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faceless  TRUE FACE of VIRGO

  vir  vir virast blackdiamond 


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blueprintstarsoutharrow sagitar   omegaSagittarius The Archer, With The Bow Of Prophecy And The Arrows Of Trutharrow  mcl iphonew Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will still be among the stars .  

Aquarius Is The Eleven

stTrianguli Australis   matrix code scan  matrix code scan EARTH+URANUS MATRIX      matrix code scan MARS +NEPTUNE MATRIX    Dōng Fāng Qīng LóngMaybe Some Of The Scorpios And Others Too Know About The Ophiuchus Signserpent cypherophiuchiserpent cypher serpent

clb lan  Laniakea Supercluster

Wormwood Not Comet



VIRGO 0•   

Timeline faceless  Most Perilous Year  Nineth Day Of Christmasmayan nawalThe five unlucky days : September 21st–22nd
eclpoint • 0  
janduzIn Labor And Toil In Sleepless Nights Often In Hunger And Thirst Frequently Without Food In Cold And Lacking Clothing. chandra

kozminskiomegaEquilibrium concepts  Who Does Footcare And Washes The Feet Of Homeless In Vancouver  q wordsNo man can visualize four dimensions, except mathematically. The Final Stages Of Activating The One Four Four Crystal Grid  emccipher solver egypt godesshorusegyptNuit Hadit Horus Set  flip square q words tronlight runnermenigmacharacter in questionQuestionable Content  

Be Careful What You Say  . If You Are Creating A Fictional Story Use Fictional Characters Especially If A Character Is Portrayed As A Victim Of Violence. scream_32 Egregore Thought Formmov.


th   The Great Transformer    How To Be Free Of The Filth  ? Requestingq words Quantum  Healing Of Ascension Symptoms Illness Or Discomfort For An All  Around Sense Of Wellness.  Emergency Medical Hologram omega   Oracle Of Chiron The Wise  The Saturn Disease Plan Smoke Cannabis Everyday  Meditation Is Medication.

Paranoid Schizophrenic. A Very Crazy PersonManipulations And Silent Treatments Would Be The Best Way To Get Rid Of  Me

Constant Wicked Sabotage  Creative Destruction   Destruction Spells  Fake Security Program   

 ant  twi Just-in-time compiler  Trust In My Timing Three Thirty Threes And Three Ones Its Time For Us To Go  Encoded Word Building Blocks java  Java Foundation Classes   Stack Overflow At Line 0     I Dont Know What To Do     Stuck in the system  Who Destroyed My Life?

 Hexakósioi hexēkonta héx    wolf wolf  wolf charubel ramSkeleton In The Closet   Nikola Tesla Reincarnated  Energy Transmitter teslapower  Spectrum Demoltion  Where Ever You May Go?  Realm Of The After Life Duat u  Inertial reference unit   movRest in Peace Department

Key word:   Two Men Rule The Earth


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If You Close Your Eyes  After Reading One Book  Then That Will Be The Full Extent Of Your  Imagination And Or Experience . In A Perfect World Every Idea Is A Good Only Unfortunately The World Is As It Is Currently isn’t Nearly Perfect. q words Perfection is only possible within an imperfect human mold .

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: God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change Courage To Change The Things I Can and Wisdom To Know The  Difference. I Want To Have An Open Mind But Its So Hard To Judge These Days With Layers And Layers Of  Disinformation Everywhere. Lies Are So Extensive It Is Often Impossible To Know Lies From Truth . The Truth Of Reality  .Spiritual Truths.l  Spirit And Matter Were About To Be Torn Apart Violently

Every Consideration Is Worth To Be Heard But Maybe Not Necessarily To Be Made 

For I Will Give You Words And Wisdom That All Your Opposers Together Will Not Be Able To Resist Or Dispute. Intensity A Form Of Spiritual Commitment When  Fully Directed Ensures A Successful Outcome To  Efforts At Hand.

  keyhole$ Sigil for open and honest communication between two people .lucifer sigil small Sigil Of The Antichrist   Dictataed By Authority  .scream_32

I Equipped My Self With Weapons To Destroy Traitors.  The Total Inversion Of The Pentacle Became The Straight Pentacle 

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  Corruption Is A Form Of Dishonest Or Unethical  Conduct By A Person Trusted With A Position of Authority . Is Uncomfortable In Situations In Which He Is Not The Center Of Attention 

Remember You Are Never Ever Forgiven For Sins You Continue To Commit.   


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faceless   FIRST 10 Faces of VIRGO



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blueprintstar vir canm canm


Days: August 22 -23nd
eclpoint  ° 151

 faceless sabian    faceless Character

  faceless sabian  

faceless Discrimination



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 You exemplify independability, intelligence, analytical insight, and discernment

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 q words Your head is not aerodynamically proportioned



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Nights: August 22 -23nd
eclpoint  507

kozminski charubel



Key word: 

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blueprintstar diidjewel    gstar  hydr weather switch   List of stars in Hydrus


Coordinated Universal Time    The Year Twenty Twelve       Universal Day And Night Cycle : August 23-24rd
eclpoint ° 152

 sabian  Glorification 

sabian rdouglas sabian

 faceless   Liberating

lonsdale   azoth-aleph  


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Anything at all (You got it).Illumination of True Self      summer triangle Water Triplicity Signs        

