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  • dial lines    t grid chipGRID:   phoen Qilin   serpent cypher  th bo   
  • Matrix:bop8 mt  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan 
  • Name of Divine Essence:Adonai  (Lord); Adonai Malekh (Lord and King);  Adonai ha-Aretz (Lord of the Earth)
  • Sphere of fixationCholem Yeso.doth , Elements
  • archangelsArchangel:Thrones  metatronMetatron   sealtiel Sandalphon Nephesch ha Messiah-the Soul of the Reconciler for Earth
  • angelsOrder Angels: Is'sim (Souls of Flame) or Ash'i'm-Flames of Fire, as it is written 'Who maketh his Angels Spirits and his Ministers as a flaming Fire' and these are also called the Order of Blessed Souls or the Souls of the Just made Perfect
  • Symbols:  The Altar of the Double Cube, The Equal Armed Cross, The Mystic Circle, The Triangle of Art, Heh Final,aqua 
  • superior spiritsArchdemon: Nahema (The Strangler of Children)
  • Demonic Order: The Name'moth (The Dolorous Ones)
  • Key wordsThe Earth on which we walk, Kether below,The Completion,The Inferior Mother,The Bride of Microprosopus
  • blueprintstarAstrology link: Sphere of the Operation of Malkuth which is called the Sphere of Elements from which all things are formed
  • umbrellaColor:Citrine, Olive, Russet, Black
  •  bo  Part of Man: Whole Body 
  • Book of the Law faceless faceless



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Malkuth is the most complicated of the Sephiroth; Kether is the most simple. Malkuth is associated with the realm of matter/earth and relates to the physical world, the planets and the solar system.  And yet, applying the principle of "As above, so below," we appreciate that Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether. Ultimately, God is in everything we know, from the flower in the field to the dirt on which we walk.
No matter what is on the earth, is infused with the Divine Nature. The separation between Creator and Created is artificial. God is Man. Man is God.

We are God collectively, and we are God individually. We are parts, and we are the whole. The perceived separation is the result of "The Fall," and the Great Work of returning to the Godhead begins with the recognition (or, perhaps, the suspicion) that our perceptions have been inaccurate. Thus, to Malkuth is assigned the virtue of discrimination. Its spiritual experience is the   "Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel," an aspect of the Higher Self. It is in Malkuth that its existence is demonstrated, whereas to Tiphareth is ascribed the conscious union of the personality with this Higher Genius.

The idea of unity in all, and of the Divine Power indwelling in every aspect of our material world may seem obvious to those with a natural inclination toward the mysteries. But, over the centuries, many religious sects have taught that the material world is inherently evil, a point of view which is
ultimately counterproductive and escapist. The same may be said for certain fundamentalist Christian attitudes which suggest that man should "give himself up to the will in God" to the extent that it is a virtual abrogation of individual responsibility.

The Qabalah teaches that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and that unless we learn the lessons of Malkuth there can be no lasting progress beyond. The fact is that our first spiritual lessons come from those around us.
And if we cannot function effectively on the material level, learning from the day to day patterns which we have chosen for our incarnation, it is unlikely that we will be able to function effectively on a more refined spiritual plane. The ability to sense the importance of the ordinary is a special form of discrimination.

All meditation, all Tarot divination and skrying, begins and ends with an affirmation of the strength and stability of the earth. One must first be grounded before invoking the Divine Light. And, particularly, at the close of a projective exercise, it is necessary to potently affirm a return to normal
consciousness. Otherwise a dissociation or pathological confusion of planes may result.

The lesson ofMalkuth, the balance of the four aspects of the Personality, through a process which might be described as one of compensation, is all important as one learns to "Rise on the Planes." The Personality must be totally readjusted and rebalanced after each new spiritual experience, a process which takes place in Malkuth. The waking consciousness is reintegrated as selfperspective changes.
We learn not in a consistent flow, but rather through a natural process of activity and passivity, stop and go. First we acquire information, or a new set of values, and then we stop to integrate that material into our system. This must happen before the lessons can be applied, which is the reason that one cannot truly use the powers of any Sephira until he has been initiated into the Sephira above it.

