Zero Point  flip square60°12'=pa   shī zi zuò cipher solver  bu bu shī zi zuò You Are Protected In The Other World And Your Protector Is Somebody Who Is Really Powerful     The Slowly Vanishing Buddhist Message Needs To Quickly Be Spread Around To Keep From Being Forgotten   If The Mutliverse Is An Infinite Merry Go Round Then I Am Stepping Off After My Mortal Coil Ascension   Babylon How You Anger Me I Do Not Ever Let You See I Will Be With My Creator You Are Not My Mediator     Technology Is The Creation Of Ideas Within This Reality Which Is A Play Of Consciousness Of Ones Mind   High Voltage Carving The Undeniable Proof Of Gematrias Accuracy What Is Your Favourite Sentence Gematria,     I Have Run The Names And Numbers Of All The People Around Me And The Bad Ones Are Just Who I Thought They Were   What Do People Think Putting Time Into Something Means It Means You Literally Give It More Time    hand  mov  Why Do You Not Understand The Words That Were Writen Do We Not Have A Brain For Our Own Use It    The Midpoint For The Fixed Stars Polis And Zavijava Lands On The Fixed Star Zuben Elgenubi, The Burning Bed   Malevolence, Obstruction, An Unforgiving Character, Violence, Disease, Lying, Crime, Disgrace, And Danger Of Poison    All The Bad Things I Said About Him I Said More Out Of Fear That It Might End Up Like The Last Time Than Out Of Anger   And Always, Night And Day, He Was In The Mountains, And In The Tombs, Crying, And Cutting Himself With Stones 

flip square60°30'=pa  gmcipher solver  bu buhand        swars sparkdroid   q words Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanicmov mov mov 

flip square60°36'=pa  arch cipher solver  bubuswars sith holocron darkside emperors route66 sw yoda hand  sg  Piscis Boreus lineol bolt paus  pa ff dor anq gryphites sparkdroid    

flip square60°42'=pa  cb There Is Not One Female In History That Has Known God However They Present Themselves As Saints  It Doesnt Matter How Hot The Woman Is I Will Always Look Like A Guy Who Is Good Enough To Be With Her  cipher solver  bu buhand mov   It Is Our Biggest Job To Help All Others Know That They Are Closer To Him Than Us In Their Missions    It Is A Joke That God Would Choose To Speak Through Me A Lazy Loner Loser Stoner He Is Laughing At You      Not Everything That Is Said Or Thought Might Be The Best To Test In Reality But Maybe Its Fun Too   Third Eyers Are Ruining The Purpose Of Life To The Point Where I Am Going To Need To Kill Their Souls    Maybe Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Prevent Us From Running Into Something Worse Down The Road  The Rainbow Is The Physical Manifestation Of A Covenant Between Noah And The Deity Following The Great Flood  My Thoughts Can Transcend Dimensions And I Will Use Them To Spread The Love Of Jesus And The Word Of God  In Order To Have Sole Essence U Have To Leave That Part Of Yurself That Makes U Nasty In Yur Nature 



flip square60°48'=patuc The Protection Granted By   A Nation To Someone Who  Has Left Their Native
Country As A Political   Refugee  

If You Want To Find The   Secrets Of The Universe  Think In Terms Of Energy   Frequency And Vibrations     I Have Green Card With Dv Lottery Number Twentytwentytwo Seven Hu Five S J Eightotwoeaeight You compel others to open up, bringing to light hidden stories, transforming lives in an instant

Im Speaking As Plainly As  I Can And With Great  Affection Open Up Your   Lives Live Openly And  Expansively

And Her Neighbours And  Her Cousins Heard How The  Lord Had Shewed Great  Mercy Upon Her And They   Rejoiced With Her

Dont Worry Because Once  Im Fully Recovered I Wont   Be Thinking About Anyone  From My Past Any Longer

