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COVEN ANT 30°  Adjustable Arcs 

 drknow     u "The universe is great enough for all possibilities to exist" 

"If you wish to understand the Universe , think of energy , frequency and vibration" -N.Tesla

ml Murpys Lawsyl




The Matrix resolver matrix code scan with the stepping stones of  matrix code scan matrix code scan        


The astrology charts (whatever type or system)  are just  libr lout of celestial synchronicity order  as cyclic movLive, Die, Repeat Patterns of lives under a DOMEmov , and here are marked with  void icon  void icon    =  Prison , especially if calculated here including their primary calculation origin JPL or any other reactor raygunephemeris based program.


We can also track  iph  Architecture of different programs  with  iotayottaithbyte 8infinite description definitions given from so many authors, which in real, with words  written (as defined or calculated) can bring US luxo ball mo misfortune, bankruptcy , dis-ease and even  death,same as the motto  swars sparkdroid lie detector  I BELIEVE libr l (contradiction to believe in Lie) which is Not irrelevant, but  is sparkdroid constructable principle from  archangels ,written as part of matrix code scan cipher solver arch programs,  with specific reference frame and auditory target groups, using different system of  predictions methods


As warning or just Safety measures with what we deal here, press libr l fox script this  button  destroy button Destruction engine start-off mov destroy button exe cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver l 


Also any interested in puzzles subject must re-draw his own personal astrological chart, per level of understanding in Astrology basics ,Art, poetry or whatever field Gift     etc..posses.

 In addition, to  matters concerning the Know How  to FIX  stars or celestial Objects gstar rstar they can be understood simply as fix , viewed as part of blueprintstar blueprintstar  blueprintstar  blueprintstar  virtual softwares sequences under the DOME  , similar to any pc soft ,which  can be remodeled, handderezzed , rewriten  removed ,deleted, kicked  in or out from  any degree by your wish, just  in the sake of optimization  of the word    GOOD LUCK
raygun    raygunas influence reference point.In this way, we take the mov engine start-off cipher solver  cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver  ipo  Destiny or Densityiphonew     in own handsl  and do not wait of some  imdb matrix code scan archarchitect to do it instead of you or to be manifested one minute changer in some point    of time line,  as  this,  we can call  river cabels  ori BAD LUCK of  reactor iph  raygun ephemeris   running on  autoauto pilot or repeating patterns with No per admin to fix   the blueprints aligned with your specific personal   bucconsciousness awaken  raygun ? Will


HOW THE   Chaos_star mind the gapWAS CREATED  and the RULING 8OF 144   flip square flip square   emc biblos restriction    l of NOT KNOWING?

 As you can find down written are prediction definition symbol degrees, compiled by different authors in tablets which can show us, how every system was created and which authors has just copy- paste symbols or other which created 'new ' ones .

As final product we have  10 ready predictions degree systems, equal to Sealed system compilation of degrees, which create coded  Chaos_star for our understanding as per steps of influences ,therefore symbol degrees was never taken seriously by most of the people, but as they were created as Mixed subjective point of View levels of Conscoiusness statements, containig     smwave lunar mansion,  fixed stars and gstar rstar constellations influences, which  can in real SEAL cipher solver seal our Destiny which its spelled Density in many invisible ways, without even to know, how or by whom is done, so we call it Destiny of not knowing HOW IS MADE and the ORIGINAL INTENTION OF THE CREATOR arch (are you One?)l


Andarkside emperors   ? ERROR REPEATED shī zi zuò  12 TIMES CAN BECOME A TRUE            13  t T-ERROR drTerror

Example :

Any star  we see in the Sky is virtual model of a True celestial object  projected under  the Dome mov mov above Earth ground


sabianSABIAN Symbols 96 69 galaxy arm     777

The Sabian symbol is attributed to the next full degree after a particular horoscope factor.   As such is linked to any astrology chart and contain hidden information formed through sentences taken out of context.

