39. I’Ra’es- the arm of the zodiac

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First from the draeast, the Ram conducts the yEar

restricted lend an ear by Virgo 

  The small western zodiacGalactic Zodiac      gstar blueprintstar 

This text is copy pasted  from http://ascensionglossary.com with the single purpose to be rewritten, corrected and deleted in those parts as codewritecode  Flying_Spaghetti_Monster,which give us FALSE  information or  manipulate  users  understanding about the TRUE  purpose of  Template construction or to be just another Manipulating TOOL with eduacational purposes for Begginers

The Zodiac structural principles are both energetic and geometric which are being aligned to the Alchemical Laws hosted by the  matrix code scan Aurora Ray System. When astrological alignments occur through major   conjunctions  between planetary and stellar bodies, forces of alchemy occur which alter frequency current and manifest new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the Sun transmits the influences of the Zodiac (which unfortuinately is closed blocking chain system  for manipulations over us)  in the Ray System throughout our virtual Solar System. We are moving through specific Laws of Alchemy located in the ophiuchi sh horse   serpent cypher  serpent  Ophiuchus constellation activation galaxvort which is not the 13 sign of the Zodiac but the 11th. This quality of Silver-Gold frequency is being transmitted to our Sun and planetary body many times. Through the Silver Ray galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?   t galaxvort dissolving   into the   galaxvort  galaxvortGolden Gate, the returning of the  buddha avatarSpirit to the center of Unity  where it is is RECYCLED  or the process of inner Manipulation  is  a Law . forced by  matrix code scan matrix code scan .

tbop8 mt —>  galaxvort star blueprint basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher  × ×lstar×alien kingSilver Gate    p16   smwave  flip square matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan 

—->galaxvort map  mt ?  Golden Gate   unapropriate naming  can couse distortion of  information

This alignment begins a new exposure and is transmitting a  new substance, which has qualities of both Elemental summer triangle anWater and Elemental Aether   mcl  . This is carried in a mixture within these plasmic Silver-Gold liquid light frequencies, which make it  an Fire Water  linked with sparkdroid Drugs & Alcohol comsumption and in history  was used by American Indians.  Fire Water is an an old element composed  by triggering the Fear of sign of  time capsule    crabminor jù xiè zuò beehivecluster         dieases on phisical level.    t fence grid t    69    ceti 96         

 The river of living waters from the    alien alien alien alienMothers Creatrix, se   Rainbow Krystal Waters, flow out from the Thronesthrone of God and unify into the dimensional door of galaxvort The Golden Gate. The highest emanation of this  pi mov mov time capsule  time capsule time capsulemysterious elixir  pi  pi mov pi is both     silver and  gold, the cupChalice of Understanding which opens the portal of galaxvortThe Golden Gate 

Stages of the small Galactic Zodiac  into the 88 Constellations Matrix

The following is a summary of the stages of spiritual initiation represented in the Alchemical Laws on the wheel of the Boot boot 13 13 constellations in the Galactic Constellation of

   blueprintstar88 flip square flip squaresequence

  1. Hydra
  2. Virgo western zodiac buddha avatar
  3. Ursa Major
  4. Cetus
  5. Hercules
  6. Eridanus
  7. Pegasus
  8. Dracowestern zodiacGateway  Qilin serpent cypher keyhole$     dra  se   
  9. Centauruswestern zodiac Gateway 
  10. Aquariuswestern zodiac
  11. Ophiuchus 
  12. Leowestern zodiac
  13. Boötes = 

moving through the celestial plane, which is kind of  Matrix   Qilin serpent cypher in a Matrix sequence cycling through ophiuchi sh horse   serpent cypher  serpent

western zodiac  Zodiac sequence Opposition signs


17. Taurus –-09.     cent  pearl pearl Centaurus -15. SagittariusGateway   buddha avatar

30. Gemini 


12.  Leo 




40. Capricornus

10. Aquarius 

14.     Pisces

  gstar blueprintstar =   


Stage 1 – Aries ram690yb– repeated through 11 ophiuchi 

  • Stage 1 – ARIES –  blueprintstar April 19 to May 13
  • Alchemical Theme:   Purification<-> Calcination 
  • Element: Fire         hellboy hellboy 
  • jd jdd Opposition signs Opposition signs keyhole$    draEastern Zodiac counterpart: rainbow dragonDraco    Qilin          Qilin  Qilin   Qilin  Qilin   

