⓫ Tonalli of Spectral Discharge

Written by probationideadlyi on November 23rd, 2012. Posted in Tonalpohualii


  • Mayan: BULUK [boo-LOOK]Aztec:MAHTLACTLI ONCE [mah-TLAC-li ON-CE]
  • Power: Dissolution
  • haarplambda longitude golden ratioAction host: Dissonancegear move
  • tri-As above so belowEssence: Discharge
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: change, decomposition, denial, discord, drain complexity, move towards  simplicity

Spectral Moon 11


  • Timing range of change:

Odd numbers are more difficult than even ones. 11 is a high odd number, and its energy is neither positive nor negative but neutral. 11 represents the past, present and future, everything that develops or unfolds over time. At its best, it is the balance of life.

Some shamans make special visits to local sacred mountains on certain 11 days. But for the most part, 11 can be a very challenging number.

A person born on an 11 day has great potential but tends to lack direction and a sense of location or “home.” Such people tend to be drifters. Afflicted with indecision and insecurity, they are able to find their path and purpose only with great effort. However, all this turmoil has an unexpected benefit – creativity. With all of their existential dilemmas, 11 natives can develop into some of the finest creative artists of all. The corresponding day-sign is 



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