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Have you  ever been Jinxed,Cursed,Crossed,  or Hexed?  Who Would Say Such A Thing? The Non Stop Shit Talking   Great Things Come With A Price  


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 The System Is The Problem   The Gnostic Archonic Matrix       The Crucifixion Implants are located in seven main areas on the left hand side of the body on the 7th Axiatonal line, as follows:

  • Top of skull on left side
  • Heart, left lung, back of left knee
  • Pineal Gland
  • Left side of neck and lymphatics
  • Rear left thigh and buttocks
  • Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder
  • Aorta artery on left side of neck


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is olga-cornacchia-hedgehog-spa-2.jpg

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blueprintstar   lstar  serpent cypher serpent  lstar The Astrological Influences Of The Star Unukalhai With Saturn p  aqua  p  st meter clb  lan  The Great Attractor      



Nights: August 23-24rd
eclpoint  508
janduz  chandra omega 


pleiadian charubel

Key word:    Imagination at Work 

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For The Moon, For The Star, For The Time Your Mission On Earth. All This Information Is Enough To Make Your Head Explode Like A Big Bang  .facelessTHE DEGREES OF THE ZODIAC AND THE SABIAN SYMBOLS . 

smwave  Brain waves and cycles      alpha    Row Alpha Upsilon     beta gamma delta theta  bucSubconscious Mind             Morbid Curiosity 

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:  The World Is Your Playground And You Can Write The Script.      Perpetual Motion     pyxies repix   rt    Electromagnetically      Radio direction finder     

 cipher solver    Cryptic Is It Not       Programming paradigm   Fixed And Consequent     time capsule  time capsule  Computer Virus     sagitar      Word Building Blocks  Describe Decode Letters        writecode  Object manipulation                          Subliminal Messages      Every Mystery        faceless  Internal Happiness       Happy ending problem      Satisfaction For All  

   Chakra Crystal Keys    Rays God Deal With It  umbrella   ​   The Work Of The Hands              Virtute et Armis Virtual memories   

Not Wanting To Play The Game Doesnt Mean I Dont Understand The Game  


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    The Cern Large Hadron Collider Is A Portal For Extraterrestrials . I Am Not A Human Robot. Character is tic of common logarithm     Everything you can  i’magine is real     You Create Your Own Reality    

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blueprintstar swars sparkdroid gstarsagitar  List of stars in Sagittarius           Kill Novel Coronavirus Covid Nineteen          Kaus Borealis 

rt The Radio Source To Lay At The Exact Core Of Our Galaxy   

ceti  gstar   List of stars in Delphinus 

swars sparkdroid  shb List of astronomical catalogues

  orion telescope   mount observatory Monte Generoso Observatory


Days: August 25-26th
eclpoint ° 153
sabian    Security  faceless  Strenght Within sabian  pleiadian 

rdouglaskozminski lonsdale omega

Key word: Discipline

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th        Virgo February 2019 What you don’t expect .   Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng    Occult, psychic and taboo matters  .Knowledge And Coversation With Your Holy Guardian Angel .  He Leadeth Me In The Paths Of RighteousnessStarlight Consciousness   .    Extraterrestrial Contact  make it funk  List of Known Space alien races      

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  eyes  vir Eye Am That Eye Am Refers To The Illuminati       Derivation Of Freemason Based On Creation Code    matrix code scan    THE CHAOS THUNDERBOLT STEERS ALL THINGS         Very long instruction word (VLIW) .   New Ways of doing Nothing         You Could Write Anything           Beating the Control System     The Television Has Always Been? Known To Tell You A Vision Through Television Programing ? Because Humans Need Programing

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   Crown of  Thorns implant acts as another frequency fence to keep humanity unable to communicate or gain access to their Higher Self Bodies​  .    What Is The Final Reformation ?   The First Rule Is Discipline .Good Things Are Going To Happen 



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Nights: August 25-26th
eclpoint • 509
janduz    charubel  chandra


Key word: 

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A Student Is Not Above His Teacher But Everyone   Who Is Perfectly
Instructed Will Be Like  His Teacher. 
Intelligent Life On A
Planet Comes Of Age When  it First Works Out The  Reason For Its Own

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:  Manual Of The Warrior Of Light.  lThe Law of  Unconditional Love  Im The Man With The Master Plan . Cybernetically Modified Humans .    New Person Same Old Mistakes .  My Mouth Was Filled With  Glorifying That I May  Tell Of The Mystery Of   Thy Grandeur At All Times .

I Literally Know  Everything And I Am Not  even Slightly Worried In  act I Am In Complete Peace And Comfort

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New ways to bring me back to Myself .  Discover Secret Destination.Operation Mountain Guardian.United Order Of Ancient Druids  . Illuminati Is Real Deal With ItI Thought They Were Really Cool At First But Then I Find Out Theyre Just A Bunch Of  Narcissists


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blueprintstar sagitar     Saggitarius Rising Sign     Clone-Killing Nanovirus   The Astrological Influences Of The Nebula Facies m

umndip  The Astrological Influences Of The Star Dubhe

can  The Sirius Effect On The Planet Earth Terror At The Quidditch World Cup

astronaut astronaut  gstar List of stars in Andromeda

cat gstar  List of stars in Lynx 


Days: August 26-28th
eclpoint °154
 sabian Block transmission of number Twentysevenrdouglasfaceless  Brotherhood
 sabian    Intimacypleiadianlonsdale

jewelCrystal  Element:   Master Self-Healer quartz 

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Everyone Here Has Been Born For A Special Reason. As long as not choose anything is possible  .Imagination times vividness equals reality .

