❶ Tonalli of Magnetic Unity

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  • Aztec: CE [CE]   1 Mayan: HUN [h-OO-n]
  • Power: Unity
  • haarpalphaAction host: Attr://act
  • Essence: Target
  • matrix metroExpress-ion:  one heart,indivisible essence, core vibration, new beginnings, chalice of the infinitekukulkaninf , which is all 

Magnetic Moon 1


  • fatima sahasraraTiming range of change: 
  •   elemental sahasrara     
  • body levelsmind levelssah
  • Antimatter positive chargerBattery Emptybody levelsmind levelsBattery Empty
  • body levelsmind levelssah

The number 1 is the seed seedboxfrom which the cycles of time must growthe plant. Not surprisingly, it symbolizes beginnings, unity, thought, firmness, solidity, stability, strength, resoluteness of character, and inspiration. 1 is the original energy of creation. It is the root of time itself. In the number 1 is embodied the concept of totality. It possesses great strength and power. It corresponds to the day-sign, which most modern practitioners regard as the beginning of the Tzolk’in cycle.

Even though 1 is both a low number and an odd number, it cannot be described as “weak” or “difficult.”

In fact, a person born on a 1 day is usually filled with strength and resolution under any and all circumstances. Thought, and by extension desire, lead to actions, movement and results. Thought and inspiration lead a person to act or create, construct things, make new things. So thought, desire and inspiration are the seed or source of many things.

Daykeepers often make offerings on a 1 day to welcome the arrival of the new time period. In Momostenango there is a special shrine dedicated to the number 1.


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