The introduction stage of spiritual initiation is represented in the constellation of Aries, which  is represented as an Geometric Angle  for measurment  of our Memory. This is also  the beginning of the alchemical purification (which is linked by default  to Virgo    )  of one's Ego  through the process of exposure to fire elements and/or applying intense understanding of what Aries do in real  as influences via the Zodiac Template Matrix. 

The process of heating the body and aura to a high temperature, causing loss of moisture, reduction or oxidation, and breaking down into simpler substances to prepare to move blockages and debris. This is the activation process of the ipeelawaystarhack  Kundalini fire purification of the flesh, bone and blood. The Kundalini is activated in the tailbone and begins to travel upward in the central vertical channel and chakras. This reoccurs many times during the spiritual initiation stages towards enlightenment, but always follows the alchemical principles to conclusion. (See Aries Constellation)

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  Opposition signs  are block ciphers due mov mov , meaning that non of the 12 signs in Eastern and Western zodiac can't  be deployed or used for un<->conscious manipulation of constellations via descriptions of whatever author or system

    Geomantic Geogrid  tasks mov        serpent    


 herc  ipo  sh 

[/toggle] [toggle title=”The old Ram” state=”closed”]

ram690ybAries has been called the  mov "Prince of the Zodiac," the "Prince of the Celestial Signs," and the "Leader of the Host of the Zodiac"= hillarious  statements.

It has also been associated with the ram into which gr z  scream_32ZE+US ,  changed himself to escape the pursuit of the giants but he has no luck cuz met yc who  hand marked id disc cipher solver  isolator. After his death in Egypt, the constellation was called sis p4"Jupiter Ammon" domain of hippocampus hippocampus 

————–>the banned GOD<->mayan nawal  DOG->

In this way z  dove bu west tree mayan tree seeder  ZE+US  was hand or Banned through  rainbow dragon  alpha Geomantic_caputdraconis.svg    from any system connecting this, so called "God",as Game player  with  the following reasonscipher solver :

  1. attitude type:"I before All "
  2. Sinner= all the 7 Deadly Sins (Cardinal signs) +  blood incest with his sister Hera, also pointed as his wife
  3. cipher solver No Fair Game Player  
  4. cipher solverCheating in foretelling the Future Events via Oracles
  5. 69 flip  Manipulating, seducing, misusing beautiful women with weaker minds through the
  6.  Ruin others reputation, life-files through Bankruptcy   via astrology charts
  7. defined in the Heavenly circles as  "The Pimp" of the blocked Opposition signs zodiac 

In Chaldea, where the constellation is supposed to have originated, the ram simply represents the favourite animal of the bootshepherds. Considering the fact that Aries is in an inconspicuous part of the heavens, and comprises only three stars of any importance, it is surprising the wealth of lore and legend that surrounds it, and the attention paid to it by the ancients, unless we attribute to it some extraneous claim for notoriety, such as the position of these stars as regards the sun at a certain period of the year.

There is little doubt that this is the real cause of the importance of this constellation. "If," says Plunket,  we find Aries equally honoured by several nations in very early times, either these nations, independent of each other, happened to observe and mark out the sun's annual course through the heavens at exactly the same date, and therefore chose the same date, or we must suppose that they derived their calendar and knowledge of the zodiac from observations originally made by some one civilised race."

It is easy to see, as Brown avers, that the comparison of the sun to a ram or bull is a line of thought which naturally and spontaneously arises in the mind of archaic man.
In the Euphratean Valley, the probable birthplace of the constellations, the sun was styled a "Lubat," meaning old sheep, and ultimately the planets were called "old sheep stars." Hence the symbolic view of the sun as an old sheep or ram is necessarily of a remote antiquity.
In Aries we have very clear proof that many of the constellations must be regarded as mere symbols, and in nowise to be thought of as owing their names to a fancied resemblance to some creature or object, for the obtuse angle formed by the three principal stars in Aries could only resemble at best the hind leg of a sheep or ram, and so we are bound to the conviction that the br  hippocampus  hippocampusram is simply a hippocampussymbol of memory space.ram690yb         
One theory holds that the solar ram, the sun who opened the day, was in time duplicated by the stellar ram, who in 2540 B.C. opened the year, and "led the starry flock through it as their bell-wether."

