❸ Tonalli of Electric Holy Trinity

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  • Mayan: ÓOX [o:sh]3Aztec: YEI
  • Power: Activ-at-ion
  • haarpgammaAction host: Connect-ion
  • Essence: Service
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: movement,change, flow, creativity, integration


Electric Moon 3

  • Timing Range of change:
  •    elemental vishudha
  • body levelsmind levelsgamma
  • body levelsAntimatter positive chargerBattery Emptymind levels Battery Empty
  • body levels mind levels gamma

At its best, the number 3 stands for all the virtues that we associate with hearth and home. It is the power of reproduction, thus symbolizing one’s descendants and one’s disciples. In Mayan ythology, the world was created when the three original hearth stones were laid down by the Creator Gods. These three hearth stones established the principles of home and family which are fundamental to all Mayan thinking. In traditional homes, three hearth stones are still often placed upon the wood-burning stove to hold the comal or tortilla griddle. Thus the corresponding day-sign is , which governs matters related to the home. 3 is a cosmological number as well. There are three worlds – Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld (sometimes referred to as Supramundo, Mundo, and  Inframundo).

Despite all of this symbolic potential, 3 is not without its difficulties. Carl Jung, objecting to the Christian notion of a Trinity, said that the number 3 is incomplete. Jung wrote that it is the number 4 which signifies completion and fullness, and as we shall soon see, the Maya would probably agree. This number implies doubt, risk, obstruction and uncertainty. On a 3 day one’s intentions become muddled and things don’t work out as planned. A 3 day can bring energies which prevent or obstruct the realization of projects and activities, so it’s best to wait for a better moment or a more appropriate time. Many traditional Daykeepers avoid initiating new projects on a 3 day.

Because 3 is both a low number and an odd number, it can be one of the most challenging birth numbers. A person born on a 3 day can waver like a leaf in the wind and typically finds her or his real strength in other areas of the horoscope.


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