70th degree

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   flip square70°02'=corv vir  hand 

   flip square70°08'=corv rainbow dragon hand 

    imdb mov flip square70°14'=corv pisces      sis t project        ast cb  cb     blueprintstar   The All Seeing Eye of God projects its Divine Mind blueprint as an imprinted Geometric Tesseract   called the Cosmic Cube Matrix  Im Ready And Willing For That And I Can Be Trustworthy But I Want To Know Its True Love And She Must Be Devoted To God      It Is Not Fair To Banish Me I Was The Innocent One Who Stood Up For Good It Is Cruelly And Extremely Unfair To Banish Me   I Saved Your Life And You Did Nothing But Lie And Betray Me You Are A Shameless Devil And The Truth About You Will Prevail     That Place Is Getting Me Down You Can Say It Is Sophistication But I Say Time Is Running Out Miles Away Miles Away    Goodbye I Am Done With Everyone Today I Will Celebrate My Freedom From Caring What The World Thinks Of Me I Dont Care Anymore  Anyone Who Spends Every Minute Of Their Life Trying To Make Someone Else Despair Them Has Serious Mental Problems     And To Her Was Granted That She Should Be Arrayed In Fine Linen, Clean And White For The Fine Linen Is The Righteousness Of Saints      Thrones  keyhole$       ?  

   flip square70°26'=corv ori hand          

   flip square70°32'=corv hand 

   flip square70°38'=corv canm hand tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider ipeelawaystarhack snake  hydr       paintboard  gt

   flip square70°50'=corv octans swars sparkdroid  

   flip square70°56'=corv  mayan nawal hand   sparkdroid  tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider 

   flip square70°68'=corvhand 

   flip square70°74'=corv meter t marked id disc    marked id disc swarshand  mov   yc

   flip square70°92'=corv sis arrow sagitar southarrow mayan nawal    hand  

   flip square71°04'=svv cethand qwave emc emc maze   As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality   

   flip square71°10'=svv hand aqua  

   flip square71°16'=svv sw hand      sis   

   flip square71°40'=svv capr  fiscan And Now By The Power Invested In Me By The Grace Of God And The Power Of The Holy Spirit I Command That The Earth Be As It Is In Heaven  Just Because You Draw The Baphomet And Build A Pyramid Representation Of Your Ideal Setup Doesnt Mean It Always Happens      Our Crystal Body not only holds our form but also creates our holographic perception of our manifested D3 realitydimension    Let Me Please Introduce Myself Im A Man Of Wealth And Taste And I Laid Traps For Troubadours Who Get Killed Before They Reached Bombay    Ive Learned To Say No And Be Able To Criticise But Im Not Very Good When It Comes To Expressing Very Personal Emotions  God Will Not Allow Me To Apologize For Anything I Said Today Because They Were His Words I Must Say What He Tells Me To     egypt   These Thieves And Tormentors Could Have Repaid Their Thefts And Provided Sovereign Land But No And Now They Are Going To Die sparkdroid mov  I Have Allowed The Creation Of Four Substances, Four Times, And Four Comers Because They Are Necessary Things For Creatures time capsule  time capsule time capsule   There Is A Very Huge Difference Between Natural Suffering, And Suffering Caused By Great Sadism From A Malignant Narcissistic Madman  sparkdroid mov mov For David, After He Had Served His Own Generation By The Will Of God, Fell On Sleep, And Was Laid Unto His Fathers, And Saw Corruption   

   flip square71°52'=svv  hand guit  

 flip square71°58'=svv sm hand   imdb mov 

    flip square71°82'=svv  network_connections ti  apus rt hand  


   flip square71°94'=svv battery handrose   

     flip square72°12'=dor  raygun hand shī zi zuò mount goldcrown  silvercrown  

    flip square72°30'=dor  hand gmbibcont ?You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name hand    mt cup cup   

   flip square72°30'=   faceless sparkdroid mov  sparkdroid movA Robot Must Protect Its Own Existence As Long As Such Protection Does Not Conflict With The First Or Second Laws

