❺ Tonalli of Overtone Intention

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  • Mayan: HO [ho’]5Aztec:  MACUILLI
  • Power: E=mpowerment
  • haarpepsilonAction host: Manage:men-t  C:enter
  • Essence: Ema:nat-ion
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: core, purpose,core intention, base, place of centeredness , simplicity, acceptance of type of humanity represented through you

Overtone Moon 5


  • Timing Range of change: 
  •    elemental manipura
  • body levelsmind levels mani
  • body levelsAntimatter positive chargerBattery Empty mind levelsmani
  • body levelsmind levelsmani

The number 5 represents the human hand with its five fingers, as well as the five senses.

In the marketplace, the term un manojo or “a handful” indicates that you wish to buy five of some particular item. Some Mayan teachers say that the five fingers and five senses are directly related to one another; each finger relates to one of the senses. In some ways of traditional Mayan thinking there are 5  stages of life as well: childhood, youth, adulthood, mature adult, and elder

Our hands do our work for us. Hence 5 may be regarded as the number of work, and of Karmacp. In some Mayan traditions, the number 5 is also related to the sacred fire of the Fire Ceremony, and hence to the idea of paying our Karmic debts, for it is our Karma and our misdoings that are burned away in the fire. Hence the corresponding day-sign is  
Those who are born on a 5 day often arrive early; they are ahead of their time. They are the first to reach a goal, and may be ahead of their time. Sometimes their tendency to rushtarget into things without forethought may lead them into awkward situationstarget ying

The Five Suns

The Aztec believed that the universe was unstable, always threatened by death and destruction. The first human couple, Oxomoco and Cipactonal, knew that people had existed four times previously and that not until the 5th Sun had the Earth and Sky been established. The present world, the 5th Sun, was said to have been created in and it was then that light came and all chaos was predicted to disappear.

  • The 1st Sun ☼  4=– had been devoured by jaguars
  • jaguar red  sunThe 2nd Sun ☼  4 =– had been destroyed by the fierce winds that the god Quetzalcoatl had sent
  • jaguar double diamond sunThe 3rd Sun ☼  4=, had been destroyed by a rain of fire
  • jaguar emerald sunThe 4th Sun ☼  4 =, had been destroyed by a deluge that lasted 52 years
  • Ahura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clansThe 5th Sun ☼  4 =, is calendrically condemned to be destroyed by a series of immense earthquakes26½°

Thus the myth of the five suns involves the cycles of the Sun in the creation of life on the earthly plane by the life force that lies at the heart of the universal order.


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