There Is A Seed Deep  Within Each One Of Us   That Binds Us Within The   Dream Of Separate
Perspective Journeys


flip square60°54'=pa  cor cipher solver  bu buhand   

flip square60°66'=pa  cromi cipher solver  bu bu  swars  darkside emperors route66 sw yoda  ho  flip square dice hand  hand   hand   hand aqua clr sauron eye  mayan nawal    

flip square60°72'=pa  dor cipher solver  bu bu hand aqua clr sauron eye  

flip square60°78'=pa  nt  cipher solver  bubu hand  mount mount mounthand  

flip square60°84'=pa  ss cipher solver  bu bu   swars sparkdroid darkside emperors route66 sw yoda    gd handbibcont ?Have you ever given orders to the morning,or shown the dawn its placehand  

flip square60°90'=pa  you cipher solver  bu bu  hand 69    hand  libr libr tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher  cipher solver ra hand   hand    

flip square60°96'=pa  crabminor cipher solver  bu bu  swars sparkdroid darkside emperors route66 sw yoda  96 dv cassiopeiad   hand  

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flip square61°02'=hydr vir  hand  

flip square61°08'=hydr rainbow dragon hand cipher solver  bear & lion   um   Repair The Jupiter   Hologram Inside Of Saturn
Interferes With The Codes In Regards To The Real  Jupiter
  What Is All They Had To  do Was Pay Restitution
For Their Violation Of My  Rights And For Their  Theft

Even Playing Field  Opportunity Over Good   Prevails Only From Now On  Justice And Fairness For  All     I Have Won The Dv Lottery With Number Twentytwentytwo Seven Hu Five S J Eightotwoeaeight

Send Love Hz Frequencies All Around Earth Around  So That All May Realize  That Love Is All We  Need God Is Love   Naturaly By Respecting  Free Will There Is Some  Trickiness To It Since It  Does Involve Time Travel

flip square61°20'=hydr pup hand             hand       hand   galaxvort wp canm canm 

flip square61°26'=hydr  ori  Gematrix Is Over Now Just See What Happens By What Everyone Chooses To Create Moment To Moment  Everythings L I T Everything Is Lost In Translation So Why Bother Saying Anything Because Its   swars darkside emperors What Do I Have To Do Or Say To Get Out Of Life I Do Not Want To Be Here Anymore I Do Not Want To Exist At All   route66  The World Is A Dangerous Place, Not Because Of Those Who Do Evil, But Because Of Those Who Look On And Do Nothing   After Decades Of Struggle, The Notorious Doomsayer Finally Found Fame And Recognition   Then He Shot Himself  sw yoda Vortex, Secret Energy Key Is My Fathers Gematria Accurate, Lord Give Me Hope Help Me Cope With My Heavy Load    jedi holocron   The Fountains Also Of The Deep And The Windows Of Heaven Were Stopped, And The Rain From Heaven Was Restrained  You Argue What Gods Name Is When There Are No Measely Fallen Angel Words To Utter It You Egomaniac Pea Brain         cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$       The Devil Put A Curse On Prayers So There Would Be No Healing, He Is The Most Depraved And Narcissistic Madman cipher solver     mount  imdb faceless Whoever Makes A Prison Should Be Put In It Themselves But Then Released After They Learn Their Lesson   And He Brought Back All The Goods, And Also Brought Again His Brother Lot, And His Goods, And The Women Also, And The Peoplemov imdb faceless  The Satanic Inner Circle Is Sick Of Making Compromises We Cannot Afford Imprison A Leading Member And It Will Be War    Do People Like Those Hollywood Types And The Musicians Bully Me Because I Am All Alone With No One To Defend Me  mov  imdb faceless     facelessGreetings Your Majesty, I Am Intergalactic Advocate Bob, Here To Assist You Through Ascension Process    fiscan  fiscan  fiscan  ? The Spirit Of God, According To His Own Will, Selects Those Things Which Are Most Necessary To Be Known ?  Thou Shalt Not Raise A False Report Put Not Thine Hand With The Wicked To Be An Unrighteous Witness   Revelation Is The Explanation Of Both Spirits Together One Is He Who Is Independent Of Unlimited Time      A Way To Be Reminded Of Your Own Wisdom, To Center In Your True Self And In What You Truly Know…   Saturn And Jupiter Both Have A Seal To Them And I Hope Im Dead And Gone Physically When Those Seals Are Due To Open keyhole$ imdb faceless      The New Age Religions Using Some Accurate Spiritual Science To Trick People Into Accepting Saturns Eye     matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan Saturn Moon Matrix Death Life Control Freemason,Secret Of Babylon,Easter Rose,The Red Dragon,England,Walesmatrix code scan  imdb faceless I Am No Longer Tolerating Being In Poverty Anymore And I Am Going To Kill My Persecutors At A Faster Rate    mov  imdb faceless matrix code scan  sparkdroid      After That He Put His Hands Again Upon His Eyes, And Made Him Look Up And He Was Restored, And Saw Every Man Clearly    The Cell Program Is Trying To Terminate His Own Program, Be Like You Want Others To Be At Least Try      So Please Explain To Me How Something That Is  Not Working Properly In The Body Can Make You A Criminal       You Dont Understand That Ive Lived Past Your Extermination Date You Were Suppose To Succeed   You Are Not Special For Submitting To Satan By Having Your Brains Programmed Into Mindless Beasts    If You No Longer Believe What Fear Tells You You Will Live And It Will Die Thats Why You Will Be Afraid  They Are So Dumb That They Think The Actual Truth Is Lies Because Their Masters Are Concealing It From Them   I Just Know That When That Voice Of Fear Suggests That Im Going To Fail Its Like An Icy Hand Grips My Heart · 