Repeatedly throughout the Tree, there has been reference to the Four Elements in the pattern of the ill;". Malkuth is the Sphere where the elements are ultimately based. They intermingle to produce the stability which we know as matter. These are not the same as the fire, water, air and earth which we see and touch, although they are the motive force behind those elements. In the simplest of terms (although it may sound totally fanciful), when one lights a match one does so only through the Fire Force of the Salamanders, Elemental Fire.

The Elementals, which, in the Tattva Exercises we contact in more or less agreed-upon anthropromorphic shapes, are the forces behind the forms of the Mundane Chakra, the material world.

The Mundane Chakra of each category of existence is in Assiah, the lowest of the Four Worlds. Here we may again consider the idea that each Sephira contains an entire Tree. The Malkuth of Malkuth in Assiah is the ground on which we walk; the Tiphareth of Malkuth in Assiah is the Sun in our sky; Netzach is Venus; Hod is Mercury; and Yesod is the Moon. Yet that which we perceive is only the surface of the material world. Matter (the whole of Assiah) is composed of particles invisible to the eye. We see them only through enormous electronic magnification in the same way that the forces which activate these particles can only be seen with the inner vision.

The exercise of the Tattvas are of Assiah (although they may easily be deepened into the Yetziratic World). When we deal with the Gnomes, we are tapping the forces of stability directly beneath our sphere of sensation, forces which are an amalgam of aspects of three elements within the fourth. Malkuth is a quadripartite unity. To deal with the Sylphs means to handle the motive force or Air, directly beneath Yesod's mundane Chakra, the Moon. The Undines are in Hod-Mercury, and the Salamanders of Netzach-Venus.

A great deal will be gained by meditation on the position of Malkuth at the base of the Tree of Life on the Middle Pillar. It is a receptacle for all of the energies of the Tree. They feed into Malkuth, and are grounded in its stability. The word inertia has been applied to this Sephira, meaning a state of rest (stasis) rather than inactivity, as continual motion is the law of nature. The difference between Malkuth and other Sephiroth is that it is self-contained in the same way as is Kether.

Malkuth is called the Bride of Microprosopus, a title which relates beautifully to the Tarot Princesses. The Prince is Tiphareth, who rules over the personality it projects for each incarnation. But for the personality to perform its task, it must function within a given structure. The Princess, taken as a Bride by the Prince (who is actually a King) is the very structure (Kingdom) through which the Prince rules. For example, we repeatedly have noted that in Christian iconography the Virgin Mary (Binah-Isis) is The Church. She is the building, she is the rituals, she is the supportive structure without which the religion would not function.

Considered at a less symbolic level, the choice of the Prince to take the Princess as his Bride is our own personal choice to enter a new incarnation, with a new personality. The Higher Self of Tiphareth builds the personality using the sequential energies of Netzach, Hod and Yesod. That personality is expressed through the vehicle of matter in Malkuth, the Sephira also referred to as the Gateway.

Insofar as Malkuth is the Earth, it is active and productive, and is called the Inferior Mother. On the lower arc, she is an expression of the energies of Binah, the Supernal Mother. And here we realize that the union of the Vau and Heh Final, like that of the Yod and Heh, must produce something further. What is produced is a renewed activity at the point of Kether, which re-activates the outgoing force of Chokmah, which sustains the formalizing energies of Binah, and so on. It is a continuous cycle symbolized by the Egg, or by the Serpent which holds its tail in its mouth. But this cycle becomes ever tighter, pulling closer to Kether with each downward and then upward swing. There must eventually come a point in the evolution of the Spirit of Mankind, where the  Tree of Life no longer describes our Universe.
The primary symbols of Malkuth are the Altar of the Double Cube, and the Equal-Armed Cross. The Altar of the Western Mysteries is black, and is formed of two cubes, on top of the other. The reference here is to the"As above, so below." Moreover, the six sides relate to Tiphareth. The Equal-armed Cross is the balanced Elements.

The other two symbols are the Mystic Circle, which defines and encloses sacred ground, and the Triangle of Art in which evocation takes place.
Evocation is very different from invocation. To evoke is to bring something from another plane into physical manifestation, generally using heavy incense as an etheric vehicle. To invoke is to call upon a specific form of the Divine Presence, which is in the nature of prayer, though a great deal more practical.



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