❽ Tonalli of Harmonics Galaxy

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  • Mayan: UAXAC [wa-shak]8Aztec: CHICUEI
  • Power: Harmonicsharmonic to harmonic
  • haarpthetaAction host: Model:ing–Re:arra-ngement
  • Essence: Integration
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: empowering, galactic net, path of the all hearts

Galactic Moon 8


  • ham-soul starTiming Range of change: 
  •  kukulkaninf  
  • body levelsmind levelsss
  • Antimatter positive chargerBattery Emptybody levelsmind levelsBattery Empty
  • body levelsmind levelsss

If 1 and 7 are the beginning and the end, then 1 + 7 = 8, making 8 a number of completion or wholeness, much like the number 4. This is why there is some sort of ritual for almost every 8 day, and why some extremely traditional communities like Momostenango have a special local shrine dedicated to the number 8. Of course, 4 + 4 = 8, so the wholeness implied in the number 4 is doubled here, as if the wholeness of the fourfold universe were seen from the viewpoint of both polarities: night and day, light and darkness, sun and moon, yin and yang.

The number 8 represents the weaving of life, the thread or cord of time, the sacred energy of birth. Eight represents the infinity of time or of the world. Time and life are depicted, symbolized by a ball of thread wound up or by yarn wrapped around the spindle of a spinning wheel; time and life unfold like a ball of thread unraveling or unrolling itself. The K’iche’ believe that the umbilical cord is composed of eight threads.

The Mayan symbol for 8, a bar with three dots over it, has meaning; the three dots on top represent man and day, the bar underneath represents Mother Earth. 8 is the male principle of the universe. Its day-sign correspondence is Ahau, the symbol of the heroic, conquering solar force.

One might easily imagine that life is easy for those born on an 8 day, but this is not always the case. In reality, the 8’s are surprisingly volatile. A person born on an 8 day can easily or quickly change his or her thoughts and feelings. Some are prone to become upset, disturbed, angry and annoyed.


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