 flip square61°28'=hydr  cat bp mov maybug  but ast but 


flip square61°32'=hydr jù xiè zuò hand    mov  bibcont? "Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but ‘in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey"

flip square61°38'=hydr canm   God Works In Another Dimension Outside The Realm Of An Earthly Time Frame Or Natural Sequence Of Events  For Ruth Received The Full Reward From God, So That She Was The Progenitor Of The Blessing Of The Nations  Maybe You People Should Think About Being Productive Rather Than Destructive With Your Words  Everyone Has To Have Their Ego Destroyed Before Entering The Paradise On Earth 2c Including His Son And Daughter mount mount corv           ​​  Geomantic_via.svg  Geomantic_populus.svg     Men With Narcissistic Disorder Have No Feelings For Their Wife Only If It Will Get Them What They Want   Ive Never Learned To Express Feelings Neither Positive Nor Negative With You Im Learning To Do Both   It Is Vanity Because You Dont Have The Power To Preserve Your Life It Can Be Taken From You Any Time   hexahedrongrid In These Lay A Great Multitude Of Impotent Folk, Of Blind, Halt, Withered, Waiting For The Moving Of The Water 

scan  flip square61°44'=hydr pavo hand   Everything From God Is Attractive To Me There Is Nothing In The Human Realm That Attracts Me Any Longer     I Think Is Very Visible Love Is No Illnes It Is The Way Our Heart Is Searching For Its Counterpart   Its When You Know That There Is Dishonesty Going On Because Its Presented Right Infront Of You   They Are Using Witchcraft Words Against Messiah To Turn Things Upside Down And The People Begin To See       All Progress Made Against Vegans Infinitely Exposed Made Visible And Dissolved Into Eternal Darkness And Hell  Prehistoric Reptilian Souls From Saturn Corrupt Humans So They Can Use Them As Their Hosts   They Do Not Create Human Souls And Are Claiming To Own Souls From Their Genetic House They Did Not Create    The Paradox Of The Demon Web, I Need To Know The Truth, If Something Bad Happened To Me I Dont Want To Know Yet  I Hope You End Up Homless So I Can Collect My Insurance,,, If I End Up Homeless, I Wil Burn Satans House Down   How Do Women Go From Being Arrogant When They Are Young To Becoming Such Losers When They Become Adults   Maybe From Now On Film Makers Should Be More Considerate With The Content They Put In Their Projects    

