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angry rebels

THESE COMPATIBILITY GROUPINGS ARE KNOWN for their affection toward each other and their like-mindedness. They walk hand in hand through the realm of the heart. While soul 14°mates work toward the goal of spiritual development, those signs found in harmonious trine could be described as “twin flames”  “twin souls29°15½° 24½°20½° who are brought together to achieve a common goal or purpose in this life.

 pi 5°   6½° 7½°  20½° 24½°  25½°

4-Triadas love



superna higher triangle
ethical triangle
lower astral triangle
triniti shield

Trinity of Vision

Concealment UnpredictabilityIrrepressibility

These achievement-oriented and visionary signs comprise the second compatible trinity. They are intense and enthusiastic lovers. In life and in love, these three tend to lean toward restlessness and a single-mindedness of purpose. Impetuous and easily frustrated, these three soul14° mates are irrepressible, unpredictable, and possess potent, positive energy.

metal vortex neogigaserv
penrose triangle eastern zodiac wheel yang eastern
basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher
superna higher triangle
 great diamond triangle water



When these two are married, emotional security reins supreme. The Dragon 26½° 28½°and the Rat19½° work well as a team; this is a creative union able to put ideas and plans into practice. The Rat19½° is an organizational genius, while the Dragon26½° 28½° is a conjurer of crowds and big projects. They recognize each other’s taste for variety and share a love of socializing. This is a close-to-perfectnrelationship for both.


These two compatible lovers will “click” immediately as they speak a similar anguage of excitement and unpredictability. They flow together naturally—the Monkey10½° 19½ 26½° full of fun and the Dragon 26½° 28½°full of “presence.” As kindred sprits, each brings spontaneity and energy to the union. In love and in life, these two have an excellent chance for a stimulating and enduring relationship.


Sexuality is a gift, a pleasure, and an art between Rats19½° and Monkeys10½° 19½ 26½° .These two love each other and are not hesitant about showing it. Exhausting nights of love intertwined20½° with intellectual conversations await this pair21½°. These two are a natural hit.

Trinity of Genius

Endurance Accumulation Application

These conservative and consistent signs comprise the third harmonious trinity. These three soul14° mates conquer life through endurance, application, and a slow accumulation of energy. Although each sign is fixed and rigid in opinions and views, they are geniuses in the art of meticulous planning, and understand the wisdom of deferred gratification. Each one is a stable and long-lasting love partner ruled by deep, dark  energy.

flame neogigaserv great diamond
penrose triangle eastern zodiac wheel ying eastern winter triangle

ethical triangle

esher -gravitation winter hexagn
alarm iron  





This combination is exemplified by a cozy fireside relationship between two karmic best friends. Each has a deep understanding of the other. There is excellent ompatibility in friendship and in marriage for these two likeminded souls14°, and they tend to form unions of long duration. Slow and steady is how this couple approaches love and life.



This is a winning combination of wisdom and work. The philosophical Snake 1½°2½°4½°9½° 11½° 12½° 15½° 18½° 19½° 20½° 20½° 22½° 23½° 

snake box 29½° and the industrious Rooster7½° speak a common language of emotion, method, and fine physical appearance. Both are controlled, calculating, and industrious; however, the Rooster7½° is busier, more efficient, and more aggressive than the contemplative Snake. Also, the Rooster7½°18° is an early riser, while the Snake prefers to languish until noon.


The Ox34½°bootes ox bear driver5½°5½°6½°9½°13½° 21½° 24½° and the Rooster 7½°are the best of friends, and each enjoys the company of the other. Whether it’s an Ox woman keeping the home fires burning for her sergeant major Rooster 7½°18°husband, or a male Ox enjoying his “little firecracker” of a wife efficiently running their home, this is a match destined to last. Mutual support and dedication to a cause or goal keep these two harmoniously in sync.

