Superhero Rabbit

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Sexmayan nawal Element Meaning cipher solver
Feb 14, 1903-Feb 2, 1904   Wood Rabbit of the Forest lake
Jan 29, 1915-Feb 15, 1916   Water Rabbit of Enlightenment lep
Feb 2, 1927- Jan 22, 1928   Fire Rabbit of Dreamers Sun ra
Feb 19, 1939-Feb 7, 1940   Earth Rabbit  of the Mountain Pine lep
Feb 6, 1951-Jan 26, 1952   Metal Rabbit of the Code ra
Feb 5,1962-Jan 24, 1963   Water Rabbit of Enlightenment lep
Feb 11, 1975-Jan 30, 1978   Wood Rabbit of the Forest Lake ra
Jan 29, 1987-Feb 16, 1988   Fire Rabbit of Dreamers Moon lep
Feb 16, 1999-Feb 4,2000 Earth Rabbit  of the Mountain Pine  ra
Feb 3,2011-Feb 22, 2012 Metal Rabbit of the Code lep
 Jan 22, 2023- Feb 9, 2024 Water Rabbit of the buFrog lake ra
 Feb 8, 2035- Jan 27, 2036 Wood Rabbit of the Crystal forest lep


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