The Fours

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The Four tools


the  West Hanged Guru Alchemist 

code book:booklaw4 of Swords-Truce-Libra-Jupiter

  • ethical triangleHost:???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes:Jupiter in  Libra
  • hint The formality of the design of the swords, the cross and the rose denote intellect bound by rigid convention. The surrounding crystals , as in all these sword cards, contain the hidden names of their guardian angels out in numbers on squared paper.It was thought that Air was formed of crystals according to Pythagoras.


The Sacred Marriage Door cast

code book:booklaw4 of Wands-Completion-Aries-Venus

  • ethical triangleHost:???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes:Venus in Aries
  • hint The wands are headed by rams and the other end doves.The number 4 conveys the introduction of order into creation

Tthe MEGATRON Atom Bomb Kingship

code book:booklaw4 of Discs-Capricorn-Sun-4 Elements

  • ethical triangleHost:???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Sun in Capricorn
  • hint 4 square Discs engraved with the signs of the elements from the Towers of a fortress surroinded by a moat. The design is intended to show the pefect government of the universe by law and order

 the Seven Selas of Doctor Who

code book:booklaw4 of Cups-Luxury-Cancer-Moon

  • ethical triangleHost: ???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Moon in Crab
  • hint The roughened surface of sea on which the Cups and the lotuses are balanced explains that an element of excess has entered into love


  • Republic credits writer booklaw

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