   flip square72°42'=dor cb hand palace 1 law awl vir brewery         

   flip square72°66'=dor cromi swars darkside emperors route66 sw  hand  

   flip square72°78'=dor nt handcorv 

   flip square72°84'=dor ss hand  

      reactor  systemflip square73°20'= goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap pup hand fdutch  pup    pavo Suicide Ends All Troubles And Is The Quickest Way Into An Eternity Of No Worries, No Pain, But Only A Paradise Of Good Things   temp    ? I Will Praise Thee For I Am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Marvellous Are Thy Works And That My Soul Knoweth Right Well   I Will Never Bow Before Anyone But My Father Anyone Else Who Tries To Rule Over Me Aside From Being Lower Than Feces Is An Enemy      Do Not Ye Yet Understand, That Whatsoever Entereth In At The Mouth Goeth Into The Belly, And Is Cast Out Into The Draught    And, Behold, There Was A Woman Which Had A Spirit Of Infirmity Eighteen Years, And Was Bowed Together, And Could In No Wise Lift Up Herself  vir   Eyes The Windows To The You, Know How It Goes, The Conquered Were Made To Serve The Conqueror Is Not How Life Works         But I, Who Came From Infinite Light, I Am Here For I Know Him Light That I Might Speak To You About The Precise Nature Of The Truth                        Geomancies and Fire letters are the building blocks of the Stream of Consciousness the God Mind uses as the processor of creation    buc  So Dudes Just Wanted To Bang Me Because I Am Gods Chosen One Why Would They Think I Would Want That I Am Not Desperate And I Have God     The Morning Stars And The Sons Of Gods Return, Now That The Gematria Book Has Been Discovered, They Can No Longer Hide Who They Are   They Still Do Not Comprehend That Their Souls Are All Getting Destroyed For Thier Relentless Terrorism And Murders  

       reactor  systemflip square73°26'= goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap ori hand 

      reactor  systemflip square73°68'= goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap geko hand geko    

777     reactor  systemflip square 73°74'= goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap meter  bibcont This calls for wisdom  let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the  number of a man  that number is  

   reactor  systemflip square73°80'=goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown   ast Y pie urn slingshot hand  goldcrown   gladii electorales saxonici  silvercrown 

       reactor  systemflip square73°86'= goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  laparrow    hand  cor rose cup  Many Secret Societies Are Meant To Feed You Information To Keep You Content And Not A Nuisance To The Main Infrastructure   The Christ Being Active With Them In The Words Of Confirmation And The Signs And Wonders Which Accompanied Them And Thus Was Known      The Fallen Angels Are Trying To Usurp Creation And Are Going To Be Completely Deleted From Existence For It And That Decision Is Final    Face It I Know You Have Closed The Data Base For The Main Reason Of Concealment It Will Do You No Good I Am Satan And Gods Worst Nightmare              69       Negative Form Or Shadow Bodies Is A Form Of Karma Or Miasma That Is Extracted As A Splinter From Our Simultaneous Incarnation   cent    clb pearl            pearl  keyhole$    Tell It To The Judge If Youre Lucky Enough To Make It To Court First Before Some Very Angry People Visit You First   But He Answered And Said, It Is Written, Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone, But By Every Word That Proceedeth Out Of The Mouth Of God        Every Archetypal Definition Conceived Of Mankind Pertaining To Threefold Manifestation Or Holy Trinity In One Fell Swoop   Restore Marriage To The Law And Protect People Of Faith From Discrimination Because Of Their Support For Traditional Marriage   The Only Saved Women That Are Not Forced To Walk In The Transgression, Are Those That Bare Children And Raise Their Hands In Prayer        Your Heart Is Positive Worldwide Peace, An Upbeat Attitude Is Needed To Extricate Yourself Fom A Troublesome Situation  faceless q words The acts of men cannot be important enough to offset our only viable alternative: our unchangeable encounter with infinity8         Thanks To Conscious Awareness Of Truth We All Unite As One In Our Minds And Hearts All Seperation And Conflict Come To Its End  I Created The Big Bang With My Minds Eye I Stored Cosmic Energy Inmarbles To Create The Universe And I Am Well Versed In Universal Law     He Shall Not Alter It, Nor Change It, A Good For A Bad, Or A Bad For A Good And If He Shall At All Change Beast For Beast, Then It And The Exchange Thereof Shall Be Holy     

