❷ Tonalli of Polarity

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  • Mayan: KA'A [ka:]2Aztec:  OME
  • Power: Polarity
  • haarpbetaAction host: Stabilization
  • Essence: Chall-eng-e for Conscious-ness/Sensor-i-um
  • matrix metroExpress-ion:  reality weaving, Hero Twins, coo-per-at-ion, connect:ion,  polar:it-y, dua-li-t-y

Lunar Moon 2


  • fatima-adjnaTiming Range of change: 
  •     elemental adjna     
  • body levelsmind levels limif
  • body levelsleft eye of Horusmind levelsBattery Empty  right eye of horus
  • body levelsmind levels  limif

The number 2 is a symbol of the law of duality libr  l which states : lords of the Underworld, as well as the two monkey twins who act as patronsak ammo bulllets of all the arts. There is the eternal dichotomy of this world and the Underworld, day and night, darkness and light.

These themes run like a common thread through all of Mayan myth, especially in their sacred book the Pop Vuh. In human life, these polarities express themselves through birth and death, joy and suffering. Life is a struggle; it has its positive side and its negative side. Death is the spouse or partner of Birth; they both represent two important steps or stages in life. The corresponding day-sign is , which symbolizes romance between two people and thereby embodies the energy polarities of male and female intertwined.

A person born on a 2 day can have twice as much strength or power than an ordinary person because s/he can draw upon either side of the cosmic polarities. By the same token, one’s status as an “in-betweener” can make one indecisive. The duality of existence also expresses itself through love and partnership; natives of a 2 day are natural born lovers.


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