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Sigil for absorbing energy​.   Self Fulfilling Prophecy         Awaken Into Saturns Illusions  Fuck it has helped me through a lot of situations  .  Thats The Way Its Gonna Be Sigil To Keep Negative People And Influences From My Past From Resurfacing Into My Present And Future  .

  l  Law That Bans Abusive Men From Having More Women. Worthy Of Or Causing Disgust Or Hatred .Twisting And Distorting Things Around  . You Will Never Know What You Do Not.   

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  INTELLIGENCE vs INTELLECT  .  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  .    Central Intelligence Agency Live Viewing Of Imagery .bibcont Thou shalt not make for thyself any graven image.  Did You Really Think That Youre In Control ?      Uncontrollable Desire To Dominate Others . Who Controls The Subconscious?  



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blueprintstar        The Center Of The Universe    void icon       Voidness Core Position    smwave Moon in Aquarius aqua aqua   Bundle Of Potential Energy    u   q words If you uGeomantic_via.svgnderstand the universe , you control it in a way

 rstarList of brightest stars    Wandering Star Of Darkness     tur walle   clbtron rider motogrid tron switch Pegasus Supercluster   ipeelawaystarhack    BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE AG  

   gt arch Apparatus Sculptoris   



Time Is A Human Construct Relevant Signs Of The Time  Sight Without Any Logic  Timing Is Often The Difference Between Brilliance And Stupidity  It Happens When It Happens  Wait Until Tomorrow   Until Thy Time Is Right  The Last Days Of Humanity    Proleptic Gregorian calendar.   mov  Monday Begins On Saturday    Closing Time Supersonic 

For A Very Important Date : August 26-28th   

 eclpoint 510 
janduz chandra azoth-aleph charubel

kozminski         Everyday I Write The Book


Key word: 

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Moving Finger Writes The  matrix code scan The Pattern Of The Matrix     Propositional formula : You are the Stereotype  . q words  No good deed goes unpunished   777  q words One knows self, knows all   .  I Accept That My  Situation Is Not Within  My Control I Accept That  I Will Never Be Good Enough For Anyone   . I Said That Reason Is Understandable So Whats The Problem? Its A Defence Mechanism Mastered By The Irish And Blacks To An Extent

Calculating the probability  :     Thirty Third Degree Mason     Black Nobility Die And  Their Souls Fade To Dust  And Then A New One Replaces It In Their Next  Biological Incarnation Everyone Is A Victim Of Their Upbringing To An Extent       Missing Part Of The Soul  .    The Man With Two Souls  Two Voices Linking Similar Meanings Reveals Greater Meaning  Someone Previously Told A Different Story      matrix code scan Made An Agreement In Order To Free The People From The Matrix  

     And Those People Who Understand Shall Instruct Many Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings  .   The Dream Is Reality And What I Thought Was Reality Was A Dream  .Breaking Through To Freedom .Do You Understand How Stupid Prohibition Is Now?  Im Not Used To Someone Doing Something Like This For Me

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:      mayan nawal Break The Mirrors For Me Is      Subconscious Awarenes.   A Sign To You This Will BeStreet Light Interference .    The Resurrection Of The Dead .  Carbon Emission Reduction. ipeelawaystarhack    BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE AG Ultradimensional Travel. 

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

  This Calls For Universal Intervention Beyond  Galactic Beyond World And Especially Above And Beyond Nations .All Of Humanity All Races  All Creeds All Ethnic  Backgrounds All Colors  All Ages Unite In Love  Against Oppression   . 


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blueprintstar   Y pie urn Quadrans Muralis     meteorshower  alpha mono  Alpha Monocerotids

 matrix code scan EARTH +MARS MATRIX   p17

 jù xiè zuò    Upsilon One Cancri     

gp  Pherkad  

 Demo’n Mind Control   Lilith In Scorpio

  rainbow dragon    the TAIL of the DRAGON       Fortunate Signs 


   Signs Of The Times     Annus horribilis New order of the ages       Age of the Antichrist   : August 27-29th
eclpoint ° 155  Do Numbers Matter The Gift Of Numbers    Binary Code Numbers Computer Improvement More Ones And Zeros More Memory Thats Prolonging  Not Improving
 sabian pleiadianlonsdale
 sabian rdouglas   Outlook faceless  Imagination  A Depraved Imagination 

azoth-aleph Organized Network Of Drug Suppliers And Smugglers

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   Read Secret Reality     Controlled FollyValidating the Nagual      Silent Witness     The Sons Of Silence    Imaginary worlds   Electric Universe   Digital Circuitry      Light Symbol Codes The Solar System Is A Giant Harmonic Consciousness Unit  Saturn Represents The  Stargate Or Entry Point Of Arcturius Into Our Solar System 

   The Self Exists In The Archetyal World Of The Unconscious      Person Archetype  Professor Small   

He Set The Whole Thing In Motion In The Boldest Possible Way ml  Enough research will tend to support whatever theory     The Singularity   Control theory    Everything Is A Theory And Nobody Knows Anything Definite.