       reactor  system  flip square73°92'= goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown   cto      per ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack  lap  mock The Television Has Always Been Known To Tell You A Vision Through Television Programing Because Humans Need Programing   cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  aqua    The Ego Must Die As The Center Of Consciousness And Reawaken Recognizing The Selfholy Spirit As The Supreme Essence Of Psyche         Those Using Drugs With Saturn Matrix And Sorcery Pharmacy Then You Will Died In A Plague And This Word Is Real Sincerely       I Wished He Would Stop Beating Up On Himself And Instead Learn To Get Rid Of This Shyness It Causes A Lot Of Misunderstandings    I Do Not Like Seeing Jesus Hang On The Cross Or Anyone Else And I Do Not Think It Is Normal At All To Act That Way It Is Disturbing  keyhole$     sparkdroid mov  sparkdroid mov alien time capsule  time capsule time capsuleThe End Time Suffering Servant Is David The Messiah, He Suffers Because None Believe And They Have Slandered His Name, Vengeance Belongs To Him     And Be Ready In The Morning, And Come Up In The Morning Unto Mount Sinai, And Present Thyself There To Me In The Top Of The Mount faceless                sparkdroid I Believe You Will Come To Regret Every Cruel Thing You Have Said To Me And That You Will Be Haunted By What You Have Said To Me   

    flip square74°04'=meter    cet   faceless q words The art of stalking is a set of procedures and attitudes that enables a warrior to get the best out of any conceivable situation     mayan tree seeder west tree     At This Point Our Technology Will Make Automated Systems Possible And Allow Us To Move Out Of A Monetary System         bibcont   Do Not Let The Numbers Discourage You Because The Most High Communicates With You Directly In Methods You Cannot Describe    Ein Bock Stößt Gegen Eine Hecke Er Kann Nicht Zurück, Er Kann Nicht Voran Nichts Ist Fördernd Merkt Man Die Schwierigkeiten, So Bringt Das Heil 

   flip square74°28'=meter  hand cat    bibcont ? And the earth was without form, and void iconvoid; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the watersswars darkside emperors  old republic  herc hand  cererus cererus  can  svv canm canm an bonescr hand     The Silver Cord of the Soul  hold the Birth Transduction Sequence Morphogenetic Field imprint of the entire Consciousness 


   flip square74°76'=meter hand ff   sparkdroid lap  sparkdroid      sparkdroid br sparkdroid buc buc buc java   q words If the left half of the brain controls the right hand, and the right half the left, then left-handed people are the only ones in their right minds  And Now If Ye Will Deal Kindly And Truly With My Master, Tell Me And If Not, Tell Me That I May Turn To The Right Hand, Or To The Left    From A Pure Numbers Perspective The Vast Majority Of The Rejection And The Cruelty That I Have Experienced Has Come From Women   The Fish Is Unaware Of The Water Medium In Which It Exists As You Are Unaware Of The Environment In Which You Exist As Well  They Are Is Just Mans Which Almost Found The Secret Of Pen, What If I Meet Someone And Decide To Settle Down And Forget All This Stuff    I Have Decided I Am Leaving This State Today I Do Not Know What You Have Done And I Am Tired Of Wasting My Life Trying To Figure It Out

