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  • :   AQAB AL [AK’AB’AL]
  •   CALLI
  • netshatter pyramide orionsbelt alignmntDesignationglobe vortex netnight, house, dr.House,chart house

Abyss, mystery,temple, peace, in the right place, darkness, traveling to yourself, silence, dreaming of the matrix  , study of the Art of  dreams Dawn, Harmony,
Obscurity, Place of Mystery

  • thTotems: womb,dark cave , bat
  •  Energy keywords:


Wisdom shadow:Too subjective perspective, depression, self-esteem, fear of change,self-judgement

Shadow transformation: Be prepared to learn how to judge and evaluate. Embrace and follow the internal processes of the Shadow to learn from their gifts


Energy detail description


People born under this sign can be: philsophers, writers, therapists, artisians, architects and teachers

Ak'ab'al is the Dark mystery within , the jorney to yourself, that place where you can always retire to collects, subjectively, the gifts of your process. it is the immense field  of potential gound  in the depths of human emotions and feelings. Represents access to the site of the "inner eye" where the unconscious shadow finds its voice and vision.

The Abyss/ Geomantic_via.svg  Geomantic_populus.svg / of Ak'ab'al contains the powerful evolutionary field of sb possibility.Here , as in the primeval time of dreams ;there are no destinctins between then and now , real or imagined , dream or dreamer->marked id disc .The time of freams contains powerful opportunities.Is a field where the potential , the past and the future are contained  in the same matrix as the present.Expand your mind and considering that  you can help create ,dreaming  of a new reality.

Ak'ab'al  contain the the Night Keeper  of the House of the Unconscious, which has the time of dreams as a lens to process the fact that it arouses. The Night Keeper can be explained in Astrology terms as corresponding to the  Nocturnial signs of the Western  Zodiac and   signs of the Eastern animal zodiac circle.

Behind the door of your dreams  you can find powerful symbols of Self, dancing in masks and metaphors.This Glyph invites you to bring to light the issues in your own field of dreams and to bring awarness. The field of dreams is a stage of evolution, or field of play, which  expresses the energy, the issues, attitudes and beliefs reported for humans  and things. 

Another face of Ak'ab'al glyph  can be seen as the mystery of being locked  into a human body, so you begin to appreciate the gift of OCTA focus on this form. Your body is truly a living temple, a foundation to move energy between all dimensional realities.

Ak'ab'al number is 3 /three/3 which  is the vibration of the activation of Connection.Whitin the sanctuary of the Self , you are the Third sacred power , known as the Holy G-Host neogigaserv ->superior spirits gba  jdd or the sacred connection  stirring , the song of the Trinity.

Ak'ab'al color is darn, nay blue or black, which is within the larger I, the receptive condition necessary to receive the light fully.In those colors  is also the path to the wisdom of the unconscious.


Higher Self & Magical Transformation

Higher Self Spiritual Guide

The Traveler 

The person born on a day Aq'ab'al is conceived on a day Tz'ikin and his/her destiny is ruled by the day B'atz'. Lots of duality is found in that sign and as well lots of opportunities are given to the bearer of that sign : their dilemma will always be to choose the correct opportunity.

They are called to become Ajq'ij (spiritual guide) and meant to develop their ability and sense of discernment.
They have one foot in the past and the other in the future. They have a power upon the negative forces and they are a Light of hope. They have their occult part and their secrets almost always remain hidden.
They can become ill due to overcharges of energy coming from outside.
They are early risers, serene, good advisers, skilled and talented, travellers ; good confidents.
They tend to feign their acts and feelings.

Shadow Self & Magical Transformation


Wisdom Shadow Self& Transformation

Be ready to discuss how you judge and evaluate.Folow your internal processes of the shadow to learn their gifts. An indicationof the shadow of Ak-ab-al is lost in itself, being too inward and subjective.Some  experience this subjectivity as depression.Still, from here you can learn  to face  and free your deepest fears.Instead  of resisting  this process, embrace it , collecting wisdom. Ak'ab'al can also signal an unconscious fear of change, from deep matters of substance to fears of life lessons.


