2. V’i’r’go-the programmer of the zodiac

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Below boot Bootes thou seest the Virgin,
An ear of com held sparkling in her hand.
Whether the daughter of Astraeus, who
First grouped the stars, they say, in days of old.
Or whencesoever,peaceful may she roll



 Opposition signs  are block ciphers due mov mov , meaning that non of the 12 signs in Eastern and Western zodiac can't  be deployed or used for un<->conscious manipulation of constellations via descriptions of whatever author or system     big ear

The given text passages are used as guides for debugging parts process of information flow and updates of the constellations Code gathered from various sources.Virgo as understood  concept  is a kind of Programmer of the litteraly code written words associations to Astronomy Objects, Mythology Personages, Divinationary systems ,  ,Sabian symbols code,  

    Geomantic Geogrid  tasks   




  • Stage 6 – VIRGO – September 16 to October 30
  • Alchemical Theme: Distillation, Purity
  • Element: Earth, Mutable
  • Geometric Form: Cube, 6 faces, 8 points, 12 edges, 2160 degrees
  • Planetary Correlations: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Alchemical Metals: Quicksilver, Tin


Cleansing tightening and repair of AxiAtonal lines, establishing and refining planetary grid system relationships, process and repattern karmic geometries, amplify energy transmission for healing and nadial body electrical system recalibration, integrate polarity in the grace of your unity vow, synthesize spiritual energy into biology.

Clear the false program of the 5th ray, terminate any cording, links, or impact from Arc Angel Raphael and false Mother Mary. Clear the etheric and all layers of bodies of the false ascension matrix programs and ascended master programs cleanse and recalibrate your third eye and fifth ray connection.


Lying between sphinx shī zi zuò Leo to the west and koobs Libra to the east, it is the second largest constellation in the sky. It can be easily found through its brightest star, Spica. Besides Spica, other bright stars in Virgo include Zavijava, Porrima, Auva and Vindemiatrix. Due to the effects of precession, the First Point of Libra, also known as the autumn equinox point lies within the boundaries of Virgo.


This is the continual process of purification of the internal energies which separate the unnecessary dross and is designed to remove the contaminants. The goal is to acquire a concentration of the wholly natural essential substance, which is how the pure energetic consciousness is distilled. This is the process of accessing and obtaining that pure essence (via the inner spirit), and distilling its spirit substance into our body and earth. This is a phase of refinement of our internal energies and spirit in relationship to our body.

Physiology Correlated to the Galactic Zodiac

  • vir -abdominal region, large and small intestines, lower lobe of liver, spleen, duodenum, thymus secretions, peristalsis of the bowels, pancreas.

The Authors view of the Go Vir(al)

In the astronomical records of every age and race extant we find references to the blueprintstarconstellation of the vir Virgin, and there is every reason  to analyze that it was one of the first star groups to receive a name.

On the ancient maps, the Virgin is generally represented as a woman or Angel with    apus wings  galaxvort  twi, in a walking attitude. In her left hand she bears a head of wheat, or ear of corn, which is marked by the brilliant first magnitude star Spica.

Her lovely tresses glow with starry light, Stars ornament the bracelet on her hand; Her vest in ample fold glitters with stars; Beneath her snowy feet they shine, her eyes Lighten all glorious, with heavenly rays, But first the star which crowns the golden sheaf.

Brown gives us the following description of the constellation:

"Virgo is the sign the sun enters in August and was depicted in the zodiac holding in her hands the emblems of the harvest. The identity of Ceres, the goddess of the harvest, with this star group is quite evident. This figure of the fruitful Virgin was placed in the zodiac as emblematic of the harvest season because the sun is in those stars at that time.

The word ' Virgo ' originally implied not only a Virgin but any virtuous matron Thrones. By an astronomical allegory, the Virgin of August became a goddess who descended to the earth, presided over the harvest, taught mankind what is harvesting , and was worshipped under various names."

Maunder does not agree with Brown's statement that Virgo represents the wheat harvest. He points out that the star e Virginis is known as "the herald of the vintage Matrices," and the vintage comes considerably later in the year than the harvest. Aratos asserted that Leo first marked the harvest month, and this statement supports Maunder's argument.