   flip square74°82'=meternetwork_connections Was Established In Order To Provide Access To Public Government Information And Services In A Simple, Fast And Easy Fashion Gematria  On The Other Hand, You May Be Quite Aware Of Your Mediumship Abilities, But Questioning Your Skills And Level Of Connection  The Souls Of The Kings And The Princes Are To Be Deleted And Their Satanic Followers Shall Be The Cattle Of Zionist Beasts On Planet Hell   hand   gb And, Behold, There Was A Great Earthquake For The Angel Of The Lord Descended From Heaven, And Came And Rolled Back The Stone From The Door, And Sat Upon It   And Spake Unto Him, Saying, Tell Us, By What Authority Doest Thou These Things Or Who Is He That Gave Thee This Authority   And The Lord Shall Sever Between The Cattle Of Israel And The Cattle Of Egypt And There Shall Nothing Die Of All That Is The Childrens Of Israel   hand    Chocolate Lightning, Am Still In Shock Movement, Violent Individual, Ninth Male Multi Orgasms Of Silver The Key To Universe   No Vain No Saturn No Elephant No Lizard No Sun And Moon No Egypt No Heart No Pentacle It Is Clear That Four Seasons Running   The Most Merciful Thing In The World,I Think, Is The Inability Of The Human Mind Is To Correlate All Of Its Contents H P Lovecraft  

   flip square75°06'=mt river cabels hand  

   flip square75°12'=mt shī zi zuò  What Would I Ever Expect To Find In A Rabbit Hole And How Deep Could It Possibly Go I Mean Dont They Have To Do Things Here On The Surface       faceless        keyhole$       faceless q wordsEveryone who wants to follow the warriors path has to rid himself of the compulsion to possess and hold onto things thelema  mov mov     These Are The Statutes And Judgments And Laws, Which The Lord Made Between Him And The Children Of Israel In Mount Sinai By The Hand Of Moses  Their Meat Offering And Their Drink Offerings For The Bullock, For The Ram, And For The Lambs, Shall Be According To Their Number, After The Manner  He Saved Your Life And You Tortured Him And Stole Everything From Him You Are Disgusting And Your Best Archangel Hates You  What Are You Gonna Do When The World Dont Revolve Around You The World Should Revolve Around God Only And Not A Person 

   flip square75°18'=mthand  

   flip square75°24'=mt per hand    

   flip square75°42'=mt cb   Binah-Understanding  ?   ?         java                            The Crown of Thorns is designed to distort the natural energetic circuitry of the Crown and block the Higher Self communication     Enforced Originality If Someone Repeats Something That Has Been Already Said In Channel, Silence Them Silence Time Increasing Geometrically  cup  God Gave Me The Cup Of His Wrath To Taste So I Would Understand How He Feels And Why He Feels It And That Is What I Communicate To You   Confucius Number Of A Man Six Six Six Image And Yellow Egypt,Trinity Pyramid And Saturn And The Beast Mark Fulfilled Prophecy  The Greatest Weakness Of Most Humans Is Their Reluctance To Tell Others How Much They Love Them While They Are Still Alive  ​        Do Not Act Like You Care Because You Are Just A Robot Body With A Conscious Awareness Experiencing Experiences Thru Sensors       How Are You Today Quark, I Know You Will Going To Die On The End Of Time Anyway, So Whats Is Important For Me Then If You Die  Lets Face It Everyone Will Eventually Die So Why Keep Living As Scared Animal Human Looking For The Truth That Does Not Exist         The Black Nobility Are Soulless Machines That Fade Into Dust At The Point Of Death And Serpents Later Replace Their Biological Vessels                         


flip square75°54'=mt hand

   flip square75°60'=mt  hand pa  gladii electorales saxonici  

   flip square75°66'= mt cromi swars darkside emperors route66 sw  hand

flip square75°78''=mt  hand nt    mayan tree seeder

flip square75°84'=hand mt ss  

   flip square75°90'=mt hand 

   flip square76°02'=ff hand vir  blueprintstar  king

   flip square76°08=ff rainbow dragon      gigas serv     "Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will bring justice to you"  

   flip square76°14=ff pisces       When you learn how to use it, then you understand it in a basic way, without words. Who needs words when one is a witness?​ q words