Going deeply inward, Ak'ab'al teaches you the most Truth is contained in the dark has the greatest potential for light.

Transformational insight

  • I am Akbal
    enveloping darkness, potent peace,
    fecundity of the Abyss 
    Deep, silent retreat,
    the womb of the dreamtime,
    the powerful cauldron of possibility
    Dream matrix were reality is created
    by the conscious dreamers,
    Place of remembrance of the formless,
    sounding the Great Mystery of being in form —
    The "stillness that is the dancing."
    I beckon you to merge with me,
    to go within;
    To free your illusions
    of pain,
    forgetting —
    That the gifts of release,
    the glimmer of light at the tunnel's end,
    might be yours;
    That the expansive vessel of the Essence Self
    might be raised to your eager lips
    and your reunion tenderly celebrated
    in the sanctuary of my warmth,
    my darkness,
    my peace

Synchronicity Direction

Blue Race: are the stamps transformers or transducers.Represent the changes , the transition, the muMU-TABLE -Inner Alchemy, Transmutation, the new road, the deelopment, concerns the idea.Symbolize self-contemplation and must work the third quality:PATIENCE


The Mayan Ki'che Cross Description


Widdershins Deosil
engine start-off Destiny


The energy of their conception, Tz'ikin, brings them luck, protection and good fortune ; intuition, vision, telepathy

The No'j, on their right side, shows in them special nobility, a determined character and a great intellectual capacity. They have to discover their past to be able to project themselves in the future.

The energy of the Toj is on their left side. This energy will make them have to confront their positive and negative evaluation.

The energy of their destiny, B'atz', makes them plan well the steps they will make and therefore prevents them from acting impulsively.

Direction description: 

WEST:   The Spirit ? builds hos own suit, sait to us at the body, the temple of the Spirit in the world of opaque material.Forgetting is a natural condition for the Spirit, that is dipped into a lower dimension to explore, to remember why ot what is true essence.The week leads to the formation of bodies of the Soul ?. In the months that seek the light energy cause fatal growth

 THE LEFT FOOT  geomantic  grid alignment of American plate



  • Kin Group-
  • Analogue Planetary Support IP and Hidden Partner->
  • Occult Hidden Power
  • Antipodе-> 
  • Challenge &Gift->Karma Police

Ak'ab'al  Naval day calculator+- mayan nawal

Aq'ab'al is the dawn and the sunset. It is the dawn when the sun comes appearing from the East, tinting the horizon of red.From there comes the Sun ; it comes up and rises from behind the volcanoes and mountains illuminating thanks to its splendid rays ! Aq'ab'al is also Aqab or Xokaqab ; it is as well the sunset, when the dusk comes and the sun step by step starts to hide towards the West and when the horizon gets tinted of red

Your naval day is good for:

Ask opportunities in life, work , change of residence, country, so that if bad luck will change to a new dawn of humanity, giving birth to a new being. Ordered existence renewal and hope  for people who are bereaved.Ask to calm the instability, obsessions remove, also people or ill-will,think good thoughts and that justice us done.

The ceremonies carried out on a day Aq'ab'al aim to thank for the radiant dawn and sunrise and for the crying, moaning, calumny and lie not to invade us. It is an appropriate day to ask for the dawn of days of peace and harmony for our peoples ; as well to ask for the Light on the path and to ask for the occult things to be discovered. It is the day to ask for our sacred Fire not to get extinguished ; also it is the day to ask for new opportunities of renewal of life, to put clarity on the mysteries ; to ask for stability and a good work or business.
– Oxlajuj Aq'ab'al ( Aq'ab'al) : it is the appropriate day to ask for protection against negative energies and to have justice and truth prevail over crime and lie.



mayan nawal


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