The Astronaut Rooster

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Jan 21, 1909-Feb 9, 1910 Earth Rooster of the Granary    
Feb 8, 1921-Jan 27, 1922 Metal Rooster of the Alchemist    
Jan 26, 1933- Feb 13, 1934   Water Rooster of the Lunar Lake    
Feb 13, 1945-Feb 1, 1946 Wood Rooster of the Enchanted Forest    
Jan 31, 1957-Feb 17, 1958 Fire Roosterr of Mount Sinai    
Feb 17,1969-Feb 5, 1970 Earth Rooster of the Barn    
Feb 5, 1981-Jan 24, 1982 Metal Rooster of the Philosoph    
Jan 23, 1993-Feb 9, 1994   Water Rooster of the Big Sea    
Feb 9, 2005-Jan 28,2006 Wood Rooster scratching at Dawn    
Jan 28,2017-Feb 15, 2018 Fire Rooster of the Monk    
 Feb 13, 2029- Feb 2, 2030   Earth Rooster    


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