80th degree

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8 gstar rainbow dragon Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin dra     raygun toothless q words galaxvort -> l  yc   ? maze galaxvort  

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  flip square80°10'= ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown aqua hand  

 flip square80°16'=ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown sw hand iphonew   hand  

 flip square80°34'=    Personal Freedom Is Being Freed Of All Constructs Of Physical Emotional Psychological And Spiritual Suffering Torment Or Limitation   The Reality Is That All Sovereign Humanity Is Now Residing In Higher Realms And The Oppressors Are In Lower Realms Awaiting
 And The Sea Gave Up The Dead Which Were In It And Death And Hell Delivered Up The Dead Which Were In Them And
They Were Judged Every Man According To Their Works
  If The Entertainment Industry Does Not Improve I Will Put An End To All Of It Because Its More
Offensive Than Entertaining Anyways

flip square80°82'=  sphinx shī zi zuò   Clear All Second Ray Programs And Remove All Karmic Agreements And Connections Feed Lines And Parasitic Relationship To The False Ascension Program

fiscan      flip square flip square80°88'= ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown diid   Mark 4 22 For Nothing Is Hidden, Except To Be Revealed Nor Has Anything Been Secret, But That It Would Come To Light There Is Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed    flip square   Man Took Dominion Over Man, The Conquered Were Made To Serve The Conqueror, The Weak Were Made To Serve The Strong, And Freedom Was Gone From This World   Will We Continue To Destroy One Another And Everything Until There Is Nothing Left To Hold Dear Please Lend Me Your Heart And Not Just Your Ear   Human Deer Hunter Human Bull Fighter Human Dog Mother System Player Your Anunnaki Mind Games Judgments Are Meaningless And You Have The Death Sentence    And The Devil That Deceived Them Was Cast Into The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone, Where The Beast And The False Prophet Are, And Shall Be Tormented Day And Night For Ever And Ever      goldcrown  goldcrown goldcrown  That Is Why It Was Called Babel Y Because There The Lord Confused The Language Of The Whole World From There The Lord Scattered Them Over The Face Of The Whole Earth cto      per ipeelawaystarhackThere Is Absolutely No Rationalizing With A Serpent But The Problem Is That They Are Psychic Intruders That Debate Your Personal Thoughts ipeelawaystarhack  ipeelawaystarhack per  per java  coff   per  clb per  ast coff  Constellation Perseus is like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying  A Disturbing Form Of Narcissistic Personality Where Grandiosity Is Built Around Aggression And The Destructive Aspects Of The Self Become Idealized   Malignant Narcissism Is A Psychological Syndrome Comprising An Extreme Mix Of Narcissism, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Aggression, And Sadism   For If We Sin Willfully After That We Have Received The Knowledge Of The Truth, There Remaineth No More A Sacrifice For Sins, But A Certain Fearful Looking For   Other Seed Fell Into The Good Soil, And Grew Up, And Produced A Crop A Hundred Times As Great As He Said These Things, He Would Call Out, He Who Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear   smwave sparkdroid br br br br br Fifteen Hours And Three Minutes Is The Perfect Amount Of Time To Be Awake At Once For Your Body To Be In Its Most Optimal Mode For The Best Nights Sleep

 flip square80°94'=ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown battery hand eyes diid jewel 

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 flip square81°06'=gt   river cabels     fix  se driver_mud     

 flip square flip square81°18'=gt cam hand  

 flip square81°36'=gt cam 13 hand   The transduction sequence is the definition of when the “God Spark” connects to the core manifestation body mayan tree seeder  mayan tree seeder mayan tree seeder    (12 Tree Grid), which is our  Lightbody 

    flip square81°42'=gt    ast cb hand


     flip square81°60'=gtpa hand  

  c3po flip square81°72'=gt dor   Lightbody Grounding Mechanism is what connects us to the   l  Collective Consciousness and to all of the human race species memories on the earth             buc           

 flip square flip square81°78'=gt nt hand  flip square 

 flip square flip square81°84'=gt ss hand flip square apusfount     

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netshatter  p2    mov   flip square82°20'=network_connections pup hand catch22 cup bear & lion shī zi zuò canm  

netshatter  p2    mov   flip square82°32'=network_connections vela  hand  

 flip square82°38'=network_connections  canm   l  l        "To say that that which is, is not, and that which is not, is, is a falsehood; therefore, to say that which is, is, and that which is not, is not, is true"     

