31. Crap-the eraser of the Crab

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The Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng Scorpion’s claws here clasp a wide extent,
And here the Crap’s in lesser clasps are bent.

Then a light among them brightened,
So that, if Crap one such crystal  had jewel,
Winter would have a month of one sole day

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    Opposition signs  are block ciphers due mov mov , meaning that non of the 12 signs in Eastern and Western zodiac can’t  be deployed or used for un<->conscious manipulation of constellations via descriptions of whatever author or system

Physiology Correlated to the Galactic Zodiac

stomach, esophagus, diaphragm, breasts, nipples, lacteals, upper lobes of liver, thoracic duct, pancreas, serum of blood, peristalsis of the stomach, gastric fluids, pituitary

         Geomantic Geogrid  tasks         

The symbol of the sign 69   simply denotes  69 flip sequence  mind the gap  yoda  69 crabminor 96   um           in Numbers in their perpetual movement connected to other  constellation under Rank number domain of  ceti mov   DELPH-IN

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“Macrobius states that the Chaldeans named the constellation  jù xiè zuò crabminorbecause the crab(p) is a Thing  that walks Deosil backward or obliquely . The sun likewise Widdershins arriving at this sign begins his sparkdroid apparent retrograde motion and again descends obliquely” 

The word C…r, obviously intentionally,  was linked with a dis-ease condition in humans and animals, which point the  root or the origin of it, therefore must be dissolved   so we mark it as CRAP, like substituent or crappy application, deployed with intentional purpose to manipulate or harm our Understanding-Brain-Body and to Hide it’s true purpose,  deployed via the Astrology charts of traditional Language and Astrology  systems.

How to forget about the Crap?  jewel an jewel  system

All written ever about that aka ‘Constellation ‘  but in real just a program it’s a Crap wrapped in a frame hidden behind a veil (evil) some crytical information. In Fact is just a  running a script linked with a disease, through which the Humans are terminated literally if they ‘Behave not properly’. This programmiing Virus can be hidden in different text and context configuration of any language , therefor with the time was disguised in various different symbols , number formats etc techniques. In such way the system programm your brain  , and code it mostly in your Emotional body layer where can be triggered through various e-motions  

  • Stage 4 – C……R – July 21 to August 9
  • Element: Water
  • Elemental Form: Icosahedron, 30 edges, 20 faces, 3600 degrees     Great dodecahedron
  • Alchemical Metal: silver47-grey shiningSilver   
  •  Alchemical Theme: Dissolution, Dismantling
  • Primary Planetary Correlations:   the Moon   flip squarematrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave
  • Embodied Correlations: matrix code scan        matrix code scan       matrix code scan  The Soul matrix, ,  the angelic mind,  dimension   he ?  chakra 4 Anahata    heart consciousness     


This is the dismantling phase from unnecessary substances, energies or objects that have been shifted from the alchemical   synthesis of the polarity integration of forces. There is a process of    resolving emotional body issues or dissolving into parts or elements in the shifting field of the energetic consciousness. This phase can be deeply emotional, deeply buried in subconscious and bring the purging of deep soul wounds. In the spiritual ascension process this may manifest as the      aqua breaking of bonds, breaking up of relationships, the breaking up of an assembly or organization. C…..r has    heavy ancestral genetic pattern components that greatly influence emotional  miasma located in the body. This is a process of dismantling the unnecessary or unneeded primal forces and resolving emotional blocks in the shifting terrain of the energetic consciousness. This emotional purging with the required dismantling (removing subconscious blockages) happens in several stages throughout the ascension process

Harmonizing Attentions

  Clear all raygun?  third ray distortions & all false programs of Arc Angel Chamuel and Charity. Clear all service to self & victim-victimizer programming, clear imposter spirits, matrix code scan 5D timelines and overlays, reclaim soul fragments and extensions and synthesize all into single soul transtime occupancy, end all astral deulsions,dimension   he     clear the  Zeta Seal,  initiate heart-brain harmonics, activate the lightbody wings   and inner sacred union           , clear anubian black heart network connections and metatronic reversals

Some symbols and sequencies  connected calculated in base 6 mind the gap through Gematrix

  locker   6°06′  route66 sparkdroid Leo Minor  Asterion Octantis  hexahedrongrid  Tree of Life End Of All Life 

6°36′  gsm    

6°66′ thelema     system scream_32    sadarum v sadarum v  cassiopeia    galaxvort    halskette engine start-off  69    –  jù xiè zuò   

9°36′ Computing Grid  Monkey Head Nebula  Murphy’s Law        

 3°96′ ​  Black Goo Dead Now   and so on perpetuate  Matrix code


List of stars in Cancer  

 9°54′  –  Constellation  Star system  Astro Symbol  

 ​  World Cancer Day     locker


________________________________________Is the Crap coded in your Name, Date of birth or somewhere else?

Here comes the heavy research through variouse source codes programs giving you some pieces of information

Check the source code through  

It’s obviously that some programmers writers, authors etc ‘creators’   has methods to disquise  but also to suggest  the real properties of  the Crap , and the Question here is Why NoONE  get us  Idea how such crappy programmable applications work?  Just Delete any realted info on that thema and will be totally cleaned or erased from the Matrix Universe spelled U-in-verse.