 flip square61°50'=hydr octans  hand  lotr   str    

 flip square61°56'=hydr gp swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  The Matrix Interacts With You Mind Your Thoughts  Beware Your Words For They Are All Wishes   tur oxo   Occultists Desire To
Round Up Humans Up In Cattle Farms And Then  Demand People To Love Being Food For Them
  In His Dreams He Sees  Futuristic Timelines That  May Happen Depending On  Certain Key Events He  Sets Forth   Arcturian Aliens Possess Universal Knowledge About  The Greater Meanings Of Spiritual And Mental  Health  The Cycle Of Venus Around The Sun Creates A Pentagram In The Sky Which Is Founded Upon The Spiral Of Fibonacci  Extreme Form Of  Antisocial Personality  Disorder Combined With  Narcissistic Personality Disorder

flip square61°68'=hydr geko swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda jedi holocron   Your Allegiance With The Top Of The World Evolves Into Your Allegiance With The Bottom Of The World   Well I Could Record My Voice But We Have To Overthrow The Illuminati The Own All My Audio Equipment  And Why Do You Look At The Speck In Your Brothers Eye But Do Not Perceive The Plank In Your Own Eye   I Guess Im Just Going To Have To Reveal Everyone To Everyone Eyes To Eyes So No More Surprise    Imagine If Someone Stole Your Essence Denied You Of It Or Condemned You For Their False Interpretation       Federal Vampire Zombie Agency Responsible For Controlling The Nations Vampire And Zombie Populations  Everyone Quit You Have Done More Damage Than Can Be Repaired And I Will Not Stop Until Those Involved Pay       I Pray Unto Thee Yehowah Y H W H, Change My Wicked Ways, Set Me Free And Protect Me From The Body Of Antichrist   Fear Meaning Reverential Attitude Or Holy Fear Which Man, When His Heart Is Set Aright, Observes Towards God      I See That People Are Selling Their Souls To Satan And Becoming Servant Vessels Creating Misery On Earth   Hell Is Lights Out For All Of You Because Heaven Doesnt Allow Losers And The Earth Is Sick Of Smelling You    Nobody Freakin Cares Because They Have Limited Thoughts Beliefs And Understandings And These Are The Smart Ones   The Lord Admits That There Is A Certain Amount Of Love For The Light, Though Less Than That For The Darkness  There Is Much Joy In The World And You Are A Part Of The Future Joy Once You Clear Your Mind Of The Past   And As Soon As I Have Rearranged The Mess In My Head He Will Show Up Looking Sane Perfectly Sane If I Know Crazy     Word Can Hurt Sometimes Even Harder Than A Knife Can Do But The Wound May Heal Much Faster And With Smaler Scars  palace 1 law awl vir brewery   rose rose     Within The Area Of The Known, Containers Take Shape Which Are Reserved For Specific Types Of Human Activity 

flip square61°74'=hydr meter  cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$     Sigil To Keep Negative People And Influences From My Past From Resurfacing Into My Present And Future       Time Travel Time Machine Destroying Illuminati Skeleton Key And Area 51 Skeleton Key Destroyed Masonry   faceless  And There Were Some That Had Indignation Within Themselves, And Said, Why Was This Waste Of The Ointment Made pi Mecca Black Stone Happiness The House On The Hill, Day Of Judgement, I Want My Heart To Choose For Me Not My Mind pi  O Below Negative Thy Know Thy Wrath O Speak Now And Thy Star Is Discovered Among Your Followers    Aryans The German R Immigrants From Outside Europe They Claim As Non European To Be A Master Solar Cult   Cult Leaders Feel Justified In All Their Actions Since They Consider Themselves The Ultimate Moral Arbiter    They Are Claiming That Being Attacked By Armies Of Telepathic Sorcerers Means That You Are A Broken Branch And Sinner     Freemason Lovers Of Money Think By Revealing The Truth In Secret It Will Redeem Them From Their Sins   There Is Nothing More Saddening About Humanity Than One Group Of People Placing Themselves Above Another  Cult Leaders Feel Justified In All Their Actions Since They Consider Themselves The Ultimate Moral Arbiter   Reprogram All Piezo Crystals On Planet Earth To The Highest Love Frequency, Please And Thank You, Mox