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:        Complex analy.sis   writecode  Invert Destiny   You Bring Her Out Of  Poverty And Give Her Prosperity Clearly Minded And Without Hesitation  Useless Exercise    I Collect Sun Halos     Seven Sacred Suns
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cheat Brute-force attacks      Crown of Thorns    A Highsoul Agreement  .    Soul Scalping Is When An Alien Takes Over A Persons Body.  

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Nights: August 27-29th
eclpoint • 511
janduz chandra

kozminski charubel omega

Key word: 

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Constantly Working With  Spirit      drknow     G R A V I T Y Is Not Dependent On Belief At All And Will Work Whether You Believe In It Or Not.

  Escaping Natural Order Is Simple Actually Its Called Doing Your Own Math A Sequence.  The numbers are the key to everything  

emc Send The One Forty Four  On Their Way  .The Kabbalah Of Runes Numbers Words And Men  .   They Cannot Solve That  Mvth Problem .   Writing Is Scribing Symbols To Share An Idea To Be Of One Mind.Running Out Of Ideas Are You Resorting To Insults  

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:  A Single Hissing Consonant Divides The Comic Aspect Of Things From Their Cosmic Aspect . No Point Of The World  Knowing Who I Am .

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

  The Theft Of Energy  Corrupts Energy. Lack Of Control Over Ones Own Actions.  You Should Wear A  Radiation Blocking  Headband


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blueprintstar   Zero Point Filed Increased Magnet Field gstarThe Eighty  Eight modern constellations 

False Sabian Matrix  The False Prophet   piscesPisces Sun Sign  

 smwave   Full Moon In Ares  Aries Rising Sign  Sidereal hour angle  Progressions  

  herc  Clean the Augean stables in a single day   Be Solution Not Pollution     plan plan   List of exceptional asteroids  156 Xanthippe is a main belt asteroid with a dark surface

The end to which all unrestrained forces lead river cabels fix The Chair (or Footstool ) of the Central One 

ori ori Untitled-1 Three Stars ori


  aquaThe Age Of Aquarius . What Causes A Person To Have Chronic Bad Luck?

How Make More Time Smart & Sexy Day   National Science Day   Saint Nicholas Day: August 28-30th
eclpoint ° 156  The Number That Points To The Truth  The Truth Will Set You Free
 sabian   Diversion emcsabianfacelessAn Objective Approach to the Life Force rdouglas 


Crystal Element: Tibetan Quartz   Brandberg Quartz 

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Secret societies  scream_32  Skull And Bones Secret Society   Annuit Coeceptis  Trust The Plan  New World Order     Controversy  Future Obscure 

You Became The System And  Now Each And Every One Of  You Is The System A Cold  Uncaring Machine Who Does As Instructed. engine start-off  Shutdown the entire system   Need To Finish Install And Get Off Here

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Focus”]  To Know Oneself   ipeelawaystarhack Hacking Yourself keyhole$ Sigil for better communication   pulsepulse   In The Air Tonight  . You’re Manifesting RIGHT NOW   Signaturetune dimension First Dimension.   The Destiny Path. Follow Your Soul It Know The Way Evolution Of Consciousness . Understanding the Dharma Wheel and The Power of Words  . 

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Caution”]  Informed consent.  Alien Human Contact .  The Goblin Genetics. lotrThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey     Never Be The Same Again

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Nights: August 28-30th
eclpoint  512  See Numerology Teaches Those Who Pay Attention. Sometimes A Lesson Has To Be Told To Not Come True
janduz  chandra charubel

azoth-aleph lonsdale  omega

Key words+:

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keyhole$ Sigil to process and connect to the energies of night  .Reject The Negative Energy Within You.  I Am Complete And One With The Divine Energy 

[/toggle][toggle title=”Black Sun Focus”]

:   The Universe Was Order Made Out Of Chaos .Continually Regulating  For Optimization Of The  Human Experience . 

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

Behind every shining fortune lurks the shadow of a lie. Linked To The Biological Reincarnation Of A Deified Ancestor .Making Conscious Choices To Harm Others . He Is A Very Sorry Man And Im A Very Sorry Woman.    The Primary Characteristics Of The D’evil  

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ArtScans CMYK

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blueprintstar  sagitar The Astrological Influences Of The Star Polis rstar  ast teapot Sorry Guys I Go Where The Power Is Wow

buAxis Of Rotation Alcyone Of The Pleiades Hierophant Vision That   Experience Changed My  Life The Pure Heart  Regulating The   Consciousness

offOfficina Typographica 

river cabels  wr List of stars in Eridanus 

herc List of stars in Hercules

phoen  List of stars in Phoenix  phoeneastern zodiac wheel apusVermilion Bird of the South- Suzaku  trapghost  gbajù xiè zuòsdg Ark ushanang arusha shutu


Days: August 29-31st
eclpoint ° 157
  sabian   Restraint   sabian faceless  Emptiness of  Waiting


kozminskiPrayer Is An Expansion Of Yourself Into The Living  Ether

pleiadianThis Also Is Secret My Prophet Shall Reveal It To The Wise

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matrix code scan  MERCURY +PLUTO MATRIX  .  The Matrix Interacts With You Mind Your Thoughts  Beware Your Words For They Are All Wishes.