According to the poets, this Virgin was Astaroth Astraea, the daughter of Astrasus and  Aurora, and the goddess of Just.ice.
Near her appear koobs the Scales in which, it is said, she weighed the good and evil deeds of men. In the golden age she resided in the earth, but becoming offended at the wickedness of mankind she returned to heaven.


  keyhole$  Virgo were also identified with a some  unclear  mythology Stories as  this of Untitled-1 asteroid Erigone, the daughter of Icarius, who hung herself when she learned of her father's death which can be a kind of   Trickery  influence or the pyxies repix   via the  Hanged man   tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcherTarot card 

The Egyptians represented Isis as holding three ears of corn in her hand. In the zodiacs of Denderah and Thebes the Virgin appears without    apus   wings, and holds in her hand an „object said to be a distaff (    ), marked by the stars in   cb ast cb   coma diademComa Berenices

In classic times she was associated with Ceres, or her daughter Proserpine. Proserpine, so the legend relates, was wandering in the fields in the springtime, and was carried off by Pluto to be his wife. Ceres besought Jupiter to intercede in the matter, and consequently Proserpine was allowed her liberty at intervals. This myth is regarded as an allegory. Proserpine represents the seed which is buried in the earth, and in proper time bursts forth into bloom.

In Egypt Virgo was associated with egypt godess Isis, and it was said that she formed the Milky Way by dropping innumerable wheat heads in the sky.
Another version of this myth is that Isis dropped a sheaf of corn as she fled to escape Typhon, which, as he continued to pursue her, became scattered over the heavens, thus producing the Galaxy which has all the appearance of glittering grains of golden corn.

The Chinese call the Milky Way "the Yellow Road," as resembling a path over which the ripened ears of com are scattered.


In India Virgo was known as "the Maiden," and in the Cingalese zodiac she is represented as a woman in a ship with a stalk of wheat in her hand.
In the valley of the Euphrates the Virgin represented the goddess Istar, the daughter of Heaven, the Queen of the Stars. Istar was subsequently identified with Venus.
The sign of the sixth month in the Akkadian calendar signified "the message of Istar." According to Brown this errand was to seek her astronaut   bridegroom in the   matrix code scan            per   coff blink an jellyfish jellyfish jellyfishmov   under world.

In China the Virgin was called palace 1 vir "the Frigid Maiden," and the Chinese made the star group led by Spica the group of Spring.
The Arabs, who objected strongly to any drawing of the human figure, called Virgo "the Ears," because of the wheat ear that she held in hand, and Allen tells us that the early Arabs made from some members of the constellation the enormous Lion of the sky, and of others the Kennel Corner with Dogs barking at a Lion. Later Arabian astronomers referred to this constellation as "the Innocent Maiden."

Brown, in his Stellar Theology informs us that Virgo was identified as the goddess Rhea and adored under that name. This goddess was figured, according to Bryant, as a beautiful female adorned with a chaplet in which were seen rays composed of ears of corn (i. e., wheat), her right hand resting on a stone pillar, and in her left hand appeared spikes of corn. By corn the ancients intended wheat.

 The spikes of" "wheat" in the chaplet and left hand of the goddess Rhea are like those held in the left hand of  Virgo, and emblematic of the season when the sun enters that sign.
Rhea was the daughter of sky and earth, the mother of Jupiter, and wife of Saturn, and also known as    mov "Kronos" or "Time."

The association of Virgo with Rhea is of interest to Masons, as the goddess Rhea is the emblem of the Masonic Third Degree.In a Cosmic Tarot deck Virgo represents the Empress 

"Early Christian thought," says Maunder, "recognised a reference to the promise of the 'seed of the woman' of Genesis III., 15, in 'the ear of corn' the Virgin carries in her hand, and the expression in Shakespeare's play of Titus Andronicus 'the good boy in the Virgin's lap,' refers to the medival representation of the sign as the Madonna and Child."

In the Hebrew zodiac Virgo is assigned to Napthali, whose standard was a tree, and in the land of Judaea Virgo was called "Bethulah."

Allen thinks that the custom of the Kern-Baby, that is still seen along the borderland of England and Scotland,was derived from the myths associated with Virgo, and that the tossing of the Corn Mother, a custom of La Vendee, was derived from a similar source.
Among the Peruvians Virgo was known as "the Magic Mother," and "the Earth Mother." The month festival was called "the Queen's festival," and was dedicated to the maize as well as to women in general, who in this month only predominated in the ritual.