flip square61°80'=hydr silvercrown hand      iceboot boot  

flip square61°86'=hydr arrow  swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  hand  

flip square61°92'=hydr  mock  hand  cipher solver   69ceti

flip square61°98'=hydr  cererus hand 69   First I Was Born Then I Survived Then I Thrived
Then I Was Humbled Now I  Am Well With The Whole  Process
    This Calls For Universal   Intervention Beyond
Galactic Beyond World And  Especially Above And Beyond Nations
  Black Nobility Die And  Their Souls Fade To Dust  And Then A New One Replaces It In Their Next  Biological Incarnation  All Of Humanity All Races All Creeds All Ethnic Backgrounds All Colors All Ages Unite In Love Against Oppression

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flip square62°04'=ant cet hand  arch  paintboard  gt        

flip square62°10'=ant aqua hand bibcont and God calleth to the light 'Day,' and to the darkness He hath called 'Night;' and there is an evening, and there is a morning — day one    store  THERE  WILL BE A smTIME WHEN ALL WILL SEEM HOPELESS, AND AT THAT POINT YOU WILL FIND RENEWED FAITH IN THE WILL OF MEN

flip square62°16'=ant sw  swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  hand  ? ? sparkdroid   Tartarus Is Considered The First Existing Entity Of The Cosmos And Light By The Mystery Schools    I See Through All The Lies Now Life Is But A Dream And It Is What We Make It For One Another Like Camping In The Woods   Now That I Am Aware Of So Much More I Really Not Interested In Continuing To Be A Human Mammal Animal Any Longer    If One Way Does Not Work Try Something Different But Never Stop Only Because It Looks Impossible  Frontal Lobe, Amygdala And Quran Help A Starved People, With God All Things Are Possible And Nothing Is Impossible   Zeus Uses His Parietal Transmissions Unlike Third Eyers Which Are Disconnected From The Parietal Lobe    The Process Of Spiritual Growth Requires That, Individual Values Should Replace Collective Values  

flip square62°22'=ant dove hand  dovecatch22   

flip square62°28'=ant cathand         2092 AD  It is predicted that somebody in the future will give or not give a shit about some yet-to-happen event 

flip square62°34'=ant    mc fdutch   pup vela        hand  bibcont ?For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day hand  t 7programs np iphonew      swars hand  

flip square 62°40'=ant hand capr  These Things Have I Spoken Unto You, That My Joy Might Remain In You, And That Your Joy Might Be Full   The Word God Is Meaningless, It Is A Construct Of The Human Mind, That A Malignant Narcissist Claimed Himself To Be    If You Can Catch It In The Corner Of Your Eye Long Enough You Can Be Your Own Oracle But With More Accuracy      The Occult Initiates Have A Serpentine Consciousness Creating A Magnetic Portal From Their Optic Nerves   I See That My Misery Is Amusing To Everyone I Am Glad To Be Alone I Am Going To Remain Alone Until God Takes Me Home  Mentally Unable To See The Destructive Damage They Are Causing To Themselves And To Others In The Process     Life Is Insane I Just Dont Want To Be Here Anymore I Hope I Dont Wake Up Anymore When I Go To Sleep This Time    They May Throw Everything Against You But If You Trust In Your Heart They Will Always Fail   Personally I Know Thirteen Excruciatingly Painful Ways That Adolf Hitler Could Have Been Exterminated   Die Bewegung Geht Hier Aus Der Gefahr Heraus Das Hemmnis Ist Beseitigt, Die Schwierigkeiten Sind In Der Lösung Begriffen   As It Takes Up Its Home Within, We Become Daimonic And Clear Seeing, Profoundly Connected To The Invisible World   