Excellent Qualities And Mind. Lier Must Tells Truth  . Telling People That I Lied About Having A Bad Illness When I Really Do. Everything We Hear Is An Opinion Not A Fact Everything We See Is A Perspective Not The Truth

The Human Mind Is Weak And Short Sighted They Are Also Deluded With  Their Own Sense Of Self Worth. Defective Function Of Mental Processes . Causes Enormous Damage And Destruction .   Will Be Right Back After These Bad Subliminal  Messages

The Cosmic Hierarchy Of Consciousness .   Life Is An Endless Spiral  Of Thought In Creation In His Dreams He Sees  Futuristic Timelines That  May Happen Depending On  Certain Key Events He  Sets Forth.  In The Future Everyone Will Not Be In Want Because There Will Be  Plenty Of Everything For All

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Artifacts Of Native Americans. ml   In nature, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right … something is wrong        Body  .  MandalaImagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.  .Sometimes Words Just Cant Explain

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

Chaos . Logic .  777  777 THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY   lWhat Is You Were Given Free Will To Choose Between The Duality Good Hearts Choose Correctly 




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blueprintstar boot  Thirteenth Sign Of The Zodiac  Opposition signs

 aqua    gstar  List of stars in Aquarius  

  jù xiè zuò beehivecluster Another Name For Praesaepe Is “The Crib”  How Do You Think That Makes Me Feel ?

piscespaus  Torcularis Septentrionali  boltPiscis Boreus



Days: August 29-31st
eclpoint  513   The Number Beyond All Numbers
janduz chandra

omega Lightening Fast Calculating Fingers


Key word+: 

Crystal Element:   diid jewel      jewel Shungite Dispels The Shadowself 

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Allowing The Emergence  Of Hidden Forces . The Great Seal Of The United States  q words The Right and the Left Side Awareness  .Unconscious And Subconscious 

Intuitive Sources Are Trying To Tell You Something .

 Magick Channels Forces I Channel Myself .   

What Do You Want To Know ?  

How Was Our Solar System Made

What Is The Function Of A Nightmare ?

 What Am I Supposed To Do About It  ? 

[/toggle][toggle title=”Black Sun Focus”]

:  reactorthelema storeHigh Performance Knowledge BasesThe Alpha Numeric Akashic Records    Equidistant Word Sequence I Am Pushing You To Do This .Crack The Information Matrix  .   One More Test Tomorrow To Really Exclude Everything  . rwords  Energy extraction matrix.   When Fantasy Becomes Reality matrix code scan matrix code scan  mov The Matrix Revolutions  Its A Wonderful Life Simulation  .The Infestation Of Manifestation   Triggering Hypermanifestation .  Divine Souls Manifest As Humans

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

No Idea What Is Going On To Be Honest!     Im Really Confident In Myself  


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blueprintstar   aqua Age Of Aquarius Planet Lineup . blueprintstar Star system   blueprintstar gstarConstellation    Astro Symbol 

An Appointment With Knowledge

I Know Nothing    ElEventh House  Thanih Saad al Saaoud   Try Your Luck And Im Not Interested Anymore  

  ophiuchi  ophiuchi Ophuchus The13th Constellation.Suspicion of hidden properties Grandiose Sense Of Self Importance 

   mono Glorious Unicorn Of Heaven 

zombie bgateSceptrum Brandenburgium 

gstar sm List of stars in Horologium 

cent  bstar  Alpha Centauri Rigil Kentaurus



Midnight On The Doomsday Clock .Sun of Midnight  : August 31st-September 1st
eclpoint 158°  A brief history of banned numbers Complex Simplicity Theory   Event (probability theory) Electronic diversity visa  Jackpot Winner  The Elect One Of God     Hackers Are Sometimes Like Invisible Super Heros   Can you override the servers  ?  
sabian   sabian    faceless    Potentiality of initation


kozminski    blueprintstar Astrological Correspondence    gd kozminski Isidore Israel Kozminsky

azoth-aleph The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field)    This Place Is Not Sacred Enough For Talking With God   

charubel  lonsdale  pleiadian

Crystal Element:  The Philosophers Stone Is Called     diid jewel      jewel Shungite Disperses Negative Attachments  Isis quartz Barnacle quartz  Emerald Moldavite    

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What Is This World Anyway And Who Made Everything The Way It Is With Physical Limitations ? Everything Means Everything And Nothing  . Everything Is Made In The Image Of Its Creator. Believing Without Believing .There Has Got To Be More Than Just Duality. 

Bad Laws Are The Worst Sort Of Tyranny  l The Law of Personal Return   l  The Collective Consciousness . Do Unto Others What They Have Done Unto You

l Divine Refers To Divination .Listen To Your Personal Guides Only.  


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 Virgo Spirit Is Trying To Destroy The Exploitation Of The Human Race cbumbrellaOrganizations Of Secret Global Umbrella Agenda .   You Have To Have A Supernatural Powered Brain In Order To Understand Such Things I Supposeq words If you always tell the truth, you never have to rely on your memory .  Taking control of my Destiny .


