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  • Mayan: BOLON [bo-lon]9Aztec: CHICUNAHUI
  • Power: Pulsechromaticchromaticchromaticchromaticchromaticchromatic
  • haarpiotaAction host: Realization Chromatics
  • Essence: Intention
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: completion, expansion, mastery larger cycles of time, performance, great design

Solar Moon 9


  • Timing Range of change:

Though even numbers manifest their positive qualities more easily than odd ones, with infinite variations within this general scheme. 9 is an excellent example, because even though it is an odd number, it is an extremely positive one, often used for ritual purposes. (Momostenango has community shrines for the numbers 1, 6, 8, and 9.)

In modern Yucatan, the days are no longer kept (and probably have not been kept for more than a
hundred years). But the sanctity of the number 9 is still remembered. The Cruzob Maya of Quintana Roo hold their Ceremony of the Speaking Cross on the ninth day of each month – even though they are using the Gregorian Calendar, they still remember the special nature of 9.

The number 9 is often called “the number of life”. It represents the process of human gestation; there are 9 months of pregnancy, nine months of human development prior to birth.
9 is associated with women, pregnancy, and the nine moon cycles of the 260-day ritual or sacred calendar. (9 times 29 = 261;9 moon cycles are a metaphor for a human pregnancy, which is a bit more than 261 days.) Thus 9 is the female principle of the universe and its corresponding daysign is the extremely feminine , symbolic of Mother Nature.

As the number of life, 9 also symbolizes the struggle of life and its unfolding, its development. Life poses a struggle between light and darkness, between happiness, good fortune, opportunities and positive experiences or suffering, problems, challenges, difficulties and misfortunes. 9 represents the Underworld/Xib’alb’a (the Nine Lords of Xib’alb’a, the nine levels of Xib’alb’a or “Nine Hells” of Mayan, Toltec and Aztec mythology), but this is not necessarily the astrological significance of 9, a number whose symbolism is overwhelmingly positive.

The Maya say that there are 9 steps to follow in the construction of a house. There are also 9 steps or nine stages to growing and harvesting crops. One begins by clearing, cleaning and preparing the land, then plowing or digging to create furrows, then planting seeds, etc. until harvest time arrives. The harvest is the ninth step. There are 9 steps or stages in the creation of a child; the first is the union of man and woman, the last stage is birth. The human being needs a house, a body to house the soul. A house or home needs souls to occupy and inhabit it.

A person born on a 9 day is very stable and balanced. Both men and women will seem to have very feminine personality traits

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