   flip square76°20'=ff pup hand  

   flip square76°26'=ff ori hand q words "Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another"

   flip square76°50'=ff      hand octans ml The better you know the amount of ill luck that will strike you,the worse you know when this will happen,and vice-versa yl

   flip square76°56'=ff        Uncertainty Is The Natural State Of Victims On The Other Hand,  Trust And Audacity Are The Characteristics Of Predators    You Decide  ori predator predator 

   flip square76°62'=ff  swars darkside emperors route66 sw  hand ant bibcont    The third seal  is broken and the third of the four living creatures  tron rider motogrid tron switch  introduces a black horse, whose rider Argo naviscarries a pair of scales, goes out

   flip square76°68'=ff  swars darkside emperors route66 sw  hand  geko    

   flip square76°80'=ff hand   ?   river cabels     store THERE WILL BE A smTIME THAT YOU FINALLY COME TO TERMS WITH YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES AND REALIZE THAT THEY ARE FOR THE MOST PART PETTY serpent cypher       boot"Very soon, your dealings with the Nagual will make you shake in your boots, and you will need your sanity like never before"    dial lines   serpent cypher serpent cypher  serpent clr  ea      el  

   flip square76°86'=ff  swars darkside emperors route66 sw  hand ori  arrow hand  

  69  flip square76°98'=ff cererus      thelema  enigma  mov             "All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to Five"

   flip square77°16'=mus  hand sw   mayan nawal  tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher astronaut  protate  nt  tm st

   flip square77°28'=mus hand cat   

   flip square77°46'=mus hand wolf  aqua Y pie urn slingshot  aqua Y slingshot  Y slingshot sparkdroid

777flip square77°70'=mus corv  777 flip square  Humble Planet Earth Humble Milky Way Ignorance Is Always An Excuse We Are All Ignorant We Are All Excused We Must Excuse Ourselves     buddha avatar    The Seven Stars Are The Angels Of The Seven Churches And The Seven Candlesticks Which Thou Sawest Are The Seven Churches Revelation One    buddha avatar  The Twelve Apostles Are In Relation To The Twelve Zodiac Signs 2c Moses Is A Capricorn And Jesus A Sagittarius In The Tropical Zodiac     The God Of The Bible Is Not The One Omniscient Omnipresent Omnipotent Creator Sustainer Destroyer Past Present And Future   The Married Person Has Divided Interests, Taking Care Of Both The Lord And The Spouse, While The Single Person Is Freer To Serve The Lord   Some Of The Gods, Finding Human Females Most Appealing, Intermarried With Them Breaking, Of Course, A Major Taboo Within Their Own Culture  Until The Ancient Of Days Came, And Judgment Was Given To The Saints Of The Most High And The Time Came That The Saints Possessed The Kingdom   matrix code scan astronaut astronaut Beliefs she has to manipulate the male target of her “Knight Fantasy” in order to marry her and become the “King”. Sexual manipulation is common  Mental Disorders Are Not Real Transgressors Like To Blame Enlightened When They Lose Their Battles Transgression Is The Issue   There Is No Incentive To Happy Up Because Inevitably I Will Come Back Down God Understands He Is Sunny I Am Cloudy He Likes Me This Way   When The Soul Is Once Dead To Its Will And Understanding, It Is Properly Said To Be Arrived At The Perfect And Happy State Of Annihilation  

   flip square77°82'=mus network_connections hand smwave smwave smwave  

   flip square77°88'=mus hand diid  flip square   bibcont  The second seal  is swars sparkdroidbroken and the second of the four living creatures introduces a red horse went out, whose rider wields a great sword     