[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

The state of being unemployed .  Illiterate Ignorance Is Bliss .Forever Trapped Within The Depths Of Insanity. enigma enigma   I Am An Enigma A Contradiction In Terms


 TheBlank Fortune cookie.png

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blueprintstar   The Quiz What Mythical  Animal Are You Says I Am A Unicorn  mono

  The Finger Of God Is Pointing To Jupiter In Nineth House   p4Jupiter Heart Venus Solar Plexus Saturn Stomach.Only Jupiter Has A Doorway Beyond




Dog Days In Astrology  Have To Do With The Star  Sirius can The Pool Of The Black   Star At The Center Of  North America Eclipsesw na .Repeatedly Performing Acts That Are Grounds For Arrest.Is This How You Want To Spend All Your Time Really Destroyer Of Selves Most Scary Psychological  Attack  Stars On Their Knees  Means They Never Kneel  Before Anyone: August 31st-September 1st
eclpoint • 514 
janduzchandraI Still Have Some Things To Wrap Up For Someone Special

omega     Archetypal Dimensions Of The Psyche  q words I don’t fear death; it’s re- incarnation I dread.The Sun Defeats Saturn In

Key word+: 

Crystal Element: Crystaline Structure Complete

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. The Very Essence Of Death Worship Magic And How It Operates?  Magic Will Occur If You Are Good Enough .

 What Is The Function Of Technology  Why Does Nobody Have Answers And Everyone Is Guessing  ?   The Answer To All Questions In Pi  Who What When Where How Why Which .

Hello Neo Who Are You IAm The Architect!Has A Grandiose Sense Of Self Importance . An Exaggerated Feeling Of Being Superior To Others Because He Is

United States Immigration and Naturalization Service.Immigration Is Not Good  Right Now. Think Now The Evidence   Is Clear Enough

The System Is Entirely Controlled By Higher Powers .

Needs To Get Through Any Part Of The Be More Harmonious And
Avoid Argument.
The Meaning Of Number Nine And The Planet Mercury Retrograde . The Art Or Practice Of  Argumentation Or Controversy   .

q words Patience is a very tedious virtue . 

The Firstfruits Of Thy  Labours.Show Everyones Honest   Abilities

Spiritual Protection From  Evil  .I Override The Dark  Control Grid With The Spirit Of Love  .

Start Building People Up and Stop Tearing Others Down .

I Was Born To Live In  Abundance And WealthYou Are Not The Same Person As When You Began Reading This

 The Way That All This  Will Come Out    .The Force Is With Me But I Use Power.

Destroy The Cern Large Hadron Collider    reactor Cern The Large Hadron Collider Prophecy  ?   Omega Prophet This Is A Game Of Life And Death..   They Mask Real Events  With Theater Are You Getting The Big  Picture Yet?   

Everything Lies Veiled In Numbers Fascinating Patterns.I Have Hidden Everything In Plain Sight.But Now They Are Hid From Thine Eyes

Interconnectedness Of Everything   Twelfth Dimension frequency hubs . Twelve Directions Of The Human Body. See The Twelfth Wave Of
The Ascension
To Understand Everything   Is To Forgive Everything ..   THE ENDING OF THE KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS   .I Remember Some Kind Of My Past Lives. 

Your Beliefs Were Made To Torment And Mislead Everything . Cant Hypnotise  Yourslf  You Can If You Believe. I Cant Believe Anything
That You Say
   .I Believe The Son Of  Ophiuchus Knows Some Of The Truthophiuchishhorse.I Know Death Is Fake So Lets Get On With The Millenium Reign.


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: All This Beauty Must Have Witnesses. Saturn Is The Only Context For The Word Universe.The Ripple Effect Of The Holographic Nature Of   The Universe.That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End 

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

 What Would You Do If Satan Was Using Voodoo On You ? The Ones Who Manipulate  And Control The Lives Of Others . Cloaking Disinformation The Truth Has Many Many Parts .Oh What A Tangled Web We  Weave When First We   Practice To Deceive.

Astrology Is One Of The Earliest Forms Of Mind Control .  I Will Not Be Manipulated Or Brainwashed By Anyone Anymore .The Brain Is A Physical ”Switchboard‘ Between The Mind And The Body



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blueprintstar The Interconnected  Universe. gstar flip square The EightEight modern constellations I Have Found A Direct Correlation       Constellations Are Gate Keys   I Will Make Them Look In On That  Ill Give You A Star So You Know Just Where You Are .  Everyone Has Its Own Star    Cartesian coordinate system 

ntConstellation Triangulum stlan

Longest Lunar Eclipse In   The Twenty First Century


I Really Wish That I  Could Spend Some Real Time With You. Your Writing Style Describes The Chaos Of The End Of Time   Without time we dont exist    Restless Legs Awareness Day : September 1st-3rd
eclpoint °159 Numbers Three Six And Nine Make Up A Numerological Triad And I Am

 sabian    Experiment   sabianfaceless thelema8 Infinite Improbability Drive . Answer To The Ultimate Question      MODULATED UNCERTAINTY  RESOLVERS   I Question The Divine Right To RuleastqmTheres Not Enough   Questions To Ask That Question .Originalityrdouglaspleiadian

Crystal Element:   Reverse And Cancel The  Negative Effects Of   Carbon On The Human Body.Good Thing My Age Is  Reversing.