flip square62°46'=ant   swars darkside emperors sith holocron route66 sw yoda  hand wolf yc Thermal-Detonator t isolator marked id disc       clr bp       marked id disc bc  

flip square62°52'=ant hand guit       

flip square62°58'=ant t yc hand sm   sw tm 8 hand  hand    hand  clr fox script cipher solver  fox script  fox script fo   

flip square62°64'=ant leom  swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda   cipher solver  fox script fox script fo hand    

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  Manifest Win In Threed For Confirmation Number Twozerotwotwosevenhufivesjeightotwoeaeight

flip square62°70'=anthand corv    ast but  herc   clr bp ophiuchi  paintboard    Meditation is the skill of focusing 100% of your energy and attention in one specific area in the present moment.  An Auspicious Alignment From Jupiter Is One Of The Finest Astrological
Influences One Could Ever Hope For
  We Are All Instances Of The One Same Life Having An Experience Of Multiplicity Only God Is Real And We Are In A

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flip square62°82'=ant hand network_connections  

flip square62°88'=ant hand  flip square ankh  dischanger  spheres templehand isolator iso rc spheres temple  hand lilium sw     hand    reactor isla  isla isla hand 

flip square62°94'=   Manifest Win In Fourd For Confirmation Number Twozerotwotwosevenhufivesjeightotwoeaeight

Not That We Do Not Have Authority But We Wanted To Offer Ourselves As An Example For You To

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flip square63°00'=ar mc fdutch  hand   l b3 y4   e1        pisces         scream_32 buddha avatar scream_32  scream_32 p4         character in question clr canm character in question rosecross  It is a positive figure for nearly all questions, representing fast situations and construction

flip square63°06'=ar river cabels  swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda swars hand   

flip square63°12'=ar shī zi zuò hand    

flip square63°18'=ar cam hand 

flip square63°24'=ar  per per  zoom zoom jellyfish  blink an hand   capr sh   ipo herc  Y slingshot   Y slingshot  horse  

flip square63°30'=ar gmhand limax  

flip square63°36'=ar arch swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda swars hand  dra  egypt faces  egypt godess  

flip square63°42'=ar  cb hand      swars sandppl   

flip square63°54'=ar cor handblueprintstar blueprintstar blueprintstar sm smwave                     herc   bul          

flip square63°60'=ar pa  swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  hand   

flip square63°66'=ar cromi  swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  flip square hand     

flip square63°72'=ar dor hand      ast qm  drknow  hand q words Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned 

flip square63°78'=ar nt marked id dischand river cabels wr  Proton The Demon Core Materialize Loves No One But Himself, Six Hundred Sixty Six On Zero Dimension  dimension   dimension    Constant Exposure To Air Conditioning And The Filters That Arent Changed As Often As They Should Be Can Be Harmful   So Be Truly Glad There Is Wonderful Joy Ahead Even Though You Have To Endure Many Trials For A Little While

