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  • :   IQ or IK
  •  pyramid globe vortex netDesignation Element: airvortex spirall ball, wind
  • Chakra Initiation point:    elemental adjna Protection seal-Adjna
  •  Energy key words: 


    • Spirit  ? 
    • voice 
    • ins-pirat-ion
    • presence
    • Invisible forces mov
    • T-ruth
    • co-creator of reality mov
    • Simplicity
    • Polarity Integration 
    • Pineal Gland
    • Life (File)  principle
  • thTotem: spiral whirlwind , colibry,hummingbird


Wisdom shadow  ?: Doubt in your relationship with the Divine things separation-related thoughts that are separated by the Spirit

Shadow transformation: Learn to feel and feel your connection with the Divine by acting with inspiration when it appears in your

Inclination: "I am united presence of the Spirit"


Energy detail description

Born: People born under this sign include: Speakers, singers, accountants, midwives, poets, public relations and photographers.

IQ is the galactic wind, the catalyzing current, the spirit that moves through all things. It is the divine breath that gives life to all creation , the unseen essence of solar energy.

Is the breath of inspiration , the fertilizing force of the wind? Its essence is the movement of Spirit as it penetrates into form to enliven, purify and inspire.

IQ represents spontaniety and simplicity.When you experience the truth of the moment, IQ leaves you free to get to the next time without the long load of desire, or expectation. IQ is the simple knowledge, that there are invisible forces governing over our lives, guiding and inspiring you.

IQ also embodies the concept of presence as expression of the essence and creator of intimacy.Presence is "being there" for whatever it is (ordinary plot story mov ), and here we deploy a trapbuc, for the wind as can't be whatever it is wont to blow us  and the wind must be guided by our wish not in re-verse.

q wordsA cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion….this is the place to go now. 
But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons

Aniother Gift  offered through IQ  is the integration of polarities within you.2Polarity is the loom on which reality is woven, the magic dance  of uniersal forces playing in superb cooperation.

Often IQ star glyph is represented by the sacred symbol T  , which has too much   meanings  attached ,so we mention only this one  t as starting point of understanding the higher meaning of the T thelema. For the Mayan , this symbol means " Spir-IT", "Wind" or "Divine Breath". IQ number is TWO2 vir, which represents  the secret polarity or the Mother  divine . In this issue , IQ represents  the fabric of reality , which is woven on the polarity. The color  is Translucent  white light , reflecting the Truth , clarity of purpose and aspiration  of the Spir-IT of WHOLENESS.

Higher Self & Magical Transformation


Higher Self   Spiritual Guide

The Traveler


:This powerful day-sign is, at the same time, one of the most spiritual and one of the most potentially dangerous.
We have already encountered  as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection (see ). But this all-important deity has a number of aspects. A bit later on (see ), we may consider as a metaphor for the powerful and mysterious energy in the body called koyopa or “lightning in the blood.” But here, in the daysign IQ, the Feathered Serpent appears as a god of the wind.

The creation of all things is described in the opening pages of the Popul Vuh. Here, Lord (Tepeu Q’ucumatz in the K’iche’ language) emerges as part of the creative energy of the universe itself.
The Maya typically describe creation as an interplay of positive and negative polarities not dissimilar to the Chinese concept of  and . At its most fundamental level, the Divine is called Tz’aqol B’itol, the Architect and Maker

This duality of creation can also be expressed as “Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth.” The term Heart of Sky refers to the god known as Hun Rakan – or, to use one of the few Mayan words that has been adopted into English, “Hurricane.” This deity is the primal spirit of the wind and the air. If Lord Feathered Serpent is an aspect of the day-sign IQ as god of the wind, so is Hun Rakan, the Heart of Sky. As the creative power of the air, IQ represents the Breath of Life itself, a force which has many similarities to the Hindu concept of prana, which is yet another metaphor for breath or air as the creative energy of life.