When we calculate these sentences through Gematria calculator we can integrate  them back in a context frame giving us much bigger picture of understanding of what information was wiped out in the very beginning of any thought in any  author's mind . In such way we can restore the original point of the message itself. In such manner the original text will reveal really interesting script hidden agendas

***Used symbols description  here

 galaxvort Sequence Matrix


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hand kozminski I'SID'ORE KOZMINSKY DEGREES- gd dradesGolden dawn system archangels 777

The Kozminsky symbols for each zodiac degree predate the Sabian symbols by several years, the Kozminsky symbols are far less well known – but are more revealing than the Sabian symbols.

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l b3 y4  e1  lonsdaleELLIAS LONSDALE Developing   Soul  changemov archangels 777

Lonsdale builds on three main degree interpretations: Dane Rudhyar's concept of the Sabian Symbols described in The Astrology of Personality and An Astrological Mandala, Marc Edmund Jones's Sabian Symbols in Astrology, and John Sandbach's recent Chandra Symbols.

king cave room <-you are  t from that statement->through     galaxvort q words system    galaxvort q words galaxvort

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  pleiadian  PLEIADIAN SYMBOLS by swars sandppl galaxvort astronaut sandbox JOHN SANDBACH archangels 777

are mutated  Sabian Symbols channeled through John Sandbach.Ellias Lonsdale has written an elaboration of volume two of John's work. His book is called Inside Degrees (published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA).


 azoth-aleph AZOTH SYMBOLS nitrogen7   buddha avatar  archangels 777

" the  Azoth  Symbol enegetically correspond to the Midheaven qualities" 


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omega  omega mov OMEGA SYMBOLS-the Α of  ℧ to sagitarclr omega make a wish of keys linked to dipscr  meteorshower  meteorshower     fiscan  fiscan  hand fiscan  fiscan fiscan fiscanraygun archangels 777

This set of degree symbols was channeled by John Sandbach in August of 2005. It is meant to enhance, expand, and support other degree symbols currently in use.

This symbols are linked to malignant forces as  Chiron -the Centaur asteroid  who in the legend  great teacher  but   can't heal simself  but is also planete is every Astrological chart  -> linked to this Matrix   matrix code scan (the Great Transformer ) or    Oracle Of Chiron The Wise, where you can see  also  other disturbing connections  as     mov  scream_32 Egregore Thought Form      mov  Alien Harvest Of Human  .All get much worse as the author connected this with  ? 5 steps   set of  degrees  corresponding  to     dor 72 Names of God king, (which are actualy mutation of  Demons  Quote watchers yc )   where you get     Stuck in the system via    mov  Rest in Peace Department  pointig to AlBiRunu's      Most Perilous Year  which is self fullfiling code Shit


   Key Words =  Iambic pentameter    ->Score for the Devil who beats you in this way 3×5  ho tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher  sequence      +/-  so we do not recommend to use p4 boron5  ethical triangle resort 2   flip square p4 epsilon ->p19  without  knowing exactly what IT does destroy button     as number sequence, and this needs more deeper  m   astronaut  digging, so we just  block it partly and give our apology to the Author luxo ball auto  for giving us  swars  void droid matrixmatrix code scan

  1. swars sparkdroid    EXPERIMENTAL in nature (degrees sequence l num guidance cards  1 – 6111621 and 26 of each sign)
  2. swars sparkdroid cipher solver    SENSITIVE (degrees sequence l num guidance cards 2–  71217– 22 and 27 of each sign)
  3. swars sparkdroid cipher solver  RECEPTIVE (degrees sequencel num guidance cards  38131823 and 28 of each sign)
  4. swarssparkdroid  cipher solver  RESPONSIBLE (degrees sequencel num guidance cards  49141924 and 29 of each sign)
  5. swars sparkdroid cipher solver    INSPIRED (degrees sequence l  ? num guidance cards  510152025 and 30 of each sign) and here you get not inspired for sure but you are equal tolibr l ->l <->GOD  eat  DOG  

q words "These five words were first used in  Marc Edmund Jones book, "The Sabian Symbols" to designate a cycle of  five

 flip square  ethical triangle resort 2  ?  ? -FIVE =you stuck in the   IV =FOUR-th world (formation part of ) via   VI-FI sparkdroid  raygun   US Patent devises

