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  • mayan nawal    Mayan: LAHUN [la-HOON]  Aztec: MATHLACTLI [mat-HLAC-li ]
  •  PowersPower: Perfection
  • haarp    Action host: End product as influence
  • ×Essence: Manifestation in reality
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: intention, motivation, true identity on the essence of the self, flush appearance

Planetary Moon 10


  • Timing range of change 

apple geometry The number 10 represents our two hands with their ten fingers dimension   buddha avatar etc stuff . Therefore it also represents human cooperation with Alien entities and habitants of other realms, also former human beins l   thelema  buddha avatar  buddha avatar buddha avatar  buddha avatar  buddha avatar . As such, it is a symbol of Universal law libr , as embodied in principles such as Adjustment and Order and symbolized by the corresponding day-sign com   

aqua 10 symbolizes the l       bonds and  relation ships luxo ball ax (7th house in astrology)  between people     

  1. It also symbolizes the ups and downs of life
  2. One has moments of success, gain, advancement and improvement; sometimes we are capable of overcoming all our problems and obstacles. But life also presents moments of loss and failure. This is the duality inherent in all our actions, and hence in the number 10.
  3. A person born on a 10 day is very stable, as we would expect to find among the flip squareeven numbersflip square. But there is a certain fragile quality to the 10s. Underneath the surface, they are extremely vulnerable

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