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  •  :  IMOX [ee’mosh]
  • netshatter pyramid globe vortex net Designationsee diver: draRoot, Heavenly Waters
  •  Energy keywords: 


    •  The source of life-file
    • divine nourishment and support
    • integral primary waters the primary trust and receptivity
    • The Left Hand Craziness
    • Water 
    • Crocodile
    • primal wateraqua flow break
    • breast feeding energy
    • power of birth
  • thTotems: file_vortex  file_vortex   Spiral vortex of the primal waters of creation , liliumLily, rainbow dragon toothless QilinDragon, ? Alligator, Red Dragon



Wisdom shadow  ?: things related to the deep trust and initial survival; no sense of support through natural feeding or are unworthy to receive it

Shadow transformation: Trust of larger schemes to ensure that you need. Open to get what you wont.  c3po r2d2Communicate your feelings, desires and dreams

Inclination: "I believe wholeheartedly in the divine sourcesource of nutrition " 


Energy detail description


Represents the source of life, the nurturing and support of the primordial.It is the first spiral of creation. and  the power of birth, the power of turning into what you already are and the offer  of support and energy to cradle after they emerge. represents the parent feeds the child protective divine through devotion, which is the loving support of receptivity and trust primitive (make choices without guarantees, knowing that God will provide the necessary food for your trip). It  means deeply trusting the processes that are working in your present spiral of evolution. asks you to bite off the depth of your receptivity.Maybe you learned it is better to give than to receive.Giving is a way of learning to receive, but not complete the picture.The universe is based  on the cycle of inhalation and exhalation of giving and erceiving. When you really get it , you open yourself  to an accelerated evolution. Love just is a key word with many layers of manipulation of our understanding ho   iphonew  shī zi zuò , so be aware of it. Love is discovered and allowed, or denied 

All this 3D life in this universe moves in a spiral path (DNA Star).Imox represents not only the incitement of this spiral of the primeval waters of creation, but also the spiral path of evolution that comes from these waters.Each new cycle  of learning  begins when you've completed the turn of the previous cycle.

The Number for is 1 and undivided represents the primordial waters and sound of creation.1 is the chalice of the infinite essence, always existent, indivisible.

Higher Self & Magical Transformation


Higher Self  Spiritual Guide

The Traveler 

:Positive Characteristics
Creative, artists, hard-working persons, great thinkers and philosophers with a special ability for handcrafts. Can receive cosmic messages.

The fixed farming calendar starts on a day.It is the symbol of the occult forces in the universe, manifested in madness and insanity. It is the day when the forces of Mother Nature became dangerous ; at the same time, it is a day which settles the order as the balance in the mess and chaos.  is the name of all occult or secret things. It represents as well the left side, the left arm which mission is to help the right arm settle an efficient cooperation with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth in the development and evolution of the world and humanity

In ancient Mayan mythology, the tree at the center of the world grew from the back of an enormous crocodile who slumbered in the depths of the primordial sea. This mythic figure,which appears so often in Mayan iconography, is sometimes called the Earth Monster. is the day-sign of that primal, pre-conscious beast, and therefore it is symbolic of the beginning of life and of existence.

Since the Earth Crocodile sleeps in the depths of the primal sea, this is also the day-sign governing the sacred energy inherent in the ocean. Each of the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air and  Water) has at least one governing day-sign or nawal. The element of Water  has three.

While  governs the fresh running water of streams and is symbolic of the rain p19, it is which rules over the world’s great oceans. This  watery day is an excellent time to pray for rain –something rather uncommon in highly technologized, industrial societies but quite normal among the Maya even today.

Because the sea is vast and filled with infinite variety, has a multiplicity of animal totems. All the creatures of the sea are connected with this day-sign: the dolphins and whales are among its animal manifestations, as are fish of all kinds.

Some would say that these are the crazy folks. The zeitgeist or “spirit of the times” may easily catch them up, spin them around, and send them wandering off without direction. people like mystical things, but may be more attracted to the magical than the genuinely spiritual.

And yet it is equally likely that they will develop into artists, poets, mystics and visionaries.

Imix natives tend to be homebodies. They don’t exert themselves much; they work to live rather than live to work. They can be downright lazy, yet somehow they always seem to land on their feet financially. They can be very eccentric; at worst, they are genuinely cranky and silly.

They are a gentle lot, very loving and romantic. Unfortunately, they also have a reputation for being libidinous and not in control of their passions. Their relationships tend to be wild and passionate, like some grand love story in a movie or a Gothic novel. But despite their romantic peccadilloes, they seldom have difficulty in finding relationships, and they are frequently quite fortunate in that regard.