Unfortunately for this theory, as Maunder points out, we know that the constellations were mapped out at a far earlier epoch, when the equinox fell not in Aries, but in the middle of the constellation Taurus.
In mythology Aries has always represented the fabled ram with fleece of gold. Manilius thus describes it:

First Aries, glorious in his golden wool,
Looks back and wonders at the mighty Bull.

The old fable is as follows: Phrixus and Helle were children of Athamas, the legendary King of Thessaly, Their step-mother treated them with such cruelty that Mercury took pity on them, and to enable them to escape their mother's wrath sent a ram to bear them away.

Mounted on the ram's back the children sped over land and sea, but unfortunately Helle neglected to secure her hold, and fell from her seat while the ram was flying across the strait which divides Europe from Asia. In memory of this catastrophe this strait was afterwards known as the hell worldwide expressHell'espont. Manilius thus refers to this episode: First golden Aries shines, who whilst he swam Lost part of 's freight and gave to sea a name.
Longfellow also alludes to Helle's fall:
The Ram that bore unsafely the burden of Helle.

Phrixus landed safely at Colchis, at the eastern end of the Black Sea. Out of gratitude for his safe deliverance, he sacrificed the ram and gave the golden fleece to the king of the country, who hung it in the sacred grove of Ares, under guard of a sleepless dragon.

sh  herc The golden fleece has always been associated in Greek mythology with the voyage of the ship Argofdutch, and the celebrated Argonautic expedition which set forth in search of it.
The theory has been advanced that the stellar symbols were intended simply as a record of this famous expedition. Even so good an astronomer as Sir Isaac Newton held this view, but Maunder on the contrary claims that there was nothing in the story of the neighbouring constellations to support the legend of the golden fleece.
Curiously enough Aries is the leading sign in all the systems of astrology which have come down to us through the Greeks, and it figures as the leading sign in most of the explanations of the constellation figures which are on record and this info is 2000 years old so in 2012 is non valid anymore as the End of the Time we know it ends with mayan nawal Mayan Tzolkin calendar which  cipher solver null  all old astrology  systems especially the Opposition signs circle of the 12 signs.

Maunder considers that this fact proves that these astrological systems, and these theories concerning the constellation figures, not only took their rise at a later epoch, but that when they did so, the real origin and meaning of the designs had been wholly lost.

One peculiar fact respecting Aries for which there is no apparent explanation, is that the ram is always represented with reverted head. On a coin type of Cyzicus, about 500-450 B.C., the ram is thus depicted.The explaination of this can be found in Sabian symbolism, flipping the coin  ,we find the non reverted head in   vir  , where obviously  belongs  by birth  Art right,  at least concerning the depiction of celestial figures ->Virgo the only human figure in the zodiac and the true Host gigas serv vir of all Astrology systems ever invented. So the t marked id disc represent only the virtual memory space in Virgo's gigas serv 

Allen notes as an exception to this almost universal figure, the ram erect in the Albumasar of 1489.
Berosus, a Babylonian priest in the time of Alexander the Great, said that the ancients—those ancient to him —believed that the  world was created when the sun was in Aries. Which world and Sun is the question 

Pliny said that Cleostratos of Tenedos first formed Aries, but there is no doubt that the constellation originated many centuries before this.
Plunket informs us that in the Egyptian calendars no reference is made to Aries, but in Egyptian mythology the importance of the ram is revealed.

