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  • Aethyr: 
  • : COATL
  • :5
  • netshatterDesignationpyramide orionsbelt alignmnt:
  • Description: vitality, passion, sensitivity, wisdom of the body, motivation, desire, instinct, creativity,  Kundalini, Integration, Purification, Intimacy
  • Totem signs: snake crawled out of molten magma, base , Milky way, Kukulkan giving people good health and magical abilities
  • 7 Rays: 
  • Elements: ≈ 
  • Direction: 
  • Friend   
  • Hidden Occult Power:
  • Enemy & Challenge: 


Wisdom shadow: Predictive choices based on knowledge and certainty than intuitive wisdom  is only the identification with the body and sensual desires

Shadow transformation: Use your body as a tool for transformation. Learn how to use passion and the senses, this means access to align with higher consciousness. Follow your intuition and instincts to make a choice of the moment

Harmonics wisdom core: temporar

Mudra: hands joined together over the abdomen and interweaving their 'snake' movements in the direction of the chakras, ending concluded overhead

Meditation: "I am the flint and tinder of the sacred fire"

Affirmation: "I happily proceed through the experience of wisdom and vitality in my body "

Self Conscious


Higher Self & Magical Transformation


Higher SelfSpiritual Guide

The Traveler


Shadow Self & Magical Transformation

Wisdom Shadow Self& Transformation



Transformational insight


  • I am Chicchan,
    molten magma of pure life force,
    vibrant, vermilion flame of awakening and purification.
    I am the heat, power, and vitality of creative essence.
    I am instinctual wisdom.
    I sense solutions and secrets
    within the belly of your being.
    I am the flame of pure purpose galvanized within you!
    I am the promise of awakening
    and the luminous lotus,
    crown of illumination.
    I am the sacred fire of the serpent's dance
    lying coiled within you,
    until stirred to wakefulness
    in lightning quickness or serpentine grace.
    My sacred river will ignite
    your whirling wheels of splendor,
    setting them spinning into the dance
    of their own divine timing.
    As I dance with you,
    I gently light the pathway of your natural unfoldment.
    Fulfill your desire for sacramental intimacy
    and transcendent union
    in the divine dance with the Eternal Beloved.
    When summoned in love,
    I am the flint and tinder of the sacred fire,
    the potent energy that unifies
    the instinctual passion of beings
    with their divine nature.
    It is I who provide the serpent feathers
    with which to make wings.
    Open to your enlivened passion!
    I am the sacred serpent,
    and it is my effulgent light
    flowing vitally through your being
    that initiates you into the sacred chamber
    wherein abides the crown of purest love,
    awaiting, like a silken lotus, to adorn you


 is Subconscious Self and Hidden Assistant


 is Challenge & Gift 


   is a compliment to you-something that is a natural manifestation in you




Key tone

    • Kin Group
    • Analogue Planetary Support and Partner 
    • Occult Hidden Power
    • Antipodе- 
    •  ChallengeKarma Police



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