    flip square82°44'=network_connections pavo hand sw  t king 

    flip square82°74'=network_connections meter  hand     

  flip square flip square fiscan    flip square82°80'=network_connections ipeelawaystarhack sw     silvercrown  t hand  

    flip square82°86'=network_connections arrow sparkdroid flip square hand 

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 flip square83°10'=st aqua mov       Now listen carefully. This is a very important rule. This is the only rule. You get injured on the field, you better make sure you die    blood sample   When a human being enters into a Blood Covenant this  seals the persons  Aura with a  cent  pearl pearlSigil or Soul binding     that states a Claim onto that individual      

 flip square83°16'= st sw hand ast fuji dra   

 flip square83°20'= st pup hand   palace 1 law awl vir brewery  

netshatter  p2    mov   flip square83°22'=st    dove         

  flip square83°46'=stwolf swarssparkdroid   That Renders You Speechless, Because You Know What Will Be Said, What Breaks Your Heart, And You Realize You Have Broken It All By Yourself    I See That The First Satan Died, As It Was A Coward Weakling Jew Coat Tail Rider, That Was Just Buying Time With No Plans Of Ever Changing, As It Couldnt  Mayan Ceremony Is Wanna More Corn, Druid Ceremony Is Wana More Fertility, Egypt Ceremony Is Wanna More Farm Fertilizer, Not Heaven After Death  Pyramid Setup Is Admission Of A Failure Serial Killer On Death Row As, Sea Death, Sea Sadism, Its The I Eye Of Horus, Phony As A Three Dollar Bill, Death Trap  Because Of All The Emanations My Afflictions And My Oppression Have Become Exceedingly Manifold Save Me Out Of My Transgression And This Darkness      Unlawful Words Of A Reprobate, There Is No Sanity To Their Logic Or Their Behavior, It Is Completely Depraved, Trust Me, There Really Isnt   ​My Mission Is Not To Make Friends To Influence People My Job Is To Tell You What You Need To Hear Even If The Entire Planet Rejects Me For It   

  flip square83°52= st guithand

 flip square83°64'=st leom hand  


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 flip square84°42'= ss  ast cb  sparkdroid  monoclr stwins

 flip square84°78'=ss nt sis diid clb jewel hand clb dischanger 

 flip square84°84'=ss ss hand

      96   flip square  flip square84°96'=ss crabminorhand 96  herc

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  flip square85°02'= ci  vir  l     That which is below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above corresponds to that which is below, to accomplish  the Dharmic direction

   flip square85°08'= ci  rainbow dragon    8 8 flip square gstar  flip square  raygun blueprintstar       Negative form is a form of karma or Miasma that is extracted as a splinter from our shadow body that is connected to the simultaneous incarnation l  l      l     

     flip square85°32'=ci  hand  

 flip square85°44'=ci hand  

 flip square85°50'=ci meter hand 

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      flip square86°28'=arrow hand bu   

     flip square86°34'= writecode dimension  bp  ophiuchi  The 7D Portal Wing also represents the  Crucified Female Principle of Christ Energy as it has been quite distorted within our personal energy bodies

     flip square86°40'= arrowhand tur  apus dra  

     flip square86°64'= arrowswars darkside emperors route66 sw hand gm  cam  corv    goldcrown  silvercrown  lol zombie bgatehand  

     flip square86°76'=arrow hand  

     flip square flip square86°88'=flip square flip square arrow diid hand flip square    There are nine dimensions of the Spectrum of Frequency or  Kundalini energies that are coiled up within eight fetal cells located on the tailbone or coccyx

     flip square86°76'= arrowswars darkside emperors route66 sw hand  

     flip square86°94'= arrow sparkdroid 69 obiwankenobi mov swars maze searcher hand  

 flip square87°00'= red tron-rider  mc fdutch   dividing cell pup vela       hand  

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     flip square87°06'= red tron-rider river cabels hand bibcont ? Here is  wisdom superna higher triangle rainbow gen  . Let him that hath understanding Binah-Understanding ?count the  number of the beast: for it is the number of a man  ; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six