Amen (R for name) or Amon (R for noma), the great god of the egypt egypt eg  egypt Theban triad, is sometimes represented as ram-headed. The great temple to him in conjunction with the sun, i.e., to Amen-Ra, is approached through an avenue of gigantic ram-headed sphinxes. At the season of all the year when Aries specially dominated the ecliptic, the statue of the god Amen was carried in procession to the Nekropolis, from which place the constellation Aries was fully visible. "The preparations for this great festival began before the full moon next to the spring equinox, and on the fourteenth day of that moon all Egypt was in joy over the dominion of the Ram. The people crowned the Ram with flowers, carried him with extraordinary pomp in grand procession, and rejoiced in him to the utmost." The ancient Persians, who called Aries "Bara," had a similar festival.
Between 1400 and iioo B.C., when Rameses 11, dedicated the temple of Aboo Simbel- The avenue of  Ram headed sphinxes, the sun when it penetrated into the shrine of the temple was in conjunction with the first stars of the constellation Aries, and this fact doubtless led the King to honour Aries in connection with the god Amen.

The Egyptians called Aries "the Lord of the Head" found in    vir

Not only the Egyptians, but all the great civilised nations of the East, had traditions of a year beginning when the sun and moon entered the constellation Aries.
Jensen is of the opinion that Aries may have been first adopted into the zodiac by the Babylonians when its stars began to mark the vernal equinox. Plunket on the contrary, thinks that the choice of the constellation as Prince and Leader of the signs was made, not when its stars marked the spring equinox, but when they indicated the winter solstice. According to this view Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricornus marked the four seasons and the cardinal points in 6000 B.C.

In the Rig- Veda, the first lunar station in the Indian series is named "As.win.i." Joyous hymns were addressed to the twin heroes, the Aswins, which may properly be called New Year's hymns, composed in honour of these stars, whose appearance before sunrise heralded the approach of the great festival day of the Hindu New Year. Next to Agni and Soma, the twin deities named the Aswins are the most prominent in the Rig- Veda. They are celebrated in more than fifty entire hymns, while their name occurs more than four hundred times. These twin heroes of Hindu mythology correspond to the famous twins of Grecian mythology and their metamorphose to nowadays yc hand light_grenade  marked id disc cipher solver matrix code scan isolator Castor and Pollux.

The Arabs, whose first manzil or lunar station was formed by these same two stars, knew them as "the two tokens," that is to say of the opening year. They called the constellation Aries "Al-Hamal," the Sheep, while the early Hindus called it "Aja," and "Mesha."

The Hebrews called the constellation "Teli," and assigned it in their zodiac to either Simeon or Gad. Dr. Seiss, following Csesius, regarded Aries as symbolising the Lamb of the World.
Aries, the April sign according to Hagar, was known in Peru as "the Market Moon" or "Kneeling Terrace." At this season the early crops were harvested and borne home on the backs of llamas. The festival was called "Ayri huay" or that of the axe, and referred to the reaping of these crops. This conception of the constellation is decidedly at variance with the Eastern idea of it.

The Syrians called Aries "Amru" or "Emru," while the Turkish name for the constellation was "Kuzi."

The Romans generally called the constellation "Aries," but Ovid named it "Phrixea Ovis" and "Cornus." Other Latin names for it are "Vernus Portitor," the Springbringer, and "Arcanus."

As one of the zodiacal twelve of China, Aries was first known as "the Dog," and later as ram"the White Sheep."

At the time when it was sought to reconstruct the constellations on Biblical lines, Aries was selected to represent Abraham's ram caught in the thicket, or St. Peter.

The Anglo-Normans of the 12th century called Aries " Multuns," and the poet Dante refers to it as " Montone."

In Italy, France, and Germany, Aries is called respectively, "Ariete," "Belier," and "Widder." The symbol of the constellation probably represents the head and horns of the animal not a human . In this region of the sky a brilliant temporary star appeared in the year 1012 a.d.

Astrologically considered Aries is the house and joy of Mars, and signifies a dry constitution, long face and neck, thick shoulders, swarthy complexion, and a hasty passionate temper. It governs the head and face, and all diseases relating thereto. It reigns over =update France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Lesser Poland, Syria, Naples, Capua, Verona, etc. It is a masculine sign, and is regarded as fortunate.
According to Eleanor Kirk, who is a great authority on the subject, people born under Aries, that is between  Mar. 20th and Apr. 19th are =update usually very executive, earnest, and determined. They are leaders, and dominate those about them. They are noble, generous, progressive,and have occult power. They are good scholars, bright, genial, and witty.

