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 The Omega VS Defile Key IGY ????Alien al-Qaeda 

code book:booklaw

  • ethical triangleHost::???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes:Venus in  Aquarius minus Pisces
  • hint The swords form an inverted Pentagram via characters coded as   ???????? USA Globe .They are crooked and broken and the roses are falling.The conditions shown is intellect by sentiment

 the Red Lion Circle  Ecliptic Runes Light beam Hexagram 

code book:booklaw

  • ethical triangle Host:Netzach:???? Baal Shem
  • Geomantic Figure :LAETETIA
  • Astro config decanes: Saturn in Leo
  • hint The wands  are the Caduceus, the Phoenix and the Lotus.Their disproportionate size indicates that , following the coordination of Spirit, disunion has begun.


 The Magickal Self Golden Dawn Holy Grail Sundials  Aura reading Integration

code book:booklaw

  • ethical triangle Host::???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Mercury in Taurus
  • hint 5 Discs in an inverted Pentagram surrounded by  other discs which are bent and torn by strain. This card show suppressed action and the binding of celestial forces to mechanical process

Diercted Force of  Ark of the Covenant Constellations String theory Defence 

code book:booklaw

  • ethical triangle Host::???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Mars in  Scorpio
  • hintThe Cups are arranged on the stalks of the Lotus in an inverted Pentagram.Love has lost its first Glamour



  • Republic credits writer booklaw

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