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Birth code


  • Aethyr:
  • :  AJPUU
  • :2seedbox
  • netshatterpyramide orionsbelt alignmntcepheusmayhmagicwandDesignationcassiopeia: master,ownerandromeda pegasus,flower:pomona sproutthe plant
  • Description: Unity, ½ ° Ascension Conditional love, Master Sunjaguar emerald sun, the languagelang of Shadow and Light, Bliss, Crown 
  • Totem signs:sun yellow ball-> jaguar red  sunjaguar double diamond sunjaguar emerald sunAhura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clansrubi and belil sun
  • 7 Rays: 
  • Elements: 
  •  Direction:
  • Friend: 
  • Hidden occult power:
  • Enemy & Challenge


Wisdom shadow: limiting yourself and God / Goddess, unconditional love and destiny with expectations, ideals and issues identification

Shadow transformation: To be Concerned make you free. Consideration of the concepts of self and the divine. Practicing the art of acceptance and permission to embody unconditional acceptance of his fate

Harmonics wisdom core: harmonic overtones2  

Mudra: palm facing you fatima , eye level, shoulder width arms, while arms are turned outward, opening arms to transmit solar consciousness


Affirmation: "I am child of the Light   and Darkness, crowned with independence in decision-making and transparency of the  Divine child"

Self Conscious

Personality and self-consciously who you are and who you will become



Higher Self & Magical Transformation

Higher Self Spiritual Guide

The Traveler


Shadow Self & Magical Transformation

Wisdom Shadow Self & Transformation


Transformational insight

  • I Am Ahau,
    I Am that I Am,
    Inexhaustible supply of love,
    sourcing infinitely in all worlds,
    the seed of solar mastery
    containing the stellar hologram->  of your return,
    I am the Sun's love made visible as you
    In Ecstatic ascent, I spread solar wings
    awakening in you the immensity of a love,
    that joins all things in the joyful dance of light
    Oh, Lux Corona, 
    luminous trinity made visible,
    simply identify with my light, my power, my wisdom, my love,
    and so accept your self as I Am, unconditionally!
    To dance in the light of the Great Central Sun,
    follow the ecstasy and bliss that I AM, as you
    In divine fusion we become the dove of the ascension
    on its homeward journey Feel the pulse of the language of light
  • Be the one who stands as the love,
    thus sounding the tone
    that ignites the consciousness of others
    I Am, that I Am
    In this wisdom, you already embody the light of a hundred Suns
    Shine forth the truth, the power of wholeness,
    child of the Sun!
    I Am Ahau,
    luminous diamond  of pure solar consciousness!
    Let each facet of your being be crystal clear,
    reflecting the joy of love's perfect presence
    in beauty, joy and power
    I Am the effulgent bliss of solar harmony,
    sweet serenade of the cosmic symphony to its Source
    I Am the taste of love's ambrosial nectar,
    pouring forth through all of Creation,
    as billions of stars forming the radiant body of the cosmic dancer,
    spinning universes through time and space
    I Am the revelation of truth,
    soaring at light speed within the elegant resonance of stillness
    I Am the garden of the heart's true delight
    revealed within the splendor of the solar lord
    I Am Ahau, the golden ecstatic one
    I Am yourself — there is no other!



 is Subconscious Self and Hidden Assistant


 is Challenge & Gift


  is a compliment to you-something that is a natural manifestation in you



Key code

  • Kin  Group
  • Analogue Planetary Support and Partner
  • Occult Hidden Power
  • Antipodе- 
  • Challenge->Karma Police

Tone answering

  • ≈  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


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