Trinity of Purpose

Decisiveness NobilityWatchfulness 

These high-spirited lovers comprise the compatibility trine of “purpose.” These three signs seek one another’s company and are like-minded in their pursuit of humanitarian causes. Each excels in verbal communication and is a gifted orator. Relationships and personal connections are their highest priority, and each one seeks their intimate soul mate in this life. Idealistic, decisive, and noble, these three are passionate and earthy lovers ruled by the assertive, positive yang energy

flame neogigaserv
penrose triangle eastern zodiac wheel yang eastern
lower astral triangle
alarm fence



These two kindred souls14°are natural friends and lovers. Like-minded in their pursuit of new challenges, the Tiger10½° 15½°28° and Horse speak the same language of action, idealism, and improving the human condition. Each supports the other in their mutual pursuit of making this world a better place. Both are physically active, athletic, and in forward motion

  1. Horse Matrix:= horse head esher regular division 
    1. 1½°°24½°29½°
    2. cirque_du_soleil lucky horseshoe1½° indus24° panda27½°
    3. 13½° 19½º honestmoney20½° 
    4. cirque_du_soleil lucky horseshoeº19½º23½° 24½° 26½°29½°
    5. 13½º18½º 29½°
    6. cirque_du_soleil lucky horseshoe10½°
    7.  3½º– 21½°
    8. 20½º27½º
    9. Hobby Horse of Death-Binki13½º15½º
    10. 15½º
    11. 10½º
    12. cirque_du_soleil lucky horseshoe7½º fence   17½°29½°


The Dogcanis1½°5½°9½° 11½°22½°Anubis13½°12½°canes venatrici16½° 19½°21° 21½° 25½° canes venatrici25½°corvus 28½°29½° 29½° and the Horse comprise a remarkable couple. These two effusive souls14°adore one another and speak the same language of humanity,freedom, and fairness. The vanquishing vigilante meets Robin Hood when these natural-born rebels unite. They may very well find themselves in the limelight or even in the middle of a revolt.


If ever there were a karmic love affair, it would be between these two souls14°. The Tiger10½° 15½°28° and the Dog are naturally drawn toward one another and interact with encouragement and generosity. The Tiger10½° 15½°28° is the emperor and the Dog, the prime minister. These two have the highest respect for one another and each will run to the aid of the other. Together, they make a determined team that is destined to succeed.

Trinity of Shield

Detachment Propriety Resignation

These peaceful, empathetic signs comprise the fourth harmonious trinity. These three signs are artistic, refined, and well-mannered, and they share their quest for beauty in this life. They desire the preliminaries in romance and are the fine artists of lovemaking. Possessing more placid temperaments than the other nine signs, each one recoils and detaches from strife and ugliness. Their receptive, reflective  energy seeks a gentle yet dominant lover.

aqua flow break neogigaserv
penrose triangle eastern zodiac wheel ying eastern
triniti shield

water fence prismrotator
 summer triangle



The Rabbit and the Goat 6½°11½°3½º13½°17½° 21½° 28½°form a melodious union and exist in a world of aesthetics, culture, and refinement. These two best friends speak a similar language of art and creativity, and walk hand in hand in their quest to find and create beauty. Delicate and brittle emotionally, the Rabbit 9½° 20°10½° 28½°appreciates the Goat’s awesome talent and world of fantasy. Both Rabbits and Goats start to become alive once the sun sets. The Goat is always late but worth the wait.



A loving relationship of courtesy and respect exists between these two gentle souls14°. The Goat6½°11½°3½º13½°17½° 21½° 28½° teaches the Pig about romance, and in turn learns temperance from the Pig. Both are good Samaritans and casually take life as it comes. Living a serene and happy life is their goal, and both are deeply rooted in home and family.



This is a sweet relationship between two gentle souls14°. Both are wellmannered and genuinely virtuous. The diplomatic and socially adept Rabbit aids and befriends the shy Pig, to the benefit of both. These two are extremely good partners, share similar interests, and offer each other a quiet companionship and joy. A stimulating and satisfying partnership.


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