 flip square87°12'= red tron-rider shī zi zuò hand  

 flip square87°18'= red tron-rider cam hand 

 flip square87°30'=red tron-rider gm hand guit  

 flip square87°48'=red tron-rider tuc hand flip square  

 flip square87°54'=red tron-rider cor hand  

 flip square87°66'=  red tron-rider cromi         route66  69    ceti 96    "The warrior's commitment with the spirit consists of a return to our original nature. It is a pact we all seal, by the simple fact of having been born" 

 flip square87°72'=red tron-rider dor gsm  hand   

 flip square87°84'=red tron-rider ss handflip square  

 flip square87°90'= red tron-rider you     reactor   q words      reactor    8 8 system            raygun          Cadent houses are      points of transition and they represent change and adaptation; cadent houses relate mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) gm  vir mayan nawal    The Prophet Try To Explain Satan Is Exist But Amygdala Is Not Satan, Then How Prophet Explain Thats Medical Language On People On Thats Century    sagitar  pisces

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     flip square flip square88°14'=diid pisces  To Know The True Nature Of Anything Such As The Mind The Body Or The
World It Is First Necessary To Know The Nature Of Consciousness Itself

And Jesus Said To His Disciples I Am Come Forth Out Of That First Mystery Which Is The Last Mystery That Is The Four And Twentieth Mystery hand storeTHERE WILL BE A smTIME WHEN YOU WILL SEE THAT ALL THE "THINGS" YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR MEAN NOTHING WITHOUT THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE TO SHARE THEM WITH    

A Planet Of Playthings We Dance On The Strings Of Powers We Cannot Perceive The Stars Arent Aligned Or The Gods Are Malign Blame Is Better To Give
Than Receive
  Aware That We Are A T L A S The History Of Thoth The Atlantean The God Hor Em Akhet Gematria Is Accurate When You Write Correctly And Know The Law Of The Word

    The 1D Atomic Body layer connects to the Soul Matrix parallel dimension, and is an area of vulnerability to astral exploitation from the Negative Aliens   Animation Breathes A Cloudless Mind Fascination Leaves The Doubting Blind Until The Circle Breaks And Wisdom Lies Ahead The Faithful Live Awake The Rest
Remain Misled
  Release All Of The Souls That Have Been Coerced Due To Satanic Artificial Inteligence And False Pretenses Created By An Impossible Satanic System In The Name Of Lucifer    

fiscan     flip square flip square88°26=diid ori hand Constellation Crux  Is Said To Give Perseverance  But Many Burdens Trials And Responsibilities Together With Much Suffering And Many Hardships  One Circle Is When You Have All Seventitwo Gods Battling Through Your Mind At The Same Time The Other Is Used To Measure Behavior By Reasonability   Like Movie Wanted My Scripts In High Demand And When U Seek My Demise Or Misery U Instantly Become Ending To May Trix And Dark Sunny Virtuosity    Before I Woke Up This Morning I Dreamed Of Hippos There Was A Family Of Them I Called To Them And They Came To Me They Were Very Sweet And Gentle I Woke Up Happy     Mother Earth Is Going To Ascent And Turn Into A White Hole If She Wants It An All That Go With Here Will Be Free And Have Power To Help Others To Free Themself    And Jesus Said To Him, Today Salvation Has Come To This House, Because He, Too, Is A Son Of Abraham For The Son Of Man Has Come To Seek And To Save That Which Was Lost     reactor    Core Basement Three Is Satan King Of Kings, Is True Evil The Full Moon Drives Me Crazy, Power Corrupts Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely q words      reactor    8 8 system  Now The Brother Shall Betray The Brother To Death, And The Father The Son And Children Shall Rise Up Against Their Parents, And Shall Cause Them To Be Put To Death            raygun                                 Succedent houses are     points of purpose and represent stabilization; succedent houses relate to  fixed signs        bu  shī zi zuò   Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng     aqua (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius )            

