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  • Mayan: UAC [W-ak]6Aztec: CHUCUACEN [chi-CUA-chen]
  • Power: Rhythm- Organisation
  • haarpdigamma-stigmaAction host:Balance
  • Essence: Equality
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: receptivity, ability to answer to dynamic equilibrium ,roots in many spaces

Rhythmic Moon 6


  • Timing range of change: 
  •     elemental svadhistana
  • body levelsmind levelsПовече-Svadhistana
  • Antimatter positive chargerBattery Emptybody levelsmind levelsBattery Empty
  • body levelsmind levelsПовече-Svadhistana

The number 6 is considered very positive in Mayan thinking. It is strong, stable, and enduring. Why should it not be? After all, it is an even number and a middle day in the trecena.
The number 6 represents the vitality of the family like the part of power of all numbers before

  • 1 Health
  • 2 Understanding
  • 3Work/Employment
  • 4Friendship
  • 5 Property or Possessions
  • 6 Positive and Negative Actions

Each one of these six affects the other; they are all closely related. If any one of these is lacking,
the family suffers.
6 is the number of ultimate stability. In ancient Mayan mythology, the World Tree itself is called “6 Raised-Up Sky,” and in contemporary Momostenango it is the “Place of Number 6,” the sacred hill called Paklom, which represents the axis mundi or world center. In a sense, 6 is both the center around which all things revolve and the road we take to reach it. 6 is the Road of Life and corresponds to the day-sign
People born on 6 days are very realistic and practical; their actions have concrete reality and are based on an understanding of the practical aspects of life.





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