Alchemy of Astrology

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Алхимия на Астрологията-2014

new Astrolog charts

Used Astrology sys

First bear in mind that what we will writing  is about a virtual copy software of the known planetary systems, fixed stars as objects of astronomy and their connections and usage in astrology.On Earth we do not have so precise software which calculate and update individuals  /people/ astrology charts and whatever softaware you use to calculate it is just a part from the bigger map or scheme of movements of celestial spehres as primary command virtual system running over the Earth via Heavens. Like addition all objects  are in motion and in the same time are fixed so goes your chart too. And here is the big question; How precise could be your personal chart on the background of moving FREE mode virtual celestial objects by an admin ? The answer is :are NOT so precise but just a creation of an architect usually licensing the software. The problem with that which can be manifested in your life is how your chart is structured / on what ground are made calculations and aren’t they expired like influence long ago, just you do not know that.

Of course here is the DECEIT -every chart calculated  with earth made software must be considered as a kind of 3000 old ephemeris not actual POINT OF VIEW  about the positions of the planetary bodies even on fixed star degrees of constellations

As sample we take a free  charts based  on Free Horoscopes to illustrate our viwpoint.

Having already created a tropical natal chart then scroll down to “Horoscope Chart Drawings” and select “Extended Chart Selection” – on that page, under “Options” it is possible to choose the Zodiac of a natal chart.

Clicking on “Western geocentric (tropical) a pop up menu appears on which is written: “Please select the options below only if you really know what you are doing” and you then notice that each one of the five choices offered as “WARNING” written before it. Choosing either (a) Fagan/Bradley geocentric (sidereal) or (b) Hindu/Lahiri geocentric (sidereal) allows you to create your free sideral zodiac chart.

It is a good idea to create 6 free natal charts –

  1. Western geocentric (tropical)
  2. Heliocentric  (tropical) 
  3. Fagan/Bradley geocentric (sidereal)
  4. Hindu/Lahiri geocentric (sidereal) and save them for reference
  5. Heliocentric F/B (sideral)
  6. Draconic
  7. To rechart all those charts in a new point of view according to new illuminated understanding and evolvement of astrology as a true scientific system
  • Ayanamsa The sidereal ecliptic longitude of a celestial body is its longitude on the ecliptic defined with respect to the “fixed” stars
  • The tropical ecliptic longitude of a celestial body is its longitude on the ecliptic defined with respect to the vernal equinox point
  • Draconic-is connected with alternations to I Ching -path of the dragon, Mayan star geomantic glyphs and Chinese-Arabic – 28 Lunar Moon stations for alternating star sequence via the Moon manipulation over you 

 All that must seem like this  full extended Celestial picture carpet.Of course we have used real person sample chart named VOID+Celestial constellations hemispheres as  upgrade state of influences and Revealing hidden corrections.

The most  interesting about such composition is that give us inside out point of extended view of Heaven maps inside the ring aligned with your personal blue print expired ephemeris charts which point the external influences coded in constellations via every star consisting it. As by the years the places, orientation or names of many stars are not the same and have changed we must bear in mind all those alternations as bearers of hidden truths.

So many astrologers which use the software of or any other made like kind of  not Full even WRONG calculations according the placement of the RING of the Western zodiac as it’s movable and give you whatever the system pick out from  12 chains houses closed influence of NOT KNOWING what is HIDDEN inside the whole circle as inner Influences gears of the constellations  which gives us per definition kappaFor-tun-ate ofortuner Unnufortnate positons via the Fixed stars in them  and from this depends your Fortune in many ways as picked Golden ticket in Life path.

According the interpretation of your chart by any astrologer, COULD NOT tell you NO THING at ALL exact just of the following logic assumptions shown in simple drawn chart which is kind of  NOT EXACT but in  the same time is interpreted by Sabian and any other key symbols structured here like puzzle messages or clues pointing of issues of the Big celestial MAZE maps of North and South hemispheres for corrections

Then how we must interpret our chart with new/North East West/ point of view?

Sample: As starting point we take the FALL place or. If we look to   as the Pointer of Major Troubles found in 1st ring of Western natal geocentric chart = placed in 6th house of Health 3∘33″ near   in  where he manifest his influence as pointer of  Ill-ness coded seems to be star vortexNEssesary via necessityas message .We can see where troubles came from in a 1st place, by a hidden influence not shown in Fixed stars catalog as exact degree, so we pick up the nearest fixed star to see the cause beta 

As more precise mapping via celestial map of Northern hemisphere  we can see that  point exactly eta  in  divider and prediction messages via the star vortex azoth-aleph which use sync of Roman numbers as Higher Arcanum numeration connected with outer ring of Celestial wheel as shown via month  January swich the battle Axediscs rosewel  of the wheels to ch via nearby cluster  in constellation 

As other apparently influences we must take every constellation which is falling in some house as sample ni is placed in 1st House and hold  in 5∘ 01  12th House via omicron  and so on which seems to be like Long tuff work over your charts and exactly are the 12 labours of ni which must improve it by your hands.

When you have corrected All that by sample way shown we can say that you have upgraded your chart according the new influences started  in 2012 and the deadline for changes  is 2017.So don’t waste time to running in closed circle as mouse and expand your understanding about your Construction as you have the basic plans which you’ll rechart as visible future manifested in your life further.

Fixed stars chart as optional map

Now we have like more info about the subtle influences and  more precise position of   and how he is actually forced by visible objects as  in your basic drawn map via fixed stars & added hidden influence of  Anubis over  as additional starsalpha  azoth-aleph , via  planPlac:id=US.You may ask maybe why exactly that place ? as seen is not so UNFORTUNATE Fixed influence over 

Further more do not take the chart you see as default but is default licensed in US via Switzerland soft since we have no other over which to place changes.We can see also other POINTS OF TROUBLE as  in the North andromeda pegasus fall over the Legs of virgo tea hattress by this both  are like Bonded or just Chained.

Till now all basic charts seems to be a BIG MESS messed with our own Destiny so we try just to refix it a total new beneficial way for us.


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