As we have noted, each of the four elements has at least one day-sign which symbolizes its essence or nawal; Ik is the day-sign which rules the element of Air. It is also said to be symbolic of one of the B’alameb’ or Four Fathers of Humanity; the father called Majukutaj in the Popol Vuh is yet another mythic reflex of IQ
The primal creative entity known as Heart of Sky is said to have 3 aspects, one of which is called Nim Kaqulja’, which could perhaps best be translated as “Great Thunderbolt
This particular aspect of Hun Rakan or Heart of Sky is also said to be associated with the daysign
Ik. It may be said to symbolize “the power of nature” and has a certain relationship to the koyopa or “lightning in the blood,”

The concept of as a deity of wind and of the sacred breath of life is one which is found throughout the entire world of Mesoamerican spirituality. The “T” tau -geburah-chesed-yesod-malkuth (complete concept t)which appears as part of this day-sign’s hieroglyph is commonly seen in the form of windows and doorways;there are t-shaped windows as far south as Palenque and t-shaped doorways as far north as Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. The same hieroglyphic element is also found on the ceremonial garments of present-day Pueblo Indians; I have seen many head-pieces used by Pueblo women in the Corn Dance which bear the “t-shape” of the day-sign IQ

But the same wind which breathes life into our nostrils may also be a destructive power.
After all, this day-sign is the origin of our word “hurricane.” The wind that nurtures and vivifies us may also become one of the most destructive forces on earth. The Breath of Life may manifest as a raging hurricane. IQ is one of the four Year Lords; and, according to the Maya, it is the most potentially dangerous of the four. During an IQ year, one may expect events that batter the world with the force of a tropical storm. This is a year which the Maya associate with revolutions,insurrections, and political disturbances of all kinds.

Among its many other meanings, the name of this day-sign, which is iq’ in K’iche’, is also the common term for the lunar month.
IQ is the wind which sweeps clean our house and our body. Upon this day we ask for the strength, the vitality, and the commitment to carry on in our chosen work. This is a day for the removal of negative energy and illnesses; in terms of healing, it favors the resolution of psychological problems, especially those which arise from angry emotional states.


Shadow Self & Magical Transformation

Wisdom Shadow Self & Transformation

:There are a number of animal totems associated with this day-sign: the hawk, the weasel,and the bobcatweazal half are among them, but most especially, this is the day-sign of the hummingbird.

The hummingbird may be tiny, but its energy is powerful and impressive. The rapid-fire action of its wings requires more power than that bestowed upon any other bird. Hummingbirds are aggressive; larger birds stay out of their way.

It is just the same with people born under this day-sign. While it is true that this is the sign of the breath of life, those who are born under the power of this nawal can blow in all kinds of directions – some of which are better than others. When these people begin to blow like a hurricane, it is best to stay out of their way. It is said that they often become political leaders, even military dictators. They bluster more than any other day-sign.  Iq’-born people began to manifest the mischievous qualities associated with his day-sign, decided: “We have never had to apologize to our neighbors for anything, but now we shall probably have to get used to doing so!”

Ik natives are impulsive and have a tendency to change horses in midstream. They can shift from their “breath of life” personality to their “hurricane” personality within a few minutes.
All the same, there are few who will manifest only the darker, more intense sides of Ik’s characteristics. In fact, there is a built-in factor in many Ik natives which acts as their “saving grace”: When they stray from the spiritual path and begin to work from their darker, more manipulative side, they become ill, and will continue to have health problems until they find their way back to the light.

And for these natives, the light is indeed powerful. At its best, this is the breath of life, the breath of spirit. Many of these folks are absolutely brimming with cosmic energy, and some are truly spiritual.
Their positive qualities include confidence and self-assurance. As an element, air is considered very mental, just as it is in Western astrology. These people rely on their brains. They are extremely smart. They tend to be very good with math, and hence they make excellent investors or stockholders. They are also very good with words. They have a vivid imagination, and can sometimes mistake their great dreams for hard realities.

Clever and adaptable as they are, natives are very good at tackling difficult topics or arts of all kinds and acquiring proficiency in such things. They have excellent good taste and appreciate the exotic. They are among the strongest, toughest, and most resilient of all the daysigns.
They can navigate through almost any situation. Their powerful energy tends to insure that they will become successful at something.
Iq’ is the common word for a lunar cycle in the K’iche’ language, and most Daykeepers assert that natives have a special connection with the moon. Obviously, these are extremely moody folks, and the rising and falling of their extreme moods may have a great deal to do with the moon’s phases. More than other people,  natives should become aware of how their energy and their personality changes with the Moon. For contemporary Mayan teachings about the symbolism of the monthly lunar cyclearabianlunarmansions

 is one of the four Year Lords. As well as those who are born upon this day, those who are born in an year will manifest many of the qualities of this day-sign.

Transformational insight


  • is Subconscious Self and Hidden Assistant
  • is Challenge & Gift 
  • is a compliment to you-something that is a natural manifestation in you





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