Dreams and visions are associated with the feminine polarity, the principle, and with the left side.

On the other hand – for  is symbolic of nothing if not the duality of human existence – the person could just as easily use such power to manipulate the hearts and souls of others for more selfish purposes.

The ocean is a universal symbol of the collective unconscious or group mind which underlies all of humanity. Here, in the depths of the collective mind, lie the visions, the dreams, and the pre-conscious yearnings that underpin the lives of all of us.

Wisdom Shadow Self  & Transformation


:Weaknesses -Negative Characteristics Wisdom of the Shadow

Deep issues of trust and survival, feelings of lack of nutrition support divine, or unworthiness to receive.can become unsecured, violent, indecisive, vague, messy, stubborn, slow and feel generally lack of confidence in themselves and others. Also can be be really dumb and lost if  don't find guidance.

symbolizes this aspect of the human mind, and this is why we call it the day-sign of the Left Hand. As among many other traditional cultures, the Maya associate the light of rational consciousness and ordinary  reality with the Right side or masculine polarity, similar to the   principle of Chinese philosophy.

This day teaches us the notion of evil and good. If you practice the speciality of the , you will be given Powers ; Powers of Bering able to heal any illness. Before exercising any kind of work, the first thing you need to do is meditate in order to get the power and the authority to carry out everything well. You will be a very balanced person who will be able to control him/herself.Their close connection with visionary reality makes them seem highly charismatic to more ordinary minded folks. They often have a powerful hypnotic quality. In fact, it is commonly said among contemporary Daykeepers that  natives are capable of actually hypnotizing other people.This is a  s-word which cuts two ways.

An native could develop into a genuine hypnotherapist, one who uses her or his power to aid other, more worldly folks.

It is the original and telluric force, the melting pot of all where life appears. As well it is the perturbation of the human creations and actions ; the confusion.

This sign offers an ability to treat and remedy mental and behaviour disorders.
In the Imix days mayan nawal, we have to pay attention to set within ourselves a positive and centred balance, as if not, we can be led to stupidity.

One Daykeeper says: “…there’s a grandfather long ago who clashed with Xib’alb’a, so his arm was removed. For three days the arm of a grandfather called Ajpu was removed. It was hung in the kitchen where the smoke of the fire comes out. Afterward, when our grandfather managed it, his arm was brought and put back on….It was the left arm, so this is a bit of an idiot.”

This would seem to refer to the story in the Popol Vuh wherein Jun Ajpu loses, then regains an arm in a struggle to defeat Wuqub Qak’ix, the Seven Sins, whose name also signifies 7 Macaw. However, the story does not specify that it was his left arm or that it no longer functioned properly after it was restored.

Be that as it may, the contemporary meaning of this day-sign stresses the fact that the world of reason and practicality is frequently at odds with the world of dreams and visions.
Hence the judgment: “so this is a bit = rainbow dragonof an idiot” but if  combined with exabit=Qilin =>88 flip square gstar

When we are deeply under the influence of this visionary, oceanic, pre-conscious side of human nature, we may seem to be at odds with all things reasonable. Hence this is sometimes perceived as a sign of madness or lunacy. represents the aspect of human nature which is frequently more than a little bit crazy.

And yet it is only when we set aside the dictates of “ordinary reality” that we are able to lift the veil between the worlds and see into other realities. Some of these alternate dimensions may be treacherous and crazy-making; others are sources of authentic wisdom. Ultimately, the right hand and the left hand were not designed to be at odds with each other, but to cooperate.

The world is filled with psychological perils and stresses. Upon this day we pray for good mental health, both for ourselves and for all those around us. We pray that our dreams and visions may bring us beauty and wisdom rather than delusion and craziness.

This day has a strong connection with water; to be close to a flowing river or stream or the ocean is beneficial upon this day. This is yet another day to pay attention to potential wisdom from our dreams.

It is part of their life’s journey to gain control over their extraordinary psychic perceptions and turn their powers to actions that benefit others.  people can easily become confused, adrift in the deep waters of the collective unconscious. They can be indecisive and wavering, doubtful of their own perceptions. If they lack spiritual and psychological maturity, they are likely to become deceptive, sneaky, underhanded and dishonest. They are quick tempered.