"Keeping the   keyword  in mind for any particular degree, plus the nature of the Name of God   gsm    with its corresponding   angel can be of great help in Binah-Understanding ?understanding thel dial lines     energymeteorshower of it   reactor      +  reactor thelema +   reactor +  l    reactor <-l mayan nawal  -> astronaut  to report  irregularity in OMEGA SYMBOLS & Every other Sequence  PLEIADIAN SYMBOLS –AZOTH SYMBOLS that uses  5 ?  steps model "

What about the cycle of  Five  multiplied by  Six =30 within a  flip square character in question mayan nawal 

 1 6 11 16 21 26 raygunp7
2  7 12 17 22 27  
3 8 13 18 23 28  
 4 9 14 19 24 29  
 5 10 p15 20 25 30 raygunsmwave
40 50 raygun 70 80 90 raygun p12 p9100

And as you can see only two planets go  Active and both are in the category malefic influences as part of the  matrix code scan ?Saturn –?Mars-Luna matrix code scan  matrix code scan Energy Extraction matrixmov .All other numbers are just part ot this repeating sequence and have partly significant meaning at least connected to the Magic squares of Planetary activation as other Matrix.The most common use for these kameas is to provide a pattern upon which to construct the sigils of spiritsangels or demons; the letters of the entity's name are converted into numbers, and lines are traced through the pattern that these successive numbers make on the kamea. In a magical context, the term magic square is also applied to a variety of word squares or number squares found in magical grimoires, including some that do not follow any obvious pattern, and even those with differing numbers of rows and columns

q words "This set of symbols is for the purpose of accessing the energy of Chiron gr  p aaaa grades   p19  (or alpha omega, as John and Ellias prefer to  call it ), which interconnects all time and space  (as the sequence up seems to be broken and maleFIX)  and whose energy becomes a way for all of us more fully to share ourselves with each other as we continue our journey toward enlightenment"

The  Way

re:rod keyhole$Sefirot raygunPlane.Tthelema  bu blueprintstar character in question2 Sum of Rows lTotal Sum Magic Square
0p12 ? Daath   store project store store  store thelema store updatesm update thelemaupdate update
00  galaxvort q words ?galaxvort   AlienMorph 037 galaxvort reactor  thelema  meteorshower   meteorshower   meteorshower   meteorshower 
000 void icon  reactor keyhole I   mov  reactor   raygun raygun raygun
superna higher triangle 1  Kether?   goldcrown  lap goldcrown goldcrown upload upload upload upload
superna higher triangle 2  Chokmah? Zodiac/Constellations/ western zodiac yang easterngsmying eastern   mayan nawal
superna higher triangle



Binah-Understanding  Binah? p  fsSaturn     



3on33 '15 '45 Click to View
4 ? Chesed? p4 Jupiter 4on44 '34 13.6pm Click to View
5 ?  Gevurah? p17Mars(Rams) hippocampus hippocampus  ram690yb 5on55 '65 3.25am Click to View
6 ? Tiferet? p12 Sun 6on66route66 1.11pm  666 Click to View
 7  ? Net.Z a(R)ch  rt  rt  p9Venus p19 flip square 7on7 777 17.5pm 12.52 pm Click to View
8  gstar ? 5Ho.d 8 p7Mercury 8 flip square 8on88 flip square 2.60pm 2080 Click to View
9 ?Yes.od p16Moonp15  9on99route 99 369 69 33 21 Click to View
10on3 13 ? Hear ? cassiopeiahe p8 mt  p18Ear.th8 10on100      
cassiopeia aaaa grades  ?    scan    

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hand sabianCostelloe, Marina – The Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology

This  author  has made very interesting  compillation and has added to Sabian symbols , crystals  and healing body points, which can be used also for harm   through Aura magnetic waves manipulations as the bodyparts  are  ordered completly wrong and have conflict purely literally with theSabians 



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one minute changer FATALISTIC Astrology 

janduzJANDUZ SYMBOLS-the Dark side of the Moon smwave  smwave   smwave  

Jeanne Duzéa (1874-1954) was a lady astrologer and one of the founders of the Centre for Astrological Studies of France.