_______________________________________Is someone you know Died from the Crap Condition?

Here comes the worst part or the statistics of Human mortality factors and the Crap can be found in the 1-3rd place as Death Factor.

__________________________________________ How other Authors disguise the Crap?

Because of its dim appearance it has sometimes been called  system “the Dark Sign,” and described as “black and without eyes,”      and it has been said that among all the constellations not one has been the subject of more  idle  opinions and more romantic suppositions than Crap as statement connected within the constellations

the Crab, in spite of the fact that it is the most inconspicuous of all the zodiacal constellations, is very ancient, and has won almost universal recognition in all ages.

the Crab  was the location of the Sun’s most northerly position in the sky (the summer solstice) in ancient times, though this position now occurs in Taurus through qwave crab  due to the  precession of the equinoxes, around June 21 fix  date. This is also the time that the Sun is directly overhead at 23′ 26°N 0′ 0″ 0°E, a parallel now known as the Tropic of the Crap.    If you look on a globe, you find the t ipeelawaystarhack t Tropic of Crap to be a IMAGINARY circle above the equator at a latitude of mov   23.5° North, but WHY exactly these numbers are choosen ?. Everywhere on this line, the sun is directly overhead at noon on the Summer Solstice. Because of the precession of the   Equinoxes, however, the sun is now in the constellation bu on the Summer Solstice. (Should we change this circle name to the Tropic of buTaurus? = pulse       qwave crab crab  

According to Chaldean and Platonic philosophy, galaxvort “the gate of men, ” by which souls were supposed to descend into human bodies, was located in this constellation. Plunket tells us that in Babylonia it seems to be established that a     tortoise , not a crab, represents this constellation

It was so figured there and in Egypt in 4000 B.C.

In Egypt, as we learn from the zodiacs of Denderah and Esne, it was the ascending scarabei scarabseus, the beetle, emblematic of immortality, that held the place given to the crap in the Grecian Sphere.

Burritt thinks that as the Hindus in all probability derived their knowledge of the stars from the Chaldeans, the figure of the crab in this place is more ancient than the beetle.

jù xiè zuò The Crab,  tortoise, and ascending scarabei beetle, the creatures selected to represent the Crap, are similar in many respects. They are hard shelled, insignificant in appearance, and limax sluggish in their movements, and in this latter attribute would well typify the sun’s apparent movement when it arrives in this constellation.

“If it is admitted,” says Plunket, “that in Egyptian astronomy the beetle played the important part of marking as a constellation one of the quarters of the ecliptic circle, then the fact that extraordinary honour is paid in Egyptian symbolic art to this lowly and unattractive insect is explained.”

Aratos called the constellation χαρχινοdigamma-stigma Latinised it is found as “Carcinus,” in the Alphonsine tables. In some Eastern zodiacs the Crap is represented by the figure of horse two asses, and some of the medieval astronomers represented it as a lobster or crayfish wich is hilarious and non valid. In these similes we have, as in the case of the crap, tortoise, and beetle, slowmoving creatures used to represent the constellation, so that there is little doubt that this sign was meant to emphasise the apparent movement of the sun when it was in this part of the zodiac.

According to the Greek legend, this is the crap that seized the foot of herc  Hercules when he was fighting with the snake Lernean Hydra . The hero crushed the reptile to pieces under his heel, but gr hera syndullaJuno in gratitude for the offered service, placed the crap in the heavens to torture other heroes. Another legend relates that gr Bacchus, afflicted with insanity, betook himself to the temple sis p4 of gr Jove. On the way thither he came to a great marsh, over which he was carried by an ass    gba  trapghost  donkey donkey1, one of two which happened to be operated by automatic    boot       pyxies repix  iceboot     sequence worldwide   In return for this service, he transformed both creatures into stars. Still another story respecting these stars claims that they owe their place in the heavens to the fact that they were of service to the gods in their battle with the giants. Silenus and Bacchus rode them, and the loud braying of the asses frightened their enemies.

Allen states that Cancer is said to have been the Akkadian dra  sgate “Sun of the South,” perhaps from its position at the winter solstice in very remote antiquity, but afterwards it was associated with the 4 month “Duzu” (our June-July), and was known as dra  ngate “the Northern Gate of the Sun.” In Yucatan one of the temples was dedicated to Crap, and the sun when it occupied that sign was supposed to descend at  noon like a bird of fire phoen apus  , and consume the sacrifice on the altar ar.

