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  • Mayan: UUC [oo-k]7Aztec: CHICOME [chi-COME]
  • Power: Channeling
  • haarpzetaAction host: In:s-pirat-ion
  • Essence: Attune:men-t
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: mystical alignment, self-acceptance,technician of the sacred, direct contact with the Source

Resonant Moon 7

  • Timing range of change
  •    muladhara elemental  
  • body levelsmind levels kalif
  • Antimatter positive chargerBattery Emptybody levelsmind levelsBattery Empty
  • body levelsmind levels kalif

The number 7 may confuse some people, for it represents death or at least “endings.”

The reason for this may not be readily apparent. After all, isn’t 7 the middle number? If we arrange the numbers on a pyramid, in accordance with the 13 Heavens of ancient myth, is 7 not the very apex of the pyramid?
Yes, but many Daykeepers see it from a different point of view like this:

6 8
5 9

1-> 8, 2->9, 3->10, 4-> 11, 5->12, 6->13—> 7

Any day-sign sequence beginning with 1 will end in a 7. This is why 7 is so often considered a symbol of endings. Even though it is the middle number between 1 and 13, and hence a day of balanced energy, major rituals are seldom performed on a 7 day – though rituals for an all-important 8 day may in fact begin on the evening of a 7 day, because that is when the energy of the new day-sign first begins to make itself felt. In the Popol Vuh, the Hero Twins are named 1 Junajpu and 7 Junajpu, while the most important Underworld Lords are named 1 Death and 7 Death.

When 1 and 7 are paired together in such a fashion, it is as if we were saying: “The beginning and end of the Hero Twins archetype,” or “The alpha and omega of the Death archetype.” The totality of the archetype, with all its attendant symbolism, is always implied when the Popol Vuh expresses itself in terms of “1 and 7.”

But for those who were born upon a 7 day, the birth number has the significance of “middle” rather than “death.” What can you see from the top of the pyramid? Everything!

With such clear, 160-degree vision, natives of this birth number will be able to see all sides of an issue and thus create new, harmonious solutions which resolve the seeming tension of the opposites. But because all points of view seem equally valid to them, they often avoid making decisions, thus appearing to withdraw from the scene just when their energy is needed most. It is part of the life path for many of the 7s to learn to be decisive, to use one’s “view from the top of the pyramid” for developing creative solutions rather than remaining in a state of indecisive neutrality.

At worst, the 7s can be morally ambiguous. The day-sign which corresponds to this number is, which is likewise a symbol of the seven shames. Since all paths seem equal, why not take the path of least resistance? This is always a danger for the 7s, who can manifest their energy in quite a destructive way if they allow their indecisiveness to turn into moral decline.

If the 7s can use their meditative skills creatively, they can accomplish some of the finest work of any of the numbers. Mastering first things and last things, we master the material world.
7 is the beginning of magic.



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