Important disclaimer: symbolic degrees belong to a branch of one minute changer FATalistic astrology. Their interpretation must be regarded with the utmost caution, especially given the fact that different authors give different meanings to symbolic degrees. This is of course the reason why they are not included in any system as interpretation. However, they might interest those who are fond of this very ancient and fatalistic form of astrology.

chandra LA VOL-A-SFERA– keyhole$  SEPHARAIL SYMBOLS for constellations  fdutch    sm La Velasfera vela

This is another popular set of images for the degrees publish by seraph youkan candySepharial (1864-1929) who claimed his symbol set was a translation of La Volasfera, by 69 flip Antonio Borelli (or  Bonelli). I am still searching for the original date for La Volasfera.

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charubelCHAR-U-BEL SYMBOLS canm canm

gd dradesCharubel (1826-1908) was the pseudonym of John Thomas, a Welsh clairvoyant,astrologer and healer.

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rdouglas RAY DOUGLAS SYMBOLS steradian Ray Douglas is a great believer in the maxim: Seek and ye shall find  .He has found  Sabian Symbols and as many other authors tried to make  interpretation over those so mutated in time symbols.For the past forty years he has been following the spiritual path of Subud—Susila Budhi Dharma yc  l l  ?which has helped many people in the pursuit of their spiritual goal, and enabled them to become aware of their own inner dimension. It is this inner self that receives the real benefit of spiritual blessings.


Conversion of some common angles    Aspectarian 

pi   ×tri-As above so below×69×××××semisquaree × ××× ×trecile×××××dice  ×× ××××vertex× ×
 ×360 ×    tau -geburah-chesed-yesod-malkuth

Thrones cipher solver     Chaos_star              
  flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square p2 flip square flip square flip square flip square pi    
Turns 0   1/24 1/12 1/10 1/8 1/6 1/5 1/4 1/3 2/5 1/2 3/4 1
steradian 00 pi π π π π π 2π π 2π 4π π 3π 2π
  12 6 5 4 3 5 2 3 5 2
000 flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square flip square
D   15∘ 36∘ semisquaree 270∘ 360

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Building the iphonew    Pyramid of   sm Sun -Moon    Hex sequence of the Key of IT All  numeric jumps with included keywords of languages ,concepts,chemical elements table, runes, greek and hebres letters, QBHL,plants, gemstones, places, asteroids, planets, stars, constellations, galaxies wiki public given  stuff  included


                ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhack ipeelawaystarhacksombrero G-host of Jupiteripeelawaystarhack  eyes mcfdutch     pup vela          
                buc matrix code scan
buc hom      hom     mcl        
                  sparkdroidbr death star sparkdroidsmwave death star sparkdroid
br buc
mcl hippocampus hippocampus sparkdroid        
                  project project                  
                2 3                
              4system   5systemthelema   6gsm q wordssystem              
            7l systemsystemsystem   8 lq words   9 lllll   10llll            
          11matrix code scan matrix code scanmatrix code scan


l l l llll



ll ll l l ll l

  13 matrix code scanmatrix code scanll l   14matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scanmatrix code scan matrix code scanl llll   15l          
        16ll   17


lll ll

  18l   19


lll l

  20l   21        
      22   23l   24 25   26   27   28      
      29   30   31   32   33   34   35   36    
    37   38   39   40   41   42   43   44   45  
46   47   48   49   50   51   52   53   54   55
56   57   58   59   60   61   62   63   64   65   66route66

Brief explaination of the Torus structure  swars sparkdroid    Toric geometry in Torus Attractor

A Torus will be the supporting structure of the Context, witin which all degrees of the 30º  Old Torus recidue. As you can guess, everything can be viewed as a matrix code scan Matrix code /task of   metatron  part of  herc/ different methodscherubim forming structures  from flexible modules  building blocks, which can be pulled out and in  from one context to another,  with same repeating sequence from 1º to 30º roll up in 360 º x N rounds  of the Traditional 12  herc sh -> 13 boot icebootzodiac circle and gstar distributed to ping more than  12 western zodiac – eastern zodiac wheelzodiac signs and more than 88 constellations. To  A-void this narrow  movement  Presented to Us as repeating  l cipher solver Wheel of suffering with predictions, we just expand the whole structure, beyond  the number 360 and include "all" what we got 

