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n ka

  • Mayan:KAN [kan]4Aztec: NAHUI
  • Power: Definition
  • haarpdeltaAction host: Measure:men-t
  • Essence: Form
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: order, definition, dividing, natural cycles, meaningful alignment 

Self Existing Moon 4

  • Timing Range of change:
  •   elemental anahata 
  • body levelsmind levels kali
  • Antimatter positive chargerBattery Emptybody levels mind levelskali
  • body levelsmind levelskali

The number 4 symbolizes wholeness. This is why December 21, 2012, is a 4 day. The number 4 is associated with , the Sun God as cosmic lord (the word Ajaw or Ahau literally means lord as planetary ruler). Why is this a solar number? The word for day is the same as the word for sun; a day is a complete passage of the sun. The sun or the day has four stations: dawn, noon, sunset and midnight. These four components of each day, each “,” can be conceptually expanded to include the solstices and equinoxes, thus the solar year may also be symbolized by the number 4.
There is evidence that the Classic Maya also divided the universe into four sections marked by the two intersections of the Milky Way with the ecliptic

As we have previously seen, Mayan spirituality asserts that we live in a fourfold universe.
The symbol of the fourfold universe is sometimes called a “quatrefoil,” though to us it may look like a cross, and it is commonly found in Classic Period hieroglyphs. But it is also a kind of Medicine Wheel. And the Maya still lay out their ritual altars in a fourfold pattern.

4 is symbolic of the Four Directions, as well as the four colors of corn which represent the four races of humanity. In Mayan myth there are four pillars which keep the Earth and Sky in their rightful places. In the number 4, all things reach a point of balance. The number 4 also represents the four elements: vortex spirall ballflameearth break ballaqua flow break; these compose nature and give us life, but without the 5 additional element as Spirit, we can’t bring nothing to real wholness
Since  is the day-sign representing the four quarters, it corresponds to the number 4.
A person born on a 4 day has many powers, and can draw on her/his internal completeness or wholeness in order to manifest many strengths, abilities and potentialities.

The Five Suns

The Aztec believed that the universe was unstable, always threatened by death and destruction. The first human couple, Oxomoco and Cipactonal, knew that people had existed four times previously and that not until the 5th Sun had the Earth and Sky been established. The present world, the 5th Sun, was said to have been created in and it was then that light came and all chaos was predicted to disappear.

  • The 1st Sun ☼  4=– had been devoured by jaguars
  • jaguar red  sunThe 2nd Sun ☼  4 =– had been destroyed by the fierce winds that the god Quetzalcoatl had sent
  • jaguar double diamond sunThe 3rd Sun ☼  4=, had been destroyed by a rain of fire
  • jaguar emerald sunThe 4th Sun ☼  4 =, had been destroyed by a deluge that lasted 52 years
  • Ahura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clansThe 5th Sun ☼  4 =, is calendrically condemned to be destroyed by a series of immense earthquakes26½°

Thus the myth of the five suns involves the cycles of the Sun in the creation of life on the earthly plane by the life force that lies at the heart of the universal order.


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