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I Know The Perfect System And Want To Help Implement It  Dont Just Believe What You Read Calculate Your Truth.      Great Ability To Channel EnergyExraterrestrial Communication Received Electronically. I Have A Secret But I   Dont Know What It Is   Because Its A Secret . Unintentionally revealing a secret   

Manual Of The Warrior Of Light    . Im The Man With The Master Plan .   They Are Highly Evolved   Intelligent Beings From   Sirius B  . The Holy Spirit Is Sowing  Things That I Will See  Reaped .  Spooky Prophetic Powers Of Mine   Virgo The Wheel Of Fortune Turns!    The True Outcome Of Events Dematerialization Rematerialization The Outcome Of It All Will Be Positive 

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You Have To Be More Specific Otherwise You Are Bluffing X   . presidents rockPresident Of The United States 
[toggle title=”Caution”]

  Inability To Differentiate What Is Real From What Is Imagined.   The Dream I Dreamed Turned Into A Nightmare.The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction    buc Glandular System Implants   Neurolinguistic Programming N L P.     We Sure Made Some Quick Sudden Progress In A Everything.  

So You Wanna Play With Magic?.   keyhole$ Sigil for learning knowledge quickly You Need To Accomplish Your Work   sparkdroidmlMurphy’s graphic design lawsylWhat Can A Man Know Of Gods Most Beautiful Inner  Workings?Activate Operation Beautiful.For Those In Jupiter Realm.Karmic Power Of  Jupiterians .  

To Doubt Your Reality Is The Beginnings Of  Discovery  .  Its A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity       Foreign travel and foreign countries​   .Discover Secret Destination  .The Middle Of The Earth And The Moon  .




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blueprintstar           vir Zāwiyat al-awwa’   mayan nawal  vir brewery  Provindemiator matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan    Protrigetrix  clr   sw void icon   8Universal Loop      smwave     North Lunar Node     smEclipses Are Opportunities For Energizing Change  The Veil To Be Lifted

galaxvort  Irregular galaxy    arch galaxvort cartwheel Cartwheel Galaxy 

canmcharacter in questionwprose Rosse’s Galaxy   Where Is My Mind?     p2? drknow  Knower paradox   p2 

  canm character in question  character in question  Questions Asked   ast   qm    shī zi zuò lring  Ras Elased Borealis bear & lion  The Lost Twin um  Tania Australis 

  bstar gstar Collide with a star     Neutron star     mono  mono Monoceros Ring



 Smile Power Day Not Much Longer   Chocolate Wafer Day    One Day To Freedom   smwave Lunisolar calendar    mayan nawalTzolkin Calendar: September 1st-3rd
eclpoint • 515    Count Numbers  rwords Reverse Number   I Am Six Six Six 
janduzHeavenly Bodies Observed  From Earth Give Distorted
Picture And An Ellipse Area Is Correctly  Calculated Only By Using  Length Of The Cord

chandrasmwaveMind Control And Behavior Modification Techniques  .Insert Your Brain Into A Robotic Nanotech Body  sparkdroid    sparkdroid Using Both Sides Of The Brain Simultaneously

omegaHes Doing More Than I Would Have Ever Dreamed Possible  kozminskiThings which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others 

lonsdaleThe First Step  Interventionazoth-alephseseEx.communicationcharubelAstral Traveling  Magnet For Miracles    Center Of Saturn qibla cube matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scanmatrix code scan matrix code scan 

Key word+: 

Crystal Element: Keystone State   Snowflake Obsidian

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The Denial Of All Real Existence Or The   Possibility Of An Objective Basis For Truth .True Enlightenment Is Knowing How When Why We Got To This Point In Time.


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: I Expect To Disable All Veils Cloaks And Deception Tactics Of The Non Humans In The Now.    Enochian Aethyrs   pyxies repix mirrortreesTree of knowledge   First Fruits   lThe Law of Threes     jdd Opposition signs Opposition signs keyhole$   Stems-and-Branches  

[/toggle][toggle title=”Caution”]

 Reveal All Problems On Earth And Their Solutions     And All The Chambers Of All The Stars And All The Luminaries   The Planets Generate Electromagnetic Frequencies Which Directly Influence The  Earth Astrologers Stargazers Prognosticators  sparkdroid netshatter   Composite chart  cheat   Brutish signs  sparkdroid     Masculine signs  Sun At High Noon       Detach Attachment     The Flower Of Life    Sonic Geometry The Language Of Frequency And Form      Astral Heart Chakra  

 Brain Chip Implant .  twi l  ant    Psychopomps       Superior Brain Hived Mind Of Brain Invading Sociopaths Using  Saturn As A Precognition
.   Alien Technology.    The Karmic Power .   Rule Everyone   Divide And Conquer   Moving Forward .  sparkdroid vex Consider me Vexed   Confundus Charm can  Very Sirius Sirius Secret     l    Bipolar disorder   I Cant Concentrate  I Keep Falling Asleep  



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ArtScans CMYK

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 blueprintstar  Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng The Astrological Influences Of The Constellation Scorpius

The Twelfth House In  Astrology Is The Things We Dont Like.

Happiness Is By Choice It Is A Matter Of Perspective  um cg  Compulsion To Smoke Cigarettes Or Self Medicate With Drugs     pi   fi pisces I Am Giving You Enough Rope To Hang Yourselves And You Are I Would Rather Hang Out Alone Than With Any Of  Those Losers .