Cancer is celebrated chiefly because it contains the great naked eye star cluster  clr  clb beehivecluster “Praesepe,” the so-called “Manger, or Manger ”  germanium32 Germa­nium   from which two asses, represented by stars near by, are supposed to feed  This cluster is known in English astronomical folk-lore as  “the Beehive“. This marvellous aggregation of suns presents on a clear night a dim misty appearance. It has often been mistaken for a comet.
The “Beehive” is especially interesting historically as it afforded Galileo one of the earliest telescopic proofs of the existence of multitudes of stars invisible to the naked eye. He wrote: “The clr nebula called Praesepe, which is not one star, only, but a mass of more than forty small stars. I have noticed thirty stars besides the Aselli .”
The great telescopes of the present day reveal in this cluster three hundred and sixty-three stars.
clr  clb beehivecluster Praesepe  has been regarded as representing the Manger in which Christ was born, and Ceesius likened it to the Breastplate of Righteousness. Schiller claimed that Praesepe and the Aselli  represented         St. John the Evangelist.

The most ancient scientific observation of sis p4 Jupiter that is known to us was noted by Ptolemy as having occurred eighty-three years after the death of Alexander the Great, when Jupiter happened to pass over the Manger. This was in 240 B.C. In June, 1895, all the planets except Neptune were in this quarter of the heavens, and here it was that Halley’s celebrated comet appeared in 1531.

The Manger was a celebrated weather portent, as early as the days of Aratos and Homer. Aratos thus speaks of it in this connection a very hilarious words:

And watch the Manger like a little mist.
Far north, in crap’s territory, it floats,
Its confines are two faintly glimmering stars,
One on the north, the other on the south,
These are two asses that the Manger parts,
Which suddenly, when all the sky is clear,
Sometimes quite vanishes, and the two stars
Seem closer to have moved their sundered orbs.
No feeble tempest then will soak the leas.
A murky
Manger with both stars
Unaltered, is a sign of rain.
If while the Northern Ass is dimmed
By vaporous shroud, he of the south gleams radiant,
Expect a south wind. Vapour and radiance
Exchanging stars, harbinger Boreas.

Pliny wrote: “If  Praesepe is not visible in a clear sky it is a presage of a violent storm

In China the Manger was known, says Allen, by the unsavoury appellation, jù xiè zuò gba  trapghost “Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses,” and within one degree of it Mercury was observed from that country on June(6) 9, 118 a.d. One of the Chinese names for Cancer wasapus “the Red Bird,” and it was supposed to mark one of the residences of the Red or Southern Emperor  

In astrology, like all clusters, the Beehive threatened mischief and blindness.

For the hindus the Crap is called KARKATAKA ​ where was located the 6th lunar station of the Hindus, known as “Pushya,” meaning “Flower.” Some texts give its name as Tishya meaning to look. It corresponds to γ, δ and θ Cancri, in the Cancer (constellation). The Hindu god Bharata, brother of Rama was born under this Nakshatra. It is also mentioned in the story of the Birth of Buddha.  The birthstone associated with this nakshatra is blue sapphire or PEARL  , because it is ruled by the planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology.

It was sometimes figured as a crescent, and again as the head of an arrow. If lines are drawn through the stars 7,0, and 9 on the diagram it will be seen that these figures are well named. The Hindu figure of a “flower” in this region of the sky reveals a strange coincidence, to say the least.

In Peruvian astronomy the Crap  was known as “Cantut Pata,” τ or “Terrace of the Cantut,” the cantut being the sacred flower of the Incas. Surely there is more than a coincidence in the fact that two nations, as widely separated as the Hindus and Peruvians, should see in this inconspicuous group of stars a resemblance to a flower. This fact would seem to indicate that at some time in the remote past there was intercommunication between these two great nations.

The cantuta flower  of the Incas was of a deep red colour, and the fields around mov Cuzco in Peru are ruddy with the blooms. The ritual of the Peruvian festival of the sun included the  Great Copper Dance as the Copper is valuable defence material against the Crap vibrations , named from the use by the dancers of objects of that dark red metal. At that festival sacred cakes were eaten called  Cancu 

The keynote of the ceremonials seems to have been to place emphasis on the colour red, the dark red hidden fire, the colour of the distant but returning sun. The red colour attributed to Crap accords with the astrological allusion associating with violent deaths or accidents by fire.

The Arabs knew the Crap as “the mouth and muzzle of the Lion,” as to them Leo was a more extensive figure than that known to us, and included the Crap.

