The Guardian Ninja -Samurai Dog

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Sex Element Meaning add
Feb 10, 1910-Jan 29, 1911 Metal Dog of the Golden Rings    
Jan 28, 1922-Feb 15, 1923   Water Dog of the Deep Ocean    
Feb 14, 1934- Feb 3, 1935   Wood Dog of the Guardian Tree    
Feb 2, 1946-Jan 21, 1947   Fire Dog of Dreams    
Feb 18,1958-Feb 7,1959   Earth Dog of the Lonely Mountain    
Feb 6,1970-Jan 26, 1971   Metal Dog of the Magic Rings    
Jan 25,1982-Feb 12,1983 Water Dog of the Abyss    
Feb 10,1995-Jan 30,1996   Wood Dog of the Guardian Tree    
Jan 29, 2006-Feb 3,2007   Fire Dog of Fairy Dreams    
Feb 16,2018-Feb 4, 2019 Earth Dog of the Sun Mountain  
 Feb 3, 2030-Jan 22,2031   Metal Dog    
 Jan 22, 2042- Feb 9,2043   Water Dog    

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