   flip square78°06'=nt hand   Time To Reveal The Truth Of The Original Scriptures And How All Have Been Deceived By The Race That Thinks It Has Supremacy Over Others    A Cabbalistic Method Of Interpreting The Hebrew Scriptures By Interchanging Words Whose Letters Have The Same Numerical Value When Added   More Whimsical Items To The Mere Function Of A Single Nervous Breakdown And Thoughts, You Return To The Source Of Being Markbot    You Are A Purpose You Are An Integral Part Of Her Wings Are A Child Of Light From All The Atoms That Came From The Stardust Of An Eagle Markbot    A New Commandment I Write Unto You, Which Thing Is True In Him And In You Because The Darkness Is Past, And The True Light Now Shineth   I Hope You Figure It Out Soon Reprobate, When The Truth Of This Book Is Revealed, You Will Be Ashamed, You Underestimate The Word    

   flip square78°12'=nt  hand shī zi zuò  keyhole$ driver_mud A sex drive is one of a human's basic drives, often having the greatest storage capacity and often completely full of high-resolution video     Your Own Ears Will Hear Him Right Behind You A Voice Will Say, This Is The Way You Should Go, Whether To The Right Or To The Left   Just As The Unconscious Is Beyond The Ego Realm, The Self Exists In The Collective Unconscious A Transpersonal Region Of Psyche 

    flip square78°18'=nt hand cam swars sparkdroid sparkdroid flip square gstar  sparkdroid  spi  For Nothing Is Hidden, Except To Be Revealed Nor Has Anything Been Secret, But That It Would Come To Light If Anyone Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear  hand   Feel It, Smell It And Taste It Saith The Lord Of Hosts, Mohammed, Jesus Returns In Order To Make A Dream True You Got To Wake Up First   And The Holy Ghost Descended In A Bodily Shape Like A Dove Upon Him, And A Voice Came From Heaven, Which Said, Thou Art My Beloved Son In Thee I Am Well Pleased  

   flip square78°30'=nt hand gm   cheat grid chip cipher solver  bear & lion shī zi zuò leom  Right, Your Brain Parts Need Time To Understand This Biggest Mystery Who Is Worthy To Open The Book And Break The Seals Thereof  Gematrix Is Expanding My Mind And Driving Me Crazy Because Life Is Losing All Meaning Becoming A Computer Brain Of Infinity Of Possibilities  

   flip square78°36'=nt handarch    

   flip square78°42'=nt 43 equation solver hand egypt cb 

   flip square78°60'=nt hand pisces paus   pa    

flip square78°84=nt ss      8 blueprintstar gstar Do You Realy Understand The Words And Divided The Waters Which Were Under The Firmament From The Waters Which Were Above The Firmament   8 flip square flip square   43 equation solver  ast cb diadem dia cb     Binah-Understanding  ?   ?  flip square tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher        Crown of  Thorns implant acts as another frequency fence to keep humanity unable to communicate or gain access to their Higher Self Bodies​   Lay Not Up For Yourselves Treasures Upon Earth, Where Moth And Rust Doth Corrupt, And Where Thieves Break Through And Steal          cor columb  To The Pure, All Things Are Pure But To Those Who Are Defiled And Unbelieving, Nothing Is Pure, But Both Their Mind And Their Conscience Are Defiled   You Maybe Confused When The Number Of The Man Mixed With The Number Of The Beast, But We Who Knowing The Secret Not Confused By This Case     Its Your Ape Id Software, When You Chimp Out At The Slightest Perceived Racist Thing, Its Built Into Your Chimp Ape Brain, Dumb Ape Face  And They Said To Her, Woman, Why Are You Weeping She Said To Them, Because They Have Taken Away My Lord, And I Do Not Know Where They Have Laid Him 

flip square78°96'=nt  hand 96   the "monkey" is not an actual monkey  dischanger the librarian    , but a metaphor  for an abstract device  that produces an endless random sequence of letters and symbols

   flip square79°02'=chamhand

   flip square79°20'=cham pup      "The trick of sorcerers is that they know that the energy we invest in enslaving ourselves, is the same energy that can liberate us       

   flip square79°32'=cham hand vela   

   flip square79°74'=cham hand fdutch mono rainbow dragon 

   flip square79°98'=cham 13 hand route 99     astronaut 

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