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 The given degrees are Fixed-Absolute -0 Ground Stable depending on word letters   Hex Value calculated           as End -Beginning cycle of interaction between involved signs, key words and their Geomantic assignments

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Lord of Ruin 

Mastery of Strife and Division 

code book:booklaw 10 of Swords-Ruin-Libra-Sun-0 Square 

  • lower astral triangle neogigaserv Host :   Baal Shem
    • Angels of the Decan: Dambayah-Menqal
  • Geomantic figures:
  • Astro config decans:  Sun in  Gemini
  • Star group soup:
  • hintAgain the design is the Tree of Life on which the swords are arranged , the centre one is the heart or Sun which is broken in fragments. The mind has let go all control and whirls in tormented madness
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 Lord of Oppression

Mastery of Will and Spirit



 code book:booklaw 10 of Wands-oppresion-Sagittarius-Saturn 

  • lower astral triangle neogigaservHost :    Baal Shem 
    • Angels of the Decan:Reyayel-Avamel 
  • Geomantic figures: 
  • Astro config decans:Saturn in Sagittarius
  • Star group soup:
  • hintEight plain Wand sticks, dominated by two Dorjes lengthened into bars, show the slow smouldering of an exhausted force
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 Lord of Wealth 

Mastery of Skill and Success

code book:booklaw 10 of Discs-Wealth-Virgo-Mercury-Vulcan 

  • lower astral triangle neogigaservHost :   Baal Shem 
    • Angels of the Decan: Hahaayah-Laviah
  • Geomantic figures:
  • Astro config decans: Mercury in Virgo 
  • Star group soup:
  • hintThe Discs have now definitely become coins and are arranged on the Tree of Life.They are stamped with different renderings of the signs of mercury.This mercurial signature is intended to show that though they appear solid, they are in reality fugitive.


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 Lord of Perfected Success 

Mastery of Love and Relationship 

code book:booklaw 10Cups-Satiety-Mars 

  • lower astral triangle neogigaservHost :   Baal Shem 
    • Angels of the Decan: Aasliah – Mihal
  • Geomantic figures:
  • Astro config decans: Mars in Pisces
  • Star group soup:
  • hintThe Cups are arranged on the Tree of Life and a great Lotus overshadows them.Exhaustion, which comes from expended energy, is expressed



  • Republic credits writer booklaw

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