used ToolsAs we could not possibly know the intentions of Authors  and the true purpose of any given degree Messages, as they by default are encrypted partly code, the one possible solution = to follow the Terry Pratchet's advice Chaos_star ml ->  Chaos_star  swars   .  Any sentance when taken  out of  the  context, could mean  Anything and point Anywhare, as its hanging in Air Void  void icon Gaps of luxo ball autoAuthors Imagination or Knowledge or just Copy -Paste as part of their  task operations storage, so we just put them in Bigger matrix alignment code called  wiki-kiwi Wiki's luxo ball swars t dischanger call_of_duty_ghostto see their  place between the lines of  Bigger updated code and how  they could fit in more flexible design. This  also  Let us the Unveil the Veiled meanings of so called Prophets, Channelers  or whatever they call themselfs

*Degree compilation Domains or Rulers based on gstar Constellations rank by area table

**1000 English Verbs Forms

*** Gematrix gsm 

****  Numbers calc calc

***** The MATRICES CODE IS EVER CHANGING & N-EVER A CONSTANT  VALUE  (lask Agent Smith) is time to END isolatoror CHANGE the Code beneath mayan nawal in a way of l or how to win the game    

If you  write something  in the Stars , it will be made to happen by a  gear force that controls the future

      How to read the tables?

Each given sentance in transformed in numbers (English Gematria system), pointing the exact Degree of the  sign  leading to another  Order  or the Ordered Degrees Code. The are also many hacks implanted pointing to different sources found in the code in the Words happen to be also Vibrations

q words " Where words fail, music speaks"

q words"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil"  flip square  umbrella mov

q words"Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success flip square diceor failure in the mind of another"

Via  we can connect the standart  Degrees  to Minutes  or even Seconds  


01º-rank domain of Hydra

writecode                  route 99 route66      mov      
  snake r2d2r2d2         handcalc calc calc calcsmwave calc calc calc calc calc  raygun calc calc calc
    c3poAA raygun ? ? ? swars?swars ? ? ? ? ? ophiuchiserpent cypher serpent ? ? ?
swars     western zodiac    reactor
    Widdershins sabian vex  esher hand with reflective sphere ? astronaut
  kozminski jaguar double diamond sun maybugmov metershī zi zuò sb astronaut
      lonsdale jaguar red sun



pleiadian rwords maybugmov egypt cipher solver
      azoth-aleph rubi and belil sun spheres temple


omega make a wish

Ahura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clans mov impossible staircaseesher ascending & descending Moon sun swomega make a wish egypt godess flip square
   snakeserpent cypher   eastern zodiac wheel   cipher solver   l 69 galaxy arm ti fox script
   koobs  enigma Deosil sabian
 esher hand with reflective sphere bpmov astronaut indi
swars  flip square  umbrella   janduz



cipher solver el  ori orion horse head sword
      chandra jaguar emerald sun l  Moon sun  ori orion horse head sword
      charubel   Binah-Understanding?  buc   l
 darkside emperors   rdouglas pi bpmov cra
                isolatorproject       isolator project      

02º-rank domain of Virgo

  vir               vir     mov      
swars       western zodiac
      Widdershins sabian mov matrix code scan
          kozminski jaguar double diamond sun
          lonsdale jaguar red sun  raygun    eyes
          pleiadian gigas serv  matrix code scan
          azoth-aleph rubi and belil sun  metatron
          omega Ahura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clans
   vir   eastern zodiac wheel
        Deosil sabian
swars         janduz
        AA chandra jaguar emerald sun
          rdouglas pi

03º -rank domain of Ursa Major

bear & lion   dimension project lower astral triangle resort 3 resort 2         mov      
um sdg gp western zodiac
  Widdershins sabian
    kozminski jaguar double diamond sun
    lonsdale jaguar red sun
    pleiadian Ahura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clans  
    azoth-aleph rubi and belil sun  
gp eastern zodiac wheel
AA Deosil sabian
    chandra jaguar emerald sun

04º-rank domain of Cetus


cet western zodiac
  Widdershins sabian
    kozminski jaguar double diamond sun
    lonsdale jaguar red sun
    pleiadian Ahura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clans   smwave