 The Mangers  call the constellation      locker   der Krebs,” the French   Le Cancri  or “I’Ecrevisse“​   and some more  language  mutations as follow

die Kanker


سرطان  alsaratan


ক্যান্সার  Kyānsāra



癌症  Áizhèng



de kanker

la kancero


ang cancer


o cancro

კიბო  k’ibo

ડેર ક્રેબ્સ  Ḍēra krēbsa


ka maʻi kanā


कैंसर  kainsar

cov kabmob


ọrịa kansa

il cancro

がん  Gan

қатерлі ісік    qaterli isik

មហារីក  mharik

암  am


ມະເລັງ   maleng

et cancer  -latin

vēzis -latvian

карциномот -macedonian

ny homamiadana-malagasy



ko te mate pukupuku-maori

कर्करोग -Karkarōga -marathii

хорт хавдар- khort khavdar -mongolian

kreften -norvegian

ਕਸਰ –kasara-punjabi


le kanesa -samoan

an aillse -scots gaelic


පිළිකාව -pilisoto-sinhala


el cancer-spanish



புற்றுநோய் – Puṟṟunōy -tamil

โรคมะเร็ง-Rokh marĕng-thai

ung thư-vietnamese

y canser-welsh



The astrological significance of  Crap has generally been malign. It was called “the House of the Moon,” from the early belief that our satellite was located in the Crap at the Creation. It governs the breast  and   stomach, and reigns over -> old info Scotland, Holland, Africa, Tunis, Tripoli, Constantinople, and New York.

Those born under the sign, that is between  June 21st and July 22nd., =update will have a great love of home and family, be quick to feel the mental condition of those around them. Their natures will be quiet and placid, opposed to haste, yet fond of amusement and social pleasures. They dislike quarrels and are slow to change their ideas.


The star Alpha Cancri  α (Acubens / Sertan) is a double. It was known to the Arabs as “Acubens,”   and marks the Crap’s southern claw. It culminates at 9 p.m., March 18th.

The two fourth magnitude stars north and south of the Manger ,γ (Asellus Borealis) and δ (Asellus Australis) Craps, were called by the Greeks “the Aselli,” the asses feeding at the Manger. The Arabs knew them by the same name. Bailey, in his Mystic of 1858, calls them “the Aselline Starlets.”

The Chaldaic name for the ass may be translated “muddiness,” and Burritt thinks that this alludes to the discolouring of the Nile, which river was rising when the sun entered Cancer. Pliny wrote: “Sun in Signo Cancri duce stellas parvae, aselli appellati.”

In astrology these stars were portents of violent death to such as came under their influence. They are said to be of a burning nature, and to give great indications of violent and severe accidents by fire.

The  hidden properties of the Crap 

The star  jù xiè zuò  jù xiè zuò      ζ (Tegmine),is a ternary or triple star. Two of the stars can be seen with a small telescope. I quote Allen’s reference to this star: “This is a system of great interest to astronomers, from the singular change in colour, the probable existence of a fourth and invisible component, and for the short period of orbital revolution—60 years—of the two closer stars.”

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haarp sagitar  
delta lambda longitude golden ratio   mayan nawal  phi latitude pan
western zodiac alpha beta gamma delta epsilon zeta eta theta iota kappa lambda longitude golden ratio mu nu xi omicron pi rho sigma tau upsilon phi latitude pan chi psi omega
asthorse  trapghost gba
  trapghostgba  apus fount trapghostgba trapghostgba trapghostgba
mov faceless  

bayer pillBayer=Flamsteed jù xiè zuò crabminor

  1. α (Acubens / Sertan)
  2. β (Tarf)
  3. γ (Asellus Borealis) donkey
  4. δ (Asellus Australis)donkey1 Let The Decoding Fun Begin   Void Finder Algorithm smwave Void-of-course Moon   What To Do About Cancer ?  Dissolve and Coagulate  The Word Will Be Killed    The Cause Of My Pain IsEnd Times Rising Cancer    ast cbcb  clb Coma Supercluster
  5. ε
  6. ζ (Tegmine) 
  7. θ
  8. ι
  9. κ
  10. λ
  11. μ1
  12. μ2
  13. ν
  14. ξ
  15. ο1
  16. ο2
  17. π1
  18. π2
  19. ρ1
  20. ρ2
  21. σ1
  22. σ2
  23. σ3
  24. τ
  25. υ1
  26. υ2
  27. φ1
  28. φ2
  29. χ
  30. ψ1
  31. ψ2
  32. ω1

galaxvort NGC

As litteraly personages from the sagitar      mov  stars play we can use   as tool for manipulating the Grand design  facelessCelebrities via  Movies  blue print so better to   instead the system to gaming you witrhout your permission within a   gstar Agenda

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