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to dispose of 

The Ruler of the Sign on the cusp of a House disposes of, or is the dispositor of, a planet posited in that House. When the dispositor of any planet taken as a significator, is itself disposed of by the Ruler of the , it is deemed a strongly favorable indication. In a Solar Figure, the Ruler of the Sign is the Dispositor of a planet posited therein.

The assumption is that when a planet is in a Sign that is ruled by another planet, it is supposed to be so influenced by the planet that rules the Sign in which it is placed, as in effect to alter its nature. Thus, if is in a Sign ruled by , the Jupiterian influence is presumed so to permeate the Saturn influence as to render it more Jupiterian and less Saturnian. This idea is expressed by saying either that “ is disposed of by,” or that “Jupiter is the dispositor of .”

Definitions of various authorities are somewhat vague and apparently contradictory, but a study of older texts appears to justify the simple explanation here given. of course the term must not be interpreted too literally, for most authorities argue that a planet actually in-a-House is more potent in its influence over the affairs of that House than is the Ruler of the Sign on its cusp, or of a Sign intercepted within the House. The extent to which the Dispositor nullifies the influence of the planet of which it disposes, is a matter of judgment based upon the strength of aspects and the character of the aspecting planets as affecting both the Dispositor and the planet of which it disposes.

In his dictionary Alan Leo gives a reverse definition to that offered by Sepharial, but evades the issue by remarking that “it is probably of more importance in Horary Astrology, though it must have some value in Nativities.”

However, too many ancient texts base judgments on the “dispositor of ” to admit of  not having a Dispositor – which under  definition that “a planet in the House of another disposes of that planet,” would occur if no planets were in  or . However, since  must always be in some Sign, the designation of the Ruler of that Sign as  Dispositor becomes a logical application of the term. The Ruler of the Sign  posits is thus a determining factor in the qualities of disposition that the fluctuating  will develop.

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