13 Tonalli of Cosmic Universum

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  • mayan nawal Mayan: OXLAHUN [osh-LA-hoon]Aztec:MAHTLACTLI OMEI [mah-TLAC-li O-mei]
  •  13  Powers Power: Endurance
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Cosmic Moon 13


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13 has special qualities, some of which are of great value – despite the fact that 13 is both very high and an odd number. On 13 days, the spirit world is closer to our own world. Hence a 13 day is the best day upon which to meditate, seek visions, and cultivate potential psychic gifts.

The number 13 is the completion of life, the completion of all movement and process. As we have seen, it represents the thirteen major joints in the human body and therefore the overall ability of humans to move. In keeping with Mayan teachings regarding koyopa or psychospiritual energies in the human body, it is believed that energy is sparkdroid em scan  distributed in these thirteen major joints in the human body and in thirteen  dimension  dimensions. (Perhaps this relates to the "Thirteen Heavens" of Toltec, Aztec and Mayan myth.)

The human being and the human body have many powers and abilities. There is not only the physical power and ability to move about and create things that are useful and practical as well as beautiful and aesthetic; there is also great potential to develop psychic and spiritual powers, to make contact and enter into communication with other worlds and dimensions. 13 relates to the development, acquisition and accumulation of such great  Powerspowers; it relates to the ability tomayan nawal   prophesy, to foretell the future, to predict trends, natural disasters and events, to forecast, to be skilled and accurate in many forms of divination and the related spiritual advice or counseling that goes with it (a skill developed by Daykeepers and Mayan priests).

13 also relates to the refinement and greater sensitivity, enhanced perception and acute  intuition that one can develop. This includes having premonitions. The K'iche’ Maya consider 13 to be a great "source of consultations and/or divinations ," meaning that it is favorable to consult shamans and diviners on 13 days, and that those born on such a day have innate talents in that direction.

The number 13 symbolizes those activities and facilitates them; it enhances the accuracy and precision of divination readings/consultations and the related spiritual counseling involved. It facilitates forecasts, predictions and prophecy about the future. It enhances the ability to feel and perceive signs and signals in the blood (i.e. messages that come via pulsations and energy movements in different parts of the body). It enhances and symbolizes the ability to journey to other dimensions and realms. All these powers, abilities and skills would be increased and enhanced on a 13 day.

A person born on a 13 day will have great psychic and spiritual powers or be able to develop such powers easily. This potential always lies within those who are born on a day numbered 13. In fact, such an individual may find life difficult if he or she neglects to explore this dimension of life.

The number 13 has no corresponding day sign, for it transcends the cycles of time via the Lunar Mansion direct connectionsmwave  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan 

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