The Sevens

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 The given degrees are Fixed-Absolute -0 Ground Stable depending on word letters Hex Value calculated     as End -Beginning cycle of interaction between involved signs, key words and their Geomantic assignemnts 

 Sun pillar ???? Satellites Tesla ➿Generators ???????? Liberty Bell   Invention

code book:booklaw

  • lower astral triangleHost: ???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Moon in Aquarius
  • hintThe  hilts of the swords from a crescent, but the card is a elusive design to show that the mind is confused and undecided for witch phase suits best for his goals


Calesvol MTFBWY Talisman ???? Hologram ???? A Hologram for the King

code book:booklaw

  • lower astral triangleHost:???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Mars in  Leo
  • hintThe 6 wands are covered by a CLUb.Valour implies fear as well as courage

Saṃsāra Charisma Cuspid???? Beekeeper  Revealed

code book:booklaw

  • lower astral triangleHost: ???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Saturn in  Taurus
  • hintThe disc arrangement represent the Geomantic figure???? populus.They are now represent only the one planet Earth???? as geocentric system and are engraved with the signs of ♈Aries and ♄Saturn which restrict the Nets ????to other realms.The conception suggests the binding conditions of earthly life via birth file????.

Space -Logia Degree Hidden  Biome

code book:booklaw

  • lower astral triangleHost Chesed : ???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Venus&Jupiter in Scorpio
  • hintHere the effect of increase pleasure has ended in corruption connected with the letter Y forming the Geomantic figure ????fortunamaj.The lotuses have become poisonous and the cups are  chips deformed or malfunctioned.



  • Republic credits writer booklaw

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