The natal gem of Aries is the bloodstone, the symbol of good luck; the natal flower, the violet; the metal, iron.
Alpha Arietis was called α (Hamal) or "Hamel" by the Arabs, meaning a sheep, and the name "Al-Nath" has also been found for it on some of the ancient Arabic globes. "Arietis" is another name for this star. Among the Greeks in early times, α (Hamal) held the important office of sunrise herald, at the vernal equinox.
In Ptolemy's list it is described as "The one above the head" (of the Ram), and astrologers regarded it as dangerous and evil, denoting bodily hurts.

Brown asserts that the stellar Ram was in the first place only the star α (Hamal), the constellation being formed around it afterwards. Chaucer refers to the star as "Alnath," that is to say the "horn push," a name more commonly associated with the star in the tip of the northern horn of the Bull, a star common to the constellations Taurus and Auriga.

Other Euphratean names for this star have been "Lulim" or "Lu-nit," the ram's eye, and "Simal," the Horn Star. It was also called " Anuv" and "Ku," meaning the Prince or the Leading One, the ram that led the heavenly flock.

Of the Grecian temples, at least eight, at various places, and of dates ranging from 1580 to 360 B.C. were oriented to this star, and it is the only star to which Milton makes individual allusion.

α (Hamal) is much used in navigation in connection with lunar observations, and culminates at 9 p.m. on the nth of December. It is approaching our system at the rate of nine miles per second. According to Miss Gierke, Hamal is distant from the earth about forty light years.

The star Beta Arietis was known to the Arabs as β (Sheratan) meaning "a sign," this star having marked the vernal equinox in the days of Hipparchus.

Gamma Arietis has been called the γ (Mesarthim) "First star in Aries" as at one time it was nearest to the equinoctial point.It is a beautiful double star, easily visible in a small telescope, and was discovered to be double by Dr. Hooke in 1664. This star was known to the Arabs as γ (Mesarthim) meaning the "two attendants," a reference to β and γ   Arietis, these two stars being considered as attendants on Hamal. The Persians called these stars "The Protecting Pair."

The faint stars east of α (Hamal) on the back of the Ram form a little group known asbee  "Musca Borealis," the Northern Fly. The figure appears in Burritt's Atlas.
According to Allen the inventor of this asterism is unknown.Musca has been also styled mus "the Wasp" and "the Bee."

It comes to the meridian on the 17th of December at 9 P.M. 

How to remember mcl ram690yb: A curved ram’s horn    dra    


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  • sparkdroid 0° 0' 0" . Arabic Moon station -Manzils: Al Sharatain -Sharatan-Sheratim-Sharatan- Sheratim – Meaning: the Two signs-Attribution: The First Intellect, the Pen ->Divine Attribute: Divine Essence-> Letter: Hamza & Alef-> This mansion is now considered to begin the series in  ✪  δ (Botein)  "the Minister Ram" or the Servant Bot sparkdroid


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    3. sparkdroid sparkdroidAgriculture
    4. sparkdroidCharacter traits
    5. sparkdroidAccidents & Injuries
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    7.  sparkdroid  Religion & Higher Mind basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher
    8. sparkdroidTaroth     tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher 
  3. sparkdroid γ (Mes'art'him) 








    1. sparkdroid sparkdroidAgriculture
    2. sparkdroidCharacter traits
    3. sparkdroidAccidents & Injuries
    4. sparkdroidMis  facelesstarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher fortune
    5.  sparkdroid  Religion & Higher Mind basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher
    6. sparkdroidTaroth     tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher 
  4. sparkdroid δ (Botein)  









    1. sparkdroid sparkdroidAgriculture
    2. sparkdroidCharacter traits
    3.  sparkdroid Religion & Higher Mind basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher
    4. sparkdroidTaroth    tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher 
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  21. τ1
  22. τ2 catch22


As litteraly personages from the  stars play we can use    as tool for manipulating the Grand design  facelessCelebrities via  Movies  blue print so better to   instead the system to gaming you witrhout your permission within a   gstar Agenda 

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