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  • :   KAT
  • netshatter pyramide orionsbelt alignmntDesignationasteroid  asteroid: corn,iguana
  • Description: seedboxseed,The Net,  manifestation of sowingself-germinationthe plant, establishmentbraintechno, fertility
  • thTotems : seed is adequately insuredmouth, Solar plexus spider


Wisdom shadow: Feelings of insecurity; limiting opportunities; choice to stay safe at the expense of awakening and growth, limiting concepts

Shadow transformation: Realize that you and your life are the fertile soil that awakens your dreamsdreamlog and opportunities .Liberate yourself from the illusion of safety by logging into the manifestation of emerging opportunities



Higher Self & Magical Transformation

Higher SelfSpiritual Guide

The Traveler 


Shadow Self & Magical Transformation

Wisdom Shadow Self & Transformation


Transformational insight


  • I am Kan,
    the Bodhi-mandala,
    creative seed, possibility erupting;
    Temple-lit realm of the shimmering, golden vitality of life
    quickening seed into responsive surrender,
    gestating form
    Oh, fertile soil thou art!
    The cosmic seed takes root in thee.
    To follow thy joy will set it free!
    you are the seed
    that quickens itself to wakefulness taking root
    Reach Nurture
    In simple receptiveness, be present with your dream
    Offer clear intent,
    Receive the golden wisdom of the sun
    and fertile Earth in nourishment,
    that you may bring the glowing, vital force
    into visible form!
    I am Kan…
    I watch eagerly
    for the hardy shoots to emerge
    from the seeds you have planted
    I attend them faithfully,
    for your dreams, visions, heart's desires
    are the seeded pattern that glitters on the fabric of creation,
    giving it joyful form and radiant luster
    Your self-germinating seeds hold
    the potential of the greatest magic:
    the recognition and loving embrace
    of your Godseed Self
    The divine impulse within you calls you forth
    The creator is born in the creation

Synchronicity Direction




  • Kin Group
  • Analogue Planetary Support and Partner
  • Occult Hidden Power
  • Antipodе
  • Challenge 







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