flip square63°84'=ar ss            You Do Not Have To Be A Slave Of God For Eternity, You Can Join Satans Armies And Fight For Liberty In The Heavens  catseye q words Since light travels faster than sound, isn't that why some people appear bright until you hear them speak?  What Is The Square Root Of Eight Hundred Forty Nine What Is The Square Root Of Eight Hundred Forty Nine  hand   Behold, I Send You Forth As Sheep In The Midst Of Wolves Be Ye Therefore Wise As Serpents, And Harmless As Doves  ori Untitled-1     reactor   q words  raygun       If Only You Could Hear The Evil On Their Lips And Search The Wickedness Of Their Hearts You Cruel Hypocrite libr l sb  Hurt Not The Earth, Neither The Sea, Nor The Trees, Till We Have Sealed The Servants Of Our God In Their Foreheads   He That Overcometh, The Same Shall Be Clothed In White Raiment And I Will Not Blot Out His Name Out Of The Book Of Life  sparkdroid tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher         ss  gladii electorales saxonici      raygun mount jd   They Have Power To Shut Up The Heavens So That It Will Not Rain During The Time They Are Prophesying  What I Just Wrote Is The Most Important Statement To Know If You Are Going Into Show Business      Your Just Mad Because Im Not Letting You Into Heaven Unless You Bow At My Feet And Ask For Forgivness 

flip square63°90'=ar you hand  

flip square63°96'=ar  crabminor smarttools tronship hand 96   hand     To cancel the force of habit is a decision that you make once and for all. Starting from that act, a warrior becomes a stalkerq words

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flip square64°02'=hand leom vir  

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flip square64°14'=hand leom pisces   arch gt

flip square64°20'=herc       bul hand leom pup   mayan nawal     

flip square64°26'=swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  hand  leom ori         The thoughtful conversation you offer people becomes a practical way to understand esoteric principles  archangels 

flip square64°32'=leom  vela hand  netshatter st        storeTHERE WILL BE A smTIME WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN'T GIVE ANY MORE, AND SUDDENLY WILL FIND THAT LITTLE BIT MORE TO GIVE…

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flip square64°44'=leom pavo  hand   alpha     coff  gtea java   Nearly all nerds are able to communicate in code languages including but not limited to ascii, binary, morse, java, html, and c++

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flip square64°68'= swars darkside emperors  route66 sw yoda  sparkdroid leomgeko   com sparkdroid    

Manifest Win In Threed For Confirmation Number Twentytwentytwosevenhufivesjeightotwoeaeight

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flip square64°86'=leom arrow sparkdroid  koobs bp  hand Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng maybug mono but herc ast but       storeTHERE WILL BE A smTIME WHEN YOU TRULY ARE AT LIBERTY TO BE YOUR SELF WITHOUT FEAR OF RIDICULE OR CONDEMNATION

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Manifest Win In Fourd For Confirmation Number Twentytwentytwosevenhufivesjeightotwoeaeight

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 jddkeyhole$ se se Sextant Matrix clock harms our biological functioning, increases Aging Disease and is the reason we physically die

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flip square65°10'=com aqua sparkdroid         sparkdroid mlWhatever you want to do, is Not possible, what ever is possible for you to do, you don't want to do it

flip square65°16'=com sw  swars darkside emperors sith holocron route66 sw yoda jedi holocron sparkdroid sb  sm   mayan nawal  red tron-rider  

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flip square65°38'=com canm sparkdroid bibcont ?  I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides , which has the seven heads and ten horns

flip square65°40'=com capr  sparkdroid bibcont ? The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the sparkdroid   Abyss and go to its destruction      What Makes Me Saddest Of All Is When I Feel So Low  And Desperate I Cannot Even Find A Church To Attend Where I Would Be  Welcome

And Thou Hast Not Left Me  In The Hand Of The Lion Faced Power But Thou Hast Led Me Into A Region Which Is Not Oppressed   

mov    diid  You Cannot Permanently    Make History As Time Is   Being Tampered With And   People Are Going Back In   Time To Change Things  They Loved To Descend To  the Chaos So Let Them  Abide Therein And They  Shall Not Be Brought Up Therefrom From Now On    Stretch The Light Weve Created Two Hundred And Eight New Minerals B Time For A New Human Influenced Anthropocene Epoch B

The Real Question Is Why You So Concerend With Us And Not Just Progression In And Of Itself For Ones Self

Its Just So Wonderful To See The Community Come  Together In These  Unprecedented Hegelian  Dialectic Times Of Need  

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