⓬ Tonalli of Crystal Stability

Written by probationideadlyi on November 23rd, 2012. Posted in Tonalpohualii


  • Mayan:LAKA [la-Ka]Aztec:MAHTLACTLI OMOME [mah-TLAC-li o-MO-me]
  • Power:Stabil:iz:at-ion
  • haarpmuAction host: Polarity union1
  • Essence: Flow
  • matrix metroExpress-ion: stability in expansion, greater constellation Union polarity within the connectivity

Crystal Moon 12


  • Timing range of action

As the highest of the even numbers, 12 represents reflection on life, an inner summing up of the meaning of one’s experiences. With the number 12, we reach understanding about life and come to certain conclusions. We reflect upon and recollect all our actions and experiences, everything we have done and accomplished, weaving together all individual, family, societal and cultural thought. We create a record or file of our life and thoughts.
Thus 12 represents the generality of thought. It is a gestalt, a wholeness. It embodies our entire life circle – family and community, teachers and students, and the “universal community” that is symbolized by its corresponding day-sign
People born on 12 days have much energy, power and strength. They are often able to reach a high level of self-reliance and independence.


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