I Saw The Beautiful Full  Moon Last Night And The Planets Aligned .When The Poles Of A Planet Become Inverted It Stops Growing .Saturn Venus Mars Mercury And The Moon Are All Corrupted.Venus Serves No Purpose.The Forest Moon Of Endor Also Known As The Sanctuary Moon.

p4  List of Jupiter-crossing minor planets 



VIRGO 10°dimension
Day One Hundred Thirty  Nine Of The Year In The  Gregorian Calendar.In That Day Shall The Elect One Sit Upon The Throne Of Glory: September 2nd–3rd
eclpoint ° 160  
 sabian  Intelligence  I Will Get A Ticket For Central Intelligence Yeah
I Know Im White

If This Is A Mind Control Project Then What Is  Being Controlled ?The Experiment Of Five Monkeys A Cruel System Of Control .What U Fail To Realize Iz  I Alredy Feel This System Is Limited .This System Just Isnt
Gonna Work Out Cant You  See?
 We Are All Looking At The Same Thing From Different Perspectives facelesssabian   The Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology Sabian Symbolism.     What He Feels Inside And How He Comes Across Are Total Opposites  .Changing Data On Personal  Medical Tests To Appear  Well When Not.Diagnosed With Inoperable Liver Cancer February Twenty Two  

canmcharacter in questionThere Are No Stupid Questions Only Stupid Answersdrknowemc How Many Coincidences Before It Becomes Mathematically Impossible?

aquaUndo Binding Of Humanity to The Seven Seals Of  Saturn Please ast  wj p  sauron eye  On February Eighth God Showed Her Where Hidden Devices Were Planted     mcl  spheres temple.God Remove The Rest Of It and Show Me Who Did It And How It Happened. Those That Matter Dont  Mind And Those That Mind  Dont Matter. He Reached Down From Heaven And Rescued Me He Drew Me Out Of Deep Waters

faceless Self-Transcending Activity of the MindchandraThe Very Essence Of Speak Your Mind Magic And How  It Operates? rdouglas


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Sometimes You Cant Remember Dreams Right After You Wake Up.I Was Told In A Dream By Cthulhu Extinction Level Event Soon .Humans Are Working Towards Their Ultimate  Destruction. l   Taking The Law Into His Own Hands .

Humanity Is Under Mind Control By Interdimensional Aliensmib   The Very Essence Of Chocolate Milkshake Magic And How It Operates?  Being Possessed By Parasitic Aliens Doesnt Make You Special   .

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Focus”]I Am Weary Of Your  Doublespeak It Is Not A  Spiritual Language.I Speak lTruth And Lie lOnly To Keep Tactical Supperiority .

I Apologize For Anyone I  Have Offended With My  Careless Words.

mov  Untitled-1 (False Statements   Nothing Is True).   Nullius In Verb Nullius  Addictus Iurare In Verba Magistri  .fsdipscr Why So Many Ritual Sacrifices At The Thirty Third Parallel ?latitude grid

  Clear And Heal All Negativity From The Emotional Body.         .   Clear Your Chakras


[/toggle] [toggle title=” Caution”] Are You Sacrificing Your   Own Precious Needs For  Others?   Primary Way Of Relating To Others Is By Causing Them Pain. All Theyre Doing Is Making My Experience On Earth Uncomfortable .Look Up Transformation Matrix And This Will All Make Sense .The Total Transformation Program Was Inspired By Satan


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blueprintstar Jägermeister oriOrion The Hunter Named  After Greek Mythology But The Egyptians Pointed Its Pyramids To The Belt Long Before The Greeks Named
ori     ast Untitled-1 Orion’s Belt     Below The Belt   ast stwins Trapezium 

cromi MiCroscopii 

cam  Camelopardalis  

 matrix code scan The Matrix That We Have Made By Our Thoughts Is Always Changing mov  The Ark Of The Covenant And The Planet Saturn   The Seven Churches In The Book Of Revelation       Seven Initiations In Saturns Matrix. Humans Realize They Can Eat Their Offspring     They Use Saturn Matrix Are You Kidding?

    mov   herc but   Ceryneian Hind      per    coff blink an     Caput Medusae    jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish bu   Prima Hyadum  

  pyxies repixarch  pandora pandoras box pandora pandoras box mov Pandoras Box     

cent  bstar Alpha Centauri 


VIRGO 10½•

It Must Of Been A Bad Day  For Rituals Again Must Of Been A Failure Go Figure The Belief System Is Fake.Almighty God Plans All Things Thousands Of Years Early  .Happy Monday This WeekHolds The Potential For
Unbridled Amazement
.  There Is Nothing About Mothers Day That Matters
To Me
: September 2nd–3rd
eclpoint  516
janduzThe Second Coming Of The  Yehudah King Yahushua Two
Thousand Nineteen For  His Virgin Brid

kozminskiI Need A Break From This It Only Leads To Misunderstandings And I Will Get Hurt And Then I Hurt You Its Not Very Good For Both Of Us.Im Not Into That One  Night Thing I Think A Person Should Get To Know
Someone And Even Be In Love With Them Before You Use And Degrade Them

If You Truly Dont Feel Pride And Honor In The Person Youre With Break
Up With Them The Relationship Has Lost Too Much Energy.
Tangle That Spider Web Of  His Off The Way Expose His Sins sagitarspimus