fiscan     flip square  flip square88°44'= diid pavo hand flip square  

fiscan         flip square  flip square88°68'=diid geko flip square hand


fiscan     8 8flip square 88°74'=  And All The Knowledge Wisdoms And Understandings Became Known To All And The
Unification Of All Centerpoints Was Established And The All Became One In Joy And Harmony
        Baphomet Is Used To Access The 2d Elemental Kingdoms To Control Forces In 3d Physical Reality Via Conjuring Rituals And Others Ways Of Self Promotion   In Righteousness Shalt Thou Be Established Thou Shalt Be Far From Oppression For Thou Shalt Not Fear And From Terror For It Shall Not Come Near Thee      You Claim You Love Me But Do You Consider Your Behaviour Towards Me Loving And Caring You Keep Me In The Dark You Play With My Mind You Abandon Me    Do Not Try To Make Or Create A Probable Cause To Get Me To Commit To Wrongful Behavior It Will Only Count Against Yourself And Anyone Else Involved

fiscan     8 8  flip square flip square88°80'= diid  ipeelawaystarhack sw    silvercrown  silvercrown  hand flip square  storeTHERE WILL BE A smTIME THAT YOU FIND OUT CONSUMERISM IS ACTUALLY SLAVERY, AND THAT YOUR FREEDOM ONLY COMES THROUGH EXPRESSION OF UNIQUENESS

fiscan      flip square  flip square88°92'= diid  dimension  The 7D energies of our left side and feminine body represent our completion and Liberation from the repeated cycles of reincarnation into the 3D Physical Worlddimension

 route 99 13  flip square89°10'= anq aqua              Jewish Person, One Day You Will Not Have Satan Helping You, And You Will Even Hopefully See Yhvh Smashed In Front Of Your Mental Disordered Body    Everything Has Its Own Little Story And Has Been Gathered Through The Years We All Live In A Neverending Story We All Live In The Neverending Story      And Your An Idiot That Needs To Sit Down And Shut Up,,, You Killed Summer And You Evicted Love From Your Planet You Will Live In Eternal Winter     In The Days Of The Voice Of The Seventh Angel, When He Shall Begin To Sound, The Mystery Of God Should Be Finished, As He Hath Declared To His Servants The Prophets  Thanks For The Wonderful Advice Of Do Good To Enemies And Turn The Other Cheek, First Hand Knowledge Of These Being The Dumbest Teachings In Existence, Lucky Jews  God Permits Animals To Suicide So He Has Allowed Me That Same Option To Escape A Completely Intolerable Situation There Is No Benefit To Me To Continue On  God Wants Me To Say Something Which Is Difficult For Me I Dont Like To Put Myself Out There Because I Feel Humiliated To Think The Feelings Arent Returned  

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    flip square89°16'=sparkdroidanq meter 

  flip square89°34'=anq            mind the gap         q words  t  galaxvort  Perspective -Use It Or Lose It . If You Turned To This Page, Youre Forgetting That What Is Going On Around You Is Not Reality. Think About That​.?    
 Can You Tell By All The Gematria Numbers And Their Interrelationships That God Is Firmly Behind Me And None Of You Will Ever Be Nobody Ever Had My Back Except God 
 flip square  Nine Nine Nine Six, God Bless The Children Of Men, Truth Is Love, We Need Love Now, To Understand If Gematria Is True You Have To Know How To Open The Book   sadarum v  And He Began To Teach Them, That The Son Of Man Must Suffer Many Things, And Be Rejected Of The Elders, And Of The Chief Priests, And Scribes, And Be Killed, And After Three Days Rise Again sadarum v   There Was Much Grumbling Among The Crowds Concerning Him Some Were Saying, He Is A Good Man Others Were Saying, No, On The Contrary, He Leads The People Astray       u      lucifer sigil small I Am Lucifer, And Jesus Was A Failed Avatar Of The Age Of Pisces, If You Wish To Survive Or Be Redeemed, The Age Of Aquarius Avatar Id Myself, And I Have Been Among You For Decades    Therefore, I Tell You Behold, I Gave You Your House, Which You Say That God Has Made That House In Which He Promised To Give You An Inheritance Through It    This Is What The Lord Says “Heaven Is My Throne, And The Earth Is My Footstool Where Is The House You Will Build For Me Where Will My Resting Place Be   All Feminine All Masculine Interconnectedness Of Everything Infinte Interaction Consciousness Stop General Eyes Ing In All Things We Are All Wondering 

 flip square89°46'=sparkdroid anq    boo    

fiscan     flip square89°88'= sparkdroid anq diid flip square flip square bibcont  The fourth seal is broken and the fourth of the four living creatures introduces an ashen horse comes out, whose rider has the name Death  and grHades follows him  isolator isolator

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