Their intrinsic laziness leads them to take advantage of more hard-working day-signs.
Some are genuinely nuts; the mystical “left side” of existence overwhelms their rational consciousness completely and leaves them lost in the cosmic ocean without vessel or anchor.
natives may seem, at first glance, to be among the most highly organized individuals you have ever met – perhaps even obsessively so. Don’t be fooled: their desire to compartmentalize everything into neat little categories is their own way of dealing with a reality which is less “real” to them than the world of visions and dreams.
At their best, these natives are able to see through the worlds and bring the uncanny beauty of the “left side” into manifestation here on earth. They are clairvoyant and adept with dreamwork. At best they are true visionaries, fearless guides to the other worlds which resonate all around us.

natives do best when they live near the ocean. They draw power and inspiration from it. Because whales and dolphins are their animal totems, they may have a special relationship with these magical beings.

Transformational insight of the Shadow

Trust in the larger scheme to provide what you need. Open yourself to receive, communicate your feelings, desires and dreems.

In the Shadow of  are trust issues.This may appear as a lack of basic trust in the source feeds him and provide him the necessary travel.In the Shadow of  no hidden feelings of unworthiness to receive, often manifested as embarassment or discomfort when others offer you something.With  , you can be on found to be a source of support and food  for others, a caregiver or a "cosmic mother".Give without receiving is limiting so better wait  for others  to know intuitively what your needs and solutions are without any explicit communication.

If you are in the Shadow of  you are being encouraged to enter the primordial waters of your being and discover the core of self-acceptance, your intrinsic value, your  own integrity.Find the source of your feelings and get ready to explore more fully and honestly, expressing your true desires, dreams and truths.

The ceremonies which are carried out on that day  aim to help persons charged or overwhelmed by negativity ; as well they aim to reach healing people and thanking Mother Earth through offerings given to her.
It is an appropriate day to ask for rain ; for the rivers to remain alive ; for the wells and lagoons not to get dry. It is as well a perfect day to develop our internal powers.

Synchronicity Direction

 Red Race: These are the hallmarks initiators.It is the primary energy, potential deployment force, the beginning, the birth drive, push, expectations.Symbolize the origin and must work the first quality:KNOWLEDGE


The Mayan Ki'che Cross Description

Widdershins Deosil
engine start-off Destiny  

The person born before the day is generated in .The energy of conception guides your life by giving order and seriousness, for otherwise he would give vent to their madness.

and Destiny rules the day is .It is the sign which the quickest develops paranormal Powers : they have a great connection to aqiatic animals.

 It will be necessary for the person bearing the energy of the , to consult an Ajq'ij– spiritual guide, who knows how to look for the balance, in order to overcome the negative energies and become a being with an open and sincere mind and personality. His/her day will not attract to him/her difficulties, but it will be a day full of hope. The person bearing the energy of, can become an Ajq'ij ; he/she is considered strange, eccentric, as well crazy and wild. He/she dares to do unusual things that others don't dare to do. They feel that nobody understands them.
gives a special ability for the development of the intuition and the revelation of messages through dreams.
Their health is determined by the change, agitation and alteration of their temper and behaviour which are lacking of control sometimes and unstable. They are full of uncertainties and doubts for not knowing what to do and what to look for. They can easily reach craziness and loose their mind.


-The energy of conception,  orientates their life giving to it order and seriousness ; without this  influence, they would suffer a great imbalance empowering their crazy side.

– attracts to them luck and good fortune in their work and in business and allows them to lead a comfortable life. They are romantic, tender and warm ; however, they can end relationships radically in a minute.

The energy of the the deer, on their left side, gives to them sensibility and sensitivity, also a closeness to nature and a great ability to adapt to any situation and place. Also it brings them mental flexibility to solve the problems and knots of their life.

The energy of their destiny,  will have them pay for their mistakes ; it advises to give material and spiritual offerings to the

Direction description:

EAST:  drathe universal Fire condenses into water which has incubated ancients organic  life giving birth to the project of Being represents the union of sperm and egg which leads to a new energy.

 THE LEFT HAND geomantic  grid alignment of American plate



  • Red initiating Kin Earth Cardinal Family Group Time cell =Inform
  • Analogue Planetary Support IP and Hidden Partner->
  • Occult Hidden Power->
  • Antipodе-> 
  • Challenge&Gift->      


 alpha rainbow dragon gstar                
red eastern dragon lair castle Qilin dra tur                
wavespell harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic chromatic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic


Imox Naval day calculator+- mayan nawal 

Calming the mind , evil thoughts, controlling pride, removing despair, calming the instability, asked to remove madness of people, stop the confrontations in the family. Developing intuition, vision, messages in the dream, the mind is more receptive to eliminate any mental problems, asking that we never miss the food , which the couple left back home or demand the return of those who are away of home. Put the mind in receptor function and grow the strenght of Spirit. On the day ceremony is appropriate for the advent of crops or mize plants with beans are the food base of the Mayan world. This day is used to ask to avoid diseases in crops.




  • mayan nawal


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