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Birth code



  • Aethyr:
  • :  KEME
  • :6
  • netshatterDesignation:  Worldbridger
  • Description:  transfer, dismissal, death, transmutation, forgiveness, humiliation revelation
  • Totem signs:  six-wall crystal in roots,evergreen tree, moss / growth in the death / owl
  • 7 Rays:
  • Elements: 
  • Direction:
  • Friend: 
  • Hidden Occult power: 
  • Enemy & Challenge  


Wisdom shadow:  The feeling that you have to keep everything under control, fear of death, depression, struggle and resistance

Shadow transformation: Surrender of the the model of perfection. Listen to this part of you calling death and transformation. Get wisdom

Harmonics wisdom core: tranquility

Mudra:  Conclude your hands together under his right cheek, as if asleep; then folded his hands on his chest bowing; finally lift your head with your arms crossed in front


Affirmation:"I discharge-I  refuse-I surrender-I forgive"

Self Conscious

Personality and self-consciously who you are and who you will become


Higher Self & Magical Transformation



Higher SelfSpiritual Guide

The Traveler


Shadow Self & Magical Transformation

Wisdom Shadow Self & Transformation



Transformational insight


  • I am Cimi!
    Embodied in the gardenia's fragrant grace,
    Sense the liberating sweetness of surrender!
    In this surrender,
    I offer death to your self-imposed boundaries
    as naturally as a molting snake
    sheds its constricting limitations.
    In this surrender,
    die to old patterns and belief systems
    that no longer serve the perfection of your becoming.
    In this surrender,
    my hungry soil consumes all
    that is not needed on your journey,
    all that does not reveal
    the fullest expression of your divinity.
    In this surrender,
    let my charged ethers burn off your dross
    in the fire of alchemical transmutation
    that creates a more resplendently refined condition of your spirit.
    In this surrender,
    ever more unified with the light,
    I offer the velvet-soft enclave of release
    and the natural balm of forgiveness
    within the sacred realm of death and transformation.
    In this surrender,
    find lyrical melding
    as an instrument of divine wisdom,
    embracing the gift's of death without dying.
    In this surrender,
    Let go
    Yield to the pattern of perfection,
    freed from the bondage of control's illusion.
    In this surrender,
    I am the acolyte of the underworld
    who gives voice to the gifts
    of your unexpressed aspects.
    In this surrender,
    like moss,
    I am the life, transformation, and insight
    that grows out of death.
    In this surrender,
    through death and transformation,
    receive my most precious gift–
    the revelation and flowering
    of the true garden of self.



 is Subconscious Self and Hidden Assistant


 is Challenge & Gift


is a compliment to you-something that is a natural manifestation in you




Key tone

  • Kin  Group
  • Analogue Planetary Support and Partner
  • Occult Hidden Power
  • Antipodе- 
  • ChallengeKarma Police

Tone pick up phonelineoper

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