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Eckasha God Seed Flame – Eyandra 360
The ADDondra 360 Radiation Flame exists as an organic part of the Kristiac Eckasha-A Seed Atom
Center Flame that links our EyanA Eckasha Corridor to the larger Eckasha-A Spectra from which both your EyanA-Eckasha Corridor and its “twin” AdonA Parallel-Eckasha Corridor emerge.

The ADDondra 360 Flame is called an Eckasha God Seed Flame, one in a set of 3 and cluster of 12 that
together down-step the radiation of the Eckasha-A God Seed Flame to generate the Eckasha-A Spectra Seed Atom Center Flame to which the EyanA and AdonA Eckasha Corridors are connected. The ADDondra 360 Eckasha God Seed Flame “phases” with the Eckasha-A Seed Atom Center Flame and the 2 other Eckasha God Seed Flames in its local Triad to form the Eckasha Seed Atom Center Flame of our EyanA-Eckasha Corridor from which your Eiyani-Ecka Monadic Flame emerge.

The ADDondra 360 Eckasha God Seed Flame is the one from which your Eckasha Corridor is born.
The ADDondra 360 Eckasha God Seed Flame also phases with its own twin flame the Eyandra 360
Eckasha God Seed Flame that resides within the neighboring God Seed Triad from which the Parallel
Eckasha is born.

It is through the phasing of the ADDondra 360 and the Eyandra 360 twin flame Triad sets that the local

Eckasha/Parallel Eckasha flame sets, such as the:

  • Etor-A / AdorA-180 Flame Set
  •  Andradon / Metradon / Petradon Eckasha Seed Atom Flame Set
  • Ecka/Parallel Ecka Le-Etor-A / Le-AdorA Flame Set
  • Sha-LA-a / Shaddhi / Shaddum Flame Set

are “downstepped” into creation/manifestation from the Eckasha-A level of the “Stairway to Heaven.”

(See: God Worlds)
All 12 Eckasha God Seed Flames are connected via the Eckasha-A Seed Atom Center Flame.

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