Virgo has been associated with the Ashtoreth of the book of Kings, the Astarte of Syria, the Hathor of Egypt, and the Aphrodite of Greece.
In Assyria it was known as  mov   be    "Bel's Wife." In the Euphratean star list we find it styled "the Proclaimer of Rain." mov
Dr. Seiss identified this constellation with the Virgin Mary, and Cssius associated Virgo with Ruth gleaning in the fields of Boaz. bo           

Schiller thought that the constellation represented James the Less, and Weigel regarded these stars as the Portuguese Towers.
The very ancient Sphinx of Egypt, the Riddle of the Ages, is thought by some to be a representation of Virgo's head on the body of Leo.
" Astrologically speaking," says Proctor, "Virgo is the action of Mercury. Its natives (those born between the dates Aug. 22d and Sept. 23d), are of moderate stature, seldom handsome, slender but compact, thrifty and ingenious. It governs the  abdomen, and reigns over Turkey, Greece, Mesopotamia, Crete, Jerusalem, Paris, Lyons, etc.vir

It is a feminine sign and generally Very Fortunate. The cornflower is the significant flower and jasper the precious stone." The constellation is noteworthy because of the great number of nebulae found in this region of the heavens.
The space embraced by the stars …..  Virginis,  and great diamond triangle   shī zi zuò  Denebola in   Leo, has been called "the Field of the Nebulse."
Sir William Herschel found here no less than 323 of these mysterious objects, which later search has increased to five hundred. This region of the sky was known to the Arabs as ast "the Kennel Corner of the Barking Dogs."

The beautiful white first magnitude star "Spica," a Virginis, is the most noted star in the constellation. It indicates the wheat ear which the Virgin holds in her left hand, and also signifies "the Ear of Wheat." The Arabs called it "the Solitary, the Defenceless, or Unarmed One," possibly because of its isolated position in the sky. They also knew it as "the Calf of the Lion," or "the Shin Bone of the Lion," Leo being much greater in extent in ancient times than is indicated by modern charts.

Spica forms with Denebola, Cor Caroli, and Arcturus the well-known figure of "the Diamond of Virgo."ast blackdiamond

Allen tells us that the Hindus knew this star as "Bright, "figuring it as a Lamp,  cent    clb pearlor  Pearl,  keyhole$ while the Chinese called it "the Horn" or "Spike." At one time in Egypt it was known as "the Lute Bearer."

In the Euphratean star list it bears the titles, "the Star of Prosperity," "the Propitious One of Seed," "the One called Ear of Corn," and "the  reactorConCERN Bearer."
Spica is especially interesting as furnishing Hipparchus the data which enabled him to discover the Precession of the Equinoxes . According to Lockyer, a temple at Thebes was oriented to Spica as ear'- as 3200 B.C. Other temples oriented to this star are found at Olympia, Athens, and Ephesus. At Rhammus there are two temples almost touching each other, both following the shifting places of Spica. Many other temples were dedicated to Spica, and it seems to have been associated with the Min-worship of the Egyptians.

Spica is a spectroscopic binary, one of those stars which the spectroscope has shown to be attended by an invisible companion of enormous mass. Spica's dark companion revolves about it in a close orbit, making a complete revolution in the remarkably short period of 40 days.
Spica is at such an enormous distance from us, that no reliable parallax has been obtained.


Owing to its proximity to the ecliptic Spica is much used in navigation. It is a star of the can egypt godess  Sirian type   , and is said to be approaching our system at the rate of 9.2 miles a second. The star rises a very little south of the exact eastern point on the horizon, and culminates at 9 p.m.. May 27th.

The star y Virginis, known to the Latins as "Porrima," is an interesting star. Allen tells us that it is especially mentioned by Kazwini as being the   "Angle" or ast  "Corner of the Barker."

The Chinese knew it as "the High Minister of State." It is a beautiful double star, and a fine sight in a small telescope, the two stars being about equal in brilliance, 3 and 3.2 magnitudes. In 1836 they showed as a single star, so close were they together, and consequently were indivisible even in the largest telescopes. Now they are 6" apart, with a period of revolution estimated at about 190 years. Almost a complete revolution has been observed.
The star culminates at 9 p.m., May 17th.

In the Alphonsine Tables e Virginis was called matrix code scan "Vindemiatrix," signifying "All Cosmic Matrices," and the heliacal rising of this star was formerly the herald of the  time to uncover them. The Arabs called it "the Forerunner of the Matrices."

Stars of  Virgo


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How to remember Virgo: Spica makes a good guide-star, the remainder of the constellation appears to be a woman in a long dress  with outstretched arms.

As litteraly personages from the stars play we can use   as tool for manipulating the Grand design  facelessCelebrities via  Movies  blue print so better to   instead the system to gaming you without your permission within a   gstar Agenda